The Best Erotic Stories.

Teasing Terri Part VII
by Mark Singer

When Wayne and Jenny walked into the living room, they saw Terri and Jason on the couch, kissing passionately. Their robes were open and their hands moved over each other's bodies in a smooth rhythm. Jenny smiled appreciatively as she saw Jason's hard-on sliding through Terri's hand.

"Boy! You kids just can't stop, can you! Sheesh! If I didn't know better, I'd say you were ready for more!"

The pair broke their embrace and grinned back at Jenny and Wayne. "Just getting to know each other a little better, mom..." Terri said with a laugh. Spying the camera in Wayne's hand, she sat up. "Oh! Home movies? I hope their not of your vacation to Yosemite Park..."

Wayne gave her a disapproving look, then smiled. "No, my dear...those would be boring...except for the one of us in the gondola..." he said, winking at Jenny. "No, I think you might actually like these..." He set the camcorder on top of the big screen T.V. and proceeded to hook everything up. Jenny motioned to Terri to follow her.

"Come on and help me with something, Terri..." she said with a mischievous grin. "Electronics is man's work... Jason, give the old man a hand, will you? He gets confused sometimes..."

Terri laughed and jumped up, following Jenny out of the room. Jason stood up, adjusting his robe and walked over to Wayne. It only took a minute to attach all the right cables, then they sat back down. Wayne walked into the kitchen and returned with a frozen bottle of Cuervo Gold and four shot glasses. Pouring two shots, he handed one to Jason as he sat back in the loveseat beside the couch.

"I've got a feeling you'll enjoy seeing these, Jason." he said raising his glass in toast, then downing it. "Although one of them might surprise you... I still think you'll like it, though..."

Jason downed his shot, shivering slightly from the tequila. He set his glass on the tray and looked at Wayne with a wide grin. "Would that be the one of Terri and I in your office?"

Wayne looked shocked for a second, then burst out laughing. "You knew?" he asked in amazement. Jason nodded and continued.

"Not at the time, certainly, but I heard strange noises coming from the closet. Not a lot, but it made me wonder. Then I saw the video camera later, by the pool..., and when I put two and two together, I figured that the noises were from Jenny or you taping us. I'm kind of anxious to see it, actually. Terri and I have never taped ourselves..." He thought for a moment, then added, "Actually Terri and I have never done most of the things we've done tonight! I'm still kind of blown away by what's happened. It's like some kind of fantasy party or something!"

Wayne nodded with understanding. "Yeah...we tried to go easy on you, but you seemed to go with the flow pretty quickly..."

"Kind of hard not to with two girls like Jenny and Terri..." he laughed. Wayne chuckled in agreement, then turned to the doorway as he saw a motion. "Good lord..." he muttered, "Hang on to your hat, Jason..."

Jason followed his eyes and took a deep intake of air. Jenny was standing in the doorway to the hall, with Terri slightly behind her. The two girls presented a vision more erotic than either man had ever scene. Or could recall at the moment, at least.

The girls walked sensually into the living room and stood before the men, posing for them in their outfits. Jason had never seen Terri in lingerie like this and it made his cock stand on end. A tiny white bra encased her firm tits in semi-transparent lace. Her nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric, and Jason sighed again as she stood before him, her legs slightly parted, and cupped her breasts with her hands. "You like...?" she teased, following his eyes with her hands. As they moved down her body, she cupped her pussy with both hands, letting her legs part a little more as Jason's eyes moved over the thin panties and matching garter belt. He continued downward, almost panting as he took in her white stockings and heels. Slowly, his eyes retraced their path, drinking in the sight of her until he looked into her smiling face.

"You do like..." she whispered, placing her hands on her hips and staring at the hard-on that jutted up from his robe. "I'm glad...." She let him look a long while before turning slightly. "You can thank Jenny for lending it to me..."

Jason's stunned gaze moved to Jenny and again his cock lurched. She was wearing a similar outfit, her long legs encased by translucent white stockings held by a tiny garter belt. She'd decided not to wear panties, and her naked pussy looked fabulous, framed by the small strands of garter. For a top, she'd chosen a very thin, cropped cotton t-shirt that formed around her perfect breasts like the softest silk and did very little to hide them.

Seeing Jason staring open-mouthed at her, she smiled and raised her arms over her head, causing the cotton to rise up over her tits, exposing her hard nipples. Jason sighed his approval, and behind her Jenny heard Wayne moan softly. Grinning, she bent at the waist, grasping her ankles in an amazing display of agility as she looked at him through her wide-spread legs.

"Remember what we talked about earlier...?" she teased, rotating her ass in front of him. She slid one hand up her leg to her pussy. Using two fingers to spread her lips slightly, she pushed her middle finger between them, wetting it with her juices, then stretching higher until the tip of her finger pressed against her tight asshole. She smiled at the look of pure lust on Wayne's face as she slowly pushed her finger inside her ass to the first knuckle.

"Still wanna do that...?" she taunted. Wayne didn't need to answer, and they both knew it. Jenny could plainly see the way his cock immediately grew to full hardness and bobbed in front of her face. Smiling triumphantly, she dropped her hand and stood up. "I think he does..." Jenny said to Terri in a stage whisper. She looked over to Jason who had a slightly confused look on his face. He didn't know exactly what Jenny was talking about, but the view from his vantage point was plenty for him. And he was certain that, whatever it was, would be extremely hot.

Jenny chose to share the information with him, though. She was most definitely in the mood to tease...and Jason was a perfect subject. She sauntered over to him and stood before him. Her hand moved under her top, fondling her breast as she stared deliberately at Jason's hard cock. Then raising one foot, she leaned forward, placing it beside his seat. Her other hand moved down to her naked pussy, just inches from his face. Jason stared, his breathing labored as Jenny toyed with her pussy...sliding her finger slightly inside and making short fucking motions.

"I was being rude over there, Jason..." she said softly. Her voice was pure sexual velvet. "Wayne said earlier that he wanted to fuck my ass tonight...." She paused as Jason gasped, and slid her finger deep inside her pussy. She shivered from the feel of it, and also from the way Jason was excitedly watching her fingerfuck herself.

"I told him that I'd love to feel his big cock in my ass...fucking me...Mmmmm...." Her eyes closed as she moved her finger in and out. When her eyes opened they were lust-filled slits, burning with passion. "But I said I wanted to suck that thick cock of yours while he fucked me..." She smiled as Jason groaned and reached down to stroke his cock. She was driving him crazy and loved it. "Would that be okay with you...?" Again she didn't wait for an answer. "I want to suck you off while Wayne fucks my ass... I want you to come in my mouth right when his big cock shoots off in my asshole....Mmmmmnnnn...."

Jenny's finger moved faster inside her pussy. Her head tilted back as she slid a second finger inside, then let out a low moan as her orgasm washed over her. The smell of her cum wafted through the air, making Jason react instinctively. His hands reached out, grasping Jenny's asscheeks as he pulled her to him. He slouched down and positioned her pussy over his mouth as his tongue shot out. Jenny squealed with delight and pulled her hand away as Jason buried his tongue inside her pussy, licking and sucking her juices from her as she ground her pussy against his face.

Terri felt a momentary flash of jealousy as she watched Jenny coming in her boyfriend's mouth. But the passion with which he was sucking her pussy quickly changed her feelings to desire. Jason had never eaten her pussy with such fervor only because she'd never given him the opportunity. Seeing how he enjoyed drinking Jenny's cum made Terri smile.

She felt her pussy getting wet as she determined to give him that opportunity as soon as possible. They were both learning a lot about themselves and each other this day, she mused. Jason's obvious love for sucking pussy was just another exciting facet of their learning. Sitting down on the arm of Wayne's loveseat, she smilingly watched Jason eat Jenny.

After a few moments, Jenny stepped back and grinned at Jason. "My my..." she said, her chest heaving delightfully, "That was quite've got some talent there," She was grinning and trying hard to regain her composure. Jenny preferred to be in control and silently berated herself for letting go so easily. On the other hand, she'd just had a terrific little orgasm and was glowing inside. Nonetheless, she stepped away from Jason and stood in the middle of the room.

"We'll have to try some more of that later....Mmmm....." Jenny winked at Jason and gave him a flirtatious smile, then turned to Wayne and Terri. "So....ahem...Let's see what's on T.V., shall we?" She took Terri's hand and led her to the couch, sitting her beside Jason before sitting down herself. Terri was impressed with Jenny's ability to compose herself and grinned at her friend. Wayne slowly got up and moved to the television. Turning it on, he took the remote control from the camera and turned to sit on the couch beside Jenny. As he walked towards them, both Jenny and Terri admired his long cock, jutting at an angle from his robe.

Wayne pressed "play" and the four of them turned their attention to the screen. The first ten minutes of tape were from a pool party that Wayne and Jenny had hosted a couple of weeks ago. Most of the shots were hand held, and offered a number of scenes of Wayne, Jenny, and two other couples laughing and drinking by the pool. There was a lot of teasing and fondling going on between the various couples and, as the tape played on, the action seemed to get more and more intense.

Then the scene shifted to focus on one of the couples. They were by the pool, the guy sitting on the edge with his feet dangling in the water as a beautiful blonde swam close in front of him. They were both naked. The camera zoomed in to the blonde's as she said something to her guy, then swam up between his legs.

Terri watched, enthralled, as whoever was taping moved to the side of them as the blonde's smiling face looked directly at the camera, then moved to the guy's lap. The camera jiggled a bit as the cameraman moved closer to capture her as she closed her lips around the guys hard cock.

"Wow...." said Terri softly, "I think that's the biggest cock I've ever seen...." Jenny grinned at her and nodded her agreement, then placed her hand on Terri's thigh, just above her stocking. "You ain't seen nothin' yet, what she does with it...."

Terri answered with a curious smile, and turned back to the screen. The girl was licking the long shaft, holding it to her face with one hand while steadying herself with the other. At the same time, she was staring into the camera, knowing she was being taped. The cock in her hand was indeed had to be at least twelve inches long, Terri thought. The head looked like a tennis ball, and when she wrapped her lips around it, Terri could see that they were stretched to the max by the thing. Nonetheless, the blonde slid her lips over the massive cockhead and began to bob her head slowly. Saliva dripped from her lips, and Terri and Jason watched in amazement as inch, by inch, the huge shaft began to disappear. In a matter of moment, the blonde had captured six or seven inches of cock in her mouth and was sliding her lips up and down it. Rivulets of saliva and pre-come ran down the shaft, making Terri wonder how there could even space between lips and cock to let the liquid escape. The microphone was capturing the wet sucking sounds, and also the low groans of the guy. The camera began to jump around a bit, creating a mild distraction, and Jenny giggled.

"I was sucking Wayne's cock while he was taping...." she explained with a laugh, "I guess I got carried away..." Finally, the camera steadied again, and zoomed out from the girl's face, showing her full head and shoulders and the hips of the guy. The angle showed how monstrous the cock really was...and how talented the girl was as she slid her lips up and down it. "Watch this..." Jenny whispered, a throaty rasp in her voice. Her hand was moving up and down Terri's thigh as they watched the girl pause to look into the camera once more, then tilt her head slightly forward.

Terri and Jason both groaned as they watched the slippery wet shaft slide deeper into the girl's mouth. She moved slowly now, not bobbing her head, but steadily moving her face lower on the shaft. She paused once more, then pushed her lips down to the guy's pubic hair. They all heard the guy's loud moan as the blonde accomplished her mission.

Terri thought it had to be trick photography, even though she knew that it wasn't. The guy's entire cock was buried in the blonde's mouth and throat! He continued to groan, almost crying out in short bursts as the blond began to bob her head up and down. His hips began to move, as the blond pulled her lips up the shaft, sliding nine or ten inches in and out of her mouth. She held her face steady, letting him fuck her mouth until a long wail came from him.

Terri and Jason could see the girl's cheeks balloon outwards as the guy came. The camera panned in slightly as she pulled her lips away from the cock. She smiled into the lens and rested the huge cockhead on her outthrust tongue as her hand milked the huge shaft. Her mouth was open and facing the camera as the tape showed shot after shot of semen sailing over her tongue. The blond made no attempt to swallow or suck, but simply jerked the guy off into her open mouth.

Terri heard Jason moan as the girl's mouth filled to overflowing and the cum leaked over her lower lip, pouring in a milky white river over her chin. Her eyes still on the screen, she reached over to Jason's lap, finding his cock rock hard and wet from his leaking pre-come. She stroked him slowly, her eyes riveted to the screen.

The blonde gave the camera a wide cummy grin. She closed her lips and swallowed. Then, smiling sexily, she closed her lips around the guy's cock again. This time, there was no hesitation. Her lips slid slowly down, right to the base, then up again. Over and over, she sucked the entire length into her throat, then pulled up to lick the head. The shaft and her throat, lubricated with semen moved as a single unit, again giving Terri a feeling of magic, or trick photography.

Finally, the blonde, pulled her mouth off the huge cock and turned to smile triumphantly into the camera while rubbing the cock over her lips and cheek. Applause was heard in the background, making her grin. Then her hand reached toward the lens. There was confused motion on the, chairs, pool...then the camera focused on Jenny's smiling face. She was kneeling in front of Wayne, his hard cock in her hand. She was looking around and laughing with the others off screen.

"Jeez Louise..." Wayne cried sorrowfully, "I look like a toothpick compared to John!" His voice was melodramatic and whiny, making the others laugh. Jenny grinned and reached over to caress his cock.

"Don't worry, sugar...I think you have a great cock..." Jenny said soothingly. She stroked him lightly as she patted his shoulder with her other hand.

"I think so too, Wayne..." Terri agreed with a laugh. "Feel better now?" Wayne made a motion as if to wipe the tears from his eyes and nodded his head. Then smiling, he turned back to the screen.

On the screen, Jenny received her cue. Her lips opened and she took Wayne's cockhead between them. Her tongue ran around it and over her lips as she wet the shaft. Wayne's fingers caressed her head as his hips began to move. Inch by inch his cock disappeared into Jenny's mouth, until in just seconds, his entire shaft was in her throat. Jenny held steady as he let his cockhead soak in her throat, then he withdrew until it was just in her mouth. He repeated the action, again and again, slowly at first, then picking up speed. He stood before his kneeling wife, deep throating her sucking mouth with full thrusts of his hips as he held her face in his hands.

"That is just amazing!" Terri sighed in disbelief. "I'll bet ol' John couldn't do that, Wayne..." She watched in amazement as Wayne's cock slid effortlessly in and out of Jenny's throat.

Wayne looked at Jenny and grinned. "I'll bet Jenny would love to give him a try, though, wouldn't you lover...?" His words were almost a challenge and Jenny grinned at him.

"Maybe someday, sugar...right now I'm very happy with this..." She leaned into his lap and took his cock into her moouth, sucking loudly on it, then abruptly sitting up again to look at the screen. "We'll talk later...I want to watch you come...."

Her timing was perfect. Terri looked at the screen just as Wayne buried his cock in Jenny's throat and held it there. She could plainly see Jenny's throat muscles moving as Wayne came deep inside her. Then she pulled her head away, letting Wayne's cock slide out of her mouth. She turned to the camera and smiled as he shot again, spraying his semen over her grinning face. She was laughing as she jerked him off over her face, occasionally opening her mouth to receive a blast on her tongue. When Wayne's orgasm faded, she again turned her face to the camera as it zoomed closer. She used Wayne's cock to rub the semen over her face and lips as she stared deeply into the lens. "I love sucking cock...." she said to the audience as the camera faded out.

"Damn!" Jason muttered. Terri looked at him and smiled. His forehead was bathed in sweat and his cock in her hand was as thick and hard as she had ever felt it. She teasingly leaned forward, pressing her tits against his arm and rested her head on his shoulder as she stroked him.

"Well, that settles it..." she began, "I've just got to learn how to do that..." Jason moaned and turned to her with a grin on his face. "You think so?" he asked hopefully.

"You'd like that...wouldn't you, Jason? Like me to be able to suck this whole thing into my throat...?" She squeezed his cock as she stroked him, causing a small river of pre-come to pour over her fingers. She used her thumb to spread it over his cockhead and shaft, making him groan and push his hips up.

"I'll have to practice a lot, though..." she continued, "Really put my mind to it. And my mouth to it..." She looked at him and grinned. "Will you help me learn...?" she teased.

Jason looked dazed, but very, very excited. "Oh...yeah...." he said, nodding his head. "Oh, yeah..."

Terri grinned and leaned back. She definitely had Jason exactly where she wanted him! She noticed that the tape was paused, and Wayne and Jenny were smiling at them.

"I'd be happy to give you any pointers that I can." Jenny said sensually. "And I'm sure that if Jason gets tired, Wayne here would be glad to give you something to practice on......"

They all laughed, and Terri put her hand on Jenny's thigh. "Thanks guys...I'll need all the help I can get, I think. Although it sure will be a lot of fun learning..."

Jenny leaned forward and looked over at Jason. "Go easy with her big guy... Slow at first. Trust me, the results are worth waiting for. For both of you. I love the look on Wayne's face when I make him shoot off deep in my throat. Although, to be honest, I like it better when he comes inside my mouth. I like to swallow it, you know. Bu tit's one of Wayne's favorites, isn't it darling..."

Wayne smiled and nodded. "There's nothing like it...", he said. "In fact, right now would be a great time to show an example...don't you think??"

Jenny looked back at him and laughed tenderly. "Nice try, lover...We'll do that later. Right now, I want to watch the rest of the tape. Then I want to see if I can take Terri's clothes off with my teeth..." She turned to Terri as she said the last sentence, and grinned. Terri's eyes were smoldering at the thought and that pleased Jenny immensely. She leaned over and kissed the young girl wetly, at the same time sliding her hand higher up her leg. Terri sighed into her mouth and slipped her tongue deep into Jenny's mouth. At the same time, she reached into her lap and pulled Jenny's hand into her crotch. She groaned into Jenny's mouth as her fingers toyed with Terri's pussy through her panties.

Terri hadn't planned on getting into a thing with Jenny so soon, but she was becoming overwhelmed. The softness of Jenny's body...the sensations she was feeling when Jenny sucked her long tongue.... She began to breathe harder and turned towards Jenny, sliding her hand up to caress a naked tit. Jenny molded her body to Terri's and used a finger to pull her panties aside, running a finger between her lips....

"Hey, you guys..." came Wayne's voice, as if through a fog. "I thought you wanted to see the video!" The girls separated, slowly ending their hot kiss, and leaned back into the couch. Both of them were almost panting from excitement. Wayne thought he'd never seen Jenny so out of control. Her eyes were wild and her face was flushed and sweaty. She usually took pride in her ability to maintain control, even in the wildest situation. Even when she was being "used", such as on the tape when her was face-fucking her, or when she was tied to the bed, Wayne knew that inside she was the one in control. With Terri though, she was a different animal. Totally wanton and out of her mind with lust.

That image of her slowly dissipated though, and within moments, she was turning the charm on again. She looked at him with a teasing grin and brought her finger to her lips, running it around them sensually. Jenny didn't say a word. She could see the massive hard-on that stood like a tree in Wayne's lap and knew instinctively that he was every bit as turned on as she was. Perhaps, she thought, it was better to let his cum boil for a while in his balls. She knew full well that if she and Terri continued, that the boys would soon be unable to join in. And she wanted Wayne to be on the edge of insanity when she offered her ass to him.....

Smiling, she reached over and grasp his cock lightly. "So, okay...let's watch the video...." she whispered lustfully. For a moment, Wayne regretted his interruption of the action. His cock was straining for release, and watching the video would only delay addition to adding to the pressure in his balls. Nonetheless, he loved the way that Jenny teased him, and loved the anticipation.

He smiled and pushed the play button, placing his palm on Jenny's thigh. Everyone relaxed, trying to calm down after the last interlude, even though the action on the screen made that almost impossible.

The camera had been replaced on the tripod, and was focused on the six people around the patio table. Everyone was involved in some kind of activity. The blonde from before was seated on the ground, in front of her husband. They were both watching the other two couples while her husband massaged her tits and she ran her hand up and down his cock. Terri smiled as she noticed that the guy was only semi-hard. He had a great cock, that was for sure, but obviously didn't have the recuperative powers of Wayne and Jason. Definitely not worth the trade-off, she thought to herself.

Jenny was leaning over the patio table, her ass high in the air, as Wayne fucked her slowly from behind. The third couple was in a similar position on the other side of the table. The camera couldn't see Jenny's eyes, but the other girl was staring straight at Jenny as her husband slid his cock in and out of her from behind.

The scene lasted for only five minutes, with both guys pulling out almost simultaneously and shooting cum over their wive's asses and backs. Wayne leaned against Jenny's back for a moment, then walked towards the camera. Slowly it faded to black. Before it faded though, Terri could see that "John" was still only half hard. Again she smiled.

"Looks as if John needs a bit more recharging time..." she said to Jenny. Jenny looked at her wryly and nodded.

"Yeah...he's good for a couple of times, then he needs a nap... Too bad, 'cause it's great to see that thing up and ready!"

Terri laughed with her friend. "Well, for myself, I much prefer a cock that can deliver what I want.... if you know what I mean..." She turned and smiled at Jason, reaching over for his hard cock. "I like a cock that can come...." she said, her eyes bright. "And come... and come..."

"And you know that's what I like..." Jenny agreed, her face aglow as she toyed with Wayne. "You couldn't really see Ron in the video, but he's a real close second to these guys. It seems like he never goes down! And his cum!! Damn, you should see him shoot! He definitely has the distance record, wouldn't you agree, Wayne...?"

Wayne grudgingly nodded and smiled. "Yeah, he's okay for a seven and a halfer....", he mumbled. Jenny chuckled and swatted his shoulder.

"You are such a baby, Wayne!", she laughed. "God, men are so sensitive about their cocks...Sheesh!" She swatted Wayne's shoulder again and turned to Terri. "He is a little smaller than Wayne. But he really knows how to use it. And it's a major turn-on to see him come..." Terri grinned and nodded, knowing exactly what Jenny was talking about.

"So, Wayne..." she said looking over at him, "How come there's no video of Ron? I think I'd like to see that...!"

"Yeah, Wayne!" Jenny joined in the teasing, How come...?" Wayne laughed good naturedly and shrugged his shoulders.

"Purely an oversight, darling...and you know it. We've got lot's of video of Ron and Erin. And next time I'll make sure to make him the star...just for you." He leaned back in his seat, a teasing look on his face. "Maybe next time, you'd like to be a star with him... up close and personal, so to speak..."

Jenny's eyes narrowed as she tried to determine if Wayne was being serious or not. But from the gleam in his eyes, she had a feeling he was more than just teasing. She decided to play along with him. To be honest, she really didn't know if the others in their "group" would even be agreeable to such a thing. They'd gotten together innumerable times to play, but it always been "soft" swinging. No one yet had taken the initiative to cross that line to switching partners. As she stared into Wayne's eyes though, Jenny's mind raced ahead, imagining herself with the others immersed in an all out orgy.

Jenny's experience with Jason had been a major turn-on for her, and, from what she saw, for Wayne also. She wondered what Ron's strong cum-shot would feel like in her mouth.... Or if she'd be able to suck John's cock as deeply as his wife did....

"Might make an interesting video..." she said thoughtfully. "Would you like to see that...? See me make Ron shoot...?"

Wayne also realized where this was leading and became pensive. "We should think about it...maybe..." His eyes cleared as he stopped pondering. "Later." he said. "We'll talk about that later. I think we've got us a FAAAAAHHHN party goin' on right cheer!"

Jenny smiled and returned to the present also. She squeezed Wayne's cock, and kissed him lovingly, feeling very safe and secure in his arms.

"Well I, for one, would love to see you try to take John all the way down...." Terri laughed, trying to restore the mood.

"Me too...!" Jason chimed in. "Me too!!"

They all laughed, shaking off the feelings of tension and uncertainty that had crept into their party. Jenny cuddled into Wayne's arms, and Terri did the same as Wayne hit the play button once more. Soon their attention was completely diverted. The camera opened to show a view of Wayne's office....

At first it was only feet and legs on the screen. Then the camera panned back to show Jason and Terri walking around the office, seeming to admire the view and looking at the various photographs on the wall. Jenny smiled as she saw Jason walk around the room with Terri, pretending to be interested in the office and the view. She could tell by his occasional glances at Terri and the outfit she was wearing that the last thing on his mind was his surroundings. Her smile broadened as she watched him pause in front of a photograph of her that she had given to Wayne on their last anniversary. She'd been dressed in black lingerie, bra and panties, with matching garter belt and stockings. Over all, for her, it was a fairly subdued photograph. But the look in her eyes and the tongue on her lip, conveyed a feeling of pure sex.. She smiled again as Terri pulled Jason away from the picture with a sharp tug. She nudged Terri with her elbow and grinned at her.

Finally, things began to get interesting. Terri looked fantastically sexy in her outfit, and this was not lost on Jason. His pants had an obvious bulge in them as he followed her around the room, and when the camera showed him walking up behind her and pressing against her, Terri sighed. She could still remember the feel of Jason's hard-on as he pressed against her ass. She squeezed his cock as they watched the video, cuddling against him.

The four of them watched the entire scene as if it were the best film ever made. For their part, Wayne and Jenny got a buzz from seeing what they'd missed. For Terri and Jason, the thrill was simply seeing themselves on video. Neither of them had ever thought about how exciting it might be to tape themselves. To be watching themselves play was a huge turn-on for both of them.

As they all watched, they saw Terri's teasing and Jason's horny reactions. When Terri unzipped Jason's pants on the screen, Jenny sighed and squeezed Terri's thigh.

"That's sooooo good..." she whispered, watching Terri stroking Jason's cock. Jason heard her and smiled. It was really the first time he'd ever been really proud of his cock. To hear Jenny talk about it was truly exciting.

For the most part, they all watched silently as the tape rolled on. All of them were very excited. As the scene of Jason eating Terri's pussy after making her come, unfolded, Wayne glanced over at Terri and his wife. They each had a hand buried between the other's thighs, playing with their pussies. Wayne had to catch his breath as he watched Terri's finger sliding in and out of Jenny's pussy. He couldn't see clearly, but he was certain that Terri was receiving the same attention... Jenny wasn't neglecting him either. Her other hand squeezed and stroked his cock with a very experienced motion.

Everyone was rapt with attention as the camera panned in on Terri's pussy hovering over Jason's cock. They all knew that nothing happened, but still the anticipation was heavy. As if maybe...on the tape...something actually did happen... Maybe his cock did go further inside....

And the final scene of Terri teasing and talking had everyone leaning forward in their seats. Jenny knew that as soon as Terri had slid to her knees and begun to lick Jason's cock, that she'd turned her attention away from the camera, and to Wayne's own hard-on.... She watched with rapt attention, excited to watch how her new friend treated a hard cock.

She wasn't disappointed. Jenny watched with growing excitement and lust as Terri tongued and sucked her boyfriend's cock. She groaned as she saw Terri take the meat deeper into her mouth, sucking with the enthusiasm of one who truly enjoys cocksucking. Her finger worked past the edges of Terri's panties and pushed the lips aside, delighting in the feel of a naturally lubricated cunt. She moved her hips against Terri's finger as she moved her own finger inside her friend's pussy. She watched on the screen as Terri sucked Jason's hard cock deeper and deeper, pausing once in a while to rub it over her face as she tongued the shaft. Jenny's mouth began to water with anticipation as she watched the screen, remembering the feel of Jason's cock in her own mouth.

Then, Jenny paused and sat straight up as she watched Terri pause and look straight into the camera, tilt her head, and push her lips down to Jason's pubic hair! Jenny stared, openmouthed, at the screen. She turned to Terri with a look of pure amazement.

"I thought you couldn't do that!!!!", she cried. "I thought you couldn't...." Her voice trailed off as she returned her gaze to the screen, her mouth still hanging open.

"It was the first and only time I did..." Terri giggled, feeling proud of herself. "I was inspired by watching you take Wayne, I guess...."

Jenny nodded, but kept her eyes on the screen. Jason was fucking his cock in and out of Terri's mouth. Jenny was anxious to see the finish.

When Jason began to come in Terri's mouth, on the screen, Jenny sat back in her chair, staring enviously at the screen. Her eyes widened slightly when she saw Terri jerk Jason's spurting cock over her face and tits, laughing with delight as the rivers of semen ran over her cheeks and lips. Obviously, Jenny had judged this girl too lightly. She recognized the look in Terri's eyes. The look of died in the wool, natural born cocksucker....

Jenny grinned as she watched. Finally, she'd found someone who seemed to think exactly as she did. Glancing at Wayne, she saw the recognition in his eyes, also. She knew fully well what he was thinking.... Right here, beside us, is the fourth couple in our group!!

Jenny knew that Jason would be agreeable. What guy with a hard cock would refuse an offer to play sex games. But beyond that, Jason presented himself as sensitive and caring... Attributes that were every bit as important as a hard cock. Yeah....Jason scored high on all counts.

But for Jenny, the strongest feelings came from Terri. The way she teased Jason...the way she toyed with him... And then the way she delivered... Jenny knew that Terri's teasing didn't come from any power trip within herself. She knew that Terri understood the natural balance, and the rewards that came from it.

Like Jenny, Terri didn't tease a guy to near insanity because of a need to be superior. Like Jenny, she did it because she knew that doing it made the guy anxious...made his balls full...made his cum boil within those balls...

As Terri had said...she preferred a guy who gave her what she wanted.... A face-full...a mouth-full...a cunt-full... Of cum. Sweet, thick, slimy, hot semen.....

Jenny grinned and yelled out, making the other three look at her questioningly. She simply smiled and kept her thoughts to herself for the time being. Terri was as much of a cum junkie as she was!! She felt as if she'd discovered a long lost sister. Erin and Bridget certainly had a love for semen. But Jenny had never met another woman who understood the feeling like Terri.

"I love you." Jenny said simply, turning in her seat and kissing Terri lightly. "I'll explain later..." Terri smiled and kissed her back, suddenly feeling an unexplained sensation of comfort.

On the screen, the camera was now showing Jason talking nervously with Jenny. The four of them watched as Jenny flirted and teased...., walking around seductively, then leaning over in front of him, being quite obvious. Jason looked a little embarrassed that this had been caught on tape, but joined in, nonetheless. He felt his cock throbbing as he watched Jenny unsnapping his pants and unzipping him. And he took a deep breath as he remembered the feeling of her hand as it wrapped around his cock....

"Oh...this was hot...." Jenny said, watching herself on the screen. "His cock was so big and hard...." She sat forward and turned to Jason. "Your cock was so hard...." she whispered, leaning her body over Terri's. She placed her arm over Jason's hip and held her face over his lap. "I wanted to suck you off right there..." she breathed. "Wanted to feel your hard cock in my mouth...." Jason groaned at her words, and his cock jumped in his lap. Jenny grinned and stuck her tongue out, lightly tickling his cockhead. A rivulet of pre-come leaked from the tip, and she leaned forward, drawing it into her mouth.

Jenny wasn't planning anything except teasing, but then she felt Terri's finger slide between her lips and deep into her pussy. At the same time, her other hand moved to the back of Jenny's head, gently pushing it forward. Jenny siled and opened her mouth, covering Jason's cockhead with her open lips and tonguing it.

"Let me see you suck his cock, Jenny..." Terri's voice came from beside her. Terri was leaning in, her face also in Jason's lap. Her hand moved from the back of Jenny head and curled around Jason's throbbing cock. She raised it up as she spoke toi Jenny, offering her boyfriend's hard cock to her friend. "I want to watch you suck his cock..." she repeated.

Jenny grinned and opened her mouth wider, taking Jason's thick cock inside. She kept her eyes on Terri as she began to suck him in and out of her mouth. "Yeah", Jenny thought, "Terri is definitely a soul sister... Just the way her eyes look at me as I'm sucking her boyfriend's cock...."

Terri smiled dreamily as she watched Jenny suck Jason's hard-on. All the feelings of jealousy she might have had were washed away in a river of pleasure and desire. For the first time in her young life, Terri felt totally free and she was loving the moment.

She felt a hand on her thigh and looked over her shoulder. Wayne was grinning at her, his eyes bright and lusty. Without hesitation, Terri rolled towards him, resting her head on Jason's lap. She lifted her right leg up and over Wayne's shoulder as he leaned between her legs. She could feel the warmth and hardness of his cock against her belly as he leaned in to kiss her. Her mouth opened, accepting his tongue and sucking heartily on it. Wayne moaned, his hips pushing in closer, his hard cock sliding against her belly.

"You want to fuck me....don't you..." she said to him heatedly. You want to fuck me with your thick cock...." Her hips moved against his, loving the feel of his cock brushing her pussy lips. Again, she was tempted to feel it slide deep inside of her, but she was determined to wait. For a while anyway....

"I'm tempted, you know..." she breathed, moving her hips against his. His cock was in just the right position to rub against her clit as her hips moved. The sensation was driving her wild! "I know your big, thick cock would feel great in my wet cunt....fucking...fucking me...."

Her words were making Wayne pant. He couldn't wait to slide his cock into Terri's tight pussy. But, in his heart, he knew that she was just teasing. Nonetheless, he loved to hear her dirty talk. "But you know I can't, Wayne..." Terri continued, "I can't let you fuck me right now....maybe we'll do it later...I'm ready to fuck....but Jason's gonna do me first...."

Wayne looked down at her with a look of mock, exaggerated disappointment, making Terri grin, "But I'll do anything else you want, Wayne....will that make you feel better...? If I sucked you off...? If I let you fuck my tits...if I made you come all over me?" She smiled as she felt his cock expand against her belly. He continued to slide his cock back and forth...over her belly and lightly between her wet pussy lips. Terri spread her legs wider, letting his cock move closer against her clit. She groaned and moved her hips faster....

"Let me suck you off..." Terri whispered, pulling on his arms, trying to move him up her body, "Come here and fuck my mouth..." Wayne smiled and pulled back slightly. He began to move his body up and over hers. Before he climbed over her, though, he moved his hips backwards, letting his long cock slip between Terri's wide-spread legs. His cockhead rested against her asscheeks, and his shaft pressed against her wet slit. He looked down at her with an evil grin as he raised his hips once more. The motion made his cockhead slide between her cheeks and, as he rose, he dragged it against her pussy. Terri moaned as she felt her pussy lips parting like the earth before a farmer's plow. She looked at Wayne with her eyes wide as his cockhead pushed between them, sliding upwards. He could feel the wet heat of her pussy as her lips parted and engulfed the head. ...

Wayne was sorely tempted to simply push his hips forward, sliding his hard cock deeper inside, but he respected her wishes, and continued to raise his hips, letting his cockhead slide out of her tempting lips and over her clit before springing forcefully from between her legs and slapping against his belly. Terri breathed a sigh of relief when he popped free. The sensation of having his cock at the entrance of her pussy had made her mild jump like crazy. She knew that if he'd pushed, she wouldn't have fought it. She'd been ready to let him slide that big cock of his inside of her...prepared to let him fuck her... But she was also relieved when he didn't pursue it. She wanted Jason to be the first...

She grinned at Wayne, both in thanks, and also acknowledging his own teasing abilities. He'd definitely had her going there for a moment. Wayne grinned back and moved his body over her. Terri stared at his cock as it neared her face, and curled her fingers around it as it moved over her tits, making him pause. Pulling down gently with one hand, she used the other to pull the lacy cups of her bra down, exposing half of her tits and her erect nipples. She rubbed his wet cockhead over her nipples, eliciting a groan from him as she milked pre-come from the tip, and smearing it over her tits.

Terri began to stroke him slowly, smiling into his eyes. "Do you want to fuck my tits, Wayne...?" she teased. "Here..." she continued, lifting the tiny front strap of her bra, and sliding his cock under it, "Fuck my tits a little...Fuck my tits while you watch Jenny suck Jason's cock..." Wayne looked over Terri's shoulder and saw Jenny staring at him, a smile on her face as Jason slowly fucked his cock in and out of her mouth. He pushed his cock forward as Terri used her hands to squeeze her tits together. They both moaned a little as he began to slide it in and out of her tit-tunnel

With Terri's head in Jason's lap, she merely had to turn her head slightly one way or the other to see her boyfriend's cock sliding wetly in and out of Jenny's mouth...or Wayne's hard member sliding between her tits. She was in heaven once again...!

Terri felt Wayne's hips begin to shake slightly as his breathing increased. Getting an idea, she moved her head lower on Jason's belly until she felt his cock against her cheek. She smiled at Jenny and pulled Wayne's cock from under her bra. Curling her fingers around him, she pulled him higher, until his cockhead was brushing her lips. Jenny smiled back at her and slid her lips from Jason's cock, offering it to Terri as she turned slightly to lick Wayne's cockhead, then close her lips around it.

Both girls proceeded to suck the cocks in their mouths while staring into each other's eyes. When Jenny winked at her, Terri knew just what to do. Sliding her lips off Jason's cock, she turned and took Wayne deep inside her mouth as Jenny held it for her and returned her mouth to Jason. They alternated their sucking this way...moving from one cock to the other... until both men were panting and breathing through their teeth.

Terri moved to the side just a bit and pulled Wayne closer, holding his cock against Jason's hard-on. Both girls began to stroke the cocks in their hands, rubbing them against each other as they leaned in for the kill. Their mouths opened and their tongues ran wetly over the two cockheads. They both stopped their stroking and concentrated on the tongue action, alternating cockheads and occasionally pausing to tongue-duel with each other. For the most part though, they concentrated on the two cocks, trying to make them come with just their tongues.

Terri's plan was a good one. She could feel both cock expanding as the men began to groan. The girl's kept up their teasing, grinning at each other as they licked and sucked the two cockheads. Suddenly, Jason groaned loudly. His cock bucked once, then shot a huge gout of semen high into the air. Jenny felt it splash against her cheek just as Wayne's cock erupted. The girl's continued to lick both cock's wildly as the shot off again and again, raining thick hot cum over their laughing faces.

The guys were groaning and the girls were laughing as their faces were covered with semen. They continued their tongue action, slurping the thick stuff into their mouths as they tried to coax more from the boys. When the two cocks stopped spurting, the men collapsed backwards, leaving the two girls facing one another. Terri thought that Jenny looked incredibly sexy with her face dripping with semen, and leaned forward, flattening her tongue and pressing it against Jenny's cheek. She licked from her chin to her hairline, covering her tongue with the mixture of two eruptions, then drew it inside, swallowing the thick stuff.

Jenny laughed and returned the favor, and soon both girls were licking each other's faces, trying to lap up every drop of the precious stuff. When it was gone, they began to kiss...wetly and sensually, each enjoying the cummy taste of the other's mouth. Wayne and Jason, basking in the glow of their ejaculation, watched with delight as the two girls slid slowly to the carpet in front of them.

Their cocks were momentarily worthless, but their minds raced as they watched Terri and Jenny writhing on the floor, their tongues dueling wetly and their hands exploring each other's bodies. The sight of the two girls playing on the floor, in their lingerie and heels, made both men sit up straight. Jason grinned at Wayne, then looked back as Terri slowly ran her hand over Jenny's willing body. She cupped each naked breast, then smoothly moved lower...over her belly...and between her legs.

Jenny sighed and rolled onto her back, letting her thighs part for Terri's teasing fingers. Those fingers met no resistance as they gently parted Jenny's lips and pushed inside her pussy. Terri marveled at how wet Jenny was, and slid her tongue deep into Jenny's mouth as she toyed with her cunt. Jenny was moaning and writhing under Terri as the young girl's fingers began to fuck her. She opened her legs as wide as she could, giving the guys a perfect view of her wet and open pussy.

"Oh...Terri...Mmmm...that feel's so fucking good....oh, yeah.., ..fuck me...faster...Mmmm..yeah..." Her voice only added to the excitement and electricity that permeated the room. Both guys felt a familiar tingling in their balls as Jenny's hand moved between Terri's thighs, pulling her white panties aside and toying with her pussy. Terri raised her ass, giving the guys a better view of Jenny's fingers, and also giving Jenny easy access to her cunt. They continued to kiss each other wetly and passionately as they shared finger-fucks. Both of them were in a frenzied state now, moving their hips to meet the other's fingers. But when Jenny leaned up to whisper in Terri's ear, their action slowed somewhat.

The guys watched closely as the two girls shared a whispered conversation. Then they heard Terri's muffled laugh and watched with growing excitement as she leaned over to run her tongue over Jenny's breasts. She used her mouth to tease Jenny's nipples into inch long peaks, and teasingly sucked as much of each breast as she could into her mouth. When she felt Jenny was sufficiently aroused, she slowly moved lower....

Wayne groaned and felt his tired cock expanding as he watched with anticipation. For months he'd fantasized about watching these two go at it, and now he was watching it happen before his eyes. He'd wondered about how far they would take things, but as he watched Terri's tongue licking it's way down Jenny's belly, then between her thighs, he knew his dreams were about to come true.

Terri ran her tongue up and down Jenny's wide-spread thighs, teasing her. Then with a grin, she turned to the two men on the couch and winked. Her eyes were wild and hot as she turned back to her friend. With no hesitation at all, she lowered her face between Jenny's thighs, burying her tongue deep inside the other girl's pussy. Immediately, Jenny began to come...her hips writhing and lifting against Terri's face. She'd also been anticipating the feel of this girl's tongue inside her pussy since they begun to play earlier in the day. After all that had transpired already, it seemed like ages since their encounter in Wayne's office, and her level of anticipation had built to a fever pitch...

Terri reacted with surprise and glee as she felt Jenny's pussy contracting against her probing tongue. Her own level of excitement had gone beyond anything she'd ever known. She knew, from exchanged glances and comments, that she was eventually going to end up with her face inside Jenny's pussy. She'd never gone here before, but had found that she was immensely excited about the prospect. For years, Terri had wondered how it would feel to make love with another woman, but had never known how to get to that point. After meeting Jenny, and sharing the things that they had this day, she knew that the opportunity was ripe. She'd felt her own juices flowing wetly between her thighs as her tongue approached Jenny's pussy.

Now, as she felt Jenny's pussy walls contracting against her tongue, she began to come herself. She pushed her face in further, thrusting her tongue as deeply as she could inside Jenny's cunt, when she felt her mouth filling with Jenny's cum. It was thick and hot...certainly a different texture from semen, but every bit as exciting. She sucked and swallowed as Jenny ground her pussy against her face, wetting it with the overflow, from her chin to her nose.

Terri felt Jenny move, and followed the motion, rolling onto her back as Jenny positioned herself over Terri's face. She sat on Terri's face, sliding her hips back and forth...rubbing her flowing cunt over Terri's sucking mouth as she poured her cum down the young girl's throat.

Jason couldn't believe what he was seeing. He had never seen this side of Terri, although he was incredibly turned on with seeing it now! In fact, no one had ever seen this side of Terri, including Terri! For the first time in her life she was completely letting go of all her inhibitions, letting lust and desire control her actions.

She could hardly believe that Jenny was sitting on her face. The feeling of the girl's pussy rubbing back and forth against her lips and chin, and the feeling of warm wetness as she thrust her tongue in and out, was turning her on immensely. It was a completely new experience for her. When she felt Jenny begin to come in her mouth, she felt her own orgasm washing over her. Sucking and swallowing Jenny's prodigious flow, she reached between her own legs, fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit as she came with her friend.

The men stared in awe as the two girls got themselves off in front of them. Both men were now sporting full, born-again, raging hard-ons as they sat on the couch and watched.

When the sensations of her orgasm overwhelmed her, Jenny raised herself up and rolled off of Terri's cum covered face, lying in a panting heap beside her. She could still feel her pussy pulsing, letting her cum pour from her lips onto the carpet. Terri lay back, her eyes closed as she relived the last few moments of the experience. Her smile was from ear to ear...

She opened her eyes as she sensed motion beside her. Jenny was grinning and moving between her thighs, her tongue licking her lips and poking out sensually. Terri smiled with anticipation. Putting her hands behind her head, she raised up so she could watch Jenny's face move between her thighs. She bent her knees and let her legs fall apart in invitation.

Jenny smiled and lowered her head, licking Terri's thighs, then moving higher until Terri felt the soft-hard feel of Jenny's tongue sliding between her pussy lips. Her hips began to move involuntarily against Jenny's tongue as the girl began to lick and suck. Jenny was on her knees, her ass high in the air, and her neck was bent, allowing her to look into Terri's eyes, watching her reactions as she began to lick the cum from her pussy.

Terri could scarcely believe that this was happening to her. The pleasure she was feeling was indescribable. She groaned and cupped her tits, turning her head to the couch as she noticed more motion to her right. She smiled as she saw Wayne slowly getting up from the couch. He winked at Terri and knelt behind his wife, leaning forward and running his tongue the full length of her crack, from clit to asshole. Jenny squealed and began rotating her hips, pushing her pussy back to meet Wayne's mouth.

Terri turned her eyes to Jason, motioning him closer and smiling as he stood over her, his cock bobbing in the air. From her vantage point below him, it appeared monstrous to her. She reached over her head, curling her fingers around his hard-on and pulling him lower, making him bend his knees and lean forward. As Jason's cock neared her mouth, she saw Wayne's position change. He knelt behind Jenny, his hard cock in his hand, aiming it at her raised pussy. Terri could feel Jenny's reaction as she felt Wayne sliding inside her pussy. She groaned into Terri's cunt, sucking and licking madly as Wayne began to fuck in and out of her.

Terri's hips began to move, rubbing her pussy against Jenny's mouth in the same rhythm that Wayne was fucking her. She felt like she was part of a sex machine as she pulled Jason's cock closer to her face. Jason bent at the knees, staring at Terri's wild-eyed face as his cock moved closer. He moaned as Terri opened her mouth and drew his cockhead inside.

Leaning forward, Jason steadied his upper torso with his arms, and stretched his legs out behind him as Terri began to suck him deeper. He was in a push-up position over his girlfriend's face and he began to move his hips, fucking Terri's wet mouth slowly as he watched Jenny eating her out.

Terri groaned to herself and tilted her head as Jason's cock began to thrust deeper. She was surprised at how easily she could take the full length of his cock into her mouth from this position and made a mental note of it. She was slightly concerned about breathing when she felt Jason's cockhead hit the entrance to her throat, but concern was replaced with delight as she felt him slide effortlessly inside, pushing deeper and deeper into her throat, stopping only when his full balls were resting on her nose.

"Oooohhh....Terri...." she heard Wayne say. She knew he was watching her take Jason's cock into her throat, and would have smiled with pride if her mouth wasn't so full. When Jason withdrew his long cock, leaving just the head in her mouth, she turned her head and looked up at Wayne. Sure enough, he was staring at her, with a big grin, as he slid his cock slowly in and out of Jenny's pussy. Terri smiled at him as she ran her tongue around Jason's cockhead.

"Did you like that...?" she asked Wayne. He smiled and nodded his head. "I'm glad....I like the way you watch me suck cock..." Terri kept her eyes on his as she mouthed Jason's hard shaft. "Later I'm going to suck both of you off I think... at the same time....Mmmmmm......two hard cocks coming in my mouth...Mmmmm...yeah....I think I'd like that...."

Wayne grimaced at her promise of later pleasure and increased his cock strokes, making Terri smile around Jason's cockhead. She made a wonderful show of licking and sucking his shaft, rubbing it over her face and lips while staring into Wayne's eyes. She loved the way her cocksucking turned him on and did her best to make it memorable. When she felt Jenny's mouth move off her pussy, she looked down at her friend. Jenny was smiling up at her from between her legs. Her entire face was wet and shining...covered with Terri's pussy juice.

"I like watching you too, lover..." she breathed. "I think you were holding out on take that cock in your throat as good as I did..." Terri was surprised that Jenny had seen her feat, but smiled proudly as she tongued Jason's cockhead, glad to be the center of attention.

"She's been holding out on me too!" Jason's strained voice came from above. Terri laughed and turned her head sideways, looking up at her boyfriend.

"I guess I have....a little bit..." she said with a grin. "But I think that's all changed after tonight, boy...I suggest you start taking your vitamins! Now that I've figured it out I'm gonna want a lot of this...."

With "this", Terri turned her head back and tilted her head back. Using her hand, she directed Jason's cockhead to her mouth, sucking him wetly, then reached further behind, pulling his ass closer. With a long groan, Jason let his cock slide deep into Terri's mouth... He slid directly into her throat as she pushed her face up to meet him.

Although Jason's big cock didn't allow her to smile physically, inside Terri was grinning from ear to ear. Jason's hips began to move, sliding the full length of his cock in and out of Terri's awakened throat. Wayne grinned as he watched, matching Jason's rhythm with his own. After moments of trial and error, the two men had it down perfectly, to the delight of the girls. Each thrust of their cocks pushed the girls into one another, accentuating the pleasure they were already feeling.

Jason, because of the newness of the whole experience, was the one with the least amount of control. The new feeling of fucking Terri's welcoming throat was too much for him, and he began to feel his balls stirring.....then boiling.

"Aww...shit....I'm gonna come...!" he groaned, fucking faster. Terri didn't miss a beat, loving the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her throat. She was unable to express it, but she was hoping that Jason would shoot his thick cum deep into her throat. When she heard Jenny say her words, her heart lifted.

"Come in her throat...." Jenny hissed sensually, "Slide that big thick cock deep into her throat when you shoot, Jason..." She was fingering Terri with two fingers in her pussy, and Terri felt her own cum rising as she listened to Jenny.

"Take him all the way, Terri...Let Jason's big fat cock shoot off in your throat....Let me watch you swallow it all...."

Jenny crawled up over Terri's body, moving her face closer to watch Jason's cock slide in and out of Terri's mouth. Wayne followed suit, leaning forward so as not to lose the warm sheath of Jenny's cunt. His fucking had slowed as he watched Terri and Jason. Still the warm, wet tightness of Jenny's pussy demanded that he pay attention to his control which he did gladly. He still had plans for Jenny....

Terri was unable to see anything except the hot sight of Jason's balls and ass moving back and forth above her. And really, that's all she needed. She couldn't believe the ease with which Jason's long cock was sliding in and out of her throat, and she marveled at the sight of it's length appearing and disappearing above her.

When she felt his cock expanding in her mouth, she began to move her hips frantically against Jenny's fucking fingers, wanting desperately to come when Jason did. In her mind, she saw her orgasm as a rapidly approaching, fire-hot ball off in the distance. It grew larger and closer as Jason's fucking became more and more urgent. Jenny could sense it also, and increased her finger-fucking, instinctually knowing what Terri desired.

When the fireball filled Terri's mental screen, she felt Jason pause, then tense....She could feel his cock expanding in her throat as her orgasm washed mightily over her senses. At the same time, Jason cried out as his cock erupted in her throat.

Terri had never felt anything even remotely as exciting. Her hips were fucking as she came again and again over Jenny's fingers. At the same time, Jason's cock was completely buried in her throat. She could feel his cock bucking over and over as he shot his thick semen into her stomach. He kept his cock buried, but also made slight fucking motions, working his cockhead against her throat muscles as he came.

Finally, Terri had to breathe. Jason's thick cock was totally blocking her air passages. She felt as if she was going to pass out if she held her breath a moment longer! With a concerted effort, Terri signaled her need to Jason, pushing his hips up and away. She groaned as she felt his full length sliding slowly out of her throat and into her mouth and began breathing deeply.

For his part, Jason slightly misinterpreted Terri's signals. He quickly pulled his still spurting cock from her mouth, letting it spring wildly into the air as another gout of semen erupted from the head. Jenny saw what was happening and grabbed for his cock. Her position didn't allow for her to suck him into her mouth, but she was able to bring his cockhead to her lips just as the last of his cum sprayed out. Most of it landed on her outstretched tongue, with the remainder splashing wetly over her lips and chin. Jenny grinned and stroked the thick meat, coaxing the last bits of semen from it, then licking it up as it spilled onto Terri's heaving belly..

Wayne could contain himself no longer. The tight grip of his wife's asshole, combined with the sight of Terri and Jenny scrambling for semen, sent him over the edge. He felt his balls expanding and the cum rising up his shaft. Raising himself up as he withdrew his cock from Jenny's ass, he aimed his cockhead at the girl's panting faces as he stroked himself off. Jenny's eyes lit up as she saw his cock approach, and she lay her face beside Terri's. Jason leaned back as he listened to the girl's urge Wayne to shoot.

For his part, Wayne needed little urging. His cum was already racing up his shaft. It erupted in a long, thick river that splashed over both faces at once. He was laughing and groaning at the same time as he aimed his shooting head at one open mouth, then the other. The girls squealed as they felt the hot liquid spray over their lips and tongues, licking each other's faces to collect the semen that missed their mouths. Wayne watched in delighted awe as Terri tried to swallow every drop she could find. She was turning into a true cocksucker, just like his wife.

Jenny, on the other hand was letting the semen collect in her mouth. And when Wayne's ejaculation slowed to a halt, she turned her face to Terri's. Leaning forward slowly, she opened her lips over Terri's, allowing Wayne's cum to drip thickly into her friend's mouth. Terri accepted the gift gratefully, opening her mouth wide, then reached up to curl her fingers around Jenny's head, drawing it down to her own and kissing her friend passionately. Both girls moaned as they used their tongues to share Wayne's cum, squishing it around each other's mouths, and exchanging it back and forth.

When Jenny pulled back, she looked lovingly into Terri's eyes as both girls swallowed their prize.

Later, the four of them sat back on the couch, reveling in the memories of the past few hours. It was late in the evening and they all were feeling tired and worn out. Jenny looked at Wayne and grinned as the sounds of light snoring came from Terri and Jason.

"Looks like it's going to be a most interesting summer, husband..." , she said softly.

Wayne looked down at her and grinned. "Most interesting..." he agreed. "I just hope we can keep up with these two!"

Jenny laughed and looked back at Terri and Jason sleeping peacefully beside them. "I think we'll manage. After all, they're asleep, and we're still wide awake...sort of.... We just need to take more vitamins is all...and as much protein as we can get...." She winked at her husband, and leaned over his body, resting her face in his lap.

"And I think protein is the most important...." she whispered, taking his limp cock into her mouth. She sucked gently on it, knowing how sensitive he'd be after tonight. Suckling on it like a baby, she closed her eyes, letting the taste of his previous come fill her senses.

Jenny smiled as she felt Wayne's cock slowly come to life in her mouth. She hadn't really thought she'd be able to suck him off again after the number of orgasms he'd had tonight, but grinned as she felt his limp cock slowly expanding and growing.

She knew very well that they would have no problems at all in keeping up with the young couple beside them.

No problem at all........

The End...?

* * * * *

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