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Three Wishes
by Carl East

I had been out for a walk that morning, nice and early, so that I missed the myriad of people that always seemed to be walking their dogs. It was a nice beach, and needed to be seen on its own, without the company of too many people. Walking along I started to absentmindedly kick the shells along the shore line, when I spotted something shining. It was just sticking out of the sand, bending down I retrieved it from its watery grave to have a closer look.

It turned out to be a medallion that looked and felt like gold, I cleaned it up a bit with the sleeve of my jacket, and noticed it had some writing on one side. It was too dirty to read it there, so I decided to take it home where I had some good metal cleaner. Upon reaching my house I began to clean it up more thoroughly, the writing was now very clear, and read.

"If thy heart be true three wishes I give to you."

I laughed at first, thinking 'no, I'm not that lucky,' but I wasn't a stupid person, and if this thing could grant me three wishes, I wasn't about to blow it. So I sat thinking very carefully about what I would wish for, if this were genuine.

If you've ever done this, even as a game you will know that its not as simple as all that. I mean, many of you are thinking right now, how your first wish would be a pile of money. But there are better things than just money, for example if you wished that you were the luckiest person in the world, you wouldn't need to wish for money it would come too you. Or perhaps, you would wish to be the best looking guy/gal in the world. There again, what you would consider to be good looking might not be every body's cup of tea.

So there I was, taking this wish thing a bit too seriously, and pondering what to wish for. I quickly made up my mind what the first wish should be, it was based on all the time and money I had spent on getting too and from my destinations. Holding the medallion with both hands I wished that I could go wherever I wanted too in an instant. Of course nothing happened, for I hadn't chosen a destination yet, putting the coin in my pocket I said.

"I want to go back to the beach."

Being back at the beach and jumping up into the air, I must have looked pretty silly to any one that was watching. But I didn't care; I had found the genuine article, something that we all wish would happen. I quickly got myself back home, where I had to consider my other two wishes very carefully. Now I have never been lucky with women, so those of you, who have, will not understand my next wish. For those of you who have the same trouble, you will identify with this need.

My second wish was, that I be irresistible to any woman I desired. The wording to that one, had to be spot on, I mean if every woman desired you, you'd have a fair amount of dogs chasing you day and night. I was eager to try that one out, but I wanted to use the third wish now, just in case I inadvertently spoke a wish out loud that I didn't intend. So I sat back to think, I had covered girls and travel but I still hadn't covered money. I didn't want to waste it on wishing for millions, simply because I wanted to think of something that would keep bringing the money in. Then I had it, the easiest and safest way to have money, and for no one else to know I had money.

"I wish that, when ever I open my wallet there were ten, ten dollar bills."

Reaching for my wallet I opened it to find a hundred dollars, taking it out and closing it, I opened it again and found another hundred dollars. 'It worked,' I thought getting to my feet and wondering where to go first. Then I remembered the nightclub I was in a couple of nights ago. Two gorgeous looking women had led me on all night, allowing me to buy them drinks, then, when the night came to an end, they left with total strangers. At the time, I thought, 'it serves you right for being too ambitious,' but now, I wanted to see what I had missed out on. The rest of the day I spent getting ready for the night's events, going from one shop to another, just to find the right outfit.

By the time I was ready, the clubs had been open for an hour, so I wished myself to the bar of the club I wanted. I was dressed in a light coloured suit, with black shoes, and a white shirt that had an artistic pattern going from front to back. I ordered a drink then sat down at the bar to peruse the dance floor. Most of the women wore skimpy looking outfits, revealing very little but promising a lot. I had only been there for half an hour, when the two girls I was waiting for, walked into the club. God they were sexy, they were both dressed in glittering outfits, and each had a plunging neckline that revealed breasts the eye had to see. Their hemline was similar as well, with both dresses' being cut really short. Believe me when I say they had the legs for it, they hadn't noticed me yet, so I turned my back and waited.

Soon they were standing at the bar with some other sap buying them a drink. Then they spotted me, saying hi. I turned to greet them mouthing the words 'both of you are going to find me irresistible,' then watched as their expressions changed from one of discomfort to one of lust. They turned to the poor guy that was still there, telling him to beat it, then came over to stand either side of me. I wasn't about to spend anymore money on these two, so I suggested we blow this joint and go back to my place. They agreed in a heartbeat, so we left.

Pretty soon we were at my house, and they were all over me as soon as we got in. They both discarded their dresses, then removed their bra and panties. I stood there admiring their bodies, with both of them looking like super models. I told them to touch each other up, until I was ready, they complied without question. They started by caressing each other's breasts, while I began to get undressed. Watching them, I wondered if they were BI-sexual, for the way they were caressing each other I could tell they had done this before. By now I was totally naked, with a cock that stood out from my body.

They spotted me and came over, both of them placing a hand onto my hardened cock. I kissed one, then the other feeling in total control. One of them bent down and started to lick and tease my joint, while the other pushed her tongue into my mouth. The passion was intense, while the attention I was receiving from these two vixens continued. My cock suddenly entered a mouth that was more than ready; she fairly engulfed my boner. I placed my hand between the others legs, deliberately and softly stroking her pussy. She in turn pushed and rubbed her hand onto my fingers wanting me to probe her cunt. I relinquished my control, allowing her to place my finger into her love nest. Then standing on tiptoe she moved up and down, while I slid my finger in and out. The attention my cock was receiving was taking me over the edge, I whispered to the one still standing to join her partner, which she did.

They started to swap my cock to each other's mouths, moaning out loud how they wanted my seed. I could feel the surge as my cock erupted, my cum going over their faces but being licked off by each other. My knees were buckling as they continued to suck, wanting me to stay hard so that I might service them both. It wasn't hard to keep it up, not with two gorgeous women wanting to be fucked. They stood up, both saying, 'fuck me first,' I suggested a position that they liked, and pretty soon we were getting down. One of them was lying on her back while the other was licking her cunt for all she was worth; I entered the shaved and beautiful pussy in front of me. My cock was twitching with anticipation as I pushed it deeply into her pussy.

I fucked her slowly at first wanting her to get used to it being there, then I started to speed up. Her moans of pleasure being echoed by her friend who was receiving the licking of her life. Her friend started to moan louder and louder, making it completely obvious that she climaxing big time. The orgasm soon spreading to the one I was fucking, her moans almost drowning out her friends. The juices flowing from her cunt signaled how much she was enjoying this moment. I thrust forward with a determination I had never felt before, wanting to make her climax in a way that was alien to them both.

My pelvis slapped against her arse pushing her forward slightly with each new penetration. Her screams of 'my lord,' going almost unnoticed, while our bodies were slapping each other's. She suddenly screamed not to stop as she was coming, I got faster, the sweat running down my neck and chest, as they both started to cum. Then my cock started to jerk, I could feel my ejaculation building up, shooting down the centre and exploding into her womb.

I carried on pumping it into her for a few more minutes, and then we relaxed onto the bed. Almost immediately there was a mouth covering my deflating cock, bringing it back to life in order that she too could be fucked. I felt as horny as hell, and wasn't about to let her leave without a good fucking. Soon my cock was back and ready to go, she couldn't wait for she suddenly jumped onto me pinning me to the bed. She guided my cock into her pussy and started to ride me, the other one didn't want to be left out so she straddled my face opening her pussy lips with both hands and placing it over my mouth.

I was more than happy to insert my tongue into the gapping hole before me, not in the least bit bothered that I could taste my own juices as well. She writhed about forcing my tongue to touch each and every area of her pussy lips. While the other one was trying to get my cock ever deeper into her womb. The bed was shaking they were so aggressive, shouting how they would make me remember this night for a long time to come. I licked and sucked harder making her moan out loud once again; she was cussing and cursing making me feel as randy as hell. I was starting to go over the edge once again, wanting this to last a bit longer. It wasn't to be, for I could feel the sperm as it reached the tip of my cock. She knew I was coming but never once slowed her pace, making me grip the bed as the sensations I was feeling made me need to stop her.

With them both pinning me down I had little control over how long she fucked me for. But soon it was over, and they both fell asleep holding me, I wondered where my next adventure would take me.


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