The Best Erotic Stories.

by Selene

'Go up and wait for me', he said. 'I'll be two minutes'. Up I went, trembling already with anticipation. I was dying for a fuck - any sort of fuck - but the look in his eyes was different this time. It seemed to promise more than usual. The tone of his voice was low, controlled, but there was something extra there too - some secret, suppressed excitement. Two minutes - I could hardly wait. I had no idea what was about to happen but I felt sure that this time would be something special, would be memorable... As I climbed the stairs to our room, I could feel the tingling in my nipples as they hardened with excitement and the liquefying sensation in my cunt. Whatever was about to happen, it couldn't start soon enough for me - or go on long enough, I thought...

In the bedroom, I scarcely knew what to do with myself. Should I undress or should I just wait? I decided to stay dressed as perhaps he wanted to fuck me with my clothes on. Sometimes we did it like that and it always gave me a thrill. It seemed to take me right back to my teenage years when I never did very much with most of my boyfriends but whatever we did it all seemed terribly exciting and I got so turned on... Anyway I was wearing my new red velvet dress and underneath that my new dark red suspender belt and the stockings with deep lace tops - they'd cost a fortune and I knew I looked good in them. My body isn't what it was but I've got really long legs and huge tits and look great in sexy underwear...

I used always to wear satin French knickers which always made me feel incredibly sexy - that is until my lover forbade me to wear knickers of any sort... Since then I'd gone naked under my clothes. At first the sensation took some getting used to. I felt intensely aware of my cunt as the air flowed around my bare thighs and bum. It seemed to me that all the people I passed in the street must be aware of my secret, that they must know that under my skirt I wore nothing at all. I felt so exposed and it was a total turn-on. My lover must have known how I'd feel - I wanted to fuck every single minute of every day - and how he loved it...

I took my shoes off and stretched out across the bed. My dress pooled around me in a swathe of red velvet. My clit pleaded for attention and I let my fingers stray idly across it, spreading my thighs and teasing myself gently. Two minutes - surely it was at least five since I'd come up here - where was he? I didn't want to get too carried away, I wanted us to have a really long, leisurely session with neither of us coming too soon... At last I heard his feet on the stairs and looked up as he came into the room, carrying a holdall which I hadn't seen before. He came over to the bed, placed the holdall carefully beside me and stood there looking down at me fingering myself for a minute.

'You just can't wait for it, can you?' he asked quietly. 'You're such a slut... my God, am I going to have some fun with you this afternoon...' Swiftly, he grabbed the hand with which I'd been stroking myself and bent my fingers sharply back. I gasped with the sudden pain as he fished around inside the holdall, keeping my hand prisoner the while. His hand emerged grasping a length of rope and before I knew what was happening, he'd secured my wrist with the rope and jerked my arm up as he passed the rope through the bars of the headboard, made a loop around my throat, took it back through the bars and then secured it to my other wrist...

He stood back again, surveying his handiwork. He'd left a little bit of play in the rope but I realised as soon as I tugged against the pull on my wrists that any movement on my part tended merely to tighten the loop around my throat. I lay still, eyes half-closed, wondering just what was coming next. He came and sat next to me on the bed and circled my left ankle with his fingers, then started to run his hand up my leg under my dress. His fingers moved slowly upwards, stroking gently and more slowly as they encountered the deep lace stocking-top. I held my breath, willing him onwards. Then, as his fingers finally moved up onto my bare skin, he pinched hard on the soft, sensitive area on the inside of my thigh. I gasped and jerked my leg away. He smiled and pushed the hem of my dress up towards my waist, exposing me to his view.

My breathing was heavier... I was so aware of him and the slow deliberation of his touch as he teased me into desire. He fingered the suspender belt and snapped one of the elastics against my skin. Then he moved so that he was kneeling between my spread thighs. He pushed them further apart and gazed down at me. Next moment I felt a stinging slap on my open cunt - just one - before he bent and kissed my thigh where he'd pinched it previously. Then he pushed my dress right up till it covered my face but left the rest of my body exposed. He gathered up the skirts of the dress and wrapped them around my face and head, a soft but effective and smothering velvet blindfold which I was powerless to remove.

I could feel his hands next on my breasts as he scooped them out of my bra so that they were pushed up out of the cups. A sharp pain shot through my right nipple as, I presumed, he took it between his teeth and bit. He varied the pressure, alternately tugging and easing off a little, while I couldn't help crying out when he bit down hard. Nevertheless, despite the pain, I could feel the juices rushing into my cunt - somehow, at some level, my body was interpreting this pain as pleasure - and helplessly I bucked and reared up against him, seeking deeper fulfilment. Instead, the pain ceased for a moment and I heard a slight noise which I could not interpret - not until I felt my thighs stroked with what I knew was his belt. What I'd heard must have been him unbuckling it from around his waist, drawing it out from the belt loops on his jeans...

Next I felt it stroking my breasts and the edge of it running along my sore right nipple. After a minute of this, I then felt the cold metal of the buckle as he trailed it over the hot lips of my cunt, letting it dip into me ever so slightly. The next moment the strapping started, just with the tongue end. Cuts rained down all over my body and although I writhed away from the blows, I had no idea of where they would fall next so the movements, though instinctive, in an attempt to protect myself, did me no good at all. He concentrated his efforts on my breasts, thighs and cunt. I could not close my legs as he was still kneeling between them and with his free hand holding me wide open. I could picture, in my mind's eye, my breasts and thighs becoming striped with red as the blood rushed to the surface of my skin, which burned where the blows had fallen.

Worse pain followed as, just for a few moments, but moments which at the time felt as if they might go on for ever, he turned the belt about and struck me with the buckle end... As I couldn't help but thrash about, gasping and moaning, the rope around my throat was getting tighter and tighter. I could feel blood drumming in my ears. Just when I thought I was about to pass out, if not from pain then from suffocation, the whipping stopped and I relaxed. He untied my wrists at that point and removed my dress altogether before retying them, this time together above my head, without the loop around my throat, directly to the bars of the headboard. I looked up at him, my breath still coming fast, and lifted my head to kiss him. He returned my kiss, softly and lovingly, before moving back down between my legs.

Holding my thighs wide apart, he gazed at my dripping cunt, which ached to be filled, swollen, red and smarting though it still was from the belting it had received. Taking the belt up again, he slid the tongue into me, pushing it in as far as he could. I moved my hips up, wanting it, wanting more... At that point he finally unzipped his jeans and pushed them down to mid-thigh. His cock sprang out and I moaned in anticipation. Leaning forward, he thrust into me and started pumping swift and hard. With him and the belt in me at the same time, it was the strangest sensation. There was some pain - mostly, I thought, from the edges of the belt - but it made me aware of the feelings in my cunt as never before. Then, when he'd established a heavy, punishing rhythm, he grabbed the free end of the belt and slowly - very, very slowly - started to pull it out of me.

It felt as if he was pulling my cunt inside-out as the belt was slowly but steadily withdrawn, whilst he was still thrusting deep into me with hard, fast strokes. It was the strangest sensation, intensely erotic, making me aware of every inch of the inside surface of my cunt as I felt simultaneously the belt pulling out and his cock pushing in... Once the belt was fully removed, he too withdrew. I moaned, the loss of his cock inside me leaving me aching with emptiness. Not for long... almost immediately I felt the cold, shiny metal of the buckle as he slid it deep into my cunt. There was a moment of pain as the pin grazed the tender velvety walls of my cunt. This was magnified a thousandfold as once again he plunged inside me and resumed his measured thrusts, more shallowly this time as he was evidently avoiding damage to himself from the buckle, now deep inside me.

I thrust back at him desperately. I'd never felt myself fucked so deeply and thoroughly before. The strange sensations of the buckle and strap inside me, partly pain and partly pleasure, confused my senses so that I hardly knew what I was experiencing. Once more he withdrew, breathing heavily, and gazed down at the sodden strap issuing from my cunt. Taking hold of it, he gave it a vicious tug. As the buckle ripped out of my cunt I screamed - this was undilutedly painful and I felt sure I must be bleeding internally. He held the belt up in front of my face and sure enough, the brass buckle gleamed redly, filmed with my blood.

'How does that make you feel, slut?' he asked. 'Had enough yet?' I shook my head, unable to trust my voice, which I knew would wobble uncontrollably. I knew we wouldn't finish until he himself had had enough; and clearly, watching his enormous hard cock as he stroked it slowly and meditatively, that time wasn't yet come. He turned once more to his holdall and pulled out a couple of bulldog clips and a pair of pliers. I watched, guessing but not quite crediting what was coming next. He'd never, ever done anything like this to me before. I couldn't help wondering how long he'd planned this and whether he'd been fantasising along these lines during all the times he'd fucked me tenderly and lovingly with hardly a hint of what he was subjecting me to this afternoon.

While I was thinking this, I hadn't noticed what he was doing. Then a sharp pain sprang into being as he fastened my left nipple inside one of the bulldog clips. I was just thinking that this was not a pain I thought I could cope with when he closed the other bulldog clip around my already-painful right nipple... The pain which shot through me then felt as if he'd rammed a red-hot knife into my breast and I screamed again. His mouth curved in a smile as he tugged gently at the clips to make sure they were firm - the renewed agony, which had me screaming some more, told him all he needed to know on that score.

Pliers in his right hand, he sat back and spread my cunt with his left. I knew what he intended and wondered for a split second how it would feel - and then I knew. The jaws of the pliers closed around my clitoris and he squeezed the handles hard - then harder... I screamed so loudly I felt sure the neighbours must hear but there was no way I could control myself. Pain coursed through my body, lines of fire leading from my nipples to my cunt, pain that throbbed and pulsed and seemed to glow through me in trails of bright flame traced on my skin.

I discovered that after a few minutes the waves of pain receded - my body accustomed itself. He knew, he saw me relax, my struggles ebbing. When he saw that, he tightened his grip still further and the pain intensified once more. I'd already thought he must be pinching my clit so hard that permanent damage might result and that it was impossible for the pain to increase. I was wrong... I'd ceased to feel the clips on my nipples. Now it was if every nerve-ending in my body was concentrated in my clit and as if all sensation began and ended there and flowed out and in, ripples of pain so sharp and deep that all of a sudden I was tipped over into pleasure...

I felt the hair on my head stand on end - with me this always happens the second before orgasm - and no sooner had I registered this than I came in floods of feeling so powerful that as my body jerked in the throes, the pliers were twisted clean out of his grasp and went tumbling to the floor... Wave after wave of pure and exquisite pleasure filled my senses and I moaned and cried and squeezed my thighs together as tightly as I could to prolong the ecstasy... Time stands still when you cum - for seconds that if you're lucky, feel extended into minutes - but more often the moment passes almost before you feel you've experienced it....

Not this time. Hard and prolonged as had been the pain and struggle beforehand, so now the pleasure lengthened and filled me for what felt like hours... And although inevitably the pleasure lessened in the end, I still felt capable of experiencing more, perhaps because as the pleasure receded, I became once more aware of the pain in my nipples... Usually, when I come, I'm exhausted and all I want to do is sleep but this time, knowing he wasn't finished with me yet, I felt still that I could rise to any demands he wanted to make...

I came back to myself gradually, aware that he was stroking my body, pushing the sweat-soaked strands of hair from my eyes, caressing me gently. He removed the bulldog clips... I gasped - the removal was almost more painful than anything I had experienced so far. I hadn't been prepared for this... why it should hurt so much I didn't know but I wished my hands were untied so that I could touch them gently and reclaim them as part of my body instead of a source of well-nigh unbearable pain. Tears welled from my eyes, there was nothing I could do to stop them. He looked at me and smiled, stroking his cock and talking gently to me. 'You've done well,' he said, 'and it's nearly over... for the time being...'

He moved up and straddled my chest, leaning over me and sliding his cock into my mouth. I sucked him gratefully. This, at least, was something I understood, a familiar routine which we both enjoyed. I felt I was coming back in to a safe harbour after a stormy and perilous voyage into unknown territory... My bruised and sore body took over automatically, tonguing and sucking him in the ways I knew he liked. Mentally, I relaxed. Soon he'd come, jetting into my mouth as he loved to do, and then he'd untie me and we'd lie in each other's arms and rest. Soon there'd be peace... and I could relax... for the time being...


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