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Young, in the Woods
by IndianAsian

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

I hooked my thumb in the side and tugged downwards. Again I saw an instant's alarm on her sweet young face, but she didn't resist. I tugged her panties down, baring her softly furred pussy mound, then let them slide down her legs to her ankles.

She kicked them off with a little flick, then turned her head away, as if embarrassed. She was practically laying across my lap now, rather than sitting, and I could easily see her dark slit peeking through the golden curls. Her pussy hair was moist, damp, and her thighs were warm as I gently pulled them apart.

I raised her upper body a little, so she could see better, then pressed my ring finger against her lips and slid it inside. She sucked on it like it was a cock, sliding her tongue over it as well, as I pumped it slowly and gently in her mouth.

Then I pulled the finger free and pressed it against her slit. She gulped and stared in anxiety and anticipation as I forced my finger through her tight, moist pussy lips, laying it along the cleft so her cunt lips could close over it.

I began to rub it up and down, not seeking to enter her at all just yet. She squirmed a little, and said something so soft I couldn't hear. I rubbed faster, pressing my finger against her clitty as she pressed her face into my shoulder.

"You like this, baby?" I whispered.

"Ye...yesssss," she breathed.

I rubbed steadily, alternating between light caresses, and harder rubbing movements. She started to squirm on my lap again, and I eased my finger down her slit, searching briefly before finding her hole. I slowly dipped my finger into it, sliding it into the tight, sucking heat of her body.

"Ohhh!" she gasped, panting harder and harder.

I screwed my finger in deeper, rubbing it back and forth against her clitty as I fucked her with it. Then I brought my thumb down on her hot little cunt button and pressed it downwards. She let out a soft exclamation of pleasure, then closed her eyes and let her head drop back.

I rubbed harder, fucking my finger inside her as she groaned and humped lightly up at me. Her ass rubbed and ground against my boner, and I feared I would soon come if I didn't stuff it up her tight pussy. I stabbed my finger deep, grinding the knuckle against her clitty, and felt her cherry deep inside.

I cursed and jerked my finger out, then undid my pants and pulled down the zipper. I shifted Sandra, getting her to stand briefly, then jerked my pants down and off. She stared at my bulging cock with wide eyes.

I jerked my shirt up and off too, then reached for her, taking her by the hand and pulling her towards me. She struggled back briefly, but I pulled her forward, making her stand straddling my chair.

I leaned forward and gripped her ass, then licked forcefully against her tight pussy slit. She tasted delightful, and almost immediately began to grind her hips against me. I wanted to eat her to a climax, but my cock was getting ready to blow, and I wanted it inside her.

I leaned back, and looked up at her. Her eyes were filled with steaming, passionate sexual need, and her chest was heaving like a bellows. I drew her forward a bit more, then gripped her hips, pulling her down. She lowered herself and I held my cock up.

She hesitated, then halted, moving up again. I let go of my cock and gripped her waist, pulling her back down, lowering her to a squat. Her eyes darted from side to side like a bird seeking escape.

"Take my cock in your hands," I said. She stared at me in shock and fear.

"Take it into your hands, Sandra," I said.

She looked down at it, then hesitantly reached for it, gripping it ever so lightly in her small hands.

"Point it upwards at your pussy," I instructed.

She raised it obediently, then lifted her beseeching eyes to me again.

"Are you ready?"

"I...I'm scared," she gulped.

"This is what you wanted, girl. There's nothing to be scared of."

I pulled her downwards, and again she resisted a little. I felt my cockhead against her slit, and she jerked upwards, then settled down again.

I pulled her lower.

"Put it in," I said. "Put it in."

I felt my cock nudging her hole, and pulled her lower. She whimpered as my cockhead split her muff and slid through her pussy lips. She was breathing even faster, and I worried she might hyperventilate or something.

I pulled her lower, and felt the helmeted head of my prick slowly cleaving the tight, moist folds of her virginal pussy shaft. I fed her another inch, then another. My cock was almost ready to explode, but I fought it down desperately.

I felt her cherry against my cockhead, and let go of her hips, stroking and caressing them instead.

"Do it," I said. "Start riding my cock, honey. Let it up inside you."

She shuddered, then placed her hands on my shoulders and ground her hips a little. She drew up, then settled down, her tight pussy flesh squeezing and stroking my cockhead.

She eased up, then down again, letting my cock press hard against her hymen. She withdrew then settled down again. Again and again she rode down my cock until it jammed into her hymen, then, this time a little harder, and her cherry was torn open.

She cried out, and went still, trembling, her mouth opening and closing soundlessly. Then she slid slowly up, just a bit, before sliding down...down...down. All the way down. Her eyes were clenched and her head pulled up and back a bit as her pussy slid right down my cock to the hilt.

I groaned too, and gripped her ass cheeks as I buried my face in her tits. I sucked and chewed on her nipples as I began to grind my hips around, and began to grind her around on top of me. My cock was deep in her soft, warm guts, and her pussy was squeezing and sucking on it, and it was all I could do to keep from blowing.

She was as hot as I was, though, and when I caught her eyes again they were desperate and feverish with desire.

"U...U...Uncle....P....Paul," she gasped. "Ohhh. OOhhhH!"

I dug my fingers into her soft, round ass and jerked her up, then back. I repeated the action, then again, humping my hips upwards the third time as she came down. She began to rise on her own, her strong young thighs lifting her up my cock as I sat there fighting my come.

She slid her juicy young snatch half-way up my boner, then dropped it down again. Almost immediately she jerked up once again, then down, and then was riding my cock for all she was worth, sliding that tight, teen pussy over my cock with gleeful grunts and groans and sharp, high pitched cries of pleasure.

I tried to hold back, but once she started riding my boner I was helpless. I blasted off inside her like I hadn't come in months, maybe years. My steamy jism shot deep into her belly as she whined and yelped and bounced up and down on my lap.

I bounced her up and down with my hands too, and her soft buttocks slapped against my thighs each time her cunt gulped down my pecker. I leaned into her tits, licking at them as they bounced up and down.

Then she clutched me hard, mashing her tits around my face as she humped madly on my cock. She cried out in pleasure, a long series of yelping exclamations of pleasure that rose in strength and emotion, finally reaching a crescendo in a long, drawn out cry of ecstasy.

She trembled violently, then collapsed into a limp ball of flesh. I pushed her back a little, though still hugging her tightly against me. I felt her cunt sucking and spasming around my boner, and sighed in pleasure and relief as I hugged her.

She laid her head over my shoulder, panting for breath, groaning softly. I squeezed her soft, round ass, kneading the warm flesh. I picked her up then and turned to drop her on the table. She laid back, her arms flopping above her head, her chest still rising and falling rapidly she tried to regain her breath.

I sat down again and pulled the chair back, then gripped her legs and lifted them up and apart. I spread her open, then stroked her thighs as I looked at her small, neat slit, then licked a trail up and down along the edges of it.

I slid my tongue against her gash and licked it up and down lightly, then with more pressure, forcing it through her lips. I pulled her lips open with my fingers and lapped at her pink pussy meat as she groaned in pleasure, drawing her legs up.

I gripped her thighs and shoved them back more, then seized her hips and pulled her ass over the edge more. I rained kisses over her buttocks, then stuck my tongue into her slit again and screwed it down into her tight pussy tunnel.

She started humping up at me, and breathing hard again. The table shook as she jerked and writhed atop it. I mashed my face into her delightful snatch and sucked for all I was worth, my tongue whipping across her clitty as she yelped and moaned in pleasure.

The thought kept repeating itself in my head that this was Sandra! That this was Steve's daughter. That he'd go fucking crazy if he knew what I was doing right now. But you know, instead of turning me off that turned me on.

It was the old forbidden act. And also...maybe some kind of...rivalry thing with Steve. I mean, we'd always been kind of rivals in everything we did. Fucking his daughter was just such a...a big God damn win over him!

Not that screwing each other's daughter was any part of our rivalry. The mere thought of him screwing my Ann was enough to make me steam. If he touched her I'd kill the bastard.

"OOohhhhhhhh!" Sandra groaned.

My mind was pulled back to what I was doing. Sandra was humping madly now, and as I thrust my fingers up her snatch she came. I sucked frenziedly at her clit as she gurgled in pleasure and arched her back.

God damn slut, I thought. You really need it, don't you baby!

And my cock was starting to harden again. That was amazing, given I'd come like gang busters less than ten minutes ago. I wasn't a kid any more, even if I was fucking one.

I continued sucking Sandra's slit until she calmed down, then stood up and looked down at her. I slid my hands over her breasts then leaned in and kissed her. She groaned weakly and kissed back only a little.

I lifted her up, then set her down on the floor, letting her fold down to her knees. I held onto one of her arms, gripping her hair with my other hand and mashing her face into my groin. My cock pulsed and hardened more at the feel of her sweet lips and cheeks against it.

She opened her mouth and I felt her lips slide over my cockhead. I let go of her arm and placed both hands lightly on her head, thinking again of my brother. Jesus, would be pissed. He was probably sitting down in front of the TV right now, not thinking about her at all, and if he only know what his little girl was up to...

She bobbed her lips willingly over my cock, sliding them down halfway to the base. I had to fuck her face, though, holding her still for a few seconds so I could pump my boner in her mouth.

Then I pulled back and turned her around.

"Get on your hands and knees, Sandra," I gulped, dropping to my knees behind her.

She twisted around and spread her legs, groaning as she let her head fall. I stroked her ass and slid a hand between her thighs, cupping her pussy mound, squeezing it.

I slid my cock into her, and she groaned long and low as it drove up into her belly. I groaned myself. I twisted my cock around inside her as I ground my hips against her ass cheeks. My hands slid up and down her sides, then moved under her to cup her breasts.

I started fucking her slowly, sliding my pecker back and forth in her teenage snatch, slapping my hips lightly into her buttocks. I looked down at her wrinkled little anal opening, and a kind of flash went off in my head.

I pressed my finger against it and wriggled it slowly inside.

"Ooooo. Whaaaa....what a....what are you doooooing?" she moaned.

I wriggled my finger into her ass to the knuckle and twisted it around inside her, then curled it up against her tailbone and used it to jerk her up and down while I fucked.

"Ever....ever been fucked up the ass, Sandra?" I panted.

"No!" she gasped.

"You know how guys stare at this round ass of yours, baby? That's what they wanna do when they're admiring it. They want to ram their boners up your asshole."

I pumped my finger up and down in her rectum, then pulled it out and slid my cock free of her snatch. I pressed my cockhead against her wrinkled asshole, and she groaned and shook her head.

"Uncle Paaaauaulll! OohhhhH! NooooooO!"

"You need it, baby," I grunted. "You need a big ol' cock up the asshole. Just think what your daddy would think if he could see you now."

I drove my cock into her with a fast thrust, and she cried out, her head whipping up and back. I dug my fingers into her hips and pulled back a little, then slapped her ass, the sound a loud CRACK! of noise in the small cabin.

She yelped, but as she did i stuffed my boner into her to the hilt. I felt her hot, tight guts around my log and groaned in satisfaction.

"OhhH! Oohhh! Ohh God! Oohh God!" she whined.

"There you gooo," I sighed.

"OOhh! It's...I feel full!"

"Full of cock, Sandra. Full of cock! Just like you were made for."

I pulled back a few inches, then thrust forward. She gasped and lurched forward. I pulled back again, then thrust in sharply. I ground my hips against her ass and then slapped her again.


"Yeah! Yeah!" I gasped.

I slid my boner back down her ass tunnel until only the head remained, then drove it right back into her. I didn't care if she was my niece. She was a hot assed slut that needed fucking, and I was gonna give her the fuck she deserved!

I began fucking stronger, pumping steadily, but with growing speed, using the entire length of my cock. Soon I was pounding it into her, and she was yelping with every hard thrust. I was hammering my hips into her small, round ass hard enough to leave bruises, and jerking her back to meet every thrust.

Her head was bouncing up and down wildly, and her tits swung and wobbled below her. I pounded it to her as hard and fast as I could, getting kind of crazed with the lust and desire inside me.

I felt my balls swelling, then picked up the pace even more, throwing a flurry of cockstrokes up her tail hole as my balls exploded. I cried out in elation, burying my cock up her tail, slamming into her so she fell forward onto her belly.

I fell atop her, my cock still deep in her guts. I continued to pump, though slowly now, crushing her to the floor as I dropped a hot, sticky load inside her. I groaned and slowed even more, until finally coming to rest inside her.

I was buried to the hilt in my niece's tight asshole, and she was groaning and whimpering below me. I rolled slowly onto my left side, taking her with me, hugging her against me. I stroked her belly and breasts, then slid my hand down between her legs and stroked my finger against her clit.

She started whining and humping back against me almost at once, and in a minute she came again, her asshole spasming around my softening cock.

Well, over the rest of the week I fucked that hot little bitch six ways from Sunday. I'd been married for twenty years, and always been faithful to my wife. Fucking someone new, and a hot, firm teenager at that, made me horny twenty-four hours a day.

When I wasn't sucking her off, or chewing on her nipples, I was pumping my pecker up her snatch or asshole or into her mouth. I fucked her in every position I knew about, and even a few I didn't, and by the time I drove her home the next weekend she knew all there was to know about sex, and wasn't afraid of it any more.

It had been her intention to seduce me, she said later. She wanted to know about sex, but was afraid of what some boy at school would say if she let him into her pants. She also didn't want to be seen as ignorant and inexperienced. She wanted to gain experience from someone she trusted.

I was happy to oblige.

This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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