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A Bitch Called Lene
by English Bob

I had never met Lene, never even spoken to her. She existed only in my imagination and in the photograph I had discovered buried deep in the contact section of an adult magazine. I had been corresponding with her husband, Hans, and over the weeks, he had informed me of what she was like.

Hans seemed like one of life's "good guys". He and Lene had been married for several years, and had always known of his wife's large sexual appetite. According to him, they had been running the same advertisement for several months and in that time had entertained a number of other men (and the occasional dominant woman) in their bedroom. Both of them were in their early forties, but my interest was piqued by their quite obvious submissive tendencies.

In his last letter, Hans had explained, in quite graphic detail, how on their last encounter, he had been tied to a chair and forced to watch his wife as she was "raped" by her lover and two of his friends. Hans made a point of telling me that, although the three men played out the game well, it was just that: a game, and that it had been done with Lene's full knowledge.

Apparently, Hans had enjoyed the encounter nearly as much as his wife; delighting particularly as Lene screamed her way through several body shaking orgasms at the hands of her assailants. But, Hans now wanted to take things a little further. He wanted to control the next encounter himself and without his wife's knowledge. This was where I came in.

I was unknown to Lene, our correspondence having been kept hidden from her. Hans and I had taken care to plan the encounter in detail.

The following weekend, Hans, playing the loving husband, asked his wife to join him on a picnic. We had selected a romantic spot, in a small glade in a remote part of the countryside not far from where we both live.

That morning I had rented a nondescript, blue van from a local firm. Taking it home first, I laid a roll of thick carpet in the back and then set out for the countryside. I had to make a stop first. The whole plan depended on this next move. Pulling into a construction site that I had scoped out the previous week, I parked the van and made my way to the small site office. I knew the owner of the construction company, and knew that he only hired African men as his labour.

"Hi Tony," I said as I entered the small office. "How you doing?"

"Hey! Good thanks John. Good to see you again. What brings you down here on a Saturday?"

After a couple more words of small talk, I cut right to the chase.

"I need a couple of guys, Tony - big guys, you know? I only need them for a few hours though."

"Sure, John. Not too busy today. I can lend you Lee, Phil and Winston. They're all good guys. I'm sure they can help you out, as long as you pay them for their time!"

I rounded the three men up and lost no time in explaining what was expected of them. A huge smile crossed all their faces. They must have thought it was Christmas come early! They all eagerly agreed to my plan and obviously thought that the crisp notes that I gave them were a complete bonus.

Two hours later, I arrived at the designated area complete with Winston, Lee and Phil sitting expectantly in the back of the van. I pulled the van off the road and surveyed the landscape. For several seconds I could see nothing of Hans and Lene and thought for a brief moment that they might have backed out at the last minute. But no! There they were! My eyes homed in on the two figures sitting on a blanket not fifty yards away in a small clearing. They were eagerly kissing, and rather than shout out immediately, I decided to take a closer look first.

Telling the lads in the van that I would not be more than a few minutes, I silently made my way towards the couple. As I drew closer, I could see that the kissing had progressed a little further now. Lene's photo had not done her justice. No teenager, that much was certain, but she possessed a nice trim looking body with large breasts and long legs. She wore a simple summer dress that accentuated her curves and her jet black hair hung loose around her shoulders.

Hans had one hand inside her bra, manipulating a large breast and the other inside her panties. Lene was moaning deeply into his mouth as he brought her closer and closer to orgasm. I remembered what Hans had said about not wanting to let Lene have things all her own way this time, and I waited patiently. I waited until I was sure that she was really close to orgasm and then.......

"Hello," I called. "Er, sorry to disturb you but my van has broken down. I wondered if you could help at all?"

The effect was instantaneous. The couple parted quickly looking suitably embarrassed. I caught Hans' eye. He smiled and threw me a quick wink.

"Sure. Yes. No problem." He replied quickly.

Hans joined me walking the short distance to the van and we reluctantly left Lene to readjust her clothes with a petulant look on her face.

"Hey, that was great timing," whispered Hans as we walked. "She was just about ready to cum! She must be feeling really hot and bothered right now!"

I smiled to myself. Good, that was exactly how I wanted her!

For a few minutes, Hans and I made a pretence of studying the van's engine. All we had to do now was get Lene over here as well. Hans informed me that this would not be a problem.

"Hey, honey?" he called. "Bring the cell phone over here will you. I think we have to call a breakdown service."

As Lene stomped her way up to the ridge where I had parked, I got a better view of her body. The sun shone from behind her, radiating through the thin material of her dress and outlining her voluptuous curves as she walked barefoot towards us. She handed me the phone, a bored expression covering her pretty face. I thanked her and, dialling a bogus number, had a short conversation with an empty line.

"The breakdown truck can't get her for another hour or so." I lied, looking at Lene "Looks like I'll have to wait. If you're not in a rush, I've got some beers in the back, why don't you grab us some?"

Hans and I looked at each other quickly as Lene made her way to the back doors of the van. Everything was going to plan.

The guys in the van had obviously been listening to our conversation in keen anticipation, because as soon as Lene opened the back doors, she was bundled into the van in a flurry of arms and legs.

When Hans and I joined the others in the van, Lene was sitting in the centre of the carpet out of breath and looking a little angry. We watched her glance around her at the three dark skinned men. She looked a little scared, but I was sure that I could detect a wry smile on her full lips.

"What the hell's going on?" she demanded.

Hans spoke up. "Just a little pay back my darling. I was humiliated last time, but now its your turn. I want to see you get fucked by each of these men in turn!"

The smile that was now definitely on her lips quickly disappeared as Lee grabbed her arms and pulled her down onto the carpet. No-one was about to ask her if she agreed to this or not. This was for Hans' benefit, but I had a sneaking suspicion that Lene was going to enjoy herself as well.

As Lee held her down, Winston and Phil set to work. Her dress was off and discarded on the carpet in a matter of seconds and she lay before us in just her underwear. Winston was way ahead of us and had already released his cock. It was a monster; thick and black and around 11 inches in length.

Lene opened her mouth to voice a protest but the sounds were quickly cut off as Winston forced the head of his dick into her mouth. He grunted once and shoved a little harder. His hard, black meat looked incredible as Lene's lips strained to accept its size. As he started to slowly work his cock in and out of her mouth, Phil and Lee took the opportunity to tear off her remaining clothes. Her panties ripped easily and were thrown in tatters to the floor. The bra followed and I saw Lee's muscles ripple as he tore the white lace garment into two pieces.

Both men now wanted to get a look at Lene's pussy, so Hans and I each grabbed an ankle and spread her legs wide open. Lee and Phil both crouched over her and began to inspect her nether regions. They prodded and probed at her, making comments as they went.

"Shit, man. This bitch is in heat! Look, she's wet and drippin' already!"

"Wow! He's right," retorted Lee to his friend's remark. "Her cunt's so wet I reckon I could get my whole hand up there!"

"Go ahead," said Hans, smiling. "She's certainly in no position to object!"

He was right. Winston had a hold of her head and was thrusting his large cock deeper into her throat with each stroke. I could see his eyes close and the veins in the side of his black, muscled neck stand out as he neared his climax. With a sudden grunt he quickly pulled out of her mouth, his cock spewing powerfully, as he emptied himself, with a satisfied sigh, over Lene's face.

Lene hardly seemed to have time to think about Winston's ejaculation before she gasped out, feeling the pressure of four of Lee's fingers enter her slick vagina. She was certainly wet already, but as Lee worked his digits in and out of her body and Winston finished wiping his semen over her eyes and lips, we could all hear her cries as she convulsed into orgasm.

Each of us had now taken our cocks out and were masturbating slowly as we watched Lene get what she was owed. Hans and I still had her legs wide open, and Lee was now taking his position between them as Phil took Winston's place and thrust his cock between Lene's abused lips.

The two large black men fucked her at both ends mercilessly. Obviously no longer attempting to struggle, Lene tried to adjust her position to enable her to swallow Phil's equally large cock into her throat. It was an amazing sight, and Hans and I both watched closely as we saw her throat bulge to the contours of Phil's shaft as his dick penetrated further and further down her throat. Her face was still awash with Winston's cum, but Phil seemed just as keen to deposit his load in the same place.

Lee had buried himself inside Lene's open pussy now, and fucking her with long deep strokes, he was also watching his friends cock slide in and out of her mouth. With a loud shout, Phil lunged deep and buried his dick deep inside Lene's throat. We could see his legs tremble and shake as he spewed into her. She tried to swallow, but with the huge cock wedged in her throat, there was nowhere for the hot discharge to go.

As Lee withdrew, Lene coughed and spluttered, her lovers semen erupting from her mouth and dripping lewdly onto her large breasts and splashing her hard nipples. Again she was given little time to recover before Winston voiced his opinion.

"C'mon, Phil. Turn her over. I want to see if the bitch can take it in the ass!"

Being the only one of the three that still had hold of his cum, Phil was only too happy to oblige. He pulled out quickly and Hans and I co-operated by turning, a now eager Lene, over onto her stomach. Letting her legs go, we now held her butt cheeks open ready for Phil's intrusion.

"Oh yes...fuck me you big bastards!...fuck me ...fuck my asshole....mmmmm.....I want it up my ass NOW!"

It was the first time that Lene had had the use of her mouth, and we all laughed at the sound of her pleading. It was exactly as Hans and I had suspected. The horny bitch wanted to take us all!

Phil positioned himself over Lene's butt and, with a cheer from the rest of us, pushed his slightly smaller cock into her ass. Lene screamed as he penetrated her nether hole, but kept up her incessant begging for more. My own cock was near to bursting now and, with the idea that it might keep her quiet as well as satisfying my own lust, I moved to her head and stuffed my cock straight into her open mouth.

Again, being fucked at both ends seem to satisfy Hans' slut of a wife. She took us both eagerly, moving her body back and forth so that when her mouth came away from my cock, her ass was full of Phil's meat. Phil was grunting loudly and muttering about how tight her butt was, his cock virtually slamming in and out of her body. I could see him about to cum, but I got there just ahead of him, pulling myself out of her mouth and showering her face with my cum that mingled wetly with the other's fluid.

Lene screamed loudly and shuddered into yet another powerful orgasm as Phil creamed over her buttocks. His seed drizzling between the firm globes and matting around her dense pubic hair.

There was only one of us now that had not cum and Hans was furiously pumping his swollen erection in his hand.

"Turn her over for me guys," he gasped as he neared his climax. "I want her to see the final humiliation for herself."

Lee and I quickly obliged and flipped an exhausted but happy Lene back over onto her back. Her ass was still dilated and cum dripped down between her legs. As we turned her we could see her face still glistening with the evidence of our lust and gobs of cum sticking to her heaving tits.

Hans threw his leg over his wife's body and, kneeling astride her chest, proceeded to pump his cock. Within seconds he was cumming hard and fast, his hanging balls discharging their sticky contents to mix with the rest of the cum on and between her breasts. He sighed deeply as he used her cherry red nipples to wipe the last of his residue from the end of his prick.

The "rape" completed, Hans tucked his flagging penis back into his pants and half dragged his exhausted and still naked wife from the van.

The last I saw of them both as we drove away, was Hans kneeling in front of Lene and lovingly lick every last drop of cum from her body. He obviously couldn't resist falling back into his old submissive ways. Oh well, I thought. Once a sub - always a sub, I suppose!


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