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A Conservative Woman's Pleasure
by English Bob

"So this is what you do when I'm not here, is it?"

Jack froze, paralyzed with terror as he heard the familiar voice of his wife Enid, unseen from the doorway behind him.

He was busted. Big time. He'd thought that he had the whole house to himself this afternoon and had settled back to watch the new porn movie that he had just received through the mail. As was usual, as the film progressed depicting more and more scenes of blatant sexual behaviour, Jack had been idly stroking a growing erection through his jeans. The further the movie advanced, the harder Jack became and eventually, in order to release some of the mounting pressure in his loins, he had released his solid penis from the confines of his underwear and was openly masturbating as he watched the screen.

This was where Enid had come in. Or rather where her voice had come in, because Jack had still not summoned up enough courage to turn and face her. His eyes were still glued to the screen, his body not daring to move. His worst nightmare had come true: Caught with his jeans and underwear around his ankles and his throbbing, twitching cock in his hand. Jack was acutely aware of this profoundly embarrassing situation. He had not even stopped the video tape from running and as his wife approached him from behind, the sounds of guttural moaning and groaning as the woman on the screen begged her lover to push his huge cock into her ass, reverberated in his ears.

Enid slowly circled the sofa where her husband was sitting. He had still not moved and she could see the tip of his wilting member protruding through his closed fist. She stood in front of him her arms folded under her large chest and looked at him. She looked the picture of the typical conservative, straight-laced woman in her twin-set suit and brogue shoes. She smiled, the lips of her pretty face curling upwards, her eyes sympathetic. Jack looked terrified at his discovery and she wanted to put him at his ease. "It's okay baby," she murmured. "Honestly. I'm sure that this is quite natural."

She glanced at the screen. The actress was still moaning her assent as her male counterpart slowly pushed his cock into her very open asshole.

"I had no idea that you had films of this sort," she continued. "This one looks very hot! I'm not surprised that you need to jerk yourself off while you watch it. But don't you think it would be nicer if you let me help?"

Jack could still not find his voice as his wife of twenty years settled herself on the sofa next to him. He was aware that his erection had died following the shocking interruption, but as he felt Enid's cool fingers brush his hand away and replace it with her own, the blood started to once again pound through his shaft.

"Honey, I..I..I-..."

"'s okay, Jack, let me take care of this for you." Enid said as she began to stroke up and down the length of his rapidly hardening cock. "I know that you masturbate while I'm not here. It's perfectly normal. I do it myself sometimes when I'm horny! There's nothing wrong with it. It's perfectly natural."

Jack was even more shocked now. The thought of his, usually straight-laced, wife masturbating was too much for him to cope with, and with a groan of deep satisfaction he closed his eyes and released a huge quantity of cum over her hand.

When he reopened his eyes, the spell had been broken. Enid was once again her usual, highly efficient self, grabbing a box of tissues from the table and removing all traces of Jack's excitement in a brisk, business like fashion. When she had finished her cleaning up, she rose, and without a further word, disappeared into the kitchen to prepare the evening meal. With a sigh and knowing the situation would progress no further, Jack switched off the tape and quickly dressed himself.

Over the following few days, the thoughts of what had happened rarely left Jack's mind. The shock of his wife's admission: that she masturbated, was frankly surreal. They were both in their late forties, and although they had always had an adequate sex life, Enid had always seemed more interested in her women's committee's. Jack had lost count of the societies that she belonged to. There was the Women's Institute of course, the Residents Committee and the Local Council. She always seemed to be dashing from one meeting to another usually dressed as most of the other women in tweed business suit's and pearl necklaces. It was almost a uniform for them and was usually combined with flat, sensible shoes and dark tights. She exuded an air of professionalism that was far divorced from any ideas of sexual stimulus. But she had admitted it. She still got horny!

As he sat at his desk, unattended paperwork mounting, Jack tried to picture how she might pleasure herself. Would she do it in the bath - A slow build up of passion as her fingers slipped between the folds of her pussy? Would she wait until she was in bed alone - maybe when he was on one of his overseas trips? Jack tried to imagine her nightdress bunched up around her waist and the fingers of one hand plunging into her vagina whilst she pulled and twisted her nipples with the other. Before he realised it, he had developed a quite painful erection as he sat thinking. The phone rang loudly on his desk and his reverie was instantly broken, the thoughts scattering in his mind like confetti in the breeze.

After three days of this sexual imagery occupying his thoughts, Jack knew that, to keep his job and his sanity, he would have to do something about it. That morning he had deliberately left his newly purchased movie on top of the TV. He knew that Enid was not due to attend any meetings that day, and more importantly was not expecting anyone to call at the house - he had no desire to embarrass her by having her friends or colleagues see the explicit cover of the tape!

At 3pm, Jack left his office, explaining to his boss that there was a small emergency at home. He was a creature of habit and had never before left work until exactly 5.30pm. He knew that his arrival home at this hour would be completely unexpected. He also knew that his wife also kept to a strict timetable during the day and that as he arrived home she would be just about to take her bath. His intention was to try to persuade her to masturbate for him while he watched. He remembered that she had shown no signs of disgust or even disapproval at the movie and he hoped that her curiosity would have got he better of her and that seeing it on the TV, she would have watched the tape herself.

Not to arouse suspicion, Jack let himself in through the back door of his house as quietly as he could. He slipped his shoes off in the kitchen and padded softly towards the stairs. As he was about to start up towards the bathroom, he heard a noise from the lounge. The door was slightly ajar and he could just make out the flicker of the TV screen. With growing excitement, he realised that she must be watching the movie now. He was going to catch her in the act, just as she had done to him!

Very quietly he opened the door just a crack further. He had expected to see Enid sitting where he had been on the sofa looking at the screen. What he in fact saw made his insides turn and tie themselves into a tight knot. Enid was watching the movie, but not alone! She was not seated on the sofa, but in fact bent over the back of it. She was still wearing her staid, tweed suit, but the skirt had been bunched up to the waist and her tights and panties were discarded on the carpet beside her. Kneeling behind her, his tongue expertly buried in her very wet pussy from behind, was their friend, Councillor Rod Phillips.

Jack felt a series of emotions rush through his mind, but seemed unable to tear himself away from the sight before him. Enid and her lover were fairly quiet. Apart from the low moaning that was coming from her lips as she enjoyed the tonguing that she was receiving, the only other sounds were coming from the TV as two actors took turns in fucking a large breasted woman. Enid had the remote in her hand as was playing and replaying the woman's point of orgasm as Rod continued to lick her from behind.

Out of all the emotions that were currently screaming through Jack's head, one stood out beyond all others: Excitement. He was becoming extremely excited watching his friend eat his wife's pussy. The sexual display had caused him to develop a huge erection and, without thinking, he slowly released his weapon from his suite trousers as he watched.

Enid was clearly becoming more agitated as she leaned over the sofa and watched with lust as the model on the screen orgasmed time and time again as she rewound the tape and replayed the scene.

"Mmmm...oh god, yes...Rod....oooohhhhh......lick me...kisss my cunt...lick my asshole...mmmmmm...ohhhh .... I'm going to cum for you baby...ahhhh yes..yes..YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS......"

Jack was shocked to the core as he heard his usually conservative wife using words like "cunt" and "asshole" as she jerked herself back onto their friends face and climaxed. He rubbed his cock faster and faster as he watched Rod's wet face appear with a smile from between Enid's legs and rise from his knees to stand behind her. Now satisfied, Enid had let the tape run on to the next scene and was leaning back over her shoulder and giving her lover instructions in her usual brusque fashion.

"Get you cock out now, Rod. Come on, quickly. I want to feel it inside my sopping hole. You've made my cunt so wet. I want you inside me NOW!"

Rod seemed flustered by her change in tone and was feverishly sliding his trousers and underwear down his legs. Jack looked on almost mesmerised. He knew that he was about to cum himself and had slowed his masturbation considerably. He wanted to see his wife fucked before his release finally overtook him. His cock now revealed and throbbing with excitement, Rod leaned over Enid's back and slid himself inside her with comparative ease. She was wet and slippery from her orgasm and Rod moaned out load as his cock slipped in to the hilt.

As he watched his friend begin to thrust his cock deeply in and out of his wife's open vagina, Jack's balls twitched and convulsed. His orgasm was an explosion of pure animal lust and he looked down as the tip of his cock spewed forth his semen, splashing onto the hall carpet. He knew that Rod would also be cumming soon. His face was screwed up in a grimace of ecstasy as he ploughed himself deep into Enid's body as hard and as fast as he could. Her hips were bouncing on top of the sofa as she encouraged him on.

"Yes...yes, baby......fuck me...fuck your little slut hard...put it up my ass baby...fuck me in the ass.... I want to feel you cum....I want to feel you cum in my tight butt....."

Again, Jack was shocked. It was as if the last twenty years of his marriage had been a secret. Enid had never once in that time expressed any desire to get involved in kinky sex at all, let alone take a cock in her asshole! But here she was now with her lover positioning his large cock head at the entrance to her star shaped anus. Jack watched as her ring tried to accept the invader. It stretched and stretched until Jack thought that she must cry out in pain, but she just insisted on encouraging him further with her words and pushed back onto him with her hips.

Finally, with a popping sound, the muscle gave way and Rod launched himself back into her body. They both cried out as he entered, but Rod, ignoring her moans, began to thrust himself in and out with a ferocity born out of sheer lust. Jack knew from using his finger, that his wife's nether hole was very tight and saw with delight, that after only a few deep thrusts, Rod was climaxing and pouring his seed into Enid's ass.

Jack watched while his wife virtually ordered her lover to get dressed immediately after he had cum, and suddenly realised that if he didn't move quickly he ran a very real risk of being discovered. Watching his slutty wife with another man had excited him beyond his wildest dreams and he had no desire to face a confrontation and risk her not doing it again!

Slipping silently out of the back door, Jack climbed into his car and drove off in the direction of town. He knew that in the seedier parts of the city there were many sex shops. He checked his wallet and wondered if he would get a discount for the bulk purchase of sex movies that he was about to buy!


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