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A1 Gang Bangers
by English Bob

Jack awoke with a sore head. His lips were dry and dehydrated and his tongue felt at least two sizes too large for his mouth. He belched and immediately tasted the remains of last nights whiskey, sour in his throat. He groaned and turned to look at the clock: 07:45. He groaned again. It was not just the time that gave him cause to grumble, the fact that he and his wife Kerry were moving house today didn't help either.

Jack hated moving. Hated it with a passion, but his job as an engineer often demanded it. This was the third time in as many years and he made a mental note, as he had done the previous two occasions, not to have any more farewell parties the night before the move.

His arm stretched out to Kerry's side of the bed in search of a little early morning entertainment; Kerry loved sex at any time of the day or night, but was particularly keen in the mornings. His hand found a cold, empty part of the bed. Damn! She must already be up and about, he thought. His straining, morning erection would have to wait.

"Morning, honey," called Kerry brightly as he entered the kitchen still fiddling with the buttons on his shirt.

She looked bright and cheerful as always, and Jack felt cheated by the fact that not only did she look wonderful, but she could drink as much as she liked with seemingly no after effects.

"Jeez, Jack. You look terrible. You know you shouldn't drink so much."

"Thanks! I new I could count on you for sympathy!" He replied with a mock frown.

Jack felt his headache increase as he heard the shrill tones of the door bell.

"That'll be the movers," said Kerry. "Look, why don't you just go to work today? Everything's done and packed, I'm sure I can organise the moving guys by myself. You know you hate all this, you could just come back to our new house this evening when everything is in place."

Jack thought for all of ten seconds before replying. "Okay. As long as you're sure. I do have some paperwork to catch up on. I'll see you about 7pm?"

Kerry threw a smile over her shoulder as she moved to open the front door and let the movers in. Jack took his opportunity and scooted out giving her a quick peck on the cheek as he went.

"Morning, Madam. We're from the A1 moving company. I'm Frank and this is Dave and Clive."

Good morning, boys," replied Kerry sweetly. "Everything is packed, where do you think you would like to start?"

"Quick cup of coffee sounds good!" said Dave with a grin.

By the time Jack arrived at his office, his hang-over had almost cleared. He smiled at his secretary as he entered his office and picked up his messages.

The morning was thankfully quiet, and by noon Jack had finished up all the paperwork that he had to do. At a loose end, he wandered the other offices talking to his colleagues and generally looking for something to do, but by 1pm it was obvious that either he started on a new project, or, as had been strongly suggested by his boss, he left for the day and helped his wife with the move. He tried to argue that he was of more use in the office but his boss was having none of it.

"I know you hate moving Jack, but if you both pitch in, it'll be over twice as quick! Go on, get yourself home. And say hi to Kerry for me, okay?"

Jack knew when he was beaten and, pulling his car out of the parking lot, made his way home.

"My, you are strong!" said Kerry with a wink at Frank as she watched all three men struggle with a large wardrobe.

She had missed out on a nice fuck this morning; She thought that Jack had looked so peaceful sleeping, his cock curled between his legs. Although she was horny as hell, she didn't like to wake him.

The sight of these strong, muscled men working had brought the heat back to her pussy and made her nipples stand up. She had been unfaithful to Jack on a number of occasions since they were married. She had an idea that he suspected, but he had never said anything. He knew full well that she had a voracious appetite for sex and that she could never be satisfied by just one man. Kerry assumed that her husband just turned a blind eye to her indiscretions; as long as there was plenty left for him!

Kerry found herself wondering what these men would be like; would they want her? Was she prepared to take on all three? She knew what she wanted, but how would they react?

"Do you want us to go down now?"

Kerry was startled out of her reverie by Frank's suggestive remark. "W..w..what?"

"The wardrobe, Mrs Adams. Do you want us to take it down now?"

" Yes please, Frank." She said, quickly realising the misunderstanding.

"Or is there......something else that you want?" continued Frank with a salacious grin.

For a brief moment, Kerry was confused. The three men were staring right at her. She looked down and realised that the loose robe that she was wearing had opened a little at the front and she was displaying a generous amount of cleavage. She remembered that she had worn nothing under the robe and suddenly felt very wicked.

"Getting a good look, boys?" she asked with a sly grin, "maybe you'd like to see a little more?"

Jack had entered the house with a heavy heart. He could not see either his wife or the movers anywhere downstairs and assumed that they were gathering outside furniture from the garden or garage. He had decided to slip upstairs and try to find some old clothes to change into. He knew his boss was right; the sooner he got stuck in, the sooner it would be finished.

He was just about to open the bedroom door when he heard his wife's voice from the spare room say something about getting a look. Padding quietly along the landing to investigate, he found the spare room door slightly ajar and peeked inside.

Frank and his men had stopped struggling with the wardrobe now and were looking straight at this woman with leering eyes. They couldn't decide if she were just a tease, or if she was a complete slut. Either way, all three knew that they wanted her to continue. They nodded eagerly in answer to her question.

"Well, how about my tits then?" asked Kerry as she let the robe open a little further and slowly slip over her shoulders.

"Wow! They're fan-fucking-tastic!" cried Clive as Kerry's full breasts were unveiled. "Look at those nips, guys. They're hard as pebbles!

Kerry smiled. She was really enjoying putting on a show for these men. She cupped her large breasts in her hands and began to squeeze, paying particular attention to her nipples, pinching them and making them stand out further.

As her hands went to her breasts, the robe, now completely unsupported, fell to the ground and pooled around her bare feet.

Jack was now watching his wife display her ample charms with delight. He had fantasized many times about this type of situation, but although he knew full well that Kerry would love to do it, he had never had the courage to ask her directly.

Now he didn't need to ask. Here she was, in full view of three guys she had met only hours previously, pulling on her tits and moaning her excitement. Jack could not resist taking out his own cock, now returned to its former excited state, and slowly jerking himself off as he watched.

Kerry was now feeling hotter than hell. She was fully aware that the excitement that pulling on her nipples had caused, was now evident in her lower regions. Still standing in front of the three men, she slowly spread her legs and displayed her neatly trimmed pussy. She could feel the moisture that had formed there, and knew that they could all see it; the evidence of her wanton lust.

Leaving her nipples hard and swollen, she transferred her hands to her pussy. Using her fingers she slowly opened her labia wide to give the best possible view of her moist inner folds. Her thumb quickly found her engorged clit, and after a few swift strokes, she was gasping in orgasm.

"Come on then," she almost whispered as she came down, "let's see those big, juicy prick's of yours!"

None of the men needed a second invitation and all quickly stripped off their coveralls. Kerry looked at each cock in turn; Frank had the longest by far, she guessed around nine inches. Clive's was a little shorter and Dave's was shorter still but as thick around as her wrist.

Jack was watching in a state of total excitement as the three men revealed their weapons. He knew that Kerry loved to give head and was not at all surprised when she beckoned Dave over with his short, fat cock in his hand.

Sitting on the edge of the bed she drew Dave straight into her mouth and immediately began a deep sucking motion, bobbing her head up and down on his turgid meat. The other two were stroking their cocks in unison, but Frank was obviously keen to get in on a little pussy action.

Kneeling at her feet he roughly yanked her legs apart and positioned his cock at the entrance to her wet hole. With one thrust he was buried inside her hot tunnel and, as he began to furiously fuck her, Dave's cock began to cream in her mouth. Kerry gasped at the power of Franks penetration and then spluttered as she felt Dave cum in her mouth. She tried to swallow but his seed just kept coming and coming, flooding over her lips and spilling down onto her chest.

Clive was ready for some action as well now. His cock was hard as a rock and in need of relief. As her pussy seemed well occupied by Frank's large cock, he decided to follow his other colleague, now that he had finished, and push his whole length straight into her face.

Kerry was still trying to get used to the frantic thrusting of Frank's cock in her pussy when Clive pushed his throbbing weapon towards her mouth. The feelings that she was experiencing were simply amazing: every time Frank thrust his cock into her pussy, the shaft grazed over her clit sending orgasmic sensations tingling though her body. She had had to stretch her mouth wide to satisfy Dave's thick weapon, but now, even though Clive was not as thick around, he was longer and she could feel his glans pressing urgently at the back of her throat.

She was a good cock sucker and loved to feel a man's cock in her mouth, But Clive was standing over her, and at this angle he was able to direct his prick into her throat. She relaxed as much as was possible with Frank hammering away at her cunt and allowed Clive to slide into her windpipe. She breathed through her nose and began to slide up and down on the large cock, pulling him nearly all the way out and then alternately going back down to the root, feeling his wiry pubic hair tickle her nostrils.

Jack was almost at the point of no return. He wanted to cum badly, but more than that, he wanted his whore of a wife to see him cum.

As he burst in through the door, his hard cock gripped tightly in his fist, he heard Frank moan and pull his cock out of Kerry's soaking pussy. Frank looked up at Jack with a worried expression. But he couldn't stop the inevitable. His cock convulsed several times and unleashed a torrent of cum over Kerry's mound.

Clive was also startled by Jack's entrance, and seeing his friend climax, he too withdrew and jerked his own orgasm wetly over her face.

All eyes were now on Jack as he continued to stroke his erection. They all seemed to be waiting for his inevitable reaction.

"Don't worry guys," he said reassuringly, "Just hold the bitch down while I cum on her!"

Frank, Clive and Dave seemed very relieved at Jacks words and were only too happy to assist. All three grabbed Kerry and held her down on the bed by her arms and legs.

Jack looked at his wife as she lay there, her face and mound streaked with the evidence of her new lovers' lust. He knelt beside her writhing body and began tracing the tip of his cock over her cherry red nipples, stoking himself slowly as he went. He knew he was going to cum soon. He traced his cock slowly up her body rolling it around her neck, her chin and over her cheeks. Her skin was slick with Clive's jism and Jack used this as a lubricant to work his hard meat around her lips and nose and even over her eyes.

Finally he knew he could hold out no longer and with a groan of satisfaction he spewed the contents of his balls over her face and hair letting it mingle with the other fluid that had congealed there. He was so incredibly turned on that his cock just kept on convulsing, sending stream after stream of cum on to her hot skin. He squeezed the tip of his cock to ensure that every last drop was out and then sat back to look at his wife.

Kerry was tired but happy. She may not have got her early morning fucking, but this more than made up for it. She asked the movers to go take a break while she and Jack talked.

When they were finally alone, Jack confessed that he had seen the whole thing. He explained that it had been a fantasy of his for many years to see her fucking with another guy, but to see her with three, and counting himself, four, was just a complete bonus. He recounted the way that the cocks looked as they bulged in her mouth and Kerry explained in graphic detail how Frank's big prick felt as it hammered her pussy.

As they continued, Kerry was aware that her husband's cock was again beginning to rise. With loving care, and with her face still streaked with cum, she lowered her mouth over him and treated him to a deep-throat blow job.

As Jack cried out in excitement as he came for the second time in the same hour, both he and Kerry knew that this was to be a new start to their marriage, but first, they could hear the movers returning from their break!


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