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A Good Friend Ch. 2
by Rebecca

Jen went to the bathroom and I did the same. I washed my pussy clean and toweled it off but I was so horny I just kept leaking juices. When I walked back into my bedroom Jen was completely naked and sitting on the edge of the bed. "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen" I said to her and I was truly mesmerized by her beauty. She told me how beautiful and sexy she thought I was and told me to come closer. I walked over and stood next to the bed in front of her. She put her hands on my hips and caressed my skin. Her touch was so gentle and loving.

I pulled the nightie over my head and was now completely naked as well. Her hands traveled from my hips to cup my ass and feel it, then up my belly to my tits. My nipples already hard and so sensitive. She kissed all around my belly and pubic thatch as her hands stroked my tits. My knees started to get weak from pleasure. She must've sensed it because she motioned for me to get on the bed next to her.

As soon as I sat down she leaned in and we started to kiss. My mouth eagerly accepted her tongue as we kissed like teenaged lovers. I couldn't help reaching down and playing with her perfect tits, raised upwards slightly because they were so perky. She was also clearly bigger then me by at least a cup size. We made out like that for a long time before she whispered that she wanted to taste me. I shuddered as I leaned back on the bed and spread my legs.

For the next twenty minutes or so I had my pussy eaten better then ever in my life. I think I came two or three times, I can't be sure because it was steady little ones then a big one then more little ones before I had to push her away. She slid her tongue between my lips, over my clit, inside my pussy... she sucked on my clit, she finger fucked me while she licked my clit... she did a million things to give me pleasure. I was feeling exhausted from coming and I felt myself drifting off. I wanted to return the pleasure but my body just shut down completely.

When I opened my eyes again the room was completely dark and Jen was asleep beside me. We were both under the blanket, my arm around her hip. I moved my hand up and touched her soft, perfect tit and she stirred and rolled onto her back but she was still asleep. I pulled the cover down and started at her tits before leaning forward and licking the pink nipple. I was pleased how it responded even though she was asleep. I spent a lot of time licking and sucking her nipples and she moaned slightly and stirred a lot but never woke up. I felt her spread her legs under the covers and that's when I decided the time was right to have my first taste of another woman.

In the darkness I crawled between her open legs. I was so close that I could smell her erotic scent and it made me burn for a taste. I licked all around her shaved pussy and decided I wanted mine shaved as well. Her juices were dried but as I licked I felt a new flow begin. My tongue seemed to know just what to do as it dipped between her lips and over her clit as she had done to me earlier. I ate her pussy for a few minutes while she slept until I felt her hand on my head, gently tousling my hair. "mmm, that feels so nice" she said. I smiled to myself, glad she was awake now. My tongue continued its mission. She was raising her hips up now as I slid my middle finger into her tight pink hole and sucked on her swollen clitty. That's when I was startled. I knew she was cumming, she was practically yelling that she was and I felt liquid squirt onto my hand as I continued fingering her and sucking her clit. I thought she was peeing at first but the liquid had too much substance to be urine. Before I moved up to kiss her, I licked the liquid in my hand. It was her cum, my God, she had squirted cum onto my hand. I may have been naive but I didn't know women could do that.

I slid up her body until we were face to face and we started to kiss passionately again. She was still breathing heavy. "You were so amazing" she said breaking our kiss. "Stacy's made me squirt a few times but that was more then ever I think" she said and kissed me again. She asked me to turn on the bedside light and after I did she told me she wanted me to sit on her face. I scooted up her body, thrilled that I was going to have my pussy licked again. It took only a few minutes for me to cum.

We rested and I told her I wanted to shave my pussy. She told me she would call Stacy tomorrow to have her do it since she was the one who kept Jen's pussy so baby smooth. My mind was burning with the thought of the three of us together. Jen told me she wanted to 69 and have another cum before we went to sleep. I sat on her face and twisted around. The blanket and sheets tossed aside. I loved looking at her pretty pussy as I ate her and she ate me.

It was during this 69 that she taught me something else about myself. No one had ever licked my ass hole and she was the first. I saw stars when she did, the feeling was so new and incredible. I came again and so did she but this time she didn't squirt. She assured me that it didn't mean that she didn't feel incredible just the same. We fell asleep in each other's arms but not before she made me promise that she would spend the entire weekend and that neither one of us were allowed to put on a stitch of clothing... of course I agreed.

To Be Continued...


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