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Abusing My Wife
by English Bob

"Look in the classified section," cried Lucy as she fumbled to loosen the cord of her robe. "It must be in there!"

Two weeks ago, my wife Lucy and myself had decided that we had talked about her fantasy enough and it was time to do something about it. We had carefully designed an advertisement, and after a lot of consideration, had finally e-mailed it to the "contacts" section of an adult magazine that we subscribe to. Lucy was getting more and more excited as we sat on the bed and paged through the current edition. I guess I was teasing her a little, slowly turning page after page depicting male and female models in various stages of undress before I eventually arrived at the classified section. I scanned the page slowly, looking for our advertisement, Lucy also looking over my shoulder. She was quicker than I, and with a squeal she pointed to a familiar looking box advert.

"There it is! Look! Look!"

I followed her finger. The first thing I saw was the photograph of Lucy that we had submitted with the ad. Although, when submitting the picture, we had obscured her beautiful face, the long shapely legs, large pendulous breasts and golden blonde hair, unmistakable belonged to my wife of twelve years. It seemed weird to look at the photograph of Lucy in all her glory, and then to glance sideways and see the real thing through the front of her now open robe. The text of the advert followed the photo:

*Abuse me while my husband watches! 36 year old married lady seeks W/E male to use and abuse her with husbands full consent. Any age considered. Must be discreet.*

Our e-mail address followed at the foot of the advert.

I re-checked the wording to make sure it was correct before my eyes were inevitable drawn back to Lucy's picture.

"You look like a real slut in that photo!" I remarked.

"Good! That's what I wanted. Lets hope it has the desired effect!

Dropping the magazine on the bed, I turned to kiss her. She was trembling all over and as her lips parted to accept my darting tongue. I put my hand to her breast and felt the flushed heat there, her nipples hard as pebbles and pointing angrily upwards. I felt her heat build as I let my hand drift downwards towards her groin. I touched the front of her panties, my fingers immediately damp from the moisture seeping into the garment. My cock was so hard I thought it would burst, and as Lucy grasped my shaft and lowered her head towards my glans, I gratefully lay back and began to enjoy a slow, blissful blow job.

We made love three times that night and I climaxed every time. Lucy has a thing about being fucked in her pussy while a vibrator is pushed into her tight ass, but for our last fuck of the night I turned it around. With her lying on her back and her legs back over her head, I pushed her favourite pink vibrator deep into her vagina whilst I slowly eased my own eight inches into her rectum. Lucy went into convulsions as soon as I was inside her, orgasming almost constantly. It was as much as I could do to keep her still enough for me to fuck her, I managed by holding her down with one hand while I used the other to work the vibrator deep inside her pussy as I fucked her in the ass. Her writhing and convulsions were too much for me to take, and even after two previous climaxes, I quickly shot my third load deep into her butt. We both fell asleep to the thoughts of fulfilling Lucy's dark, submissive fantasies.

Over the following week we checked our e-mail daily (I think that Lucy checked it more frequently when I was out at work!). We had many replies to our advert. A lot were obviously from younger, single guys who commented on my wife's photo in crude terms and expressed their desire to "fuck her wet cunt" and "ram their twelve inches deep into a multitude of her holes!" It was not until the second week that a message finally arrived that we both thought looked interesting. The sender claimed to be in his early forties. His name was Frank, married and with an above average endowment. He continued in a casual but easy style informing both Lucy and myself that he and also his wife, would be happy to undertake the task, but that it was important that they would take control of the whole situation. The message concluded by attaching photographs of Frank and his wife Jen.

Lucy was overjoyed, and I had to admit, that whilst I am not particularly submissive myself, It would be great to let someone else direct the proceedings. Also, the thought of a second female on the scene, brightened my outlook on the whole thing!

Over the next few days, e-mails were sent backwards and forwards between us. We learned that Frank and Jen lived only a short distance away and were experienced in the whole swinging scene. Frank was very dominant, but Jen was happy to go either way; she was used to submitting to her husband, but could easily take control of another male of female if the situation arose. Everybody seemed happy with the situation, so arrangements were made for them to come to our home the following weekend.

During the week before they arrived, Lucy was like a bitch in constant heat. On more than one occasion she greeted me at the front door on my return from work wearing nothing but a smile! On the first occasion she simply dropped to her knees in the hallway and immediately pulled out my cock and started sucking. She took me so deep into her throat that I thought she would choke and when I climaxed, she swallowed without spilling so much as a drop. The second time, she pulled me by the hand into the kitchen, and bending over the sink, begged me to fuck her as hard as I could. Always happy to oblige my slut of a wife, I fucked her with jack hammer speed, twisting and turning as I thrust and pinching her hard nipples until she orgasmed. No matter how many times we fucked that week, she still begged for more!

Finally Saturday evening came around; the evening of our first meeting with our new friends. We all ate a light meal that Lucy had prepared and then retired to our comfortable lounge. We sat and drank some brandy, the alcohol slowly removing any doubts or inhibitions that Lucy or I might have had. Frank chatted easily, putting us at our ease. He sat next to Lucy on our large sofa while I relaxed in an easy chair with Jen sitting cross-legged on the floor beside me. The conversation throughout the evening had been mainly small-talk but of a sexual nature and I could see that Lucy was becoming more and more animated; crossing and uncrossing her legs and not being able to really sit still for more than a few seconds at a time. Frank obviously realised this as well because the chit-chat abruptly stopped and the tone of his voice changed.

"Lucy," he said simply. "The time has come for us to see your body. Please strip your clothes off NOW."

He didn't sound harsh or crude, but more controlled, more deliberate. It was obvious that he was not to be disobeyed.

Without a word Lucy rose from the sofa and began unbuttoning her blouse. The rest of us watched in anticipation as she slipped the garment from her shoulders and shrugged it off, letting it fall to the floor. Her mid-length, black skirt was next. The room was so quiet that, as she lowered the side zipper the sound almost echoed around the lounge. Lucy had not worn stockings and now stood before us in panties, bra and high heeled sandals. She looked a picture and I bristled with pride as we all looked on. Frank now rose from his seat and started to circle the standing Lucy, touching her every now and then and commenting as though he were inspecting her. As he moved behind her he made a deft movement and my wife's bra was on the floor exposing her ample chest to our eyes. Instinctively, Lucy's hands went to cover her chest but were quickly pulled back down to her sides by Frank.

"Did I say you could move your hands, slut?" Frank's voice of authority boomed out.

" I'm sorry..Sir." Lucy replied lowering her head and keeping her arms firmly by her sides. She was obviously loving the dominance and really enjoying her part as the submissive.

Another exact movement from Frank brought her panties down to her ankles and she now stood naked but for her sexy shoes. While all this had been going on, I had begun to develop quite an erection. Jen had realised this and positioned herself, still cross-legged on the floor, between my legs with her back to me. My arms were resting on the sides of my chair and I felt her reach back and, taking them in her hands, drape the over her shoulders. In this position, my hands fell over her shoulders and rested on her firm but large breasts still covered by a low cut sweater. Her hands closed over mine and began to encourage me to gently squeeze the large globes through the woolen fabric. I heard her groan slightly as I started to massage them. As I gently rubbed the hardening nipples I became aware that her breasts were naked under the sweater and my erection grew another notch.

As I squeezed Jen's tits, we watched the action unfold in front of us. Frank, obviously satisfied with his inspection of Lucy's body, now stood behind her and faced her towards us. He had one hand wrapped around her chest and seemed to be imitating my own actions as he quite roughly squeezed her breasts. He paid special attention to her large nipples as they hardened under his touch. His other hand had circled around her upper left thigh and was pulling her legs open to reveal her trimmed pussy. Lucy had her eyes tight shut and groaned slightly as his fingers opened her damp labia. Her eyes flew open in shock. We all heard a resounding smack as Frank's palm came into contact with her buttocks.

"I did not give you permission to moan, you little slut! I am going to finger your cunt in front of your husband and my wife. It is for our pleasure, not for your's and you will not utter a single word until I give permission, do you understand, slut?"

"Y..y..yes, Sir. I understand."

"Good. Now get down on your hands and knees with your ass towards us. Spread those thighs so that we may all see your pretty little cunt!"

I knew that Lucy loved to be called names like this and I watched her immediately drop to the floor and assume the desired position. She opened her legs wide giving us all a good look at her wet pussy while Frank knelt down behind her.

By this time my erection was almost painful, constricted as it was by my tight jeans. Jen had now taken off her woolen sweater and my hands excitedly manipulated her large tits and nipples. She, too seemed very turned on as we watched her husband part Lucy's wet vaginal lips with his fingers and slide two digits deep inside her. I saw Lucy bite her lip to keep from groaning out, but Frank saw her reaction and spanked her butt again anyway. As the flesh of her bottom rippled and turned a flush, pink colour, Frank thrust another finger inside her pussy, twisting it in a practised fashion with the other two. Lucy could not help but gasp and moan again as she felt her vagina invaded but this only brought another three spanks from Frank. Unfortunately, Lucy seemed to be enjoying the spanking as much as the fingering and her deep groans just brought more and more spanks until with a squeal she orgasmed right there in front of us.

As I watched Lucy convulse and writhe on the floor, I thought my cock would burst. Jen had been rubbing her naked back against my groin while I squeezed her breasts and I was now in danger of cumming in my jeans. Jen seemed to sense my distress and quickly turned around and unzipped me. As she bent her head to lick the tip of my glans, I got my first real look at her big tits. They were fantastic. Large globes of hot flesh tipped with hard pointed nipples that seemed to stand out a half inch at least. She licked up and down my shaft several times making me twitch and arch my back, before dropping down and sinking my erection between those wonderful breasts. Gripping a tit in each hand she proceeded to give me a glorious but quick titty-fuck. I say quick, because after two or three strokes between those warm mounds, I emptied my balls all over her chest.

Frank now looked ready for some fun himself. Up until now, Lucy's abuse had taken the form of ritual humiliation, but I sensed that it was about to get a little more physical. Whilst his wife had brought me off between her tits, Frank had taken a long necked, empty wine bottle from the table and was busy inserting it deep into Lucy's very wet cunt. I could hear the squelching noise as the bottle neck inched further towards her womb and the look of pure ecstasy on her face as yet another orgasm crashed through her body. Frank was grinning evilly as he worked the bottle in and out of her pussy, twisting it and pushing it deeper and deeper until it was almost all the way in.

"You will now tighten your internal muscles to hold the bottle inside you, my little slut," he said as he shuffled around towards her head. "When I have been satisfied by your mouth and lips you may then relax!"

I could see the way that Lucy was concentrating all her efforts to keep the invading object inside her. She was still on all fours as Frank knelt up in front of her and released his cock. He had not been lying. He was huge, at least eleven inches of solid meat, circumcised and with drops of pre cum glistening on the tip. I watched him take Lucy by the hair and tilt her head upwards until his engorged penis was in a direct line with her mouth. Frank's cock penetrated her lips and with a lunge he forced her mouth open further to accommodate his size. Lucy seemed more than happy that she was being treated as a sex object. I could see her bottom clenching with the effort of gripping the bottle as Frank began to use her mouth like a well worn pussy, holding her up by her hair and thrusting his meat into her throat.

ucy tried to keep her mouth as wide open as she could but, as Frank began to push his cock into her throat it became a great effort for her to stop from choking. I could see the strain on Frank's's face as well as he began to fuck my wife's face and throat. He was gripping her hair and face tightly as he used her and I could see that he was about to cum. Lucy's eyes were bulging with the effort at both ends of her body as finally Frank withdrew his slick weapon. A couple of swift strokes of his hand and hot, white cum erupted in a gush over Lucy's face. Her eyes were coated in the sticky goo and it dripped over her abused lips and splashed onto the carpet. As she finally relaxed, the bottle slipped from between her pussy lips and landed, wet and slippery on the floor. She had achieved what I thought was impossible!

I thought that Lucy would have had enough by now, but a wink from her in my direction told me that she was still up for more. This was just as well, because Frank obviously still had plans for a grand finale. Lucy's body looked limp, her legs trembled like jelly as Frank lifted her and took her over to the table. Lying her on her back, he signaled for Jen and I to join them. In our e-mails, I had told Frank of how Lucy enjoyed me taking her with her legs pulled back over her head. He must have discussed this with Jen, because I now watched the pair manoeuvre Lucy into a familiar position. Lucy was now lying on her back on the table with her flushed, pink butt right to the edge. I was suddenly aware that Jen was the only person in the room that had not cum yet, but all that seemed about to change.

Bunching her skirt up around her waist and fairly ripping off her panties, Jen climbed up on the table and straddled her legs over Lucy's head. I wondered how Lucy would react to this as, to my knowledge, she had never had sex with another woman before. However, Jen didn't give her any time to think about it and just lowered her completely shaved snatch directly over my wife's face. I don't know if it were simply instinct, but Lucy immediately extended her tongue and began to lap away happily at her first pussy. As she enjoyed Lucy's oral caresses, Jen leant forward, grabbed both of Lucy's ankles and pulled her legs back towards her.

Both Frank and I had been standing at the edge of the table, watching and slowly masturbating our cocks. As Lucy's legs were drawn back and her pretty pussy and ass became visible, I saw that, despite having only just cum, Frank's cock was now fully erect again. Jen was gyrating furiously on my wife's face as she ground her pussy over her lips still holding Lucy's ankles and obviously moving closer and closer to her own orgasm.

It was probably a good job that Lucy could not see the fearsome weapon that Frank now held in his hand but I'm sure that she could feel it as he wiped it back and forth along the length of her exposed slit. I could see what was coming and wanted to do my bit to help. Scooping up some of the copious amount of fluid that Lucy's pussy was still emitting, I worked two slick fingers into her tight butt hole. I could see and feel her body react as I manipulated the digits inside her, she knew what was coming and, quite obviously, couldn't wait! When I was happy that her nether hole was open as much as possible, I watched Frank press the tip of his erection against the tiny opening. Lucy wriggled her bottom, trying to relax and keep herself open as Jen bounced up and down on her face. I watched the large mushroom head disappear through her anal ring and slide deeply into her. As Frank sunk up to seven inches of his hard meat into her, Lucy trembled in another orgasm. The movement of her face had the desired effect on Jen, and she joined my wife in a combined orgasm that seemed to last for ever.

As Frank fucked Lucy up the ass, I made myself useful. With one hand I played with Lucy's exposed clit and with the other slid between Jen's open thighs and finger fucked her to a second orgasm.

"When I cum up your wife's ass," said Frank through gritted teeth, "I want to see you jerk yourself off over her belly."

I was happy to oblige as my own cock had been aching for a second release for sometime. I grasped my shaft in my hand and started to jack myself furiously over Lucy's belly. I heard Frank moan deeply and thrust one final time into my wife's abused asshole as we both convulsed together. Frank quickly pulled out with an audible pop, and we both ejaculated our seed over Lucy's body.

Frank and Jen both stayed over that night. At first they both slept in our guest room, but after hearing the unmistakable sounds of lovemaking, both Lucy and I decided to invite them into our own bed. There followed a night of unbridled passion and sex. Both girls were fucked in every conceivable position and took our erections in every opening they possessed. I must have cum for or five times before I eventually passed out, still buried deeply inside Jen's sweet pussy.

The four of us still keep in touch, but nothing has ever come close to the excitement of that first night when my wife was used and abused by another man.

- The End -

* * * * *

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