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Age of Discovery
by Shintani

Curiosity would get the better of Racheal one day, and she knew it. But that didn't stop her. As she had grown up, she had noticed a lot of curious goings on concerning her mother and stepfather. These were just little things, nothing major or completely out of the ordinary. It was just enough to get her started on snooping. That she did extraordinarily well, always careful not to get caught. It started with her mother, as Racheal helped to do the laundry. Once in a while she would notice a sexy outfit or two making its way down to the laundry room by accident.

Once, Racheal was even bold enough to try one on. The lacy material kind of tickled her, but the design of the piece was clearly at attracting attention to certain parts of the body. She was old enough to understand what was going on, but somehow she found it shocking that her mother of all people would wear this kind of thing. She also noticed that her mother had several of these lingerie pieces, maybe even a whole drawer full. One day, Racheal decided to go have a look for herself. No one else was home that day that she crept up into her parent's bedroom.

Once up there, she nervously looked around to see where everything was, and so that she would be sure to put everything back when she was done. Her mother's underwear drawer wasn't hard to find, but its contents were quite surprising. Mom evidently had an entire drawer full of lingerie, all of it artfully designed to make the wearer look as sleazy as possible. She even had the catalogs of Victoria's and Frederick's in the drawer, but it seemed that Mom already owned the sexier pieces.

Racheal was stunned. She could barely imagine herself or one of her friends dressing like that for a guy, and she knew what dressing like that had to lead up to. Still, it intrigued, her, and she quickly stripped out of her own clothes to try a few things on. The fit wasn't perfect, Mom had a fuller figure than she, but Racheal did get the idea. She also rested comfortably in the knowledge that she had developed rather nicely, and would one day fill one of those outfits as well as her mother must.

Maybe she would even figure out how the hell one of those thongs could be comfortable. It was obvious to Racheal as she looked into the mirror that seeing a girl in one of these outfits would drive a guy crazy, but then she rationalized that the outfits would soon find themselves cast away on the floor. It was a quick thrill to play dress up with her mother's lingerie, and Racheal noticed that as she thought of what her boyfriend would do to her if she wore something like this, her pussy started to moisten. She certainly didn't want her mother to know she had been up here, and she hurriedly put everything back in its rightful place.

As she shoved the lacy nothings back into the drawer, her hand came across a hidden box. Allowing her curiosity to get the better of her, Racheal opened it. That was a surprise discovery. In that box, her mother had a few more items hidden. Their shape immediately told her of their purpose, and Racheal was shocked. She couldn't imagine her mother using one of these on herself, but in her slightly aroused state, she decided to experiment a little. Taking the slimmest one she could find, Racheal headed into her room.

Slowly, she examined the item. It was a smooth, straight vibrator, and a quick twist of the base started it buzzing. Gently, she placed the vibrating tip up against her pussy lips. The feeling was incredible. Her cunt started to moisten as she felt the buzzing through her sensitive cunt lips. With extreme care, she slowly slid the quivering plastic toy into her pussy. Her lips parted to allow it inside, and she marveled at the feeling.

It was certainly very slim, not nearly as thick as any of the guys she had let fuck her before, but the movement it created was incredible! The buzzing toy stimulated her outer pussy lips and clit even as she slid it inside her waiting pussy. Racheal fucked herself gently with the toy, sliding it in and out of her slowly. As she repeated those motions, she grew bolder and bolder, letting the toy slide in deeper and deeper. She felt her pussy squeezing tight against the buzzing vibrator as a few involuntary gasps escaped her lips. Laying herself back on her bed, Racheal licked a couple of her fingers and let her hand wander down to her pussy.

As her fingers found her downy pussy hairs, she noticed that she was soaked! Once her fingers were down there, she rubbed her clit while fucking herself with the vibrator. Her cries of passion echoed through the empty house. As she stroked her cunt faster and faster, she pulled the slippery vibrator out of her cunt and let it buzz against her clit. That was all it took. Racheal screamed as the orgasm wracked her young body, she was amazed by her reaction. Mom was definitely on to something with this vibrator. She caught her breath as she examined the toy. It was slick and wet from being inside her pussy. On a whim, Racheal licked it. Her pussy tasted strangely pleasant to her. Slowly, she slid the shaft into her mouth, simulating a blowjob on the toy. Her cunt juices tasted sweet and enticing as she fucked her mouth with the toy. Her experimentation that day might have continued, but she saw the clock. Mom and dad would be home soon.

She didn't want to get caught, so she quickly replaced the vibrator in her mother's drawer and made sure that the room didn't look disturbed. Mentally, she made a note to remember what a good time she could have in the absence of her mother and stepfather. A couple of weeks passed, but Racheal didn't get another chance to go snooping. Finally, her mother and stepfather decided to go out for the evening, and Racheal didn't have any plans of her own. As soon as she heard their car pulling out of the driveway, she was up in their room. She quickly made her way into her mother's lingerie drawer, searching for her toybox. Much to Racheal's disappointment, it wasn't there. Instead, she found a couple of unlabeled videotapes.

This was an interesting development. She had found her stepfather's pornography collection a few years back. Those tapes were generally predictable, but she still would sneak one off and watch one if she could manage it. Besides, watching the pornos let her see the guys naked as well, usually any adult magazines she found in her stepfather's collection included only naked women. It was possible that these were new tapes that he hadn't gotten around to labeling yet and she took one back to her room to see what it contained. The tape's video quality was horrible; it looked almost like a home video. As the images appeared on the grainy video, Racheal realized that it WAS a home video. Of her mother, getting fucked by her stepfather.

Wide-eyed, she watched the image of her mother getting fucked from behind. Her mother's tits were swaying as her stepfather slammed his cock into her cunt over and over again. They paused so that her stepfather could change the positioning of the camera tripod. When they restarted, Racheal knew why her mother was screaming in such bliss. Her stepfather's cock was huge. She sat and watched the tape, enthralled at watching that long, thick cock sliding into her mother's waiting pussy. Her own cunt was dripping wet as she watched her mother doing it over and over again. On a few occasions in the past, Racheal had accidentally seen her stepfather naked, now she understood why she always found her eyes drawn to his crotch.

The tool he was taking her mother with was much larger than any she had done before, and she creamed her panties just thinking about how good it would feel inside her. Inside her? Racheal wondered where the hell that thought had come from. There was no way that she would be able to convince him to do her, even though she knew (or at least been told) that she was an excellent lay in her own right. Her fingers wandered down to play with her sopping wet pussy as the tape continued. Racheal let her fingers slide along her outer pussy lips. She ran those fingers into her cunt, then up over her clit.

The moisture slicked down her blonde pubic hairs as she slowly rubbed her hardening clit. In her mind, she imagined that it was her pussy getting fucked while she slipped her fingers inside. She could only dream of how good her stepfather's cock would feel if he was fucking her the way mom was getting it on the tape. Granted, her slender fingers would be no comparison to his stiff member, but it was all she had for now.

Mom's moaning on the tape intensified. She was really getting it hard now. Racheal finger fucked herself even faster now, trying to match the pace she saw her stepfather using on the tape. With a loud cry, mom screamed out loud as she came, a lovely sound that was matched by Racheal as she brought herself around. On the tape, her stepfather was groaning as he shoved his cock into mom's cunt. From the expression on his face, and the force of his thrusts, Racheal could tell that he was filling her mother's hot pussy with his cum. In a rather jumpy change of scene, he had taken the camera off the tripod and focused on her cunt. Sure enough, his pearly white cum was dripping from her well-fucked pussy.

Panting, she slowly massaged her pussy while she caught her breath. Racheal wished that it was her pussy that received that load. The scene on her television faded to black. Racheal was feeling rather bold after that last exploration of her parent's room, and went so far as to actually keep the tape to watch later. After all, it wasn't like they could confront her about it. She didn't get a chance to see what else may be on there for the next few days. Her curiosity was getting the better of her, but there just wasn't a safe time for her to watch it. That would all change when the next weekend arrived. Mom had gone out shopping, leaving Racheal home alone with her stepfather.

It was a rather warm day out, and he would be working in the yard. Racheal had nothing else to do, so she decided to take advantage of being in the house alone. When she was sure that he was fully involved in his yardwork, she popped the tape back in. Sure enough, there was mom, naked again, this time she was on the floor.

What Racheal didn't notice, at first, was that the camera was not tripod mounted and was being handheld. The angle on the screen changed, and just as Racheal realized that someone was operating the camera, her mom was starting to give a guy a blowjob. Then the camera panned down. Mom was giving the cameraman a blowjob too-Racheal's eyes opened wide with shock.

She couldn't believe it! Mom was sucking off two guys at once! Her hand reached into her shorts as her mom's blonde head bobbed up and down, taking each man down her throat. She was smiling at the camera, obviously enjoying herself as she stroked and sucked on those two rigid cocks. At one point, her mother even let the guys rub their dicks in her cleavage, giving her a nice tit fucking as well. Racheal's pussy was dripping wet as she watched the scene unfold. Her hand rubbed her cunt furiously as mom spent more and more time sucking these guys off. One had to be her stepfather, that much was obvious. The identity of the other man floored Racheal.

It was her father, her biological father. They were both enjoying the suck off they were getting. In a way, that made sense to Racheal, obviously both of these men had fucked her mother before, why shouldn't they continue? On this segment of the tape, they were obviously satisfied with her oral talents, as first her father, then her stepfather came, bathing her mother's face in a shower of cum. Mom sucked and swallowed down as much of it as she could, the rest splattered across her face and tits.

Racheal barely noticed this as she was busily finger fucking herself to another hot orgasm; this one was so intense that she felt her juices dribbling out of her cunt and down her thighs. She was so involved with her pussy that she didn't hear her stepfather coming up the stairs. His voice alarmed her, she jumped and scrambled for the television so that he wouldn't see what she was watching. In fact, she made it just in time. He ducked his head into her room to tell her that he would be in the shower if she needed him, she managed to turn away from the door just as he did.

Her hands covered her exposed breasts, as if he had accidentally walked in on her dressing. That didn't make him turn away, as he occasionally enjoyed sneaking a glance at Racheal's swelling breasts. It was a good thing that she left her shorts on! He turned and headed down the hallway, and an idea hatched in Racheal's mind. Racheal tiptoed down the hallway and peeked in the bathroom door. Sure enough, her stepfather was getting undressed, his well built figure exposed for her to see. And he didn't notice Racheal peeking through the half-open door.

Her pussy dripped with excitement as she watched him climb into the tub. He was rather well built and definitely well endowed. She had seen that on the tape, and now she saw it for herself. Playing with her own pussy wasn't enough for Racheal, not today, not after watching her mother suck two men off. Racheal wanted more. As soon as she heard the shower running, she dashed off to her bedroom. There, she stripped off her shorts and her soaked panties and cast them aside. She pushed the play button on the VCR to start the tape, and before she saw the next scene unfold, she was back down the hallway. Her stepfather always took a quick shower, and soon she heard the water stop. Racheal counted slowly to herself, to give him time to get out of the tub and dry off. When she was reasonably sure he was nearly done, but still standing in the buff, she opened the door.

Racheal took in the sight before her. There was her naked stepfather, his magnificent cock dangling between his legs. She remembered how good it looked when her mother was sucking on it, and imagined how good it must feel inside her pussy. Her stepfather looked up to see her, standing there nude. Her pink nipples capped her perky tits nicely, they were hard and poking out at him. Her slender figure must have looked so enticing. And the barely visible patch of her pubic hairs surely beckoned to him as well. Racheal stood there for a moment, allowing him to get a good long look, then bolted for her room. S

he could hear her stepfather behind her, he was probably running after her to tell her that everything was OK, that they had seen each other naked on accident. At least that's what he would believe. In other words, Racheal had him right where she wanted him. He stood in the doorway, completely amazed. Racheal had a videotape going, of her mother involved in a hot threesome, and she was unabashedly watching him. He tried to cover himself up with his towel as best he could, but that just didn't feel right. Racheal had made it onto her bed, and was sitting up.

Her stepfather's eyes took in the lovely vision before him. Her blonde hair hung down behind her back, her face was the picture of innocence. Her features were so much like her mother's. Racheal's breasts pointed out at him; her pink nipples were hard as a result of her excitement. He let his eyes wander down further. Racheal's legs were slightly spread, giving him an unobstructed view of her pussy. Her pink lips were wet, she was quite clearly aroused, and her fingers were slowly starting to trace the outline of that hot little pussy. A moan pierced the silence.

He turned towards the tape, where his wife was fucking her ex-husband, Racheal's father rather vigorously. He smiled at the thought. When the tape was made, she had given them both an exquisite blowjob before taking them on. What a wonderful fuck she was that night. The mere thought of that made his cock stir, and the knowledge that it was turning Racheal on only added fuel to the fire.

Racheal watched him closely, the best 'come fuck me' look burning in her eyes. Her stepfather wasn't running, wasn't trying to extricate himself from the situation. That was good. Now for the next move. It seemed as if he needed a little encouragement, as if he wanted to do what she wanted him to do, but was still a bit unsure of himself. Racheal slipped a finger into her hot box and removed it. Seductively, she sucked her pussy juices off of the finger as she rose and stepped towards him. Once she reached him, she got down on the floor in front of him, pulling his towel away as she did so. His magnificent cock was hardening before her eyes.

Without hesitation, Racheal lowered her mouth onto her stepfather, taking his cock into her mouth and slowly starting to suck. He gasped at the sensation. This was all too good to be true. He tore his eyes from the television screen, where his wife was spreading her legs and getting fucked like an absolute whore, and gazed down at her daughter. Her mouth was hot and wet, her hand gripping his shaft was smooth and delicate.

While Racheal wasn't as experienced at her mother at cock sucking, she still didn't do a bad job. Her head bobbing motions and strokes had most of his shaft sliding in and out of her mouth; her soft lips puckered against him as she hungrily sucked him down. Her eyes met his as he fucked her hot little mouth; his hands found the back of her head, guiding her onto his cock. Racheal paused from her sucking, taking her stepfather's cock out of her mouth so that she could lick the length of his shaft. Her forceful little kisses drove him wild as she rubbed that thick cock against her face. Droplets of his pre-cum were oozing from his cock and she dutifully licked them up.

Although Racheal resumed the blowjob, she knew it wasn't going to last much longer. Her stepfather was pushing against her, guiding her back to her bed. She didn't resist him; in fact, she took his hand in hers and led him there. She lay down before him, spreading her legs. He liked what he saw. Her pink pussy glistened with her juices, those delicate lips were slightly opened and inviting him. Gently, he pushed her shapely legs apart and mounted her. His cock was hard and ready and he placed the tip against her cunt. Slowly, he pressed against her, sliding his cock between her hot pussy lips. Racheal moaned as she felt him penetrating her, her pussy was so tight against his rod.

Her sweet juices lubricated the way for him, helped by the saliva left over from the blowjob. She had never had such an impressive specimen inside her and the feeling was intense. Her stepfather slowly slid his cock in and out of her tight cunt. It was such a different feel for him to fuck his young stepdaughter. She had her eyes shut tight, savoring every sensation of his cock fucking her hot box.

His pace was quickening. Racheal could feel her pussy juices flowing over that shaft as it slid in and out of her pussy. Her stepfather was thrusting harder now, grunting softly as he reamed her pussy. Her wonderful fuck hole was amazing as it stretched to take all of him in. Although he was being as gentle as he could, he was fucking her fast and deep, encouraged by her constant moaning. His thrust grew harder and harder. Her firm breasts jiggled slightly as he rammed himself inside her.

He could feel his orgasm building, this girl was terrific. Too bad it couldn't last forever. His cum felt as if it was boiling inside him as his balls contracted with his final few thrusts. Her cries of passion filled his ears as she came for him. Her tight pussy constricted even tighter around his cock as he slammed his final thrusts into her. Her pussy juices were flowing freely now while he pumped away.

Just one last thrust and he let go. His cum spewed out of his cock filling Racheal's hot young pussy. The creamy white fluid dribbled out of her fuck hole when her stepfather finally pulled out. Her cunt lips were red and swollen from taking him in but he had been amazing! He kissed her on the lips and rolled onto the bed next to her.

They wouldn't have very long to bathe in the afterglow of their lovemaking, but as long as they didn't tell a soul, Racheal and her stepfather would be able to enjoy many such afternoons of absolute bliss.


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