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Adele's Revenge
by English Bob

Entering his home after a long and arduous day's work, Jack Cunningham loosened his tie and dropped his brief case in the corner. He made his way to the kitchen, where he assumed his wife Adele would be preparing the evening meal as usual. Opening the kitchen door, no succulent aroma of cooking greeted him, only the sight of Adele sitting at the table gently sobbing. Jack was about to ask what the problem was, when he saw what looked like a pair of white lace panties on the table in front of her. For a moment he froze. He immediately recognised the underwear as belonging to his secretary Julie. After flirting with Julie for several weeks, he had finally persuaded her to let him fuck her in the back of his car last week, but what the hell were her panties doing here?

"I..I..don't know what to say." Jack murmured, his head lowered, suddenly finding the floor easier to look at than his wife.

"Who do they belong to?" Spat Adele, throwing the panties at him

Jack could see no further point in lying. He had been caught red handed and he felt a sudden need to confess everything.

"They are Julie's, my secretary. Honestly honey, it only happened the once. I'm so sorry. I never meant to hurt you!"

"I guessed as much. You've been sniffing round that little bitch for weeks! The garage found them when they were valeting the car yesterday. Can you imagine how embarrassed this makes me feel, you Shit?!"

"I'm so sorry baby. Please forgive me. It'll never happen again, I promise!"

Adele had stopped crying. Her eyes now blazing with anger.

"Why the hell do you need to go to that slut for sex? If you wanted something more, then why didn't you tell ME? You know I enjoy sex."

Jack could still think of nothing useful to say. All he could do was to repeat his apology and plea's for her to forgive him.

"Your lame apology just isn't gonna cut it Jack! I'll consider forgiving you, but its gonna take more than that. You're really going to have to pay for this!"

Jack was a little confused, but was prepared to do almost anything to keep their eight year marriage together.

"What do you want me to do?" He asked.

"Well, I've been sitting here all afternoon thinking about it. I think, what's good for you, is good for me!"

"What do you mean baby? I don't understand."

"I'm gonna fuck someone else as well!"

Jack opened his mouth to protest, but quickly thought better of it.

"You know I've always liked sex," she continued, "so I want a little extra marital fun as well! But you're not going to get away that lightly, I don't just want one man, I want three! And I want you to have to watch while they all take turns fucking me with their big cocks! I want you to feel the same shame that I feel. That's right, I want a regular gang-bang, a total cock-fest!"

Jack was astonished. His immediate impulse was to laugh and tell her that he would never allow that, and would certainly not watch while three men took turns with her body! Adele, however, had made it quite clear that if he was going to argue about this, then their marriage was over. He had no choice. For the sake of his marriage he was forced to comply with her decision.

Over the next few days, Adele seemed happier. She seemed to have returned to her old self, and as she had made no further mention of her demands, Jack began to think that she had forgotten all about it. Perhaps it was just something spiteful to say in the heat of the argument, he thought, yes, that must be it, surely Adele could never really consider the idea seriously?

By Friday night, Jack had almost been able to put the thought out of his head, but as he entered his house that evening at the usual time, Adele was waiting for him with an evil smile on her face.

"Tomorrow night you will pay your dues!" She said triumphantly, as he entered the kitchen.

"What? What do you mean?" Jack asked incredulously.

You didn't think I'd forgotten did you? I found a male escort agency. Tomorrow evening, three men will be coming over. I intend to let them all have me and you will sit in the corner and watch like a good little boy! Is that clear?"

As before, Jack could not find the words to prevent this situation from happening without losing his marriage. He didn't want to get divorced. He still loved his attractive wife very much, and so therefore, he was reluctantly forced to agree.

The following day, Adele took her time preparing for her evening of passion and revenge. She was very nervous. Several times throughout the day she had almost called the agency to cancel, but then thoughts of her husband plunging his cock into his secretary's vagina reared up and filled her head. She knew she had to go through with this. If she was honest with herself, she was actually very excited. As she enjoyed a long luxurious bath, she remembered way back in high school being cornered by two lads at the back of the football field after classes. She had been intrigued by the shape and textures of their cock's, and remembered the feeling of excitement that she felt as she jerked both of them to a frantic and speedy climax. This had been her only experience of multiple partner sex, and it had aroused her so much that as soon as she got back to her parents house, she hed quickly disappeared to the privacy of her bedroom and masturbated herself to a huge orgasm. Returning her thoughts to the present, she realised that she had been lazily stroking her now erect nipples while she day dreamed.

Adele was proud of her body. At 37 years old she knew she had to exercise regularly to keep it trim. She squeezed her breasts playfully, and cupped them in her hands, delighting in the sensations that this caused to run through her body. She loved the way they were still firm and that the nipples were still really sensitive. She was also pleased with the rest of her body. Her legs were long and slim and her tummy flat as a wash board. She kept her fingernails long and always painted them the same matching colour as her dainty toes. Yes, she thought, I'm gonna enjoy myself tonight!

Jack had been waiting downstairs, while his wife prepared herself. He was also nervous and was experiencing mixed feelings about the evening. He was a little angry that Adele was making him go through with this. He was jealous at the thought of other men making love to his wife, but he was also a little excited at the prospect, and it was this last thought that he found so odd. If truth be told, he had been unfaithful on several occasions, but he had never even thought of Adele with another man. Still, the thought definitely excited him!

At 7.45pm, 15 minutes before their guests were due to arrive, Adele came down the stairs. Jack had to look twice. She looked stunning. He slim body was now encased in a sheer, black halter dress that fell to just above her knees. Her long, blonde hair fell in curls down her back. Her make-up was perfect and the heady fragrance of her perfume filled the air. Adele smiled at her husband sweetly, poured herself a drink and folded herself into a deep armchair to await their visitors.

At exactly 8pm the doorbell rang out and Adele got up to answer it. Jack had put a CD into the player and soft, soul music floated around the dimly lit lounge. He could hear muffled words from the front door and the sounds of male voices. He assumed that Adele was introducing herself. The door to the longue opened and Jack got his first view of the guests. The three men seemed all in their twenties and each wore jeans and T shirts. Jack looked them over as Adele introduced them as Mark, John and Terry. Mark and Terry were both white with strong looking muscles bulging from their shirts. John was dark skinned and also looked extremely well built. Jack had to admit that all three men were very good looking. After accepting the offered drinks and indulging in a little small talk, the three men made their move. They all knew exactly why they were there.

John made the first play, picking Adele up in his strong arms and carrying her over to the empty couch. As instructed, Jack sat in one of the deep armchairs and watched. He knew it would be stupid to interrupt now, and if he was honest with himself, he was quite excited and keen to see what would happen.

All three men now began the process of undressing Adele. As John kissed her lips passionately, Terry and Mark each knelt on the floor and removed her shoes, their strong hands gently massaging her feet and claves as John used his hands to slide the straps of the black halter from her shoulders. As the thin straps slipped over her tanned skin, the men all realised that she had chosen not to wear a bra. With the top of the dress now around her waist, Adele's ample breasts were clearly visible. John slowly lowered his head to her boobs, taking a long pink nipple gently between his lips, he sucked it into his mouth. Terry and Mark were also busy and had let their hands wander further and further up Adele's long, slim legs pulling the hem of the dress up with them.

Jack looked on with a strange, almost masochistic fascination. His insides were turning as he watched the men touch and fondle his wife in this intimate way, but his loins were telling a different story. Far from being repulsed, he was developing a painful erection!

Mark and Terry had now raised Adele's dress to her waist exposing black silk french panties, and each gently slid their hands into the open, loose legs of the garment. Adele's head lolled back against the sofa, eyes tight shut and her breathing becoming more ragged as she let the fondling continue. Her nipples were fully erect as John persisted with his oral caressof her nipples and she could feel her pussy becoming increasingly damper as two sets of fingers probed and touched her beneath the panties. As the caresses continued and became more urgent, Adele let out a deep satisfied moan and orgasmed, her fluid leaking out into her panties as she bucked her hips off the sofa.

Leaving her for a moment to recover, the three studs took the opportunity to quickly strip off their clothing. None wore underwear, and in a matter of seconds all three stood before Adele, fully naked and in a state of readiness. Both Mark and Terry sported impressive erections that Jack guessed were at least eight inches in length and very thick around, but John was simply huge. Jack saw his wife's gaze drawn inevitably to the coloured mans groin. Her eyes were wide and her jaw dropped as she looked at his cock. Jack reckoned it must have been at least eleven inches long and thicker than his wife's wrist. It stood out at right angles from his body, obviously too heavy to stand fully upright. It was jet black and circumcised.

While Mark and Terry returned to the prone figure of Adele and began to pull the wet panties from her legs, John pulled a tube of lubricant from his bag. Jack couldn't drag his eyes away from the man's huge penis as John squeezed the tube and released a liberal quantity of oil into his hand. With Adele now completely naked, John knelt between her thighs and proceeded to spread the oil along his massive shaft and also massage it sensuously into Adele's swollen pussy. As the cool liquid touched her nether regions, Adele began to squirm beneath his touch, pushing her hips forward and urging his fingers into her vagina. But the men were done with using their fingers, it was time for Adele to get fucked!

Using both hands to spread her legs as wide as he could, John positioned the head of his enormous, greased tool at the tiny opening of Adele's pussy. Terry and Mark had climbed up on the sofa and were squeezing and pinching her nipples making her gasp and sigh. The sigh's turned to a high pitched scream as John began to ease his giant cock into her pussy.

"Oh man, this bitch is tight!" breathed John as he leant more weight on to Adele, forcing another two inches of meat into her.

He turned to Jack. "Come a bit closer if you want. Watch me fuck your wife's tight little cunt!"

Jack moved closer as invited. He looked in disbelief at his wife's pussy. He had never seen it stretched so wide before and John's cock was still only 3/4 of the way in. He was so intent on watching the black stud fuck his wife, that he was almost unaware of a faint slurping sound coming from her head. Looking quickly up, Jack saw Adele with a mouthful of Terry's cock. As she sucked her lover deep into her mouth, Mark was running the head of his own penis quickly back and forth over her hard nipples leaving a sticky trail of pre-cum over her large tits.

John was all the way in now as he stopped for a moment to allow her to get used to his size. As he eventually felt her muscles relax around his shaft, he started a slow rhythm, pushing in and withdrawing almost completely out and then thrusting back in harder each time. Jack knew that if it wasn't for the fact that her mouth was otherwise occupied, Adele would have been screaming in ecstasy.

Jack watched his wife gag slightly on Terry's cock as it plunged in and out of her mouth. He saw her cheeks bulge to accommodate him as his tool swelled. Terry let out a long moan as he came, pumping great gobs of thick cum into Adele's mouth. She tried to swallow but he was filling her completely, the thick male fluid seeping from the corners of her mouth and dripping onto her chin. As Terry's cock slipped from her lips, her head turned quickly, and Mark pushed his entire organ into her mouth, keeping her full. She was being kept full at the other end as well. She had lost count of the amount of orgasms that had wracked her body as John pumped his huge erection in to her vagina. She could feel him swelling inside her and knew that he was about to cum.

John and Mark reached their climax almost simultaneously. With a loud grunt, John pulled his weapon fully out of Adele's gaping pussy, and ejaculated hard onto her stomach and neat pubic triangle. As she felt the hot semen scorch her skin, Adele also came again, her hips twitching and bucking. She moaned deep in her throat as she came. Mark could feel the vibrations from her throat and pulling his penis from between her lips, he jerked his cock over her breasts. Within a few seconds, Adele was treated to Mark's hot cum splashing over her sore, but still erect nipples.

Adele looked exhausted as she lay back on the sofa, cum dripping down between her legs and off her nipples. She looked the total slut and Jack loved it!

"Well, I hope that we have performed satisfactorily for you" Said John as the three studs began to dress themselves, their work complete.

To Adele's surprise, Jack jumped in first.

"Oh yes! Thank's guys. You've done a great job. As well as satisfying my wife, you've also opened my eyes, I can tell you!"

"We are glad to be of service!" they laughed. "Don't worry we'll let ourselves out. Our work here is done!"

After they had closed the front door behind them, Adele spoke.

"Well you sure changed your tune!" she said.

"God, baby. I never realised how much of a turn on it would be to watch you get taken by a stranger!" He patted his crotch. "Look. I'm as hard as a fucking rock!"

"Well why don't you get out of those pants and fuck my brains out! I can take all you got, and I'm still as horny as hell!"

As Jack quickly stripped off his pants, he knew that their marriage was safe now. He also knew that this evening had opened up a whole new life for the two of them to enjoy together.

- The End -

* * * * *

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