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Acting The Part
by English Bob

It was Friday night. Janet and her husband Paul had decided on an "early night" and were fooling around. The weather was warm and humid and they were both naked above the bed covers, touching and kissing. Paul had spread an adult magazine on the bed in front of them, and in between gentle strokes of his wife's moist, velvety pussy lips, he flicked the pages over to reveal more pictures. Janet's hand was tightly gripping his erect shaft as they both looked at the models in the photographs, getting more and more turned on. The further through the magazine they read, the hotter their mutual masturbation session became until Paul felt his wife's vagina contract around his fingers as she shuddered into orgasm. He felt her sticky juices trickle out from her perfectly shaved mound and trickle along his fingers and he could hold out now longer. With a grunt he felt his balls spasm and then release a stream of hot cum onto Janet's hand.

Both in their late twenties, they were an attractive and highly sexed couple and they knew that their night of lovemaking was far from over. Relaxing back against the mound of pillows at the head of the bed, they went back to looking at the magazine. Janet said that she was tired of the pictures for now, and wanted to turn to the story section. As Paul flicked through the pages, looking for the right section, his eyes caught a full page advertisement. The advert loudly proclaimed the assets of a new pornographic video film that had just been released, featuring "stunning models" and guy's with "enormous endowments!" Both Paul and Janet had seen countless films of this nature, and were not at all taken in by the advertising blurb. What caught Paul's eye was a footnote at the end of the advert. It claimed that whilst the producers always attempted to manufacture top quality material, they were always looking out for new acting talent. The note went on to explain that all potential actors and actresses should be extremely broad-minded and willing to experiment with a variety of forms of sexual play. The note finished by giving an e-mail address for contact.

"Hey! We could do that," laughed Paul. "I'm sure we could act better than most of the lame stuff that we've seen in blue movies."

He was half joking, but turned to his wife to get her reaction. Janet looked serious.

"Well, I did a bit of amateur acting before I met you," she said with a smile. "Yeah, it might be fun!"

"Wow, really? I was only kidding, but if your interested, why don't we mail them and see what happens? We got a couple of naughty photo's on the computer, we could send them!"

It was quickly decided that they would send their application off the next morning. Both of them seemed very excited by the idea and Janet immediately noticed that Paul's erection was again back to full strength. They made love several times that night with the magazine open and trying to incorporate the poses of the models as they fucked in different positions. After several orgasms, they both fell into a deep sleep, dreaming about possible new careers as porn stars.

It was over a week before they received a reply to their e-mail. The message was quite short, and apologised for the delay in responding and explained that the company was in the middle of planning a new movie. The letter went on to say that they were looking for completely new talent for this project, and would Paul and Janet consider attending an audition and screen test the following weekend. Paul was initially a little concerned about what they had got themselves into, but his wife seemed ecstatic, the excitement clearly visible on her flushed face. After a long discussion about the pro's and con's of such an adventure, they both agreed that they were adults, and would give it a try. Paul returned the e-mail, saying that they would indeed be able to attend the audition, and that he and Janet were looking forward to meeting the production team the following weekend.

The next Saturday morning saw Paul and Janet driving rather apprehensively the two hundred miles towards the address that they had been given. The production company had booked a hotel room for them for the entire weekend and had suggested that they go there first, freshen up a little and relax before meeting at the studio in the afternoon. They arrived at the hotel by noon. The room was small, but clean and nicely furnished. Paul could see that his wife was in a state of some excitement. The apprehension had vanished and had been replaced by anticipation. They showered together. Paul made several sexual advances, but Janet gently refused. She wanted to maintain her feeling of sexual tension until the audition.

They met the production team at 2pm and were immediately made to feel very relaxed. Drinks and food had been laid on, and for an hour the couple chatted with the production and casting managers. They outlined their relationship, maintaining it was extremely strong, and would not be affected by seeing each other with other partners. The managers asked them both about their sexual habits and what forms of sexual play they would be comfortable with. Paul and Janet answered all the questions that were asked honestly and articulately. The managers seemed pleased that neither of them seemed to have any hang-up's or inhibitions regarding hetro, homo, or any other type of sex. They both drew the line at animals, but the managers quickly explained that they produced quality material, and although it was hard core, they did not go in for that type of taboo work.

The managers seemed satisfied. The only thing left to do was a screen test to see how the couple looked on camera. Paul was first. The casting manager, who had introduced himself as Frank, led Paul to a side room and asked him to change into a pair of tight jeans. He would not require any other clothing. As soon as he was ready, he was to enter the testing studio and do what he felt came naturally. Janet and Frank would watch on one of the monitors in the viewing room.

As Paul let himself into the studio he saw a large bed in the centre of the room. The bed was currently occupied by two women that he guessed were in their early twenties. They were dressed in traditional blue movie attire; topless and pantyless with black stockings and garter belts and high spiked shoes. The girls were currently enjoying a lesbian oral session, locked together in the classic "69" position and lashing at each others wet vagina's with long pink tongues. Paul smiled and approached the bed. As they saw him, the girls disengaged from each other and began to turn their attention towards him. He stood in front of them hands on hips, as they began to run their hands over his tight, muscular body and then undo his jeans. The jeans were quickly pulled down his legs and he stepped out of them.

Suddenly the girls were all over his penis and balls, licking and sucking him hungrily. While one of them sucked his swollen glans into her mouth the other licked the underside of his testicles. Paul tried to hold out as long as he could, but the sight of two wet cunt's and two pairs of ripe tits jiggling in front of him was too much. He could feel the cum boiling up from his balls and he knew there was nothing he could do to prevent it. He groaned and pulled back watching in dismay as a stream of cum arced through the air and landed on the face of one of the girls. It had all been over in less than three minutes and Paul knew deep down that his performance was not going to be acceptable. The girls quickly left the room and Paul had no choice but to sadly pull up his jeans and join his wife and Frank in the viewing room.

"Sorry Frank," he said as he entered the viewing room. "I guess that I didn't do too well."

"That's okay," Frank replied with a wan smile. "I suppose you realise that I won't be able to use you now. Not for this movie anyway. Oh well, its a shame, but thank you both for coming all this way. I'll see you both out."

"Wait a minute!" Cried Janet, a petulant look on her face. "What about me? I still haven't tested yet!"

"You mean you would still go ahead, even though I can't use your husband?

"You bet I would. Just give me a chance." She turned to Paul. "That's okay, isn't it honey?"

"Sure. Of course it is babe. As long as I can stay and watch!"

"Great!" cried Frank "Go see my assistant Joy, she will give you an outfit to wear."

Five minutes later, Paul, with Frank seated next to him, watched the bank of monitors in the viewing room as Janet walked out into the studio. Paul gasped as he looked at his wife. She was barefoot and wearing a simple peasant type dress that fell to just above her knees. The top was held up with thin halter straps and the neck line was cut low and tight, pushing her large tanned breasts together and upwards creating a clearly visible, deep cleavage. Her long, golden blonde hair had been tied into bunches, giving the impression that she was much younger than her twenty six years.

This time the bed in the centre of the room was empty and Janet sat and swung her bare legs and feet over the edge as she waited for something to happen. Paul was entranced as he watched her. It was a little weird looking at your own wife on a TV screen. She looked so natural, Paul thought. So believable. As Janet waited, facing the camera, Paul and Frank watched as two large coloured men wearing only shorts entered the room from the door behind her. It was so realistic, Paul almost wanted to shout out "look behind you!" She looked up as she noticed the men approach her. Slowly one bent his head and kissed her full on the lips. Paul felt a fleeting moment of jealousy as he saw her part her lips and accept the strangers tongue. He quickly admonished himself for this feeling, knowing that Janet was only acting. And even if she was enjoying the attention, Paul was enjoying watching just as much!

The men began to undress Janet quickly. They were very rough, but Paul could see they were being extremely careful not to hurt her in any way. It was all just an act.

"Don't worry," Said Frank as they watched. "It's just a simulated rape scene to see how she will react. They won't hurt her, Leroy and Josh are two of our best actors."

Leroy stood in front of Janet and with rippling muscles tore the front of her dress in two. Josh was standing to one side and began to peel his shorts down his legs. Frank gasped as he saw Josh's penis spring into view. He must have been at least eleven inches long and fully erect with a wide mushroom shaped head. Janet was hamming up her performance a bit and Frank spoke through the intercom instructing her to act naturally and just be herself. He knew what he was talking about, Paul realised, because as soon as she relaxed again, the performance became much more realistic. Like Paul, Janet had obviously been instructed not to bother with any underwear. With her dress laying open and in tatters, her full breasts were visible as was her neatly shaved pussy. Paul could see that her long pink nipples were hard and that there was moisture glistening on her vaginal lips. The two men switched places. Josh moved forwards towards Janet while Leroy quickly stripped off his shorts. Like his colleague, Leroy was also huge but his penis was a little thicker.

Both men now surrounded Janet. She reached out her hand to take hold of Leroy's length while Josh turned her head toward his hard meat. Janet opened her mouth and with a lunge Josh buried his tool deep into her throat. His expert hands sank into her hair and manipulated her face backwards and forwards over his engorged glans. Janet was doing the best she could to accommodate the huge manhood in her mouth and was squeezing and massaging Leroy's cock with her fingers. The contrast between her pale white fingers and his glistening black prick was amazing. He was so wide that her fingers could only circle about half of his shaft as she jerked his foreskin up and down.

Keeping his cock firmly in her mouth, Josh began to lean her back on the bed. Instinctively, her legs fell open as she was pinned down my the cock in her mouth, and Leroy took her hand away from his erection and positioned himself between her legs. Paul could see that she was really wet down there, but knew that she would still have to stretch herself to accommodate this massive weapon. As Josh continued to fuck her face with long deep strokes, his colleague crouched down and lined himself up with her pussy. Frank moved a control in the viewing room and the camera zoomed in on Janet's open snatch. Paul looked on fascinated as, inch by inch, Leroy's fat cock slid inside her tight cunt.

The expression on Janet's face was exquisite as he entered her. Her eyes were tight shut and she was shaking uncontrollably as an orgasm ripped through her body. The secretions from her climax were enough for Leroy to thrust a little harder. He was twisting his body backwards, forwards and from left to right as he ploughed into her, ensuring that his cock made contact with her throbbing clit as often as possible and so maintaining her orgasm. For several minutes the two black men simultaneously fucked her ragged. Paul could see that his wife was enjoying an almost continuous orgasm and could hardly believe the amazing self control that Leroy and Josh seemed to possess. Frank could see his amazement and smiled.

"You want to see how the professionals do it?" He asked

Paul looked back at him. "What do you mean, Frank?"

"Watch this!" Frank then spoke into the intercom.

"Okay, boy's. Lets have the money shots now please."

Paul watched the screen as both men immediately pulled their cocks from Janet's body. Pointing themselves at her tits, they both rubbed themselves quickly and within only a few seconds they both climaxed together on cue. Stream after stream of hot cum jetted from their cocks as they orgasmed over her breasts. Janet, her eyes still closed began to rub the cream into her large globes and nipples causing them to throb even harder.

"Hmmmm, nice touch!" Said Frank as he watched and made notes on a pad. "She obviously likes cum!"

"She like everything to do with sex!" said Paul as he suddenly remembered to breathe again.

When Janet had cleaned herself up and changed back into her street clothes, she joined her husband and Frank in the viewing room. Paul kissed her as she embraced him, obviously a little out of breath herself.

"That was fantastic, hon!" he said. "It all looked so realistic!"

"You think so?" she replied. Then looked at Frank. "Well, do I get a part?"

"Sure you get a part. You will play Linda. Her character has been written as a prick teaser who teases the wrong group of guys, that's why we wanted to try the simulated rape theme. Linda goes too far with her teasing and is taken by a group of four coloured guys in a locker room. There will be a lot of cum shots and penetration close-ups, vaginal oral and anal. You think you will be okay with that?"

"Sure, that sounds fine. Okay with you honey?"

"Absolutely!" replied Paul. "Just as long as I can watch the filming. I've never been so hard in all my life!"

"Fantastic!" concluded Frank. "To save you going all the way home and back again we can film your scenes tomorrow, okay?"

"Looking forward to it already!" said Janet and Paul in unison.

To Be Continued...

* * * * *

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