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Carpe Diem: a Fable
by Alex Finch

Bobbi had gotten the job, and she was pleased. After so many long days of hard work, slaving away in the doldrums of the near-minimum wage crowd, she was up and flying. Up in the air of light work and high pay. The older man (fifty or sixty) led her through the halls, on floor thirty-four of the Millford building. She passed by the women working in their cubicles, intent on typing memos or taking phone calls. This was not the room for her. Her room was just ahead.

"Here it is. Do you like it?" asked Bobbi's new boss.

"I love it... it's so beautiful!" replied Bobbi, in genuine awe. The room was almost as large as the hall outside. Its walls were polished brown, like the rooms the lawyers on television stand in as they sell themselves to you. There was a huge desk, with a shockingly small amount of material on top. There was a large picture window, nearly the size of the whole wall, overlooking the city. And a huge padded chair.

"I trust you'll work well for me. Just answer all the calls and take down any notes the girls out front might give you. I'll be gone when you arrive at nine, and I'll be back about a half hour before you leave."

"I'll be fine," said Bobbi.

"Good. Well, I'll be going now; enjoy your first day." And with that, the man walked out of the office. Bobbi gazed around the room and laughed; it was better than any place she could imagine. She hurried over to the door, and called to one of the girls.

"So are there any messages?"

"Yeah. I bet. There's never any messages for Mr. Carver. The phone rings maybe twice a day. You'll be fine as long as you don't steal anything. There's no camera in there, of course, but he counts everything, down to the last pen. I just hope you can take the boredom." The woman smiled. "Of course, most of us wish we were as bored as you'll be."

Bobbi laughed. "I'll take care of myself. And I'll invite you all in someday."

She closed the door and sauntered into the office. For her first official duty, she sat down in the chair, which was far bigger than she was. She scrunched herself up into a fetal position; the chair held her softly. She put her foot down and spun herself around for a bit, then slid the chair back and forth behind the desk. She laughed at herself, thirty-two years old and acting like a little girl. But she continued to play, as she knew that the work would be boring. Unless she made it different.

Bending the chair backward, Bobbi faced the window and stared out. The chilly January morning was beautiful from within the heated office. A building across the street was under construction, and the workers buzzed about the steel frames. And amidst this wonderful scenery, Bobbi thought back to her earlier life, since it had a lot to do with what she was about to try.

Bobbi had a problem. She hated being dressed more than anything. It was not the type of problem a baby might have, wanting to be free, it had begun when Bobbi had blossomed into a woman. Unlike many of the other girls, so refined and cautious, Bobbi had embraced her sexuality. Each and every night she would masturbate under her warm covers, and she naturally hated how sticky her pajamas would become after a few minutes. So one night, after her mother had asked her why her nightgown was moist from the previous evening, Bobbi decided to do away with bedclothes totally.

She had never stripped nude for any reason other than a shower, and she felt horny and wet even before her underwear was off. She put her clothes at the foot of the bed and climbed under the sheets. Never had she felt so good, the silkiness so smooth on her skin, pure feeling entering her every pore. She enjoyed the best orgasm she had ever known; the second in a series of three she treated herself to under the smooth texture that night. And from then on, clothes were optional to her; a necessary evil.

To the rest of the world, she was a perfectly normal girl, leading a normal life. But when she would arrive home from school and enter her room for studying, the clothes came off as soon as the door was locked, and only went back on if she had to emerge. She was only happy naked. When she graduated high school, she was fully nude under her cap, gown, and shoes; her dress stowed away in the girls' bathroom. And her happiness did not extend only to visual admiration of her own body. It was physical as well; she masturbated at least three times a day, and only if she was busy. On a lazy day off, she would pleasure herself all day long. She knew people would call her a nymphomaniac, which was why she had never had a steady boyfriend. She did enjoy sex with others, just never on a monogamous basis.

However, the freedom of college was too much for her. She would constantly miss class, and her grades were awful. She did not care; she had her own apartment, and her roommate had shown her how wonderfully freeing bisexuality could be. She dropped out her sophomore year, and worked in that city, far away from home, for years and years. Crap jobs. The only ones she had liked involved stripping. But she had grown older, and none of the clubs would have her. Desperate men lusting after young girls. Bobbi had always thought of herself as attractive, and she found many other people attractive as well. But age is ugly to the fearful, who live in the shadow of past securities, past beauty. So it was back to the monotonous grind. But finally, she had the job she needed.

Bobbi sat up in the chair; her brown hair was sprayed and long, done just for the first day. She had a new suit on, navy blue, with a pretty red tie. A man's suit, but it looked good on her, despite being baggy. But it would not do anymore. There were no cameras in the room.

Bobbi kicked off her loafers; she had white socks on underneath. She could stand socks, since she hated cold feet on the floor. She stood and walked around the room for a while, stretching. And when she was limbered and relaxed, she slowly unbuckled the belt on her suit pants. She enjoyed undressing far more when she took each item and accessory off individually. She slid the belt off and tossed it across the room.

Her pants sagged on her hips now; Bobbi could see the blue tips of her panties hugging her waist. Deciding that the pants were too baggy on her to warrant unzipping, she slid them down her legs, till they landed in a heap at her feet. Her dress shirt was now untucked, and hid her panties, leaving only her legs exposed. They were white, but not pasty. There was a tiny bit of fat on them, which only made them seem more fleshy and enticing. Her thighs bounced as she walked to the window, and leaned up against it.

She let her suit coat fall to the floor, off her arms, and she leaned up against the huge window, so cool on her legs. She gazed downward, and noticed that some of the construction crew was staring at her. She smiled and waved. She could not hear what they yelled, but she knew it was probably lascivious. She laughed and stuck her tongue out, smooshing it against the cool glass. The construction workers howled and called their friends over. Seven, the entire crew it seemed, gathered quickly, six men and a woman. All looked fantastic in their uniforms. Bobbi's eyes widened as she saw the woman whistling and hollering just as loudly as the men. This would be interesting.

The floor the workers were on was nearly level with Bobbi's floor; slightly lower. The building was quite close too, since Bobbi could make out the figures perfectly on those metal girders. She waved again, this time at the woman directly. She waved back and shouted. Bobbi made out dirty blonde hair underneath the helmet. It was time to see if this woman was easily impressed. Bobbi hopped backward, away from the window, and began to bounce her leg forward and backward, like a cheerleader.

It was in fact a cheer from her high school days. And the woman (as well as the men) was indeed impressed, as this woman in only a shirt, tie, and socks launched into a full cheer in the window in front of them, complete with hops in the air and a lot of ass shaking. Every so often the dress shirt would ride up and Bobbi's sky blue thong could be glimpsed for a second, along with supple amounts of flesh. And after the cheer was over, the crowd went nuts. But Bobbi kept bobbing her leg forward and back, as she untied the tie and tossed it across the room. She ran over and pulled the chair to the window and jumped onto it.

She turned back to the window, and continued to shimmy as she slowly unbuttoned the shirt. The eyes on the girders were transfixed to her shaking body. And their mouths screamed aloud as the shirt finally fell off, revealing Bobbi's naked back, and her barely clothed butt. Bobbi turned her head around and laughed wildly at crowd of seven, and then bent down to touch her toes. Then she stood, and bent over again. And again. And again, each time the thong disappearing deeper into her cheeks, and her ass becoming more visible. And on the fifth time, Bobbi stood up and slowly peeled the panties down as she bent over once again. Her butt was so fleshy and jiggly, yet in no way obese. And it was surpassed only by her pussy, with her pubic hair trimmed down to a light fur, the same color as her hair.

Her breasts were as soft and inviting as her rear; her nipples were dark and perky. She walked forward and kissed the glass, smearing her tongue all over and electrifying her tits with the cold glass. And with a wicked smile she walked away, pushing the chair into a sunny spot in the office. She curled into the chair, naked from the ankles up, and relaxed and the warm sun soothed her goosebumps; the office was rather cold, despite the heating. The velvet of the chair was magnificent against her back.

She closed her eyes and congratulated herself on the show she had put on. And as the warmth slid through her, she slipped two fingers into her soaking vagina, and teased her clit softly with the other hand. Having masturbated so much, she was a master. Forty minutes of extraordinary pleasure were coming. And after a long, intense orgasm, she laid spread-eagled in the chair and napped on the job, with the biggest smile in the world on her face.

She dreamt of an idea.

Walking out of the office, dressed again at the day's conclusion, she surveyed the women in the cubicles in the hall. Ages twenty to mid-forties she guessed. All reasonably fit and healthy looking. Many gazed at her in mild jealousy as she passed by. But at the door of the elevator she stopped.

"I have an offer for all of you," she said loud enough for them all to hear, but not so loud that Mr. Carver would notice. "I'm going to invite you all into the office tomorrow. I think the company can go without work for an hour or so." Smiles and laughs all around. "But there's something you have to do for me..."

It took an hour to convince everyone. But the work was so boring that any change was welcome, even an odd one like this. And everyone was indeed excited by the day's end.

The next day, Bobbi entered the office on time, and said goodbye to Mr. Carver. She then pulled out of her pocket a small folded paper. She walked over to the window as she dialed the number. Sure enough, one of the men on the girders looked over and picked up his phone by the side of the work area.

"Hey there, look at the window," said Bobbi as the man answered.

"Oh... hi!"

"Remember me?"

"Yeah, of course, how could I not?"

"I'm going to ask a favor of you and your co-workers. I want the seven of you to take off all of your clothes, shoes and all."

"What? What was that? Hey, look... we really appreciated your... stuff yesterday, but it's forty degrees up here!"

"I'll do it again."

"No... no! We'll freeze! It's not worth it to see you naked again..."

"Just me?" Bobbi smiled as she hung up. She then hollered into the hall. The eyes of every worker on the site lit up as no less than twenty women assembled by the window. Bobbi blew a kiss out the window. The man with the phone ran over to his co-workers and began shouting vehemently.

"I'm so nervous," said Kathy, a trim forty-two year old.

"Chill out. This is gonna be great! All these guys'll be staring at us," responded Lisa, a twenty-three year old fresh from college. She had gotten Bobbi the number.

But all whispers ceased as the construction workers stopped conversing and looked up at the window. There was a moment of still life.


And then one man began to untie his boots.

All of the office women screamed and cheered and howled in delighted shock as the rest followed suit. The men were all late twenties to mid-thirties. All covered with lean muscle; some of the older ones were beginning to grow a bit soft. But the office women didn't care. Their breathing quickened and their hearts pounded and helmets fell off, shirts were whipped over short-cropped hair, and jeans were stripped. The lone woman on the girder was the first one naked, her boxers rolled up in a ball and stuffed into her lunchbox. Bobbi smiled widely; she had been correct. The woman was dirty blonde. Tattoos covered her stomach and legs. She had muscle too; her breasts were firm and quite big. She was totally shaved, and her tight, muscular thighs spread her cunt wide. Four of the men wore boxers, the other two briefs. All were quickly removed, leaving six totally erect cocks. The oldest man, who even had a streak of gray in his hair, was the largest by far, a magnificent eight inches, at least. The other men ranged from five to six, by Bobbi's rough estimation. All were gorgeous to her, though.

"I'm gonna absolutely love this," whispered Jeanne, who had just divorced her husband one week ago. Oddly, all the women in the office were single. Some of the older ones had grown kids; the younger ones had never bothered. It was a common thread between them. And now another thread was to be unspooled.

Bobbi began, rushing to the front. She did her cheerleader routine again, only for a longer time. After a half-hour, she was down to her socks (wooly brown) and thong (black). But she did not remove anything else. Instead she ducked back and let the other girls go up in groups of three. The first of them were shaking in both nervousness as well as genuine chill. But Bobbi smiled and waved in her chair, with only her undies on, and the women's jealously grew. They wanted to taste the joy that Bobbi had.

And that gave them strength. And after the first three were done (Jeanne's tiny boobs accentuated by her rock-hard nipples, Amy's pantyhose torn to shreds, Nancy sweating under her white bra and panty combo), the rest gathered a new strength. They all danced in their own way, laughing and undressing each other playfully and slowly. Some laid on the ground and bit each other's socks off. Some shook their bodies so hard that their dresses seemed to fly off. The floor was soon covered in work pants and skirts and shoes. Bobbi stalked up and down the window's length hugging and smooching her friends on the cheeks; almost all kisses were returned.

Many of the women were sobbing with laughter, clutched tightly in groups of five or six on the floor. Just to keep things interesting, Bobbi tore off any bras she happened to see. Lisa had worn a bubble-gum pink teddy under her work shirt, and that was torn off as well. Lisa gave Bobbi a pouty look, which was supremely effective; Lisa still looked like she did at sixteen. Bobbi kissed her on the lips, tasting her cherry lip-gloss with her tongue. Lisa smiled, and then gasped in laughter as Bobbi popped her bouncy little tits into her mouth, sucking as had as she could. The stripping continued around them. And after it all, the twenty-one women stood by the window in panties of all colors.

Cream colored sheer, lacy vanillas, cherry red cottons, brown wools, and a dozen tight, lucious thongs. All hugging twenty-one irresistible asses. Looking down, the office women saw the construction workers in the throes of pleasure. The men were stroking their dicks fast and hard; some of them were sticky with pre-cum. The woman was lying down on the icy metal, fingering herself with both hands. All were obviously freezing. All didn't care.

"Are we ready?" shouted Bobbi.

"Yes!!!" exclaimed the girls.

It took Bobbi ten minutes to get out of her thong this time. She slithered around and squeezed her breasts and ran the tips of her fingers down her sides. And when she was nude, she triumphantly deposited her panties on the desk. And each girl went up alone and stripped off her underwear. All took their time, enjoying the exquisite pleasure of undressing. Kimmy, a thirty-eight year old, moaned and gasped her way through her act. She was hit by a screaming orgasm before her pumpkin thong (which she had just bought the night before) was even off; it grew wet as her juices dripped down her legs. She turned to the women and said that it was her first orgasm in fifteen years, and she would never go another day without one. As the final panties were removed, the construction workers hit their stride. The men shot huge loads of cum right off the side of the building. One man kept cumming for nearly a minute. The woman was screaming, her hands soaked in pleasure.

Their work done, the women in the office relaxed on the floor, warm with clothes. The next three hours were magical, as they either pleasured themselves or each other. Many of them had never had a homosexual experience before. A few, just a week before, would have said that lesbians disgusted them. But now they knew better as they felt unimaginable thrills rise up in their stomachs, as they group kissed, four at once. They adored the warmth of each other's bodies, the smoothness of each other's flesh. They gorged themselves on each other's tastes, every woman slightly different. Seven of them heaped into the chair, then napped in the bosoms of their friends and lovers, Bobbi on bottom. No work was done that day; no matter, nothing was coming in.

"We are never wearing clothes at work again," moaned Lisa, as five 'o clock drew closer.

"Yeah, no one looks in those cameras anyway," responded Nancy. "Besides, we can all come in here." She smiled as she caressed Jeanne's back.

"I'm just so sad it has to end with work," whispered Kathy.

Bobbi had been napping, and once again had an idea.

"It doesn't have to."

That night, the women sat on the steps of the building, giggling about the adventure they had earlier, and about the adventure they were about to have. And as darkness fell, at eleven 'o clock, the construction workers emerged from their elevator, across the street. Bobbi shouted:

"Hey, over here!"

The seven looked over, and hurried across the street.

"You like what happened earlier?"

"Yeah," said the older one, "It was amazing..."

"It was the best moment in my whole fucking life!" another interrupted.

They all nodded in approval.

"Do you want your whole life to be like that best moment?" purred Bobbi.

"Absolutely!" shouted the dirty blonde.

They all began to shout and nod.

"Then let's do just that! All of you, rip your clothes off!"

Bobbi grabbed the dirty blonde and began to claw at her shirt, tearing it away while hungrily kissing her on the mouth. In seconds she was topless, her fat boobs caressed so roughly by Bobbi as their tongues wrapped and wrestled. The blonde responded, shredding everything Bobbi had. The blonde's firm breasts were licked and licked until they shone with moistness, and Bobbi's hands massaged her ass under her jeans. The two continued their display to everyone's shock, but by the time the two were nude the crowd was smiling, and the kisses began. The next five minutes were filled with tearing and rending and loud rips, as the two groups attacked each other. The long-cumming man tore off two dresses at once while Kimmy stroked his already sticky penis. The wind picked up the scraps of clothes and blew them off. The echoes of the night was filled with the moans and hot, sloppy affection sounds of a twenty-eight body mass moistening each other in every way possible, right on the city streets. No cars stopped, no police arrived.

"Alright... every... one..." Bobbi gasped as two women ate her pussy at the same time and she gave the eight-incher a rim-job, "Tonight's my place..."

And they piled into their cars and somehow made it to Bobbi's place. Her roommate was surprised to say the least, but a dozen tongues lapping her for fifteen minutes changed her attitude. The party did not stop until four in the morning. Each of the men fucked at least four women. Many of the women fucked each other. And all of the men tasted each other as well.

And so it went. Each day, the office women would enjoy work naked and happy. Long, leisurely days of masturbation and glorious sleep. And as soon as work was over, the real fun began. The construction workers had made it a point to leave work no later than five. Then the group would proceed to a local bar, for hours of drinking and laughing. By eight, all were totally drunk and horny, and ready to hit the dance floor. By ten, all the women had been fondled many times, and the men already had their shirts off. Then it was time to leave for someone's place for the night. When the sun rose, they would return to their homes for clothes and such. Sleep was done at work. There were always surprises. Nancy had a son who was still a virgin; he had never even seen a naked girl in person. The group, already fully unclothed waked him from his bed. The boy had been jerking off, and could not believe that all his fantasies had come to life. He was stripped in seconds, and enjoyed his first blowjob from three women at once. The men showed him the proper way to handle himself, and he was deflowered by a woman twice his age.

By the night's end he thought that his stomach would burst from all the pussy he had eaten. Amy had no less than five daughters, all of whom were more than pleased to join mom in an evening of pleasure. As the group burst in, three of them were still in their school uniforms, which the men were more than happy to slowly remove. The other two were watching television in their room, when half the women leapt onto their bed, and showed them how much fun girls could really have. They agreed to invite all of their friends over the next time the group came around, and Amy would beam in pride when she returned home each morning to see her girls naked in one bed, all cuddled together.

Amy's house quickly became a highlight of the cycle, as over forty high school and college girls would be over on a good night. Three of the construction men had wives. All were more than pleased to accommodate everyone after sufficient persuasion. The eight-incher's wife demanded to be kissed for ten minutes by every member of the group. The second wife was given a long bath and massage by all the men, making love to them all, two at a time. The third was totally accepting, even cooking food for the group. It was usually smeared on her and eaten off.

Even after the building was completed, the office women continued to strip, if only for each other. The construction workers got different jobs, but were always on time for the parties at night.

Five years later, it still went on. Through friends and acquaintances joining up, the group had swelled to over eighty strong, not counting the myriad guests at anyone's house. Bobbi sat back on her chair, recalling the memories. And out of all of the sex she had given, all of the luscious, screaming, soaking orgasms she had received, none were her highlight.

She gazed upon the mass of wonderful flesh on the floor, rippling gently with soft, contented breathing, and knew that it was her creation. So many people were happier than they had ever been before, because of her. And even this idea of hers, this genuine creation, was not her highlight. The best part was still, when Bobbi stepped up to that window, and felt that sun on her body, the thrill in her stomach as she peeled off her clothes, oh so slowly, unveiling herself for everyone, and herself more than any.


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