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Family Farm Fun Pt. II
by Tawny T.

Ed had left the house to work; Kim came into the kitchen for breakfast. She helped Mae make her breakfast and then clean up the dishes. She kept seeing Mae in her mind, bobbing up and down on Uncle Ed's large cock. She squirmed in the chair.

"Well, young lady, I'm going to take a shower. I didn't take one last night and need one to make me nice and sweet smelling." Mae said smiling at her, turned and went down the hall.

'Damn,' Kim thought. 'She did take one last night! She doesn't know that I know she's going to let me watch her again. But this time I know she's doing it on purpose." She let Mae get a long head start then moved to the bathroom. She could hear the water running.

The door was open again and Mae was in the shower stall. She stepped into the bathroom and called out to her Aunt. "Aunt Mae, I hope you don't mind, I need to brush my teeth. "

"That's OK Kimmie, go right ahead. I'm not overly modest. You did see me yesterday totally naked. I hope it didn't embarrass you." Kim told her it didn't, and quickly brushed her teeth. She slipped out of the bathroom and out of view of her beautiful Aunt. She slipped out of her nightclothes and dropped them in the hall. She looked around the door carefully; Mae had her face under the water, eyes probably closed. Kim took a deep breath and moved quickly into the bathroom, she opened the shower door and before Mae could react, slipped in and closed the door behind her moved directly behind her Aunt. Kim pressed her body full length against her Aunt's slippery wet body, reached around her and caught one of the magnificent DD breasts in each hand and lifted and squeezed them gently.

Her Aunt went rigid for a moment. "Well Aunt Mae, turn about is fair play, isn't it? I loved it when you did this to me yesterday. Now it's my turn. God, you have fantastic breasts." Kim said her voice husky with desire. " I hope mine are as full and beautiful when I grow up."

Mae turned around and looked at he niece. "Are you sure about this, Kim?" she said seriously.

"Well, didn't you want me too? You knew I was watching yesterday and put on a little show for me. You got me all hot and bothered till I had to bring myself off. This is what you wanted isn't it? You took a shower last night. Here you are again, door open, waiting for me to come in to you. " Kim said with a little quaver in her voice. She wasn't sure totally of what would happen. Had she been wrong? She didn't have long to wait.

Her beautiful Aunt's face lit up with a smile and she bent slightly and kissed Kim full on the lips. Kim kissed her back. She and Trish had experimented with tongue kissing, and now she slid her tongue into her Aunt's willing mouth. Mae's full breasts pressed against hers, her Aunt's full, wet body made contact with hers, and she went weak in the knees it felt so wonderful. Their tongues probed and danced together.

Their kisses felt a hundred times better than Trish's kisses. Her Aunt's exotic naked body pressed against her made it so much more erotic. Her pussy felt like it was on fire. She cried out into her Aunt's mouth as she felt Mae's hand cup her pussy, and a knowing finger slip between her slick pussy lips. She pushed her hips forward and Mae's finger slid deeper between her pussy lips then curved and pressed up inside her.

Kim grew bolder and pressed her hand to her Aunt's pussy and slid her finger up and down the larger slit of her Aunt. She loved the feel of the slit, and pushed her finger down between the folds finding them wet and hot. Gently she moved her finger upward and found the small knob of her Aunt's swollen clit. She rubbed it gently round and round the way she loved to rub her own.

"Damn Kim. You do that so well. I love your touch on my clit. Oh, Baby, you are so hot. I've wanted you for so long. I was afraid to do anything. God, I'm so hot. Make me cum. I'm almost there. Rub my clit, yes. Oh, yes, like that Baby. Ohhh, I'm cuming Kim, Oh Baby, now, now!" Her Aunt cried out as she moved Kim's finger moved faster and faster over her Aunt's firm swollen clit. Mae's hips thrust against her finger. She leaned close and took one of the large nipples in her mouth and sucked hard on it. Her Aunt's finger was still inside her pussy and as her Aunt climaxed, so did she, biting down on the firm nipple in her mouth. She Aunt screamed, not in pain, but in pleasure as they both came almost at the same moment.

Kim's orgasm was so intense she almost collapsed, and would if her Aunt hadn't held on to her. They stood hugging each other for a long while then the kissed softly. Kim fondled her Aunt's large wet breasts. She sucked first one wet nipple then the other loving the feeling of the firm nipple between her lips. Mae hugged her to her body, and it felt so wonderful.

They pulled back and smiled at each other. They joked and then happily soaped each other all over. Mae bent forward and had Kim soap her ass, and slip a finger up inside her brown asshole. Kim loved the feel of her Aunt's back passage. Mae squatted down and spread her thighs, and had Kim squat down in front of her and wash her pussy, spread it wide, and slip two, then three of her fingers up inside her Aunt's pussy. It felt incredible to touch her intimate flesh. She played with the large clit, washed her pussy lips and pushed her fingers deep inside her wet slippery pussy.

Mae had Kim stand up and move so her pussy was against Mae's face. Mae burrowed her wet face against Kim's spread pussy and her tongue slid out and into Kim's young pussy. Damn it felt so exciting. Mae caught Kim's hips and pulled her hard against her face, she licked and sucked her pussy till Kim exploded and cried out. Mae held her tightly and slid her mouth upward slightly to find the young girl's clit and suck and tongue it over and over. Kim screamed over and over climaxing again, her cries ringing through the house as her Aunt ate her sweet pussy.

She finally could take no more and pushed away from her Aunt's embrace. Mae got up and held her close and hugged and kissed her. Mae softly washed Kim's pussy and ass off, gently slipping a finger in each opening, and they finally got out of the shower. Mae sat on the toilet seat and pulled Kim into her lap and held her and kissed her, stroking her young body.

"Well, little one, did you like that?" Mae asked her softly between kisses.

"Oh God yes! That was fantastic. I'm so glad we made love." Kim said kissing her Aunt over and over.

"Well, that was wonderful, but it's much better in bed when we can take our time. There are lots of ways for women to make love together. It can be so nice and soft and unhurried. I can teach you many ways to make love to a woman. I like making love to your Uncle, but I adore making love to a woman too." Mae said.

"Does Uncle Ed know?" Kim asked.

"Oh yes. I don't keep any secrets from him. He knows about my lady lovers. I tell him the intimate details of my lovemaking."

"Will you tell him about us?" Kim asked.

"No, Baby, I won't tell him about us. I'm not sure he would approve. I did tell him about you watching me in the shower yesterday, and that you masturbated watching me." Mae laughed.

Kim thought a moment. "And about cupping my breasts from behind, and how weak I got. Yes, I did masturbate thinking about it. It really excited me."

Mae's brow furrowed. "How did you know that? You little devil, were you listening outside our door?"

"No, even better. You came by in that sexy negligee all perfumed up. In our house it usually means Mom and Dad are going to make love. I slipped out the window and watched from just outside. God, you were magnificently beautiful making love to him. I loved to watch his cock slip in and out of your pussy and the way your beautiful breasts swayed and moved as you two fucked. I came twice. God, I was so hot watching you two."

"'Magnificently beautiful' - damn I love that. You little vixen, spying on us. I'll be damned. Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I love to get on top, and fuck down on his hard cock. OK, I won't tell him a thing. Watched us fucking did you?" Mae said and swatted Kim's ass playfully. They kissed for a while.

"Come on, let's go in my bedroom and make love. You've got me all hot and bothered again." They walked down the hall. "Did you ever watch your Mom and Dad make love?"

"No, there's no way in our house to see into the bedroom from the ground. I have stood in the hall and listened outside the door. That was exciting. Mom sure makes a lot of racket. I guess she has a really good time - - fucking!" There she'd said it. She giggled at the thought. Mae, behind her slapped her naked butt lightly. "I'd rub my pussy till I came. Mom making lots of noise moaning and sobbing, it really got me hot. She makes this little quivering sound when she cums. I hear Dad groaning out loud once in a while."

They moved into the bedroom. It was neat and orderly, the bed made up. Mae pulled the sheets down and folded them back. She sat down and pulled Kim between her spread thighs, lay back, and pulled Kim on top. Kim lay atop the soft beautiful body of her Aunt. Her pussy tingled and her breasts seemed to swell. She wiggled against her Aunt, feeling the soft warm body under her. She moved her head slightly and kissed her Aunt's full breast, taking the nipple into her mouth and shucking on it. It tasted fantastic.

Mae's thighs were spread and Kim lay between them, cradled by the soft full thighs. "Oh, Baby, wiggle your little ass down and push your pussy against mine. Mnnn, yes like that. Push it down a little harder. Make your pussy mound spread my pussy lips apart and fuck down against me. Oh, yes! That makes your pussy fuck my clit. Oh, that's so good! Now slowly rock your hips, up and down. Ahh, yes, a little more on the up stroke. Fuck me with your sweet pussy. Oh, yes, your little pussy lips are sliding on either side of my clit and fucking it so good. Yes, a little harder. Fuck me! Yes like that, now rock your hips, yes, Baby, I'm almost there. Oh! Fuck, yes, Baby, fuck your Aunt's pussy. Ohhhh, yesss, I'm cummming, Oh Sweet Baby, fuck me, fuck me!" Mae cried out as she came.

Kim almost came herself as she fucked her pussy down between her Aunt's spread pussy lips. She could feel the wetness of her Aunt's drenched pussy and a shudder went through her as she made her Aunt cum. She had never experienced anything like it in her young life. She had - made - brought - her Aunt to a screaming climax. She thrust her hips harder, fucking down against her Aunt.

Mae screamed over and over as her young beautiful niece's pussy fucked her to another climax. Her flowing juices made Kim's outer pussy slick and her pussy lips seemed to suck her clit as they moved on either side of it stimulating it in a wonderful way. The thought that the young girl was fucking her added to the fantastic cum she had. She seemed to explode. She screamed her ecstasy, egging Kim on to greater heights of joy as she fucked her Aunt.

Finally Mae cried out for Kim to stop. She couldn't take another climax. She lay gasping for breath. Kim lay atop her heaving body, enjoying the feel of Mae's hot flesh, and the thought that she had caused her Aunt such enjoyment. She kissed her Aunt's open lips, still gasping for breath.

"Oh, Kim, that was the best, Baby. The absolute best! Damn, you really fucked my pussy sooo well. Thank you, Dearest. God, you are good. I haven't had a cum like that in a long time." Mae gasped kissing Kim between breaths.

Kim's body squirmed between her Aunt's thighs. Her pussy was on fire. She'd brought her Aunt off, but her own pussy felt as if it would explode. She had to cum or she would go crazy. Almost without thinking she moved up in bed. She knew what she wanted.

She straddled her Aunt's body, moved upward till her spread pussy was over her Aunt's mouth and lowered her wide spread pussy directly on her Aunt's mouth. Mae cried out and trusts her mouth against her niece's dripping pussy. She sucked the wet sweet flesh and thrust her tongue up inside the tight wet opening. She burrowed her face and her hands pulled Kim's hips hard against her mouth. Kin needed no encouragement, and pushed her pussy down, this time fucking her Aunt's mouth instead of her wet pussy.

Kim moaned as her Aunt's lips sucked on her opening and her tongue slid deep inside her. Mae's nose pushed against her clit and Kim thrust and rotated her pussy seeking release. She cried out as her lover/Aunt slipped a wet finger to her ass, found her small brown anus, and pressed her digit deep in her bowels. She screamed as she came from the unexpected feeling of the finger up her backside. Her pussy exploded, and her pussy juices flowed out and into her Aunt's waiting and sucking mouth.

Mae was surprised at the amount of juices her young sweet niece poured into her waiting lips. She felt several jets of tasty juice shoot in her mouth. It had been a very long time since she had a lover ejaculate her girlie juice into her eager mouth. She moaned and swallowed the juices, but not before savoring the taste of the young sweet virgin's pussy juice. She thrust the finger deeper up Kim's ass, and her tongue into the tight young pussy that almost smothered her. She managed to gasp a breath from time to time and reveled in the young girl's cries above her. Kim's orgasm seemed to go on and on as she rode her Aunt's face. Finally, spent, she fell forward and lay panting for breath.

Mae moved up beside her, and pulled her close and kissed her flushed face. Kim's body was wet with a sheen of perspiration, and the young girl hugged her Aunt to her fiercely. They lay kissing for a long while.

"Oh, God Aunt Mae. I'm so sorry! I went wild. You must think I'm crazy? I'm really sorry. I got carried away! That was a terrible thing to do." Kim blurted out, her face red with embarrassment.

Mae hugged her young niece tightly to her. "Honey, that's the best complement you could pay me, to loose it and fuck my face because you are so hot. It was fantastic for me. It's been a long time since anyone has gotten that carried away with lust while making love with me. Thank you for being so innocent and so very horny. It's not every day I get to make love to a sweet young virgin." Mae laughed kissing Kim's lips.

Mae looked at the clock and saw it was time to start dinner. The two got up and took a quick shower to get the pussy juices off their faces and bodies. They had to refrain from making love in the shower. There were playful pats, quick pussy fingering, and feels as the two showered together.

Dressed they went into the kitchen and Kim helped Mae prepare dinner. "Aunt Mae, can I ask you a question. It may sound crazy, but, well, can a dog get a women pregnant?"

Mae laughed delightfully and hugged Kim to her. "No, they can't get a women pregnant. They are of a different species, and that won't work. It would be like a horse can't get a cow pregnant, or a bull impregnating a mare. They are different species. Why?" Mae asked, suspecting the reason for the question..

"Oh, nothing, I just wondered. I guess I thought about it while I was out walking with Scooter and Bullit." Kim said trying to sound nonchalant about it. Her Aunt noticed that her niece blushed deeply while trying to appear 'cool' about the question.

Mae laughed out loud, and hugged her niece harder against her soft body. "You little vixen! You've been letting the dogs fuck your sweet body, haven't you? Come on, tell me the truth. Out with it! You just blushed three shades of red. You have, haven't you? The truth, Little One!"

Kim was unable to look her Aunt in the face for several minutes she was so embarrassed. Finally she blurted out that Scooter had tried to lick her but she didn't let him, and that she'd lain there and masturbated. . Her Aunt held back her laughter so as not to embarrass Kim.

"Well, I have let them lick me sometimes when I really get hot. I taught them how when they were small dogs. "

The kitchen was silent except for the noises as they went about their work. Kim was silent for a long time. "Does Uncle Ed know about them?" She finally asked.

Mae laughed. "Oh, hell, no! He'd probably shoot both dogs, then me, if he found out. No, one of the things that were hardest to train them was not to try and nose around my pussy just anytime. I taught them it was OK only if I were naked and called them. They are well trained. I don't need them sticking their noses in my pussy while Ed is around. They are smart dogs, I'll hand that to them. My Daddy said to train a dog, you've got to be smarter then the dog!" They both laughed at the humor.

Kim thought for several long moments. Perhaps she was going too far. "Do you ever let them fuck you, Aunt Mea?" She asked.

Her Aunt turned sharply toward her, "Kim!" She said abruptly, frowning. But as she turned away a smile played over her face leaving Kim with just a doubt. Did she or didn't she?

A moment later, Mae said leaning close and kissing Kim softly on her lips. Kim sighed and kissed her back. It felt so good to kiss her beautiful Aunt. Mae fondled her breast and Kim cupped her Aunt's large breasts back.

To Be Continued...

* * * * *

Written for, and Dedicated to the Real Kim - hullo_nurse. Thanks DD'd Wonder!


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