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Family Farm Fun Pt. VI
by Tawny T.

Mae came in to wake up Kim. She was lying out from under the cover, legs aplomb, on her side, Mae could see one full breast uncovered almost to the nipple by the low cut top. Damn she was sexy! The events of the day before flooded through her mind in a flash. This little lady was definitely a lady-killer.

She bent forward and kissed Kim's soft firm breast. Kim didn't move. Mae smiled and very gently pulled the top down exposing the small pink nipple and it's small areola. She wondered if the areolas would enlarge as Kim's young breasts swelled and grew. She knew her own did as her breasts enlarged and elongated as she developed. She bent down and took the nipple in her mouth and began to suck and tongue it. Even asleep, Kim's nipple grew hard, grew longer till it was a hard small cylinder in Mae's sucking mouth. Kim stirred and moaned softly. Mae felt her hand stroke her hair.

"Mnn, that's a nice way to be waked up, Aunt Mae." Kim said sleepily.

Mae pulled her mouth from the nipple reluctantly and kissed Kim. Their tongues flicked and probed wonderfully for several minutes. "Come on sleepyhead, breakfast is almost ready and Ed's drinking his second cup of coffee. He's waiting for his favorite niece to come to breakfast. I think he's half-hard already. You gave him quite a show yesterday." Mae laughed, pulling back.

Kim sat up and looked down at her erect nipple, still wet with Mae's saliva. "Damn, Aunt Mae, you've really gotten me hot." She thought for a moment. "I'd love to tease him this morning. How far can I go with it?" She added with a mischievous grin.

Mae kissed her quickly, and turned to go out. "As far as you want, Young Lady. But just no fucking on the kitchen table. Please." She laughed as she turned and left.

Kim sat thinking then went over to her dresser and took a pen and paper and quickly wrote a note. She looked at herself in the mirror, adjusted the shorty nightgown's scoop neck a little lower, slipped her panties off, and walked down the hall to the kitchen.

Ed was sipping his coffee and when she came in, and gave her young body close scrutiny. Kim knew he could see the faint outline of her pussy through the thin material, and her nipples tenting the top. Her breasts were almost visible to the nipples the way the top was cut. She'd pulled on it so that it just covered her taut nipples. She went over and gave Mae a quick peck on the cheek. Her Aunt looked at her and winked. When she bent over to give Ed a quick peck, her top ballooned a little, and he had a perfect close view of both of her naked young breasts. He almost choked on his coffee.

She sat across from Ed, as she had done the day before. Ed couldn't keep his eyes off of her breasts as she ate. This time she knocked her fork off on the floor and asked Ed if he would get it for her. Both women almost lost it as Ed almost dived under the table to retrieve the errant fork for his lovely niece. Kim let her thighs spread wide, swinging one leg in and out, and giving Ed a view of her neatly trimmed bush. She doubted he could see her pussy lips, but the thought made her pussy almost drip.

"Ed, find it?" Mae asked winking at Kim.

"Yeah, came the muffled reply. "I slid under the leg, and I'm having trouble getting it loose."

Mae and Kim almost burst out laughing thinking of Ed looking up Kim's thighs. A long moment later he came out, red faced and sat back. He had to reach under the table and adjust his swollen cock. Mae and Kim acted as if nothing had happened.

They finished their breakfast and Ed got up to leave. "Uncle Ed, let me give you a quick kiss," Kim said. She went to her Uncle and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek. In the process she slipped a folded note into his hand. Her back was to Mae, and she put her finger to her lips quickly. Ed's eyebrows shot up but he recovered, palmed the note and gave Kim a quick kiss on her forehead, his eyes looking down at her almost exposed breasts. As he turned, his swollen cock was very evident in his pants.

"What was that all about?" Mae said as Ed drove off in the pick-up truck. Kim only grinned.

They finished the breakfast dishes quickly. "I'm going to take a shower. Want to join me?" Kim asked Mae. Mae hugged her and the two went into the bathroom.

There was the usual hugging, kissing, and fingers exploring in the shower, getting both women hot and ready for lovemaking. After drying off, they went down the hall to the master bedroom and got into bed.

"Oh, I'm so hot. Make love to me, Aunt Mae. Eat me. I need it. You got me so hot sucking on my nipple when you woke me up. I need you to give me a real good cum. Please?" Kim asked her Aunt. Mae was more than willing to comply. She knew her talented new lover would more than make up for it later.

They kissed and caressed, and Mae slowly made her way down her niece's sweet young body till her head was between the soft white thighs, and her tongue was between the swollen lips of her niece's delicious pussy. God, she loved the taste of her pussy.

Kim lay, cupping and stroking her swollen breasts when she looked in the doorway and Ed stood there. The look on his face was priceless. First amazement and almost anger, as he saw his wife's body between Kim's spread thighs, head bobbing as she ate her niece. Then the look turned to puzzlement, then lust at the scene unfolding before his eyes.

"Oh, Aunt Mae, suck me. Suck my juices out. You suck my pussy so good. Ohhh, yes, stick your tongue deep inside me. Tongue fuck me. Ohhh, yes. I'm going to cum. Make me cum. Ohhhhh, yes." Kim screamed as her climax came. She squeezed her breasts as the vision of her Uncle in the doorway fed her passion. He was rubbing his swollen cock through his clothes, watching his wife eat his lovely niece's pussy and his niece, a vision of wantonness, wild with passion, climaxing before his very eyes.

Mae lay, face down slowly licking Kim's pussy, still wet and hot. "Aunt Mae, let me do something for you. Close your eyes, and don't peep. " She said.

"Oh, you little vixen, what do you have in mind. Another one of your sexy games?" Mae laughed raising her head up, eyes closed. "Oh, OK! I'll keep them closed till you tell me to open them."

Kim looked at Ed and pantomimed for him to get quiet and to undress. Ed almost tore off his clothes, but silently. Kim guided Mae up in the bed and began to kiss her. She moved her body on top of her beautiful Aunt who lay grinning, eyes closed. Kim slowly worked her way down Mae's body kissing and licking her till she was moaning with desire. Ed was standing watching, his cock hard and swollen as he stroked it slowly. The tip glistened from the precum that oozed from it.

Kim worked further down Mae's body till she got to her pussy and pulled Mae's thighs wide and pushed them up toward her breasts till she lay spread and open. Kim got on her hands and knees between Mae's thighs, and her ass was close to the edge of the bed, thrust up in the air. Kim looked over her shoulder and saw Ed's huge swollen cock jutting out. She looked at him, spread her thighs wider and motioned for him to fuck her and a finger to her lips cautioned him to be quiet

Ed, his cock almost bursting, needed no second invitation and moved behind his lovely young niece. The sight caused his heart to race. There was her perfect ass, her sweet young pussy, wet with her juices spread for him and her small brown anus beckoning to him. It was the most erotic sight he could have imagined. He bent forward and licked from bottom to top tasting the sweet young pussy. It was all he could do to suppress a moan, as he tasted her sweet nectar. God, she tasted delicious. He slid his tongue inside, and stroked upward. Her rich pussy juice filled his mouth.

Kim groaned at the sensation. "Are you OK Kim?" Mae asked, eyes still closed.

"Oh, yes, I just fingered my clit and it felt so good. Sucking your pussy almost makes me cum too. I want more of your juice." Kim said covering up nicely. Her head bobbed as she slid her tongue up and down her Aunt's pussy.

Ed had never imagined that he would fuck his beautiful niece. She was so desirable and had teased him unmercifully. He stood up and moved closer. His cock felt almost ready to burst, his cockhead was purple, swollen so tight it was shining. Taking his rigid cock, he moved it to Kim's sweet young pussy and slid it up and down the entrance. Kim moaned again as she felt the huge intruder cleave her pussy.

Her pussy lips split open and Ed pressed the huge head against her young virginal opening. Not knowing how much she could take, he very slowly, using all his will power, pressed against her opening. The head pushed the lips apart and his knob pressed against her opening. Her pussy was so tight and he was so thick he wondered if it would go inside her.

Carefully he worked it against her tight hole letting it press inward slowly, giving her pussy time to expand. It pressed her lips wide, stretching them till she thought they would tear. Kim gasped as the massive head slid past the opening and finally the head popped inside her, and she let out another gasp. Her Uncle - her Uncle - was fucking her! The thought ran through her mind. God, it felt so huge inside her. She managed to push back a little as he pressed forward.

Slowly his cock slid inside her, filling her pussy. Ed moved his hips from side to side as he slid into her young pussy. Kim was overcome with the feelings of her Uncle fucking her from behind, and the feeling of having her face buried in her Aunt's pussy. She loved the feel, taste, smell, and wonder of making love to both of them together.

She concentrated on making love to Mae's pussy, as much as possible while her Uncle's thick long cock slid deeper inside. She felt the head press against her cervix and it almost caused her to have an orgasm. The intruder pressed its massive head against her virginal cervix and stretched her wonderfully. She was so close. She redoubled her efforts on her Aunt's pussy, slipping two fingers up inside her, twisting her wrist, and sucking her Aunt's clit harder while flicking it with her tongue. She felt Mae's bodies start to stiffen and knew her climax was close. Her own was almost there.

"Oh, Aunt Mae, cum, cum for me. I'm almost there. Ohh, open your eyes, Sweet Lover. Open your eyes and cum for me." Kim cried out as she sent her Aunt over the edge and Mae's pussy exploded under the barrage of kisses and sucks to her pussy and clit.

Mae's eyes slipped open slowly as her climax was almost on her. They went wide as she saw her naked husband behind Kim, his hands on her hips, and his hips thrusting into her from the rear. She screamed out as she came, Kim's mouth skyrocketing her upward to total bliss. She heard Kim scream out against her pussy as Ed's hard cock drove inside the young girl. The two women cried out their passion and were joined a moment later by the loud guttural cry of Ed, as his cock erupted and shot his huge load of cum deep inside his niece's tight young pussy. Her pussy seemed to clamp onto his cock as she climaxed and he shoved it as far into her young body as he could. The cries of the three, echoed through the house.

Their climaxes seemed to go on and on, fuelled by the intense passion played out in the incestuous fucking marathon they were engaged in. Kim's face was buried in Mae's pussy, moving from side to side. Ed's hard cock plunged deep inside Kim, setting her on fire and giving her yet another climax. Ed's cock miraculously stayed hard and he stroked it in and out of his niece. He continued to stroke deeply inside her young tight pussy. He moved slightly, bringing his cock in contact with her g-spot and igniting another spectacular climax in his young niece who had never been fucked by a man before.

He rode her high keeping the head of his massive cock against her spot. Kim screamed over and over, her face against her Aunt's steaming pussy. Mae reached down and her fingers found her swollen clit and quickly brought herself to another cum while she watched the lascivious fucking in front of her. She screamed her ecstasy out, joining her niece's cries.

Ed continued to fuck his niece, his throbbing cock buried deep inside the young girl. He was amazed that she could take his whole cock inside her. He only knew her pussy was tight and so hot around his thrusting iron rod. Moments later, he came. Something that had not happened in years, two climaxes in such a short time, without loosing his hardness. He didn't question his lustful passion for the young niece, only fucked her pussy harder till his sperm shot out again deep inside her.

Finally, spent, Ed pulled his cock out and watched his cum slowly drip out of her sweet open cunt. He leaned down and gave her pert ass a kiss.

The room was silent for a few minutes save for the heavy breathing of the three spent bodies. "Damn. That was fantastic." Kim was the first to talk.

"I'll say, Kim. You are really something. I never expected this." Ed said with wonder in his voice.

"Just what the hell is going on?" Mae managed to laugh, looking up at her husband, standing there, his now limp, wet cock, gleaming with his cum and Kim's pussy juices. "You fucker. How did you get in here?" She asked. "Kim, is this your doing? You sexy little bitch. I smell your hand in this."

Kim laughed. "Well, you did say I could take teasing Uncle Ed as far as I wanted to. I slipped him a note before he left telling him to come back in 30 minutes and not to make any noise and I'd have a really sexy surprise for him. Did you like your surprise Uncle Ed?" Kim said turning and kissing him full on the lips.

She slid her tongue out and into his mouth stopping his answer. He pulled her to him and swung her hot young body against him. Her breasts pressed into his chest and his cock pressed against her hot stomach. She reached between them and caught it in her hand and squeezed it. God, it was huge! It was still wet from their combined juices.

"I knew Mae liked women, and has a couple of women lovers, but Mae, you wench, you lied to me and told me you wouldn't make love to Kim. I ought to tan your sweet ass for that. Considering the circumstances I'll just give you a couple of swats on your lovely ass." Ed laughed holding Kim against him. His cock was swelling from her holding it. Well, she wasn't exactly holding it. Her hand was sliding up and down, tightening and loosening her hold on it. He wasn't sure it would come to full hardness for a while.

"Kim, you little vixen you! That was some trick." Mae laughed. "But, I did tell you that you could tease poor Ed as much as you wanted to. Ed, did you enjoy that tight young Virgin pussy this girl has?"

"Virgin? Oh my God yes! She's the tightest. I'm surprised that she could take all my cock in her. You're so tight, Kim. I loved your sweet pussy. My cock went all the way inside you. I didn't think you could take it. I took your virginity? I never dreamed! You are a fantastic fuck, little lady. Better and tighter then your moth -! Oh shit. Sorry!" Ed said coloring.

Kim's looked at his red face, turned and looked at Mae and saw the look on her face - shock, and Mae had turned red too. She thought a moment, putting two and two together.

"You mean you've fucked Mom?" She asked.

"I'm sorry Kim, I didn't mean - aw shit!" Ed said turning away.

"Hey, it's OK. What Mom and you did is between you two." Then she had another thought. " Aunt Mae, have you and Mom made love too. I'll bet you have from your reaction. Why you 'swinging' old folks. That is the term for it isn't it 'swinging'. Was Dad in on it too! Holy Shit. You did, didn't you? All four of you! Wow, That's fantastic. And I thought I'd done some shit in my life. Whoa, fantastic. Come on, you did, didn't you?" Kim laughed looking from one to the other. She could see it was true. "It's true isn't it Aunt Mae?" Kim asked her Aunt, hugging her. Mae nodded.

"Wow, tell me all the nasty sexy details. I want to hear every detail." Kim said kissing her Aunt and squeezing one magnificent breast.

The three sat on the bed as Mae and Ed told Kim about their earlier days of 'swinging'. The two couples had made love with each other many times and the two sisters had been making love together since they were girls. They had started when they were young, and continued even after they had married. Mae told Kim that they still made love together when they could. They still enjoyed an occasional foursome. She didn't want Kim to let her Mother know that she knew though. Kim promised.

Though, the thought did enter her mind, that her Mom was one good-looking woman. She'd seen her naked many times, but never thought about her in that vein. She was very bit as sexy and sensual as her sister Mae. Well! Her Mom liked women too. Wow! She had just learned that she herself liked women - very much - liked women. She also liked that hard cock that her Uncle had slid inside her.

Kin had Ed's cock still in her hand and stroked it, liking the feel if it. It began to grow as they sat there telling her of their sexual exploits with her Mother and Father. She bent forward and kissed the head. She licked, tasting the mixture of her pussy juices and the cum on it. She liked the taste and soon had the head in her mouth, licking and sucking it.

Mae moved around and slipped behind her, pulled Kim's hips to her and fastened her mouth to the young pussy and began to suck the juices out of her niece. It had been a long time since she's sucked a recently fucked pussy, and she liked it. That it was her husband's cum, and her niece's virgin pussy juice, made it even better. She sucked and tongued Kim's sweet pussy.

Kim was getting excited, both from her Aunt's mouth on her pussy, and the thought that she had a man's cock in her mouth. She had no experience at this, but swirled her tongue over the head and took as much of it into her mouth as she could.

Ed groaned as his niece's hot mouth enveloped the end of his swelling cock. Looking down, he watched her sweet young mouth surround his cock. He stroked her shiny brown hair, and reached over and fondled one firm, swollen, youthful breast. Damn, she had lovely breasts. He tweaked the nipple, rolling it slightly. Mae's mouth was fastened to Kim's sweet pussy, sucking the cum out of it. Watching that, stiffened his cock still more, and his balls tightened.

Kim slid her mouth as far down as she could. The massive head hit the back of her mouth and she gagged momentarily. She tried again with the same results. Aunt Mae must have spent a great deal of time sucking him to be able to control the gag reflex. She pulled back and slid her mouth up and down his cock, taking as much as she could with each stroke. Her tongue swirled and rubbed against the cock. She slid her hand up and down the exposed portion of his cock, and fondled his balls very gently. She had heard a man's balls were very sensitive to pressure.

"Kim, Honey, if you keep that up I'm going to cum in your sweet mouth. I want to fuck you again. Lay back and let me fuck you from the front. I think you'll really like this." Ed said gently pushing Kim's head from his cock.

Kim pulled back; a thin rainbow ribbon of saliva gleamed from her lips to his cock, hung for a moment, and then disappeared. She licked her lips. Mae gave her wet pussy one last lick, leaving it wet and gleaming. Kim lay back to get her first real fuck from the front - from her Uncle too.

Mae moved to the side to watch her husband fuck this young, no longer virginal, sweet woman. The lascivious thought ran through her mind, remembering Kim's mother at this age, almost the same build, lying open and wet, waiting for her to lie down on her in a fantastic 69, and the two sisters licking and sucking each other again and again, till they were both exhausted and satiated. The thought almost drove her to a climax and she hadn't touched her pussy yet.

Mae leaned over and gave Kim a quick kiss as Ed positioned himself between Kim's spread legs. She reached down and took Ed's rock hard cock and guided it to niece's spread pussy, running it up and down to spread his precum over Kim's pussy. Kim was so wet she really didn't need the extra lubrication. Mae's lips and tongue had almost drenched the young pussy with her saliva.

Kim moaned as the large head once again cleaved her wet young pussy. She leaned forward to watch it press her pussy lips apart. It filled and stretched her so, and she grunted as the head stretched her almost to the point of pain, then slid inside and began to probe up into her body.

Kim wiggled her hips a little, and then thrust them upward toward the massive cock sliding inside her. God, it filled her up. She wanted it all inside her. She wanted all of its thick, long meat stick inside her.

"Ohh, Uncle Ed that feels so wonderful, slide it deeper inside me. I want all of your cock. I want your cock that's fucked Aunt Mae, that's fucked my Mother. Ohhh, deeper, all the way. Yes. Yes. Fuck me!" Kim begged as his cock slid till it hit her cervix and pushed further. She could feel it hit, and looked down and saw that there was at least two inches left. Her young elastic vagina stretched and gave her a wonderful sense of fullness. It got painful for a moment and she begged him to stop. Ed pulled back till the head was just barely inside her then slowly slid it back inside her to the same point.

"Oh, yes, that feels so good. Push it a little further in, then bring it out again. Yes, Yes, like that. Fuck me, slowly, fill me up. Fuck me like you fuck my beautiful, sexy Mother!" Kim moaned. Ed was a gentle lover and slowly slid his cock deeper and deeper till finally his pubes met Kim's and he was all the way inside his beautiful innocent niece. He held his cock full in her, letting her young pussy stretch and accommodate him, then picked up the pace.

He held his body off hers and began to fuck her faster, pulling his cock almost out of her, then sliding it back deep inside the sweet young girl. God, she was beautiful. Lying under him, brown shining hair fanned out on the bed. Sweet young breasts, now swollen with passion, bobbed as he thrust inside her. He looked down and saw his swollen manhood disappear inside her sweet body. He had to concentrate to keep from shooting his load into her. He vowed to give the young woman at least three or four cums before he shot inside her.

Mae watched fascinated as Ed fucked Kim. Her hands were on her pussy, one rubbing and rolling her swollen hard clit, the other burying three fingers up inside her body. She moved slightly so she could see Kim's pussy as Ed slid in and out. The young pussy lips were pulled back and out, as Ed slid out, then pushed forward sliding deep inside. She could see the movement pull at Kim's clit stimulating is as he rode in and out. It was so erotic to watch. She thought back to her tongue sliding in and out of Kim's sweet young pussy and crying out, she climaxed lying beside them.

Kim looked over at Mae, her body taut, fingers ramming inside her pussy, another finger stroking her clit and Kim came too, from watching her beautiful Aunt climaxing beside her. Her pussy contracted around Ed's cock, grasping it almost like a fist. Ed cried out and willed himself not to cum. He slammed his cock faster inside Kim's sweet pussy till she was over her climax and her pussy relaxed around him.

Mae moved over, one hand still stroking her clit, bent and took Kim's firm, passion swollen breast and sucked the nipple. Her flesh tasted delicious. She continued to suck the nipple, tonguing it and biting it with her teeth. Kim quickly became hot again with her Aunt's mouth on her sensitive nipple and her Uncle's thick cock buried deep inside her. She reached up and pulled his head down and kissed him, running her tongue inside his mouth. Their tongues fenced and slid together. His face was slightly rough from his beard, not like the smooth faces of Mae and Penny.

Trish's smooth face flashed through Kim's mind for a moment, and she thought of what she could tell her young friend! The thought hit her, what she could show her sweet friend. She could teach Trish how to eat her pussy, suck her, and she could slip her tongue into Trish's sweet pussy. She wondered what Trish would taste like. They could move into a 69 and eat each other for hours. The thought so enflamed her young body that she came again as Ed thrust his long thick fuck rod all the way inside her. She exploded. Mae bit down on her nipple giving her exquisite pain, and intensifying her pleasure still more.

Ed felt her young pussy clamp down again on his cock, and he watched her face distorted by the ecstasy flooding her body. His good intentions flew out the window, and with a cry of joy, his cock exploded, and he shot another stream of hot juices out into his niece's writhing body. Her pussy closed down so hard, it was almost painful, but he cried out and shot gush after gush inside Kim. Her orgasm seem to go on and on as his huge rod slammed into her pussy, thrusting full length inside her. She screamed and cried out her ecstasy, and Mae's cries joined the chorus as she too exploded, watching the erotic incestuous display of lust beside her.

Panting and gasping, the three wound down, and Ed pulled his dripping cock from Kim's pussy. Mae was too spent to cover Kim's pussy with her mouth again. Kim lay gasping for breath, Ed's cum leaking from her pussy, which slowly closed back to normal. Her pussy flesh was beet red from all the thrusting and friction.

Ed leaned over and kissed Kim on the lips softly. "Thank you Kim, Darling, that was fantastic. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. You are one sweet little lady and I really enjoyed making love to you. You and your Aunt enjoy the rest of the day. I really have to get some work done today. I'll see you two this evening. We'll have to go to bed real early tonight, and not to sleep either! Mae, take care of her and make sure she doesn't get pregnant from all this. That would be awful hard to explain to your Mom, Kim!" Ed said with a laugh. He grabbed his clothes, disappeared and minutes later they heard the front screen door slam shout.

Mae kissed Kim for a while, caressing the young girl, then they got up and went to the bathroom. Mae fixed a slightly stronger then usual douche for Kim and got down in front of her in the shower. As Kim squatted, Mae guiding the nozzle into her young pussy, washing her well fucked pussy out thoroughly. They took a shower together and washed each other lovingly. They both loved the feel of wet, slick bodies moving together. They hugged and kissed, but both were satiated after the marathon fucking session.

Dressed, they got in the car and went into town shopping at the new mall, two women having fun together. Others seeing them mistook them for mother and daughter, two radiantly beautiful women shopping together. What could be more wholesome and wonderful than that?

Kim and Mae went in several stores looking. In Victoria's Secret, Kim picked up a sexy pair of panties, cut high on the sides, black and lacy, almost see through, and a matching half bra, lacy and very sexy, to go with it.

Mae inspected the sexy panties and bra. "Kim, those are really sexy. I love them!" She stopped a moment. "But these aren't your size. Honey, you've picked up the wrong ones!" Mae pointed out.

Kim looked up at her Aunt, held up the sexy underclothing, turning them this way and then the other, visualizing, and smiled. "You're absolutely right Aunt Mae. They aren't for me at all; I'm buying them for my friend Trish. Don't you think these will really look sexy on her?" She paused a moment, then looked up into her Aunts' eyes, her brow furrowing slightly, her lovely long lashed eyes sparkling.

"Aunt Mae is there a Sex Boutique around here anywhere? You know, the kind that sell dildos, vibrators, and ben-wa balls?"

- The End -

* * * * * *

Written for, and Dedicated to the Real Kim - hullo_nurse. Thanks DD'd Wonder!


Another fine story by Tawny T.
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