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Full House: The Reunion Pt. II
by Kip Carson

Joey stood in the doorway looking at Kimmie and Michelle. "What's going on girls?" Joey asked. "I was thinking about running to the store, and was wondering if you needed anything," he said to Michelle. Joey slowly moved towards the two girls as they lie on the bed. Kimmie stretched her foot outward, and brushed it against Joey's crotch. Joey froze as her foot rubbed against his semi erect cock. Kimmie could feel the heat from his cock radiating through the material of his shorts. She furiously rubbed her foot across his stiffening cock, and Joey remained motionless.

"Mmmmm, you tell me what's up, Joey?" Kimmie said smiling brightly. She quickly sat up, and placed her mouth over Joey's crotch. Joey felt her hot breath through the material of his shorts as her mouth remained over his growing cock. Michelle watched in shock as Kimmie began to unzip Joey's shorts. She quickly removed Joey's now fully erect cock from the tight confines of his shorts and briefs. She began to kiss his aching cock head with her soft lips. Joey softly moaned and Kimmie took the head of his cock into her mouth. Kimmie quickly began to suck and lick his cock taking him deeply into her mouth. Joey moaned and fell onto the bed on his back. Kimmie looked at Michelle, and motioned for her to join her. Michelle naively joined Kimmie between Joey's legs.

"Mmmm, why don't you take his cock into you hand" Kimmie softly purred. Michelle grabbed Joey's long stiff cock with a trembling hand. She was amazed at how hard and hot it felt as her small hand gripped him. She began to move her hand up and down, slowly stroking his cock. Kimmie licked all around his swollen cock head which was now oozing sticky hot precum. Kimmie quickly licked the cream from his pulsating cockhead marveling at the sweetness of the taste.

"Mmmm, suck his cock, Michelle," Kimmie softly whispered. Michelle looked up at Joey, and then looked at Kimmie. She took Joey's cock between her wet soft lips, and began to slowly slide him into her mouth. Joey moaned loudly as the youngest Tanner began to move her mouth up and down his stiff throbbing cock. Michelle loved the way his hard cock felt in her mouth. Kimmie's hand slid between Michelle's legs, and she began to rub up and down Michelle's wet pussy slit. Michelle moved her mouth up and down Joey's stiff cock, swirling her tongue all around his pulsating cockhead.

Joey thrust against her mouth, driving his cock deeper into her mouth. Michelle softly gagged as Joey's large cock slid against the back of her throat. Joey quickly pulled it from her throat, and watched as she softly kissed and licked his cock head with her pouty lips, and wet tongue. Kimmie was now removing Michelle's wet cotton panties. Joey looked with delight as Kimmie spread Michelle's pretty blonde pussy apart with her fingers. His cock pulsated wildly. Kimmie tossed the wet panties to Joey, and he immediately inhaled the wonderful scent of Michelle's sweet pussy. He licked Michelle's pussy juices from the cotton material smelling her musky womanly scent. Small jets of cum burst from his cock emptying into Michelle's mouth.

Michelle found the precum to be a unique taste, and she quickly swallowed the sticky sweet fluid. She removed her mouth from Joey's cock, and Kimmie quickly positioned Michelle above the long stiff cock. Kimmie slowly lowered Michelle's pussy onto Joey's monstrously stiff cock. Michelle moaned as the thick cock began to enter her virginal pussy. It felt so huge, and as it split her pussy apart she began to moan even louder. Joey had never felt such tightness, and it took all he had, to keep from cumming as about half of his cock slid into her. Michelle moaned and thrust downward, lowering her pussy all the way onto his wonderful cock.

"Oh God!" Joey moaned.

"Mmm yes!" Michelle yelled. She began to move up and down on Joey's cock gripping it tightly with her wet horny pussy.

"Oh yes, it feels so big and hot!" Michelle moaned. Joey grunted and thrust wildly, driving himself up into her pussy. Kimmie quickly placed her mouth over Michelle's passionately french kissing her. Michelle and Joey thrust against each other, his cock buried deeply inside of her incredible pussy. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum" Joey yelled. Michelle grunted as she felt his thick hot cum erupt inside of her pussy. Kimmie sucked on Michelle's wet tongue, kissing her like there was no tomorrow. Michelle's pussy spasmed wildly, gripping Joey's erupting cock as she climaxed.

Joey's cum continued to spray inside of Michelle's hot pussy, filling it with the hot sticky fluid. Michelle moaned and grunted each time she felt the liquid fire erupt from his thick cockhead. She quickly climaxed again as the last of his cum trickled from his cock. Michelle quickly slid from his cock, and she placed her mouth over his. They passionately kissed, sharing their hot tongues with each other. Kimmie quickly sucked Michelle's tasty juices from Joey's thick cock, enjoying the combination of their juices.

Kimmie deepthroated Joey's cock expertly, keeping him quite hard and excited. Kimmie quickly bent over the bed, pulling her soft ass cheeks apart.

"Mmmm, fuck me now, Joey!" she moaned. Joey quickly thrust into Kimmie's pussy from behind. He drove it deeply into her with the first thrust. Kimmie squealed loudly, her tight pussy clasping around him, holding him tightly. Michelle removed Kimmie's top, revealing her wonderful breasts. Michelle quickly took Kimmie's puffy nipples into her hands, pulling one of them to her mouth. She gently nibbled on the puffy pink nipple while watching Joey furiously plow her pussy from behind.

"Oh God, yes" Kimmie moaned. Joey thrust wildly, driving his cock into Kimmie's pussy without mercy. Kimmie thrust against him, accepting every wonderful thick inch into her. "Oh yes, I'm cumming" Kimmie moaned loudly. Her pussy gripped Joey's cock tightly, as she climaxed. Joey moaned, and thrust excitedly, filling her pussy with his cum. They both simultaneously climaxed, thrusting and grinding against each other. Joey continued to thrust until the last of his cum spewed inside of Kimmie's wonderful pussy. Michelle moved her mouth upward to Kimmie's and they passionately French kissed as Kimmie's climax continued. Joey's cock began to slowly soften, as he pulled it from Kimmie's incredibly tight pussy.

"Oh shit!" he moaned. He flopped onto the bed, wore out. Joey fell asleep and the girls quietly played with each other letting him rest up.

To Be Continued...


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