The Best Erotic Stories.

Hollywood Nights: A Novella Ch. VI
by Che

Taking his time, Michael showered and shaved, letting the girls get to know each other. He could hear them talking in the other room. They'd showered and dressed while he did a few laps, returning thirty minutes after they'd abandoned him in the pool. He walked into their conversation bare-ass nude. With the exception of a lighter tan Speedo®,-shadow, he was as brown as an Indian.

Leticia whistled and Marla giggled.

"Nice bod!" Leticia smiled. "Hey, baby, going my way?"

"What's your way?" he laughed, going though his bag for clean shirt.

"The bi-way," giggled Leticia, smiling at Marla. "How bout taking a ride with me? I'll show you a good time."

"You guys," he chuckled, Leticia always able to make him laugh. "Let's go get dinner. I could eat a horse."

"How 'bout a pussy?" teased Leticia, making Marla fall into such a state of laughter they were doubled over.

"I don't know who started the play-on-words game, but you two are a trip," laughed Marla. "I thought it was just you, Michael, but she's just as funny."

She couldn't stop laughing until they were in the elevator.

Leaving the hotel, Michael held the door open for two familiar faces they'd seen at the front desk, thinking they made a cute-looking couple. Recalling Marla's earlier remark, he had to tease.

"That's the guy you wanta pick up? Looks like you got some cute competition," he grinned, looking longingly back at tiny Candi's hard little ass and sexy legs.

Marla swatted his buns.

"Knock it off, buster or I'll jump your bones right here!"

Giggling at their silliness, Leticia slipped her hand into Marla's. Michael grabbed her other hand and they swung her between them while crossing the street, her short dress floating up above her waist. Cars honked and a couple of whistles echoed in traffic as Leticia tried to pull her dress back down.

"Be nice, you guys. Don't get me in too much trouble, at least not until you get me in bed," she teased.

Marla spanked her buns.

"Spank me, tease me, make me suck," giggled Leticia as the two girls traded swats.

Dinner was perfect. Grilled veggies, Spanish rice and big, saut‚ed sea-scallops, enjoyed by all with a Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc by Clos Pegase®,, one of Michael's favorite wines. Leticia had a slice of cheesecake. Michael would have loved to had a taste of hers. Marla had a slice of carrot cake. Michael ordered Espresso.

After strolling through a couple of Sunset shops the trio returned to their room. Marla tossed her scarf over the arm of the couch. Michael kicked off his loafers and Leticia went to use the restroom.

"So, what took you two so long up here?" he asked when they were finally alone. "You were gone almost forty-five minutes. Did you have to go shopping for that bikini?"

Marla smiled, patronizingly.

"You know girls."

"I know you girls! What did she do? Throw you down on the bed when she got you alone? She likes eatin' pussy!"

"Other than putting some suntan oil on me and holding my hand, she hasn't done more than give me a kiss," she taunted, knowing how far she was stretching the truth. "So there, smarty."

"Yeah, but where did she kiss you?" he teased back.

"Wanta know? In the bathroom," she giggled.

On that remark, the bathroom door opened and there stood Leticia, wearing white thigh-highs, skintight white Lycra-Spandex thong, five inch high white ankle-strap sandals, white half-cup bra to match panties and a white satin ribbon in thick ebony hair, now pulled high on top of her head in a ponytail. Her golden tan glowed with a light coating of body oil, her makeup right out of Hollywood movies: lips blood-red gloss, eyelids a lavender bronze with kohl eye-liner. Silver hoops in earlobes and silver bangles on wrists made her look like everyman's fantasy of what a Eurasian Gypsy call-girl should look like. Marla was speechless. Rolling his eyes upwards, Michael fell to his knees.

"Forgive me, Lord, for what I'm thinking!"

Leticia walked toward the bed, stepped over him as he lay on the floor, and arranged herself seductively on top of the bed.

"I thought you might like to . . . slip into something a little more comfortable," she smiled, doing a pretty good voice impression of Madonna, "like; me."

Marla joined Michael on the floor, both laughing so hard it took almost five minutes to regain enough composure to get out one complete sentence.

"Oh, Leticia . . . " Michael laughed, tears streaming, "you're something else. You missed your true calling. You could have been a stand-up call-girl. See why I like this girl?" he smiled at Marla. "No matter how serious I get, she always made me laugh. That's what life's all about."

Eying Leticia, Marla got up.

"Okay, my turn in the bathroom, you two. Don't do anything I wouldn't do while I'm gone." She turned, finger to lower lip. "Guess that leaves things pretty wide open, doesn't it?" she giggled, shutting the bathroom door behind her.

"Was she talking about my legs?" giggled Leticia, looking down, legs spread wide, the vision so inviting, Michael almost crawled across the floor to get to her crotch.

Thinking better of it, he sat up instead.

"Don't get me in trouble, at least not until Marla gets back here, okay?" he whispered. "I can't wait to . . . "

He was staring directly at the thin white elastic-satin strip spanning Leticia's inviting crotch, outline of her plump little smoothly-shaved pussy-lips clearly exposed, though temptingly covered by the single-thickness material of her cute little panties.

"To?" asked Leticia.

"Suck your pussy." He smiled when she crossed her legs. "I've though about licking your pussy ever since last time. It's been too long, Leticia. You know, I actually get hungry for you? No one cums like you do. You addicted me to your warm slippery orgasms."

Leticia smiled lewdly, chewing a thick lower lip.

"I'm glad, baby," she purred, squirming playfully. "I'm just as hungry for yours. I hope Marla won't mind if I suck you off tonight. Are you going to be able to, you know . . . cum a lot?" She blushed. "Wait, wait! I know you cum a lot, but, I mean, more than twice?"

Michael nodded. "I've been saving it all for tonight. At least half for you."

They grinned at each other like kids in a sand box.

"So, did you do Marla when the two of you came up here to get your bikini this afternoon?"

He watched carefully, knowing well enough she could tell a lie.

"Honest," she whispered, "I wanted to, but I didn't."

"Well, let's see what happens," he sighed. "I hope she's receptive to a little manage a trios How could she not?"

"Don't worry, be happy," Leticia smiled. "Can I make you a drink while we're waiting?"

"Sure, why not," he said, "and while you're up, stick that tape in the VCR and put the remote by the bed. That's a good ice-breaker for starters."

Leticia slipped the tape in the VCR, turned on M/TV and made a drink for Michael. He watched her every move, cock so hard in his pants, the old May West line came to mind. Leticia must have heard it, too.

She handed him the drink, doing the impression perfectly.

"Say, big fella, is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy ta see me?"

On his back again, he was kicking heels in the air when Marla entered the room. It wasn't costume-competition that drove her, but Marla might have won had there been one. Black Euro self-garter hose encased delicious model-shapely legs, semitransparent material tapering into strips of nylon over slim hips, its waistband an integral part of the elastic design. The five inch high black fuck-me pumps had been a gift from Michael, the bra and panties a lightly laced satin version of what Leticia was wearing, another Michael present. Long blonde hair was pulled high on top of her head, the mane held securely by a black elastic tie. Ear rings and jewelry were 24 carat Thai gold, her make-up nasty, nasty, nasty. Black eye-liner of course, with mid-night blue eye shadow, hint of blush on cheeks and shocking hot-pink lipstick with a golden gloss. Gold-dust highlighted aristocratic cheeks and upper curve of breasts pushed almost out of bra by its revealing design. She'd used the same lipstick on naturally pink conical nipples, now long and swollen from teasing herself while dressing. Crossing the room, she stepped over Michael who hadn't moved since she'd opened the door, and lay down next to Leticia on the King-size bed.

"You're so firm . . . you're a C cup, too, aren't you?"

She was looking down at her breasts after admiring Leticia's. Leticia nodded, adjusting her bra like Marla's so aroused nipples were exposed.

"What are we watching? M/TV?"

Leticia's face, although deeply tan, couldn't hide the blush as she surveyed Marla's figure, squirming impatiently for what she knew was going to be scorching sex while ogling the blonde's delectable body. Michael sat up.

"Oh, my god! What have I done to deserve this?"

Watching him getting to his feet was better than comedy, a guy trying to hide what looked like an iron pipe in the front of his slacks.

"Come over here," Marla smiled, patting the bed between her and Leticia, "we suck but we won't bite."

Picking up his drink, Michael stumbled to the bed.

"Whatever happens," he smiled, "is strictly up to you. So far this movie is better than anything I could have dreamed."

Grabbing his hand Marla pulled him onto the bed between them. They stripped him naked in seconds, then sat back to admire their work, his eight inch erection as swollen as either could recall. A darkly-bronzed not overly-muscular man, dancer, swimmer, a hotly desirable playmate for almost any woman to enjoy, Michael's braided hair had come unbraided during their playful struggles. Unbraiding it completely, Marla brushed it out, salt and pepper curls fanning out from his sun-bronzed face.

"Not bad," she nodded to Leticia, "not bad at all for a guy his age."

"Say what?" he frowned, up on an elbow.

Leaning across his body, tipping Leticia's face to hers, Marla opened the stewardess' voluptuous mouth with her tongue, kissing the beauty until she couldn't lay still.

"Look, Leticia; I know things could get kinda sticky, but, well, Michael and I are okay with each other. Maybe a little nasty sex is good for the love-life. I'm okay with this. I haven't done anything wild like this for a long time. We won't get serious, okay? Let's just have some hot nasty fun."

"Oh, Marla. I can't tell you how hot this makes me . . . "

"Come on, let's turn him around on the bed. Sit up, baby, put your feet on the floor."

Kneeling next to him on the bed, Marla turned his face to hers, sucking his tongue with such serpentine talent it made him dizzy.

"We're gunna get very nasty, baby. I'm ready for anything; you wanted me this way. I hope you can handle it."

Lips pressed against his, she fucked his mouth with her tongue. When she broke the kiss, he was panting like a runner, cock-head swollen and wet with pre-cum. Leticia was shivering with lust as she watched the two lovers, toying with her own swollen clit through the crotch of her skintight panties, so close to orgasm she couldn't speak.

"Guest first," grinned Marla, pulling Leticia closer. "You've been planning this for days. I wanta watch you suck him off. The tape was good but watching in person will be much better. I can see you in the mirror, too. So can you, Michael. Watch whatever you like. Go for it. Do it. It's okay with me."

Leticia looked at Michael, then back at Marla, hesitation is her eyes. Marla reached out a pinched one of her dusky-pink nipples that was peeking over the edge of the white satin half-bra.

"Look, I wanta see you take his orgasm right in your mouth. I've never seen a girl suck him off. Go ahead, get down there between his legs and show me just how you like it. I wanta see you giving him head."

Moaning like a cat in heat, Leticia slid off the edge of the bed like molten lava and got between Michael's legs. He was shaking with undeniable excitement as she cupped his warm balls in the palm of her small hand, almost encircling the cock-shaft with her other. Pre-cum crystal tears welled up on the tip as she wet her full ripe-red lips. Looking up at Marla and then at Michael, she opened her beautiful mouth and slowly took him all the way down her throat.

Marla had to slip her fingers between her own warm thighs, teasing a swollen clit toward climax.

"God, Leticia, that looks so hot," she whispered, fingering a juicy-wet crotch. "How do you get it all the way down without gagging? He's really hard. He's gunna cum fast."

Sucking deeply and breathing through her nose, Leticia began a series of long slow strokes, each taking him deeper until she felt him cuming.

"I can't hold it, Marla. Here it cums!" he panted, "I'm fuckin' cuming . . . oh, Leticia, keep sucking . . . it's so good . . . ohhhh, fuck . . . oh, Marla, you wanted to watch! Look at her. I'm shooting off right in her fucking mouth! Look! She's swallowed my whole cock. I'm shooting off right down her fucking throat."

Empathy took over as Marla tried to imagine what Leticia was feeling, watching with heated fascination as the tiny beauty took such a massive climax in the back of her throat it nearly made her gag. Opening crimson-glossed lips, a cloudy wave of semen gushed in a wave from Leticia's happy mouth, dribbling down her chin and all over Michael's throbbing cock. The orgasm ripping upward through Marla's body filled her with light, an energy so strong her scalp was tingling, so intense, her satin panties couldn't keep pussy-juice from getting all over her stockings. Leticia was cuming, too, and looking in the mirror, Marla could see cunt-juice turning the thin white strip of satin into an oozing patch of slick slippery wetness. Leticia wiggled her hips in pleasure.

"Ummmgggg . . . uuumggg gulp."

She gurgled with pleasure, gulping down jism, dark sparkling eyes watching Marla while she swallowed the first sticky warm surges. Marla was smiling lustfully, her hand a blur between wide spread stocking-covered thighs.

"Jesus . . . Show me his cum . . . "

Pulling away from erupting flesh, Leticia cupped her hand under the spurting tip. Both girls watched fountaining semen filling the palm of her hand as she squeezed Michael's cock, milking each burst of cum from throbbing flesh like she was milking a cow.

"Ooooo, Leticia. I LOVE it!" Marla gushed. "I LOVE seeing cum squirting out of a guy's cock. That really turns me on.

Leaning back on elbows and relishing the climax, Michael wallowed in the pure pleasure of being masturbated to orgasm so delightfully by such a talented sexy female. The sight of her in the mirror, perfect little ass, her oozing crotch, her erotic costume; all elements working together were making him cum like he hadn't had an orgasm for a week. When spasms slowed and Leticia was unable to squeeze even another pearl from the still-hard cock, he began breathing almost normally. Cum smeared all over red lips and chin, Leticia smiled at Marla. Marla was glowing.

"Lick it up . . . " she whispered. "I want to watch you lick up all that cum. I wanta watch you swallow it. Open you mouth and let me see it first. Show it to me before you swallow.

Leticia looked at the palm of her hand overflowing with cloudy semen, a pool of milky-white shimmering jizz, scent so heady and masculine it made her shiver and salivate like a Pavlovian dog. Raising hand to mouth and inhaling the musk-like aroma, she extended her tongue and cat-like licked up clingy ejaculate like honey nectar. She didn't swallow. Climbing up onto the bed next to Marla, she tipped her head back and opened her mouth. A small dribble of semen ran from the corners down her chin. Eye contact with Marla continued until Marla leaned close enough to see inside Leticia's mouth, both females finger-fucking themselves almost frantically. It was a lake of cum! Moaning, Marla reached orgasm and Leticia swallowed at the same time, the climax so exciting she had to hold onto Marla for support. Perspiration covering her upper lip, Marla began licking up the bubbles of cum from Leticia's glossy red lips as semen clung tenaciously in the back of the exotic brunette's throat.

"I love it, too, glowed Leticia. "There's two things about a spurting cock that make me horny: watching them cum, that's really a turn on, and the feeling and taste of cum when it's filling-up my mouth. That's the hottest of all.

On his back and watching the spectacle, cock still rampantly hard, Michael sighed with satisfaction.

"My God, you women are the most beautiful things in this world.

Pushing Marla onto her back, Leticia slid down her body, kissing and sucking the blonde's long pink nipples, tonguing the indented navel, then moving back to now very-firm conical breasts. Whimpering like a puppy, Marla was wracked with excitement as the little sex-fiend used her so delightfully, kneading both breasts while sucking her long sensitive nipples, then kissing and licking Marla's mouth so ardently they climaxed again.

"Now . . . " she smiled, totally in charge of Marla's body, "spread your legs . . . wider . . . like that.

Slipping down between thigh-high encased quivering thighs, Leticia kissed the shiny black satin, sucked cunt-juice through the thin material, teased and licked the open expanse of the satin-covered crotch until Marla climaxed, her erotic pleasure pumping pussy-juice right through the sheer satin fabric. Mewing cat-like, Leticia licked all of it up.

"Don't STOP!" Marla begged. "I can keep cuming . . . don't stop yet!"

With unexpected strength for such a tiny girl, Leticia flipped her over onto her stomach.

"Spread your legs , baby . . . " she smiled, swatting Marla's cheeks. "Spread them as wide as you can."

Marla spread for her, quivering with heated excitement. Between wide spread legs, Leticia rubbed the blonde's firm buns with both hands, squeezing sun-tanned flesh, feeling the muscle tone beneath golden skin. Like a snake holding itself off the ground, Marla raised her tight ass against the heated massage. Lowering her face between Marla's pretty as-cheeks, Leticia's long tongue slipped along the edge of black satin, now thoroughly soaked with cunt-juice, licking and kissing, inhaling the scent of hot feminine crotch. Michael could smell the feminine fragrance from where he lay, the scent making his big cock jerk with excitement.

Leticia glanced at him smiling, then returned her attentions to Marla's open crotch. Pulling the elastic crotch of her black panties to one side she feasted her eyes on the objects of her desire: the open mouth of Marla's nude hot-pink cunt and the light-rosy pucker of the young girl's tiny anus. Sighing and smiling, she pressed her face between those warm sun-tanned cheeks and worked an almost four inch long tongue deep into Marla's juicy cunt.

Marla came. So did Leticia. They were cuming in unison as Leticia licked from puckered-asshole to swollen clit and back again, kissing and sucking, flitting her clipped tongue in and out as she pressed her face even tighter between Marla's cheeks. Marla arched her firm ass up off of the bed to meet the delicious assault on her crotch. Never in her life had she been excited to this point. She couldn't stand the teasing a second longer.

"Stick your tongue up my ass" she begged. "PLEASE, Leticia; please tongue-fuck my asshole!"

Without hesitation, Leticia made Marla scream as the platinum haired dream felt that serpentine tongue worm up her impatient-to-be-penetrated anus.

"Eat her ass out," Michael encouraged, "she loves anal sex.

Leticia's tongue reamed her faster as Michael crawled to her side. Shaking her by her shoulders, he pulled Leticia away from her fun and Leticia knew just what to do. She helped direct his hard-on into the tight little ass she'd been kissing, watched him slip in deeper and deeper into the saliva- lubed sheath until he was in to his balls. Marla went wild.

"Oh, baby, fuck me up my ASS! Deeper! Oh, my GOD! Fuck my ass good! Stroke it, baby. I'm gunna cum so good! Fuck! Keep FUCKING me . . . don't stop . . . I'm cuming so HARD . . . oh my GOD! Yes! Fuck my asshole!" she screamed. "Fuck it; fuck it; FUCK IT!" she cried, anal sphincter holding him so tightly he couldn't have pulled out of her ass had he wanted.

Climbing between his legs, Leticia played with his cunt-juice soaked balls as he stroked Marla's colon.

"This feel good?" she teased, ticking his warm nuts, fingers alternating between Marla's protruding clit and sticky heated balls. "You'll like this, she giggled, bending forward, inhaling the aroma of Michael's musky crotch. "Marla, baby, you'll like this image. I'm going to tongue-fuck your boyfriend's asshole.

Michael's cock almost doubled in girth when he felt Leticia's warm tongue invade his ass, a sensation so powerful he almost came on the next stroke. Unable to hold back, he lengthened the strokes, power-fucking Marla's butt while Leticia pressed her face against his, her tongue so far up his ass she was teasing his cum-loaded prostate. That did it.

"I'm cuming!" Marla cried. "Oh, God, I'm CUMING! Oh, Michael! Oh, baby . . . FUCK my asshole! Fuck it! Stoke me DEEPER!"

Squirming beneath Marla's sweating body and laying on her back, Leticia began licking a very juicy pussy as Michael fucked Marla up her ass. Marla was frantic with lust, maddened with desire to take an enormous load up her ass. Grunting with sexual energy, Michael's orgasm exploded, cum shooting with such force Marla could feel every spurt, her pleasure so intense she nearly fainted.

"Pull out and shoot the rest of your cum in my mouth!" cried Leticia between licks. "Shoot it all over her open asshole and it’ll run right in my mouth!

Michael did, cuming for what seemed like eternity as her tongue caught his tremendous climax. It drenched Marla's still-open cum-lathered anal tube and open pink pussy lips, dribbling down the pale crack of her ass as he collapsed across her sweat-drenched body.

"That was hot, you guys. God, Marla, I watched his cum squirting all over your crotch and it just ran right into my mouth," glowed Leticia. "That was so exciting it made me cum and I wasn't even playing with myself."

She massaged them both for almost an hour before the two took her on.

"I've been waiting for this," Michael smiled at Marla. "I want to see you swallowing her cum.

"Then out of the way," grinned Marla, trying to sit up.

"Wait," Leticia giggled, "let me sit on your mouth. I don't want to get the bed any wetter than it already is."

Straddling her face, she watched Marla's tongue reach for the sticky white satin crotch. Remembering the taste of that tiny cunt-mouth, and aching to slip her tongue between those smoothly-shaved twin lips, Marla was dizzy with hunger for a juicy cunt-oyster. Leticia knew it and smiled.

"If you make me cum like this you can get almost all of me right in your mouth. If I was masturbating I'd squirt so hard we wouldn't have a dry spot left on the bed.

Squatting down, she watched Marla's tongue licking the juice-soaked white satin from clit to ass, the thin strip actually dripping after each long lick. Squatting down harder, she let Marla suck it, the pretty girl swallowing from necessity as cum flowed through and around the slick satin fabric. Closer to orgasm, Leticia quickly pulled the slick white satin to one side and Marla's tongue shot up her pussy like a snake, twisting and wiggling, fluttering and lapping at the pink gash until Leticia screamed. Holding pussy-lips open, spreading them to the max, she watched Marla's tongue. When Leticia climaxed, Marla covered the entire baby-skin smooth crotch with her mouth, swallowing the fabulously thick oyster-like nectar.

"Fuck her with your tongue while she's cuming!" Michael urged. "She loves that! Doesn't she taste great?"

"Oh, Michael . . . " Leticia panted, "she's an angel. I'm going to kidnap her and take her with me. Oh, Marla, you're making me cum again. Oh, baby! Here it is! Yes! Yes! YES!"

Only the sounds of Marla swallowing and heavy breathing filled the room, soft appreciative mummers of pleasure escaping lips as they climaxed together.

"Kiss it good . . . lick me . . . suck me . . . lick me . . . stick you tongue in me . . . all the way in . . . oh, baby, I love it. Lick me . . . SUCK me."

"My turn," Michael insisted. "You've had her for almost an hour. Get over here and sit on her face, Leticia."

"All right," Marla sighed, feigning disappointment. "I've always known you wanted sex with other women." Unable to keep a straight face, she kissed him with tender passion. "Just kidding. I'm loving every second."

"Hey you guys, how about me?" Leticia pouted. "You two have plenty of time to kiss-kiss. My little pussy is lonely. Come on, Michael, fuck it and kiss it for me and make it all better."

Rolling her over, Marla spanked the stewardess' perfect buns, until kicking and crying, she let her up.

"Listen, bitch girl; don't mess with my man or you'll be in trouble!" she teased, swatting Leticia's glowing cheeks.

"Now you'll have to kiss it for me and make it better," Leticia teased back, rubbing pink buns.

Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, Michael lay down on the floor next to the mirror.

"There!" he smiled. "Just wiping-off a spot for you to sit. Now you have the best seat in the house."

Straddling his face, Leticia watched herself in the mirror as she settled down on the young man's waiting tongue. Marla pressed the remote control, TV screen again filled with Leticia's face, mouth jammed full of Michael's big cock. To Leticia's delight, the TV was positioned so she could see the screen while looking in the mirror, enabling her to watch both images almost simultaneously. Marla hit the slow motion button as Leticia scrubbed her satin crotch against Michael's tongue, pressing down; grinding slim hips in rotary motion, then spasming.

Squirt it right in his mouth, Leticia, thought Marla, watching Leticia's pussy lips spreading under wet elastic fabric. At least half a cup of cunt-cream spurted from the hot recesses of the stewardess' pulsing sheath. Overflowing the thin satin strip, pussy-cum flowed into Michael's open mouth in a continuous cloudy stream as Leticia watched the image of herself cuming in the mirror. Rigid from excitement, his cock bounced against his stomach as he tongue-fucked the Asian beauty's pussy to three more pleasure-blinding orgasms.

"Okay, honey, you can fuck her now," Marla grinned, mischievously. "Go ahead. I wanta watch you fuck her cunt."

Climbing off of his face, a grin on hers, Leticia scooted back and sat down on his cock while holding the cunt-juice loaded crotch of her panties out of the way. All eight swollen inches spread her little pussy lips obscenely as she bounced up and down on the hard shaft, each stroke nearly turning her pink-lined cunt inside out. Another climax, pussy juice forcing its way past shaft, showering Michael's belly with warm feminine fluids.

"Oooooo, YES!" squealed Leticia. "Oh, Marla! He has such a marvelous cock! Look at him making me cum!"

Marla was there to suck it up, tongue and mouth at the base of his cock, drinking the girl's orgasm from the deep fountain of lust.

"This is really good," panted Leticia. "Lord, Michael, you have such a huge cock." Smiling at Marla, she had to laugh. "Oooooo! I could ride your boyfriend for hours, you naughty tramp."

"I won't last that long," Michael laughed. "Not if you keep bouncing up and down like this. Damn, girl, you have such a HOT little pussy."

Marla was still masturbating, both hands between long legs, one finger in her pussy, another one up a grateful just-fucked asshole. Leticia climbed off the tower of power and kissed Marla on the mouth as she masturbated.

"You nasty tramp! Stick your finger up your asshole. Make yourself cum. What a nasty little whore."

Michael sat up, cock throbbing and glistening with pussy juice.

"Ah . . . ladies . . . " he interrupted, pointing at his rampant condition, "what we have here is an erection that was right on the verge of remembering how to cum."

Leticia swatted Marla's hand away from her crotch.

"Your turn," she giggled. "Stop finger-fucking yourself. Remember when we were on the phone? You were giving him head while watching that . . . " indicating TV, slow-motion image of a cock stroking a willing mouth. "You were going to swallow his orgasm, right? Now I want to see you swallowing his cum."

"Get back on that toy, bitch," Marla giggled. "As soon as you make him cum, pull up and we can enjoy both shows at the same time."

Marla looked at Michael. He pointed at his cock.

"Get on it," he laughed, as Leticia swung a leg over his hips and straddled him.

"Give it to me, baby!" she hissed. "Up my ass! I'm gunna fuck you so good you'll go blind!"

Closing his eyes, he feigned blindness.

"You win," he laughed. "I'm halfway there."

Squatting down as Marla lustfully directed his slippery cock into the girl's anal mouth, Leticia's sucking sphincter swallowed the heavily-veined shaft to the hilt.

"Fuck!" she moaned, rolling her eyes. "You're so fucking big, baby! It's making me cum! I'm going to milk-you-off with my asshole!"

Stroking Leticia's pink clit with her fingertip as she climaxed, Marla took Michael's balls in her warm mouth, gently teasing while watching Leticia's gratefully-stretched asshole sucking him toward another orgasm, the elastic pink-lined tube another perfect semen-chute for her boyfriend's pending climax.

Passionately, both girls worked over his swelling sex, Marla licking Leticia's juicy parted-lip cunt and Michael's full nuts while finger-fucking herself senseless. Feeling his scrotum tighten and his balls retract in her mouth, she looked up to see Leticia's face register the power of his mighty climax erupting in the heat of her ass. Down she plunged, twisting panty-covered crotch against his pubes, stretching the satin fabric away from her anus as thick ropes of sticky ejaculate sluiced deep into her hot colon.

Eyes twinkling, Leticia was watching herself and the on-screen images, her mouth talking his humongous climax as she came-off on Marla's tongue, Michael's cock blowing a fountain of steaming semen up her hot tight asshole just like he had in her grateful mouth.

"Oh, Marla; he's such a good fuck. I may never fall in love but I'll always love sex.

Abandoning saliva-coated balls, Marla grabbed her boyfriend's surging cock and pulled it out of Leticia's tight little asshole, milking the last four heavy ropes of semen into an open mouth as Leticia watched with lustful fascination.

"Suck that big dick, girl," she smirked. "Suck that ass-glazed hard-on, slut! Damn, that's hot. You pulled his cock right out of my asshole and put it in your mouth and sucked it. Girl, you're a genuine nasty slut."

Slipping down next to Marla who was squeezing the last shimmering gobs from juicy saliva-covered shaft into her open mouth, Leticia kissed her long and deeply, exploring every part of Marla's jism receptacle. Swapping cum like high school girls swap gum, lips and perspiring faces smeared with sex, the two kissed like maniacs, their breath reeking randy maleness, cunt, asshole and semen. White bubbles of nut-cream on tongues and sex-swollen lips, they looked at each other with abandoned lust.

"Oh, fuck, baby, I love it. I love hot SWEATY sex," sighed Leticia, dark eyes rolling up in her head.

As that heavily-veined erection slowly wilted, so did the girl's passion. Soon they lay swapping crotch-scented breaths, talented tongues flicking at little bubbles of pearl-like semen, quietly sucking cock-loving lips, their breathing slowing; eyelids growing heavier.

"You smell like a whore," whispered Marla.

"So do you," Leticia giggled, one finger up Marla's slippery warm asshole. "Your breath smells like you sucked-off an army! Lucky for me it's one of my favorite scents."

"I could swallow your pussy-cum all night," Marla sighed, kissing Leticia's swollen red lower lip, sucking up a tiny drop of cloudy-white semen. "Mmmmm! It's like swallowing raw oysters. You make amazing loads of cunt-cum! Let me lick your pussy again? Give me another oyster?"

"If you'll let me suck yours at the same time," responded Leticia, finger speeding up in the sexy girl's tight ass.

Almost wishing he were a girl, himself, Michael watched the girls enjoying sex on the bed, making each other orgasm every few minutes. In the morning, none of them would remember when they'd finally drifted off to sleep.

To Be Continued...


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