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Hollywood Nights: A Novella Ch. VIII
by Che

After brushing his teeth, showering and shaving, Michael walked back into the bedroom, drying his long hair with a towel. The girls were still sleeping. He'd peeled-off still sticky costumes, put them in a pillow case and asked the house keeper to make sure they were all carefully hand-washed at a local laundry and back by noon. Handing her a Jefferson, he'd closed the door. Fixing a cup of instant coffee, he browsed through the news, found little of interest and flicked on the VCR. A quick rewind, then back on forward allowed one more review of Leticia's oral talent. Michael was rock-hard in seconds. When he climbed back into bed between the girls with the remote in hand, Marla stirred and Leticia rolled over in his direction. Laying quietly, he took a sip of warm coffee.

"You up?" Leticia murmured, reaching out, fingers brushing over his face, chest, belly and cock, warm fingers closing around rock-hard flesh, sighing as pre-cum made her fingers slippery. "You're up!" she giggled, eyes still closed. "I want breakfast in bed," she whispered, sliding down under the covers. "Remember Bangkok and our little playmate?"

Stirring and turning over, Marla raised one eyelid.

"Okay, what's going down?" she muttered. "Are you up already?"

"Leticia, and yes, in the order of your questions," Michael chuckled.

Marla opened both eyes and sat up.

"Where's Leticia?"

"Going down?" he smiled.

Marla pulled the covers back. Curled up around his leg, Leticia was grinding her crotch slowly and purposely against his calf while sucking his huge morning erection. Marla had to smile.

"Nice work if ya can get it," she sang. "Come on, Leticia, you're gunna kill the poor guy."

"Un-unh," Leticia moaned, sucking so loudly it was obscene, grunting as she made herself orgasm against his leg.

"She does that good, doesn't she?" Marla giggled, catching the warm scent of pussy-cum. "The greedy little piggy."

She tried to tickle her but Leticia wouldn't quit sucking.

"How about kissing me while we have time? It may be my only chance to even get a kiss while she's around."

Crawling across his chest, she kissed him deeply, soul-kissing, tongue-sucking, lip-sucking kisses; kisses making her pussy tingle. Her breath still reeked of semen, so sexy he couldn't stop kissing her. Leticia had reached orgasm twice, leaving his leg covered with a juicy frosting, oral skills increasing in direct proportion to the number of climaxes. Michael was getting closer and Marla sensed the urgency of each kiss.

"Go ahead, baby, cum-off in her mouth," she urged, whispering against his, her tongue doing to his throat what his cock was doing to Leticia's. "Shoot it right down her throat, baby. She loves it. Go ahead; let her drink your tasty cum." She looked down. Leticia had him so deep in her throat, Marla couldn't even see cock. "Jesus!" she said. "I gotta see this."

Moving down next to Leticia, Marla's fingers slipped between her own pussy-lips. Michael was quivering, his hips jerking involuntarily, Leticia holding his ass with both hands, rubbing her nose in pubic curls as she swallowed cock. She could see Leticia's graceful throat expand every time she pulled him closer, stroking her throat with erection, cock going far past the back of her throat then coming into view shining with saliva. Leticia's bright-red lips stretched in a wide O around the hardened shaft until only the cock-head was captive in her mouth, tongue doing black-magic on the underside. Swallowing excess saliva to make room for cock before sliding it back down her throat to the hilt, her tongue darted in and out at the base of his cock like a vibrator licking loaded balls. Marla came before he did. The swollen head of his cock was down Leticia's throat when he reached orgasm.

"Oh, baby," urged Marla, caressing his naked chest. "Shoot it now, honey! She's got it all the way down her throat."

Michael was laughing almost hysterically.

"Oh! Leticia! You're wonderful, but let me save this one. I want to give my baby a nice morning fuck."

Leticia let his cock pop from her throat like a cork from a wine bottle.

"Mmmmmmm," she giggled, pre-cum drooling from swollen-lipped mouth Grinning up at Marla, she came-off on jiggling fingers. "Early bird gets the worm!" she teased. "Get up here and take a ride on this one."

Marla was laughing herself silly.

"Give me a kiss, you nasty little slut," she insisted. "I love worms."

Kissing her with the same kind of passion, Marla licked Leticia's face, neck and tits.

"You're such a slut!" she scolded, spanking Leticia's better than perfect ass. "But, I love it."

Within minutes, the girls were 69ing on the bed. Michael, cock still like stone, watched as they drenched the sheets with amazing orgasms.

"The maid is going to have a lot of work cleaning up this mess. She's going to have to change beds. Come on you two, give her a chance. The place smells like a whore-house. Let's go out for breakfast. I'll buy."

Almost a habit now, Marla swatted his buns.

"You always buy," she giggled, still enjoying Leticia's attentions as the brunette continued licking her juicy crotch. "Aren't you gunna fuck me first?"

"After we come back from breakfast."

Closing blue eyes, Marla reached orgasm on her new playmate's tongue, clear cunt-juices spraying her girlfriend's lips and chin. Giggling and struggling, she pulled Leticia into the bathroom, and after thirty minutes in the shower together, they took an hour getting ready. Michael was dressed in minutes but knew they'd dress to turn heads. They did, giving new meaning to the name 'street-walkers', holding hands, swinging arms and singing.

"Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to eat we go!"

Cars honked and guys whistled just like the day before.

"A rose between two thorns," he smiled, hand dangerously close to heaven.

"A thorn between two roses, dummy! Can't you get anything right?" teased Leticia, grabbing at his crotch. "What am I going to do with you?"

"Whatever it is, I get to do it, first," laughed Marla.

* * *

When they got back, she sat him down by the mirror, and still wearing sexy her little micro skirt, tank top and heels, tied her hair up so they both could watch. Freeing cock from cotton boxers, she pulled them down just enough so she could play with his warm fury balls. He hardened quickly as she sucked, legs spread wide, fingers dancing in crotch of white satin-Spandex thong.

Leticia got so excited, she got down behind her and licked the beauty's tiny asshole until Marla reached orgasm. Turning around, Marla straddled Michael's legs and sat, directing the erection into a tight but juicy cunt while Leticia held the thong to one side, watching the shaft slide in until every inch was buried to nuts in his girlfriend's hot elastic cock-loving cunt.

"I love it," hissed Marla. "Quick! Lick my clit!"

Grinning with lust, Leticia spread Marla's pink pussy lips open with her thumbs and began licking the swollen pearl while the beautiful blonde bounced up and down on the hard rod filling her love-chute.

"My God!" Marla cried out. "You're makin' me cum-off so good! Here it is! I'm cumin'! Eat me, bitch! Swallow!"

Showers of feminine ejaculate sprayed across Leticia's tongue and the little sex-fiend swallowed furiously as it filled her mouth. Marla's orgasm started a chain reaction, warm semen glossing his shaft as Michael's orgasm over-filled her spasming cunt. Leticia made herself cum as she masturbated wildly between Marla's legs. As though choreographed, she lay on her back, catching and swallowing the sexy treat as cum drained from Marla's cunt-sheath when the willowy beauty squatted over her mouth. After licking Marla's cum-messy cunt clean, Leticia rolled over and licked up the remaining overflow of jism from Michael's sticky groin.

"God, you sure lick cunt good, Leticia", smiled Marla, watching the Polynesian beauty's tongue working over Michael's balls. "You're the winner this morning."

Sexy bathing suits on, the girls went down to the pool, leaving Michael napping on the couch while they aroused passions at poolside in slinky skimpy curve-revealing attire. After pointing-out the film-maker to Leticia, the two girls changed positions, laying so he could see between their legs. When he got up and went into his poolside room and closed the sliding door, they spread their legs even further, guessing that he was jerking-off while peeking at them through closed blinds.

"I'm not sucking his cock . . . unless Michael makes me," giggled Marla, pulling her swimsuit up tighter into her crotch, making sure the man could see the deep cleft between her tanned thighs. "Maybe I'm weird, but I like the thought of making men masturbate while they're looking at me."

"I'd like to see that," smirked Leticia. "I like watching girls being made to perform obscene acts. Who knows? Maybe that fat bastard makes lots of semen. I know a girl in Thailand who'd suck him off in a second. She enjoys strange kinky sex."

"I've never has sex with someone who didn't turn me on," said Marla, slowly dry-humping the sun-warmed towel, "but I've gotten to the point that if Michael told me to, I'd even suck that fat-man. In a way, it excites me to think about it, like it's so obscene, knowing he wants me to bend over so he can take pictures of my crotch, that he wants me to be in his X-rated movies, that he wants me to suck him off. I'm nasty, Leticia The thought makes my pussy so wet."

"I understand," smiled Leticia. "There's a man . . . an artist; he's crippled and badly scared from an accident. We met on a flight to Thailand. He says he loves me. He moved there to paint pictures of young girls. He does, and the artwork is intensely erotic, but I'm sure he's not getting any Thai pussy. It's not just from sympathy . . . but I go up-country to his place at least twice a year. I buy some of his work, then I strip down to panties or thong and dance for him. When he's ready, when he's fully erect, I get down on my knees and suck him off until he can't cum again. It's always the same. He cums at least five or six times; each one makes me orgasm. Then I dress and leave and we never speak about it again."

Marla couldn't stop the powerful orgasm surging from her partially-covered cunt-lips, a climax that left the crotch of her swimsuit saturated with juice and a giant wet spot on her towel. She was also aware of her semen-oozing cunt.

* * *

Behind partially-closed curtains, a large fat-man was shooting a second load of cum into an almost empty scotch and soda, sweat beading on his forehead, sodden eyes on the deep cleft in the crotch of Marla's metallic swimsuit, on her fabulously tanned ass-cheeks, his fist stroking the erection as the last swag of jism clung to the rim. Sweating profusely and almost gasping for breath, he lifted the mostly ejaculate cocktail and swallowed it with one long sigh, tongue running around the edge to get the last sticky drops.

"Fuck," he sighed, swallowing again, "I wish I could suck her ass." He raised the glass again and licked up the cloudy reluctant residue.

When his half clothed assistant came out of the bedroom, a boy most described as 'pretty', eyes half-lidded, yawning, the fat-man motioned him closer.

"Stand over here. Hold the blinds so I can see out, but don't block my view," he said, down on his knees, positioning the eighteen year old so he still had a perfect view of the young girl's wide-spread glossy crotch.

Enduring what had become a twice-daily routine, the boy opened his pants and let the fat-man fellate him. The fat-man sucked noisily. The boy came almost at once and the man kept sucking until he'd swallowed two loads, never once looking away from the erotic sight only a few yards away. The Oriental girl was rubbing oil into the blonde's golden skin, boldly fingering the deep cleft between her wide spread legs. Marla was cuming again and her swimsuit was doing nothing to hide it or the milky load oozing from the crotch of her swimsuit. Pushing the youth down on his knees, the fat-man stood.

"What nasty sluts . . . what dirty young whores. Suck me off, Tod . . . hurry! Swallow this time if you want to keep your job. The next time you spit out my cum, you're going right back to Amand."

The youth sucked him to orgasm and swallowed the ejaculate as the fat-man held him by the hair, hips still thrusting, the smell of sweat and semen filling stale air. He was grateful that the fat-man only came once instead of twice.

"Now go wash-up," said the fat-man, "and bring me a drink. Phone George and get the cast and crew over here this morning. I want to finish that film. The men can wear condoms when they're fucking your ass, but you'll have to suck-out those rubbers and swallow all of it, Tod . . . and look like you LIKE it when you empty those rubbers into your mouth."

Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, Tod stood and headed for the rest room. "Yes, sir."

It hadn't taken him two years to realize that the film industry wasn't as glamorous as he once dreamed, and running away from home hadn't been smart. If I knew then what I know now, he thought, sitting on the can again, his ass still sore from what had been a ten hour nightmare.

Still virgin when he'd arrived in Hollywood, he'd gotten a ride with a truck driver, a nice guy who'd bought him food along the way. Now, two years later, he was sitting on the can shitting cum from what had seemed like an all night ass-bang; nine friends of the fat-man fucking him up the ass as they took turns making him suck their cocks. The fat-man had watched the whole episode while making a cute little runaway suck him off, a puffy-lipped girl he'd picked up at the Greyhound®, station just off Hollywood Boulevard, a cute little chick in miniskirt and clogs.

"She's young, but the little cunt sure knows how to suck!" he'd chuckled, sipping Scotch and feeling her up through her panties as she submitted her ass to his curious fingers. "They start sucking younger and younger these days! She told me her father's been cuming in her mouth since she was nine! She'd be a rich little cunt if she'd been charging him! Gotta love her, she swallows it, too! Daddy taught her right!"

The men laughed, as one made her bend over and hold her ankles.

"Spread your cheeks," he laughed.

She did, and though he made her suck and make it slippery, he had to really force it to get his big erection up her ass. He fucked her ass while she sucked the fat-man's cock.

"Here's a dollar!" he said, stuffing it up her cum-oozing tube with a finger after cuming twice, laughing with the rest of the men. "Some one's gotta pay for a fuck this young!"

She'd cried for an hour after the fat-man let two of the larger men in the room DP her, young black men with very large virile cocks. They'd fucked her ruthlessly for over two hours; who knows how many times they'd cum.

"Take her, Amand, she's all yours," the fat-man had laughed, giving her to one of them to use however he desired as the ready-to-cry girl held her hand over her tender crotch.

Being back-doored while sucking cock, Tod had watched the whole affair. He knew where the young girl would be taken. He'd turned tricks for the muscular black until he'd been sold to the fat-man. I wish there was something I could do, he thought as the little girl, crying and trying to pull up her panties, was roughly lead away by the muscular black pimp.

Now, looking into the mirror over the sink, tears welled up in Tod's eyes. He blew his nose, brushed his teeth, took three enemas, a shower and dressed.

"George," he said when the phone was answered, "Mr. Scott wants to finish the film today over here at the hotel. I guess you'll have to call the crew and cast."

Mr. Scott was still peeking out the window.

"Where's my drink, Tod? I'm not going to put up with you much longer. Amand would be very unhappy if he had to take you back."

Tod brought the drink as the fat-man counted a huge roll of large denomination bills, then stuffed them into a black-leather fanny-pack.

"Mind your own business, young man. You better make sure you use lots of anal-lube!" He laughed, choked on the drink, and spit the mouthful out. "Fuck!" He took another sip. "This is the last scene. You're going to suck-off all of the men while they take turns buggering you. You'll thank me for getting your ass warmed up last night! I got a million orders for this video!"

Tod had quickly learned to take numerous enemas every time he had the chance, knowing Amand would make him suck his cock as soon as he'd pulled out of his ass. All the men made him do that, but he hated to fellate the fat-man after Mr. Scott buggered him, no matter what else he was forced to do. Once more, he wished the fat-man was dead as he looked down at the floor, waiting for whatever was to happen next.

The sweating fat-man was quiet again, peeking out the window at the blonde in the metallic swimsuit, his lips quivering strangely as he stared between her legs.

"Nasty whore . . . I'd like to watch Amand and his friends fuck her up her ass." He looked back at Tod. "Come over here and suck me off again. I want to cum in your mouth while that whore lets me look at her crotch. What a nasty whore. I think I'll get Amand to take her for a ride."

He laughed at that thought as Tod got down on his knees and started sucking again. Heart pounding wildly, his cum surged into the boy's mouth as he watched Marla spreading her beautiful legs even wider, semen oozing from under the tight elastic edge.

"Swallow it all," he gasped, face red, fighting for breath, "don't spit it out!" He was gasping for breath now, a pain in his chest. "That's what I'll do . . . I'll get Amand and Douglas to take her for a ride. They'll teach that little whore to be nice to people like me . . . that little slut whore bitch! Who in the fuck does she think she is? When I'm done with her, she'll be sorry she turned down my offer. Go get me the phone and I'll call Amand . . . "

To Be Continued...


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