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Hollywood Nights: A Novella Ch. X
by Che

"We'll take a cab and do Beverly Hills." Leticia blotted red lipstick on two of the most sexually active in town. "Have you shopped there yet?"

"We were gunna go next week, but we need to get back to the island." Marla stopped brushing a cascade of Palomino-blonde hair and put the brush on the dresser. "I'd love to see the stores again. It's been a couple-a years since I've been there."

"Let's dress to murder." Always exotic Leticia was rummaging through a pile of clothes in her bag. "I adore doing the costume thing. Don't you just adore it when guys lay down on the ground just to get a peek up under your skirt?"

"Depends on the guy," responded Marla, starting a French braid, then switching to a pony-tail high on blonde head. "But I'm up for whatever you're into. Sure! Let's get sexy." She tossed the brush in her bag. "I sure had fun this morning with Jeffery. You're not going to say anything to Michael, are you"

"Not unless you do, darling. Come on; stop feeling so guilty. Jesus, were you raised by a bunch of nuns?"

Marla giggled and gave her a kiss.

'Real sexy' was an understatement even for their selection of underwear, the two nearly causing accidents on Sunset while climbing into the polished black limo. Chatting non-stop about Jeffery during the ride, they slowed only to chew food during lunch at a 'fabulously' chic cafe, then relaxed over tea before hitting fashionable shops.

"So . . . this girl, 'Asia'," asked Marla, pouring a second cup for Leticia, and changing the topic, "you're still living with her when you're in Bangkok?"

"Un-huh. She lives in my home now since she moved out of the artist's place. I, like so many others, can't pronounce her Thai name, so she goes by 'Asia'"

To avoid making a faux pas, Marla leaned closer so patrons wouldn't overhear. The restaurant had become modestly quiet and she didn't continue the conversation until the waiter moved on to other patrons.

"So, she's not turning tricks anymore now that you two are living together?"

"Not that I know," grinned Leticia. "Who knows for sure, but you'd really love watching her having sex, Marla. It's an art, submissive sex, something to be done better each time it's done. All of the sexual arts; fucking, anal sex; and especially oral sex. She's devoted to the discipline. How's that for keeping a love life healthy? Always striving for perfection?"

"She lived with you and Michael?" asked Marla, toying with a spoon, digging for all the juicy news.

Leticia leaned closer, too.

"There wasn't a morning that I didn't watch that young girl suck your boyfriend off, and every morning she added some new touch, some new stroke, some new twist to her act. That's what it was, Marla. An act. She's an incredible teacher. I mean it."

"She gave him head every morning?" Marla's cheeks were as hot as the tea in her cup; even the checks in her panties.

Overhead, large slow-turning wooden-blade fans moved the air, but not enough to cool her down. Cars pasted the windows; faces peering through glass in hopes of seeing someone famous. With thoughts of watching her Thai roommate giving Michael head, Leticia wasn't paying attention to tourists.

"First thing. It's a ritual. Asia said it was important for his health. She thrives on doing it. Really. She said men have to ejaculate at least once every morning to stimulate 'Yang', their masculine vitality. And by swallowing semen, women transmute male sexual energy into 'Yin', making them more exciting and attractive to men. What goes around, cums around?

Marla giggled and blushed. Patrons didn't seem to notice.

"Maybe that's what's happening to you, Marla! Asia believes swallowing cum makes her healthy and attractive to men. The more she swallows, the healthier she becomes. Let me tell you, she should have been the healthiest girl in Bangkok! She got up at least an hour before we did to shower and prepare for the morning ritual. She did makeup and dressed just to excite Michael's passion. She'd give him a massage while describing what she'd planned; and listen sweetie, she could talk some real sexy talk. A guy would have to be dead from the waist down not to want her mouth on his cock after she described how much pleasure she got from swallowing his cum. When I said it was a 'ritual', I meant it. She always wanted me to watch so I'd learn to perfect the art, as well as heighten her pleasure gained from performing well for an audience. Michael wasn't about to deny her pleasure. Asia got pleasure from servicing any and all of our pleasures."

"Sounds like a job for me," Marla laughed, nervously bouncing her legs under the table. "Think she could teach me a couple a things?"

"Listen, the first time I saw her deep-throat cock I couldn't believe my eyes." Lowering her voice even further, Leticia glanced around the room for fear someone might be listening. "She's so tiny, Marla. And Michael's cock is certainly larger than average. She didn't even bat an eye. We were in my room and I'd hardly introduced them when she smiled at him and asked if she could fellate him. My God, Marla, he about fell on his back! His face actually turned red."

Marla struggled to control nervous giggles.

"She goes, 'I am so pleased to meet you, dear sir. Please permit me to please you by fellating you and swallowing your cum. I will please you past any earlier experience.' She was wearing a little wisp of a Thai silk slit skirt, and she spread her legs so he could see her crotch. She was wearing a little French single-layer satin thong that fit her like skin. It barely covered her pussy, and she began rubbing herself between the legs. She has a perfect little crotch like yours; small pussy-lips, but a very deep pronounced cleft. There's not a hair between her legs. Michael and I could see everything, or what we couldn't, we could imagine. She goes, 'Please, sir . . . you appear to need sexual release. I sense you are very attracted to me, and if I'm not allowed to consume your seed, you will become even further frustrated by our meeting. Allow me to suck you to completion and swallow your cum This act will bind me to you so that you may direct me to perform at your will, to perform any act that brings you pleasure. Please don't deny me, and in doing so, deny yourself the act that first went through your mind when we were introduced.' You should have seen his face. She made him sit on the side of the bed like we did the other night. She got down on her knees and opened his pants and began caressing his balls with her fingertips. Michael's cock was standing straight up against his stomach. That little girl bent over and took it all the way down. The first time I saw her doing that, she didn't even stroke. She just opened her mouth and swallowed. It looked like she was swallowing his cock. She didn't do it fast, either. It was so sensual and slow, disappearing all the way into her throat like that. I'd never been able to do that before. I'd always bobbed my head up and down, you know, stroking with my mouth and sucking. She looked up at him and goes, 'You are approaching sexual paradise, sir. Do not linger to please me. My pleasure comes when you reach yours; when you send your warm semen flying into my throat, when you surrender all false modesty and give all to me, when you let me drink your virile nectar You may do it, now, dear sir . . . let you cum rush into my mouth. Please us both by surrendering your delicious seed!' Well, by the time she took it all the way down her throat, he was cuming. I couldn't see any cum but I knew he was by the sounds she made swallowing, and the way she was masturbating. My God, that made me so hot."

A waiter approached and was waived away. The party at the next table got up and left, their absence leaving the room even quieter. Leticia sighed and took a sip of tea.

"It seldom took her more than a minute to make him cum, at least the first time! She tried to teach me but I nearly choked myself trying. It took me a year to learn how to deep throat without gagging, and sometimes, like with Jeremy, it still makes me gag."

Marla's ears were red. Leticia's sex narratives were making her squirm, both out of envy and a hint of jealousy.

"Did he go down on her every morning, too?"

"No . . . " paused Leticia, obviously trying to recall past events with the randy pair. "Actually, what she seemed to enjoy best was when I was licking her while she was sucking him off. You know me. I really loved her clit, her whole crotch. I used a big crystal gelatin dildo while she sucked. She only allows herself to orgasm when she's making someone else orgasm. It's ritualistic; the whole sex act. Making her partner orgasm without cuming herself was depriving her lover of her 'Chi' and her 'Yin', her sexual energy . . . "

Slipping her hand between sun-tanned thighs, Marla pressed her palm against a very slippery crotch. Under the thin layer of skintight satin, she could feel swelling sex-lips pulse with powerful contractions as Leticia described her girlfriend's sexual talents.

"She welcomes any form of sexual stimulation," Leticia continued, looking around again to make sure no one was listening. "Perhaps more than Michael, I'm into bondage. You know, the 'dominate' side? I get pleasure having a female sex-slave, a real submissive. I hope you don't think I'm too-weird but there's something terribly erotic about making a girl do things . . . especially a pretty girl . . . making her dress to please me . . . making her service me when I want to be serviced. Well, it excites me immensely! Anyway, we dressed her up one night and let two of her pretty little girlfriends 'have' her. What a ritual that was! After scrubbing her from head to toe they shaved her entire crotch, as usual, and gave her a full two hour body massage, stretched her until she looked like she was made of rubber and gave her three gigantic enemas. When they were satisfied she was ready, they began having sex."

"Ready?" Marla giggled, close to orgasm, "I would have been 'comatose' after all that. My God, Leticia, you have me ready to cream my panties right now."

"How nice, darling, but listen and don't go off half cocked."

That remark made both giggle.

"Anyway, they made her lie spread-eagle on her stomach after getting her a little high on opium and rice wine, and used toys and techniques I'd never seen. They began playing with her crotch, you know, kissing her anus and sucking her clit until it was as big as her nipples, working their fingers up her pussy and ass at the same time. The young girls were as tiny as Asia. They have very small hands. Anyway, after a while, one had her whole hand up to her wrist up Asia's pussy! I couldn't believe my eyes! That little girl has the tightest pussy I've ever felt. She loved it. The other girl held Asia's face between her legs so Asia could lick pussy. The girl who was fist-fucking her was playing with her G-spot, making her ejaculate over and over. Every time her girlfriend had an orgasm, Asia ejaculated. When they had her at the peak, the other girl lubricated her hand with Asia's ejaculate and fist-fucked Asia's asshole! The other girl was fist-fucking her pussy, and when she pulled her fist out, that pink tube continued spraying for at least two minutes! God, Marla, you should have seen that orgy. They held her face between my legs and she just kept squirting while sucking my clit. I could see everything. She must have loved getting fist-fucked. Can you imagine seeing a girl's little pussy spraying juice for two minutes. I thought she was peeing."

Aroused and lightheaded, Marla glanced around to see if anyone else was listening to the blazing 'sexcapade', but no one seemed to be eves-dropping. Without slowing the pace, Leticia continued the titillating narrative.

"Those girls used toys in every opening; they ate her pussy and ass all night long." Sighing wistfully, obviously aroused by memories of that orgiastic night, she took another sip and set the cup down.

"I'm going to Bangkok," giggled Marla, the hand between her thighs wet with cunt-juice, "and I want your address."

A laughing Leticia took Marla's other hand.

"You should have seen those girls working on her crotch at the same time, one fist-fucking her while the other used a giant rubber dildo. It looked exactly like a man's cock but was three times as big. They'd used three different dildos. They started with a small butt-plug, but each one was just a bit larger than the preceding one. They lubricated the shafts with some kind of salve. Finally, one girl worked a rubber cock up that little girl's ass. That toy was at least twelve inches long. It was very obvious they were making her incredibly excited but she refused to orgasm until they pushed her down on her knees between my legs and let her lick my pussy. The second I had an orgasm she sprayed like a cat."

"I'm on my way," Marla sighed, unable to sit still any longer. "Come on, Leticia, this is making me very excited."

"Listen, she's the one who taught me how to ejaculate."

Enjoying Marla's reaction, Leticia continued to tease her with tales of those steamy encounters.

"I never knew it was possible until Asia showed me how she stimulated an area just a little way inside her vagina. It feels different than surrounding tissue. When she teased it with her fingers, a clear liquid shot out of her urethra and it wasn't urine. It's like we have an equivalent of a male prostate. You have it and you use it. Not many women know how to stimulate it, but if they did, I'd guarantee every woman would be doing it. Michael certainly enjoyed it when we ejaculated. I'm sure it's one of the things that attracts him to you."

Lovely face damp with perspiration, Marla had to wipe it with a linen napkin. Inside the crotch of her cute little panties, her pussy was even wetter. Leticia knew the story was having a powerful effect on the girl, but wasn't about to stop. She loved telling sex-stories and knew Marla as getting very aroused.

"You know, being my submissive, she'd do anything I asked. I asked often," she continued, holding Marla's warm hand. "When I'd ask, she'd suck Michael off in cabs, under the table in an expensive hotel restaurant and in those little boats on the Klongs. She'd go down on him in a second whenever I told her I wanted to watch her please him. She sucked him off while we were sitting in a Patpong sex-club. Boy, the tourists applauded that show! She even let him fuck her up her ass in hotel elevators when I'd stop one between floors. I have at least two hours of VCR tape of her performing fellatio and fucking. The tapes of them fucking are very erotic. She sometimes made him cum two or three times before pulling out. We got some sweet close-ups of those cream-pies. You know who got to eat them. You're welcome to see them if you'd like. They're absolutely the best."

Aware that Marla was masturbating surreptitiously, hand under the table, Leticia decided to push her all the way to heaven.

"We had a party one night for all of her girlfriends at the club," she whispered, lowering her voice even more and leaning closer. "There were about twenty-five girls, all cute little tricks, none of them over sixteen, I swear. Anyway, by tradition, each brought a present for Asia. This time they brought these clear glass vials, like test tubes, about six inches long and an inch and a half in diameter. Each vile held fresh semen from three young boys. Isn't that weird! Well, the rule was that they, the boys, couldn't be over fifteen. It was each girl's duty to select three boys for virility and strength and collect the semen personally by masturbating the kids into the vials. Anyway, after one of those routine preparation ceremonies they bound Asia with silk cords in a very vulnerable position and took turns ravishing her body. Each girl would open a vile, ceremoniously pour the cum in Asia's mouth and she'd swallow while the girls made her ejaculate, kinda like you did with Jeremy's cum, but of course one of those equals maybe two of those boys. Each tube held about eight loads. Anyway, while one girl poured cum in Asia's mouth, the other girls took turns drinking her ejaculations. They believed they were drinking a powerful aphrodisiac from her sex while she gained sexual strength from swallowing young boy's semen. The ceremony lasted until every vile was empty. Asia had at least twenty-five orgasms. Marla, those young girls know a lot about sex. You seem to have some intuitive sexual knowledge. How you got it, I don't know, but from what I've seen you're on the same path to sexual euphoria."

"I hope so," Marla blushed, glancing around nervously. "I love learning new tricks."

The young waiter in white shirt and tight black pants came by and filled their tea-cups with hot water and left two more bags.

"Anything else, ladies?

Leticia smiled and dismissed him.

"I learned something new every day," she whispered. "After I insisted, Asia got her girlfriends to give me a party, using me like they used her."

"You let all those girls use you?" Marla asked, so close to cuming she felt faint "The same way?"

"With slightly different twists," grinned Leticia, savoring a sip of warm tea. "They let me eat each of them while two girls used me. They rotated. Let me tell you, you haven't been sexually aroused until you let a couple of those young Thai girls between your legs. For the first time in my life my last orgasms were the best! They tied Asia up with silk after dressing her like a sex star. You know, thigh-highs, spike heels; the whole show. While I was being ravaged by her girlfriends, Asia was on her knees fellating young boys for my pleasure. Her girlfriends brought boys into the room five at a time so they'd be highly aroused by the time it was their turn to cum in her mouth. That made me so hot, I decided to heat up her ass and began spanking her with a silk-covered bamboo paddle. I didn't spank too hard, just hard enough to make her ass turn bright pink. I love that sound, that 'wack' when a paddle kisses nice smooth ass-flesh. That's very satisfying."

Taking a slow sip of tea, she sighed contentedly, but Marla was hanging on every word.

"Well, darling, she continued performing fellatio as close as we're sitting now. I think she sucked-off more than twenty boys. I've never been good at guessing Asian's ages, but they couldn't have been older than fifteen. I watched closely while I was spanking her, and believe me most of those boys came a half-dozen times without stopping. I knew they were cuming. You could see it in their faces but they never made a sound. They'd quiver, little narrow butts flexing, and she'd swallow while I swatted her hot little ass. When one was exhausted she'd let him pull out of her throat and the next boy would take his place, his sex so engorged he'd ejaculate as soon he got it in her mouth. The boys continued cuming every couple of minutes for maybe ten minutes or longer."

"Didn't any of them fuck her?"

"During the last two hours of the party. At least ten or fifteen boys fucked her while she sucked-off their companions. The girls would suck her after the boys had cum in her four or five times. She'd cum when a boy came in her mouth. I wanted to see them shooting-off in her mouth, so her girlfriends masturbated some of the boys so I could actually see. I loved seeing them cum. Twice, the girls masturbated five boys at once, making all of them cum in her open mouth while I spanked her pussy-lips with my paddle. Now that really made her climax! Imagine having five Jeremys cuming in your mouth at the same time. She sucked cock for at least five hours that night and I'm sure she swallowed maybe more than a hundred orgasms. Who know how many loads were shot up her little pussy and anus . . . her buns and pussy lips were so pink they glowed for a week."

Blue eyes misty and distant, Marla sighed, enjoying a clandestine orgasm.

"You're so different than most women I know. You're not uptight about having sexual fun . . . "

"My parents raised me without all those taboos and sexual restrictions." Leticia finished the cup of tea. "My mother was half French, half Thai, and my father, French-Polynesian. Sex was a natural part of my childhood experience. My parents had sex quite openly. I saw them making love all the time. All kinds of sex, not just intercourse. I was masturbating before I was twelve. My mother taught me how, and I told her when I began having sex with my girlfriend. I think I was thirteen at the time. Mother seemed pleased that I was developing a healthy sex-drive and when she saw me going down on one of my boyfriends, she joined right in, teaching me how to suck so I wouldn't just be interested in girls. She was superb! I began giving head to boys at the same time I was having sex with my girlfriend."

"Lucky you," sighed Marla, breathing almost back to normal.

"Listen, I had intercourse with my twenty-nine year old second-cousin before I turned fourteen. My folks saw me doing it a number of times. My cousin and I fucked and sucked almost daily for half a year. Sex wasn't considered sinful in my home, so even the most kinky sex with Thai girls just seemed natural to me."

Sighing deeply again, Marla looked around.

"God, Leticia, let's go do it in a boutique dressing room. I'm so aroused I can't wait to get back to the hotel. Come on, there's a couple real close to here."

After Leticia paid the check, they hurried down Rodeo Drive to the nearest chic boutique. The "Hi, may I help you find anything special?' intros were easily handled as Marla rounded-up a few skimpy dresses and headed for the dressing room.

"Did you see these prices?" giggled Marla, once inside.

"I was watching you, sweetie," smiled Leticia. "What's this going to cost me? Sloppy seconds tonight?"

Standing in the middle of the small dressing room sucking tongues, she slipped her hand between Marla's warm legs to play with a very aroused clit.

"Oooooo, baby . . . get down an' lick me," begged Marla, hips thrusting impatiently. "My pussy's so hot I bet I can cum before you can say 'You're a cock-sucking slut!'"

Giggling maniacally, Leticia pulled up the front of the skirt while Marla held the wet satin crotch of her panties to one side.

"Mmmmmm, your sweet little pussy is just delicious," she whispered, down on knees, two fingers up Marla's tight little cunt. "Mmmmmmmm, I'm going to finger-fuck you."

Holding onto a wall-hook, Marla was shaking.

"God, I don't know if I can stand it, but try."

Licking the swollen pink clit bud, another finger followed Leticia's first two. Three, and finally four fingers were up to her knuckles. Marla's moans were getting so loud she had to bite her knuckles and tongue to keep from being heard on the sales-floor. Folding thumb into palm, Leticia twisted her wrist until all but her hand was into Marla's creamy pink cunt, its grip so strong it almost hurt. Marla reached orgasm; Leticia pushed hard, her entire hand slipping into the hot vaginal sheath. Sagging, knees almost buckling, Marla came all over herself. Making a fist with her hand inside that deep cunt, Leticia fucked the girl's juicy tube, rubbing against the small sensitive area she'd just described in her story. Fortunately for her, the giant spurt of warm fluid spraying from Marla's sex shot straight into her waiting mouth. She'd made Marla ejaculate just like she did!

Grabbing Leticia's hair, Marla held her still, climatic waves vibrating through her body like a cymbal being struck by a mallet. Flashes of heat spread out from the depths of her cunt in all directions, her breath coming in short gasps as she fought to keep from falling.

"Jesus, Leticia, your wrist is as big as Michael's cock! Do me more!"

Driving the sexy girl wilder, Leticia screwed a finger up her ass at the same time, feeling the invader through the thin wall of flesh separating colon from fist-filled vagina. Marla had an orgasm again, almost twice as much ejaculate filling Leticia's eager mouth, its consistency, thick as raw egg-whites.

"WAIT!" hissed Marla, panting. "Let me catch my breath! I can't even breathe!"

Leticia pulled down, her fist popping from the contracting sheath like a cork from a Champagne bottle. After sucking out the pink spasming sheath and swallowing the warm juicy excess of pleasure, she stood and slipped four cunt-gooey fingers into Marla's open mouth.

"Now suck it all off," Leticia hissed back. "Asia always licked up her cum from my fingers! She did it very theatrically, too. She's quite an actress, Marla. Just like you. Watching either of you having sex is so exciting, it makes me cum just watching. Licking your pussy made me climax and I didn't even TOUCH myself."

Marla's graceful legs were quivering, the crotch of her little satin panty thong so saturated with her cum she was afraid it was going to spot-through her skirt.

"Look how wet you made me," she panted, holding the skirt up around her waist, her legs spread, rubbing the satin-covered crotch with a hanky.

"Ooooooooo, let me," whispered Leticia, dropping to her knees again and sucking the glossy crotch of Marla's panties nearly dry.

"Please . . . that's ENOUGH!" giggled Marla, both pairs of cheeks burning pleasantly. "That's enough pleasure for a few hours. Maybe I can concentrate on some serious shopping now that my sex-drive is on cruise. Let's see if I can find some really neat things to charge, too."

After shopping three more hours, they'd spent more than either had planned, loaded down with bags and zippered clothes-carriers as they climbed into the limo.

"Oh well," sighed Marla, "if I'm gunna be broke, I might just as well look good doing it."

By the time they got back to the hotel, it was very late in the afternoon. Postponing the urge to 69 while changing into swimsuits, the sexy pair headed for the pool, hand in hand.

"I wonder where Michael is," mussed Marla, looking around the pool.

Tourists were ogling her succulent body; so was the ever-present film-maker.

"I thought he'd either be asleep or down here. He's not usually one to wander off when we're together."

They played in the pool for an hour, catching last rays before returning to the room. Singing a Michael Franks tune, Michael was in the shower when they unlocked the door.

"We're back," Marla called out, tossing her towel over the back of a chair, "and we're starving. Get out-a there so we can get ready to go to dinner."

"No problem," he called back, happily. "It's all yours."

He came out, towel over shoulder and a silly smile on his face. The girls traded places with him as he toweled dry and dressed.

"Well," Leticia smiled, washing Marla's back in the shower, "he seems to be in a good mood. We were gone a long time and I know he hates to be kept waiting when he's hungry. Glad he's so happy."

"Me, too," nodded Marla, wondering what he'd been up to all afternoon.

Michael was looking out the window.

Ah, Venessa, he thought; what a nice name; and what a nice body. What great head! I hope the girls enjoyed their afternoon as much as I did! You three are going to have an incredible night!

To Be Continued...


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