The Best Erotic Stories.

Jennifer Ch. XIV
by Mark Singer

As Shannon had said, the night was still young. And the party was still going strong. The warmth of the fire was most welcoming, as were the appreciative looks of the guys, and some of the girls, as Jennifer and Shannon walked into the firelight. Given that it was almost midnight, Jennifer was surprised to see as many kids as there were remaining. And it was obvious that the mood was still very much centered around sex.

Two couples were openly fucking beside the fire, the girls on their knees and their partners fucking them slowly as the girls kissed and fondled each other. Five or six boys were standing around the two couples, as well as a few girls in various stages of undress. The sight of all those hard cocks, some being stroked by their girlfriends, some guys stroking themselves, sent a hot shiver through Jennifer. She still had a hard time imagining that she was participating in such a carnal lust fest. It was as if she was walking through a fantasy dream. But regardless of the intense sexual fantasies she had had in the past, she never for a moment thought that she would be given the opportunity to actually play her fantasies out. She shivered again as the memories of her recent encounters flowed through her mind. For a moment she felt pangs of worry as the intricate defense of her reputation, which she'd developed over the years, came into her mind. Since she'd first become sexually active, and had accepted the 'slut' side of her personality, she'd been as cautious and careful as possible to not let that side of her persona show. And now, on this single, warm summer night she'd allowed every aspect of that side come into full play. In full view of close to a hundred kids and a large number of her own classmates!

Jennifer's initial fantasy of joining Shannon inside the fire ring and sucking cock after hard cock had never played out. Even though she'd been extremely turned on by both Shannon's prior description of the events, and later, actually watching her friend drinking all that hot cum from all those hard cocks, Jennifer could never get her courage up to actually enter the ring. Not that she hadn't shared in the bountiful flow of semen this evening... She'd simply decided to do it in a comparatively more private and reserved manner. Still, there was a side of her that envied Shannon's accomplishments in the ring. Just from her experience with the twins on the beach, she couldn't help but wonder what it might be like if those cocks were replaced by others...again and again... She smiled to herself as she recalled how good it had felt to have her mouth so slick and full of semen....

The thoughts tumbled and whirled through her mind, even as she watched the scene in front of her unfolding. Her lust and excitement was also whirling around as the low moans of pleasure filled her ears. And finally her excitement won out over the impossible attempt at reason and balance. After all, she thought, this wasn't the first time such an orgy had taken place. And if these people were the type to 'talk', she certainly would have heard more about it in school than the cloudy and unspecific rumors she'd already heard. She smiled as a feeling of safety and comfort flowed through her troubled mind. Besides, she figured, it was a wee bit late to have concerns now. Things would happen as they would, regardless of her worrying. Right now, she was going to simply enjoy the rest of the night.

She desperately wanted to find Dan. To share her feelings, to discuss her concerns, to suck his long, thick cock.... And she knew in her heart that tonight was the night she was going to take their relationship, and her experience, to the next level. She felt a warm tingling in her pussy as her thoughts raced in that direction. She grinned to herself as she turned her attention back to the group in front of her.

Jennifer became aware of a well-built boy whom she didn't know standing beside her. From the corner of her eye, she could see him slowly stroking his hard cock as he watched the two couples on the blanket. She was also aware of his gaze moving between the couples and her body and this pleased her immensely. Jennifer turned to him and smiled. As he smiled back, she grasped the tails of her cotton blouse and pulled them to her sides, then back, exposing her breasts and hardened nipples. She grinned as he turned slightly towards her, raising his free hand to caress her tits.

"Very nice..." he sighed, moving his hand gently over her firm tits. Jennifer smiled at him and stepped closer, reaching her hand out and curling her fingers around his hard cock.

"I might say the same..." she whispered, beginning to stroke him slowly. The boy groaned and they both realized that further conversation would only get in the way. They both turned their attention to the two couples on the blanket and on the small circle of observers.

One couple was going at it, hard and heavy, but the other was taking things slow and easy. The guy was now on his back, with his partner riding his cock, her well-defined thigh muscles gleaming in the firelight as she slowly and rhythmically raised and lowered herself onto him. As she stroked him with her pussy, her lust-filled eyes moved around the crowd, wallowing in the lust she was helping to further. She was obviously enjoying the attention and the chance to show off.

As Jennifer and her new friend watched, the girl leaned back, spreading her thighs wide and giving everyone a tantalizing view of the hard cock moving in and out of her pussy. This elicited a number of groans from the crowd and caused the girls smile to widen into a lustful grin. The effect was not lost on Jennifer and her friend either. Jennifer could only think of Dan's cock doing the same thing to her and, although she had no idea of what was going on in her friend's head, she heard him moan and felt his cock expanding in her hand as she stroked him. She smiled and increased the speed of her stroking slightly, squeezing his cockhead each time her hand reached it.

And as the two of them continued to watch, a girl who didn't appear to be older than a sophomore, walked up. Without a word, she knelt in front of one of the single boys. She smiled up at him and took his cock into her hand, directing the head towards her face. Then leaning forward silently, she took his cock into her mouth. Jennifer watched, transfixed as the girl didn't so much suck the boy's cock, as much as let him relieve himself in her mouth. She simply knelt in front of him and allowed him to fuck her mouth. And, even from the distance away that she was, Jennifer could clearly hear the boy's groans as he came in her mouth and the wet sounds of her swallowing. When he sighed and stepped back, the girl simply turned her face to the next boy, letting him slide his hard cock into her mouth. Obviously, not a lot had changed since she and Shannon had been in the water...

The girl with the exhibitionist streak was beginning to moan louder, pulling Jennifer's attention back to her, and Jennifer felt a shiver run through her as the girl began to shake. The girl's eyes rolled back in her head as her partner began to fuck her hard, forcing her over the edge and drawing out a scream of pure ecstasy as she came. Jennifer began to stroke the cock in her hand faster now, doing everything she could to make the boy come. She turned her attention to his cock, watching it as she jerked the boy off. His breathing was coming in short gasps and his cock was bucking in her fist as she stroked him faster and faster. Then, finally, he let out a huge whoosh of air from his lungs as his semen erupted, sailing in a thick white arc towards the center of the circle. Jennifer grinned as she continued to stroke him, delighting in the sight of his heavy load spraying from his cockhead.

Her hand was covered with his cum and made loud, wet, smacking noises as it traveled up and down his length. Then, suddenly, the head of the young cocksucker entered her field of vision. Without a word, she looked up at Jennifer, raised her eyebrows and grinned, and opened her mouth. She leaned forward, engulfing the boy's cockhead as Jennifer continued to stroke him off. The boy groaned as he felt the girl begin to suck and swallow his cum and Jennifer couldn't help but grin excitedly at the site. She continued to stroke the boy, milking his cock and squeezing the last of his cum into the girl's mouth. Finally, she removed her hand, giving the young girl full access to the still hard cock. She watched in admiration as the girl winked at her and began to move her lips up and down the full length, taking more and more of it until her lips were buried in the boy's pubic hair.

Jennifer grinned again, content to pass the torch, so to speak, as she stepped back from the circle. Silently, she turned and walked away, raising her hand to her face and inhaling the aroma of the boy's still warm semen. The smell made her heart pound. Her need was growing...

Jennifer smiled and walked a little further, pausing to watch couples, groups and singles heatedly doing things to each other or themselves. She could feel her heart begin to pound as the lust within her began to grow again. She was still intent on finding Dan and the others, but Jennifer couldn't resist a brief pause when she came upon a group of guys standing in a circle around a couple fucking on a blanket. The girl was sitting, reverse-cowboy style, on her boyfriend's size-able cock, and Jennifer sighed as she watched the boy slide in and out of her pussy, pulling out until just his head was between her lips, then slowly fucking his entire length inside her, making her groan. The young blond had her head thrown back, and on either side of her stood a boy. Her hands were around their hard-ons, stroking them as she got fucked from below. Jennifer's excitement grew as she watched the boy on the left begin to shake, then groan as he began to cum over the blonde's tits. She looked down, grinning as she jerked him off. She then turned to the other boy as she began to stroke him faster, urging him to come...

Jennifer couldn't help herself as she stepped closer to the group, joining the circle of onlookers and standing between two boys who were stroking their own cocks. Without as much as looking at them, she reached her hands out, taking a cock in each hand. She grinned as she heard the boys groan and, curling her fingers around their hard-ons, she began to stroke them both, mimicking the rhythm of the blond in the center. The girl smiled as she noticed Jennifer for the first time, and winked just the cock in her hand began to shoot off. She squealed as his thick semen splashed against her chin, dripping down her neck and between her heaving tits. Jennifer grinned back at her and tugged on the cocks in her hands, urging the boys to move closer to the blond with her. They both willingly obliged, following Jennifer the few feet to the center of the circle to stand over the blonde, letting Jennifer jerk them off as the first two boys stepped back to the outer ring.

The blond saw what was happening and smiled, leaning back on her hands and letting everyone see the long cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Jennifer found herself staring at the girl's pussy and the long, thick cock that was sliding in and out of it and again her thoughts turned to Dan. She had to find him, and soon, before her lust completely took over... She smiled down at the blonde and began to stroke the two cocks faster, needing to make them come as quickly as she could so she could continue her search for Dan. And she was pleased when she felt the cock in her left hand begin to swell. She grinned and directed the cockhead towards the blonde's face, pulling slightly on the cock to urge the boy closer. He was just inches away when his cock erupted, covering the blonde's lips and cheek with his hot semen. She squealed her delight as she opened her mouth wide and the boy obliged her by rocketing his second load directly onto her tongue. The blonde choked slightly in surprise, but immediately opened her mouth wide again, just as the second boy began to shoot off. His cum arced high, leaving a thick line of white from her hairline down to her nose, before Jennifer was able to adjust her aim. She grinned to herself as the boy's second ejaculation joined his friend's, landing directly on the blonde's extended tongue.

The blonde began to laugh as she swallowed her reward, her tongue moving like a snake around her lips, trying to capture as much of the overflow as possible. And when her hands rose up to encircle the two cocks in front of her, Jennifer smiled and stepped away once again, walking slowly into the shadows. She chuckled to herself as she thought she was being like the Lone Ranger... stepping in when she was needed, doing her duty very well, and then riding off into the night... The Lone Masturbator... She laughed out loud at the thought as she moved down the beach, continuing her search.

Just a few yards down the beach, she stopped in her tracks as her ears picked up the familiar sound of Dan's laughter. A small fire was burning brightly on the top of a dune just to her right and, in the reflective glow, Jennifer could make out the profile of Dan. He was sitting beside the fire with four or five other people...

Jennifer felt the tingling in her pussy return and she slowly crept closer to the campfire. She could clearly make out Dan's face now, along with Randy and Steve and Tracy, the girl they'd met when they first arrived. Jennifer immediately felt a pang of jealousy as she spied Tracy. She wondered if Dan had spent the entire evening with this girl. She knew that her feelings were skewed a bit, given what she'd shared during the same period, but somehow it seemed different.

She sat on her haunches as her mind began to swirl around again, and she simply observed the scene in front of her. As it turned out, it was a good thing that she did. One it gave her time to get her unfounded jealousy under control, and secondly it gave her the opportunity to see Tracy curl up with Steve...hugging at first, then slowly kissing her way down his chest, over his belly, then finally taking the head of his hard-on between her lips. Jennifer smiled as Tracy began to slowly move her head up and down, taking Steve's hard cock deep into her mouth and delivering an excellent blow job. For all she knew, Jennifer thought, Tracy could be simply doing a circle and maybe had just moved on from Dan, but that made her feel even better.

She had certainly let her lust flag fly this night, and she knew that Dan had most certainly done the same. She wondered just what his condition was. Was he exhausted? Would she be able to convince him to fill her fantasy? She crept closer to the fire, trying her best not to give herself away As she approached Dan and neared the fire, a grin spread over her face. She saw that Dan was sporting a huge hard-on as he watched Tracy sucking Steve's cock. He wasn't stroking it, as much as cupping his balls and teasing the base...letting his cock throb and sway in the night air. Jennifer crept closer, until she was just inches away and just behind Dan.... She stared at his cock, aware that her mouth was actually watering at the sight of it. At the same time, she felt her pussy begin to tingle again, and begin to 'water' in it's own rite. Silently stretching out in the sand, she looked up at her boyfriend.

"You know I can suck a cock better than her...." Jennifer whispered.

Dan actually jumped with surprise at the sound of her voice and Jennifer began to giggle, grinning up at him as their eyes locked. The huge grin that engulfed Dan's face made every doubt that Jennifer had ever had disappear as if touched by a wand.

"Jennifer!!" he yelled, leaning down to pull her into his arms. "Where the hell have you been? Oh...FUCK! I've missed you so fucking much!!" He drew her into his arms, hugging her so tightly she had trouble breathing. Regardless, she couldn't suppress the laughter that burst forth from her lungs as she hugged him back. Never had she felt so glad to see someone. The two of them hugged each other for the longest time, silently absorbing each other's energies as their hands played over the other's back. Finally, both of them released huge sighs and leaned back, looking into each other's eyes. It was Jennifer that broke their silence first.

"I've been looking all over for you!" she said, with a hint of whine in her voice. Dan looked into her eyes and grinned.

"Me too..." he replied tenderly, "I walked around for a couple of hours, looking for you, then hung out by the main fire, thinking you would show up there. The guys there said that Shannon had left a few minutes earlier, but I couldn't find her either. I was...uh...wondering if you'd joined her in the ring...."

Jennifer smiled and folded herself into Dan's arms, loving the feel of his nakedness. Her hand moved over his belly...down, until she encountered his hard-on. She smiled again and curled her fingers around him, sighing as she felt his familiar warmth.

Dan groaned at the feel of Jennifer's hand on his cock and he hugged her tighter, dropping his left hand to cup her breast. He could smell the salt of the ocean in her hair and found it very erotic.

"You know, Dan...." Jennifer said thoughtfully, "I just couldn't get into it... You know how much I love to suck cock... and the whole thought of sucking one after another was a real turn on for me. But when it came right down to it...." She winked at him, then leaned forward into Dan's lap. He groaned as Jennifer opened her lips and took his cockhead inside, sucking it lightly as she circled her tongue around it. Sitting up she grinned at him, licking her lips sensually.

"I do love to suck cock....Mmmmm.... but to be honest, it was just too...I don't know...too impersonal, I guess.... " She looked up at him with a curious smile. "Does that make any sense?"

Dan grinned down at her and shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know... Nights like these get pretty odd sometimes. But I guess I know what you mean. So...did you just sit by yourself all night?"

Jennifer knew he was teasing her and she grinned. "Well, to be" She smiled up at him and began to stroke his cock. "As a matter of fact, I've been a fairly naughty girl and I have a bunch of stories to tell you later...." She smiled when she felt his cock throb in her hand.

"And how about you, Dan...?" Jennifer teased, rolling her thumb over Dan's slick cockhead, Have you guys been just sitting around talking about sports all night...?"

Dan laughed and hugged Jennifer closer to him. "Well, honestly, Jen...I've had a few naughty experiences of my own... in between looking for you, that is...."

Jennifer laughed and hugged him back. On impulse, she pulled herself around to face him, then straddling him, sat down in his lap. " tell, tell..." She grinned into his eyes, then leaned forward, kissing him deeply as their tongues entwined. Dan pulled back and looked at Jennifer, his eyes gleaming.

"But I've learned, over the years, not to kiss and tell, sweet Jen...." He teased. Jennifer gave him a look of reproach, then reached between them to capture his nipples, one with each hand. She gently toyed with them, then grinned as she applied more and more pressure. Dan took all he could, grimacing with 'pain' until he finally knocked her hands away.

"Okay, okay! I give!", he laughed. "I'll tell you everything!"

Jennifer laughed at her victory and moved her hands to Dan's shoulders. She could feel his hard cock against her naked pussy and her attention focused downward. She began to slowly move her hips around, rubbing herself on Dan's hardness. Dan groaned, moving his own hips to mimic her movements. Soon, both of them were breathing quite rapidly.

"But you're not going to tell me now....are you...?" Jennifer panted, raising her hips slightly and letting Dan's cock move underneath her. Sitting back down she groaned as her pussy juice combined with Dan's copious flow of pre-come, making that area very slick.

"I wouldn't be right..." Dan replied, his voice far off and drifting. He moved his hips...feeling his cock sliding between Jennifer's wet pussy lips...feeling his cockhead parting her ass cheeks as sliding against her asshole.

"Later then..." Jennifer panted, moving her hips in a rhythm to match Dan's. "Mmmm...your cock is so hard...." She closed her eyes, filling her mind with the vision of Dan's big cock sliding between her legs... She rocked back and forth, loving the way the top of his hard-on teased her clit with each pass. Already, she could feel the stirrings of her orgasm fast approaching. Her mind wandered, drifting in and out of the reality she was in. Her entire being was focused upon Dan's hard cock between her legs....

Jennifer opened her eyes to see Dan staring back into them. She grinned at the intensity of his gaze, then her grin faded as she focused on the cock moving between her lips. Her smile faltered as she gazed deep into Dan's eyes and slowly raised her hips above his lap.

"Yessss...", she whispered, to herself, as much as to Dan. Holding her hips steady, she reached between her legs and curled her fingers around Dan's throbbing cock.. Staring deeply into his eyes, she pulled upwards slightly until she could feel his cockhead pressing against her wet pussy lips. She began to move back and forth, sliding his head between her lips as she pushed upwards with her hand, forcing Dan's cock deeper, until his head was enveloped by her lips.

"Ooohhh....fuck...." Jennifer sighed. "Mmmm....your cock....I want....Mmmm....." She leaned over, placing her lips next to Dan's ear.

"I want this, Dan....Mmmm....I want you to fuck me...." She began to tongue his ear, licking it as if his ear was a pussy....Shannon's pussy.... Her heart began to pound as Dan pushed his cock slightly higher... "Fuck me, Dan....I want to feel your hard cock inside my oh, me with your big thick cock....."

Jennifer's words flowed out of her mouth like the juices that were flowing over Dan's cock. She began to move her hips in a circular motion, teasing Dan's cock as she slowly lowered down onto him. When she felt his cockhead pressing against her hymen, she moaned and pushed down, not letting Dan hesitate, as she knew he would do.

Both of them let out long, low moans as Dan's cock broke the last barrier and pushed deep inside Jennifer's pussy. Jennifer began to pant as she felt the entire length of Dan's cock finally inside her. The pain was instantaneous and was quickly overshadowed by the intense pleasure she felt as Dan began to slowly fuck her. She groaned, raising her hips higher and letting Dan fuck his whole shaft in and out of her. Her chest was heaving and her heart felt as thoug it was going to explode inside her chest.

The realization of what she was doing, combined with the actual feeling of a hard cock in her pussy was nearly overwhelming her. She'd dreamed of this moment ever since she'd discovered what sex was all about. For this to be happening on this night.... A night that was so full of new experiences... It was so much more than just the icing on the cake. It was the entire dessert tray... It was wallowing in the dessert tray! It was lying in all that whipped cream and frosting and soft cake and filling....It was the essence of everything pleasurable that she could imagine, being focused into a single spot between her legs, then emanating and radiating upwards through her body and pouring into her mind, finally exploding like a super-nova to completely encompass her being....

Jennifer opened her eyes to see Dan staring into them, a huge grin on his face.

"Did you enjoy that?" he asked tenderly, sliding his cock slowly in and out of her pussy. Jennifer didn't really know what he was asking, but, as she looked around, she saw that everyone in their circle was looking at the two of them, big smiles on their faces. She looked back at Dan with a curious expression.

"Was I making a lot of noise...?" she asked tentatively, the answer already dawning in her mind.

Dan grinned and nodded his head. " might say you made some noise...." His smile grew and he began to slide his cock in and out of Jennifer's pussy. "But just enough to wake the dead...." He began to laugh, his entire body shaking so much that he had to concentrate enough so as not to let his cock slip out of Jennifer's pussy. Jennifer was still shaking on her own from the most tremendous orgasm she'd ever had, that she literally had to hold on to Dan, for fear of being shaken off him.

She figured she must have really lost it and, for a moment, she felt the pangs of embarrassment but, from the look on Dan's face, and the looks on the faces of the others in their circle, she had absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. She grinned and began rocking her hips...moving against Dan's slow thrusts.

"You're fucking me..." she said dreamily.

Dan grinned and nodded. "Yeah, I am...." He replied. He leaned back and began to fuck Jennifer with short fast strokes, his hips slapping against hers. He kept this up until she began to groan, then he returned to his slow, deep fucking. Jennifer felt as if she was stuck inside some kind of universal orgasm. She'd never come this much...or this continually, in her life. It was sheer and absolute heaven!

Jennifer came, slowly and slightly, back to her senses as she looked deeply into Dan's eyes.

"Everyone is watching us, aren't they?", she whispered to him. Dan grinned and nodded.

"And everyone is pretty turned on, from what I can see..." he replied with a chuckle. "I think your come really perked everyone up..."

Jennifer turned slightly, looking over her shoulder. Randy was lying back in the sand. His eyes were focused on Jennifer and his hand was moving slowly up and down his long, hard cock. And, even though Jennifer was still floating from the feel of Dan's cock inside her, she felt her mouth watering at the sight of Randy's hard-on. Turning her head in the other direction, she saw Steve in a similar position, although it was Tracy who was stroking his cock. She was naked except for a t-shirt riding above her tits, and her free hand was buried between her own legs, masturbating herself as she stroked Steve's cock and stared at Jennifer and Dan. Jennifer grinned and began to move her hips, urging Dan to fuck her long and deep as she felt yet another orgasm pass through her...

Her eyes slowly became accustomed to the light and, beyond the obvious glow of the fire, Jennifer could see the shadows of others...a circle that had gathered around to watch... Jennifer grinned to herself. She realized that she was providing the same entertainment to them that she'd enjoyed all evening. They were watching her get fucked as they lived their own fantasies. She'd never felt so empowered!

"I want to turn around..." Jennifer whispered to Dan. "I want to watch everyone watching you fuck me..." Dan grinned and nodded, knowing full well what Jennifer needed. He was more than willing to give her the spotlight, knowing that it would only heighten her lust. He leaned back, letting Jennifer through her legs across his, then turn slowly, being careful not to let his cock slip out of her. When she was turned sideway, he couldn't resist holding her tight and pumping his cock deeply into her from that angle, with her legs closed. Jennifer moaned out loud as Dan fucked her deeply, but he stopped almost immediately. She thought he was just teasing her, but the truth of the matter was that the tightness of her position made his balls fill almost to bursting. A few more pumps and he would be toast. Bad timing if Jennifer was into a show....

Jennifer punched him in the shoulder for his teasing and swung her legs over his, facing the circle and the crowd that was gathering beyond the fire. Focusing her mind on the vision of the blonde girl she'd watched earlier, she grinned to herself and leaned back, moving her hips slightly as Dan's long cock fucked slowly in and out of her pussy. She almost laughed out loud as she heard the groans in the crowd filter through her ears.

Jennifer was now the star. The center. The focus of all the guys stroking their hard cocks as they watched her getting fucked slow and deep. This was just what Jennifer was about. Why she loved to tease in her early years, knowing that the boys were going to go home and jerk themselves off thinking of her. Her eyes went from one hard cock to the next as she recalled all the boys she's teased until she could see their hard cocks tenting the front of their pants. Even before she'd developed enough courage to actually touch one, Jennifer had caused hundreds of hard-ons in her 'formative' years. And every time she would lie in bed, masturbating to the thought of the boy jerking off to her image...thick, hot cum spraying out of his young cock, splashing onto his belly as he imagined it was Jennifer's hand, Jennifer's mouth giving him his release.

Until tonight, all this had been a fantasy in Jennifer's mind. Now she was living her fantasy. She was the ultimate tease, letting all the people watch as a long, hard cock fucked in and out of her pussy. She leaned back further, letting them all see Dan's beautiful cock fucking her slowly and deeply. She watched, her eyes moving around her, as cock after cock moved into her field of vision...most being stroked by their owners, but many being stroked by a partner. Jennifer felt as though she was in a trance... a fantastic and wonderful dream... She could now relate to how the blonde exhibitionist from earlier had felt. She also, from her own experience, knew how turned on the circle of watchers must be. She felt a new orgasm welling up inside her and she began to shake uncontrollably as it washed over her. She almost blacked out from pleasure, her eyes rolling back as her mind focused on the new sensation of a cock inside of her. When she came around again, it seemed as if the watchers had moved even closer to her. She stared with renewed fascination as anonymous hands moved up and down nameless hard cocks... all of them aimed at her...all of them caused by her...

Jennifer groaned and turned her head to look at Dan. He was grinning, obviously enjoying the scene. A knapsack was supporting his head, and upper body, so he was able to look fully around. He winked at Jennifer as he slid his cock deep inside her. Neither of them spoke until Jennifer saw Dan look away momentarily, then return his eyes to hers...

"I think Randy has something for you...", Dan said, looking over her shoulder. Jennifer turned, following his gaze, and saw Randy standing on wobbly legs, just two feet away. His hard cock was in his hand and he was looking pleadingly at Jennifer as he stroked it slowly. Jennifer looked back at Dan, her face one big question mark.

Dan looked back at her and grinned as he shrugged his shoulders. "It's your fantasy, Jen..." he said tenderly, "It's your time to shine..." Jennifer smiled, then began to chuckle as a wave of relief washed over her. She didn't even realize that she'd been nervous until it all drifted away with Dan's reassurance. She winked at him and then turned to face Randy....

Randy's face was contorted into that lustful grimace that everyone knows, and it made Jennifer smile. She looked into his eyes as she sat up and slowly peeled her blouse off her shoulders.

"Hi Randy...." she drawled. Her eyes closed halfway and she brought her hands to her tits, squeezing and fondling them as she balanced her body on Dan's cock.

"Hey Jen..." Randy stammered nervously. "You look really hot tonight..."

Jennifer grinned, seeing how hard it was for Randy to communicate. Not that she wanted communication. Everything she needed to know was inside Randy's stroking fist. She lowered her eyes, staring at his hard-on as she licked her lips sensually.

"Your cock is very hard..." Jennifer teased, still staring at it. "Did I make it that hard...?" Randy simply groaned and stumbled just a bit closer. Jennifer looked up into his eyes and smiled at him. "Are you going to come for me, Randy?" she whispered. "Do you want to fuck my tits...come on my tits...?" She leaned back, cupping a breast in each hand and gently pinched her nipples as she pushed her tits together. Randy groaned and stepped closer still, until he was straddling Dan's outstretched legs. He squatted slightly, bending his throbbing cock downwards at an impossible angle, given his condition. Still, he was able to rub his cockhead over Jennifer's tits, pushing slightly between them and leaving a shiny trail of pre-come. But it was simply impossible to move any lower without falling over. Jennifer realized this and chuckled.

"I think fucking my tits is out of the question... right now anyway..." She looked up at him and grinned. "I guess you're going to have to come in my mouth..." And, without another word, Jennifer leaned forward fluidly. Both of her hands reached out to capture Randy's hard-on and direct it between her lips as her forward motion let her take him deep inside her mouth.

For Randy, the sensation was mind-blowing. At the very moment that his cockhead was enveloped by the velvety heat of Jennifer's mouth, her sitting up allowed him to unbend his knees, standing upright as Jennifer took him deeper. The combination of wet heat on his cock and major relief to his thigh muscles drove him over the edge. He groaned low in his throat and began to shoot his thick, hot seed into Jennifer's mouth. He looked down to see a look of angelic bliss on Jennifer's face as she allowed him to fuck her mouth deeply, valiantly swallowing again and again as his balls were emptied. They were both moaning and grunting like animals as their individual needs were met....

Jennifer was in heaven as she felt her mouth suddenly fill with Randy's hot cum. The sheer amount of it surprised her, as well as the suddenness. She had planned on making a show of sucking him off, but as soon as she took him into her mouth, Randy was shooting off. Not that she was upset. Far from it. Her mind shifted instantaneously from exhibitionist to recipient and she began to suck and swallow for all she was worth, trying to keep up with his copious flow. She loved the way he began to fuck her mouth, letting her concentrate on swallowing. And the thick, honey-like semen soon coated her throat in the way that she loved.

Jennifer's eyes had been closed as she concentrated on swallowing Randy's cum, but she opened them as she felt his ejaculation waning. She looked up and winked at Randy as she took his entire length into her throat, making him groan his appreciation. Then she saw a movement to her side just as she was releasing Randy's cock from her mouth. She began to turn her head as a hot spray of semen slashed against her cheek. She had been so engrossed with Randy's cock that she had temporarily forgotten exactly where she was. As her mind came back into focus, Jennifer saw that the crowd around her had become a little bolder and moved a little closer... A second splash on her cheek turned her attention to her left again, and she grinned uyp at a young boy stroking his cock just a foot away. Jennifer licked her lips and opened her mouth just as his third thick offering shot forth. She chuckled as it splashed against her lower lip, only to dribble from her chin. She needn't have worried about the loss, though. Another boy immediately stepped up to her, his hard cock in his hand. He looked unsure of himself at first but, as Jennifer smiled at him and licked her lips sensually, he leaned forward, letting his cockhead pass between her lips and into her eager mouth...

Jennifer reached behind her, blindly seeking Dan's hands as she sucked the cock in her mouth. When she found them, and felt Dan's reassuring squeeze, she relaxed again and let herself slide deeper into her lust. She squeezed Dan's hand back just as the cock between her lips expanded mightily and filled her mouth with semen. Groaning and moving her lips up and down the wet pole, Jennifer drank his seed as the boy shot again and again. Her senses were filled with the smell and taste of cum, and the creamy, thick texture of it in her throat made her swoon with delight. She leaned back, letting the boy's cock fall from her mouth with a loud 'plop' as he stumbled to the edge.

Jennifer looked back at Dan to see a huge grin on his face. She moved her hips, squeezing her pussy around his cock, then fucking him with short, staccato movements. She smiled down at him as he released a sigh. "Your cock feels wonderful in my pussy....", she said with a deep, smoky voice.

Dan grinned at her. " most certainly does..." he replied. "And you look great with that cum on your face..."

Jennifer smiled and extended her tongue, capturing as much stray semen as she could find and drawing it into her mouth. "I could use some more..." she teased, making Dan laugh.

"If you keep doing what your doing with your pussy, I think I'll oblige you..." he said, his voice showing the strain. Jennifer chuckled to herself and kicked her movements up a notch, squeezing Dan's cock with all her might, and moving her hips back and forth as she gave him and evil grin.

"Oh....yeah.... that's gonna do it, baby....oh...shit..." Dan stammered, feeling the cum rising dangerously close. Jennifer's heart began to pump harder as she watched the expression on Dan's face change from cockiness to desperation in just half a second. She loved this new way of getting him off and tried to move her hips even faster, making him groan out loud.

"Come for me baby..." she chanted, "come inside me...mmmm....yessss... shoot off in my hot cunt....ooohh....fuck...yesss..." Her words were even turning her on as she begged Dan to come inside her. For the first time in her life, Jennifer was going to feel a hard cock shooting off inside her pussy. As the realization hit refreshed the fact that she was finally getting fucked... fucked by the best guy in the world...

Jennifer's orgasm began in her toes and enveloped her body like fire hitting a pile of dry brush. She closed her eyes as the world around her began to blur and turn, and her entire body began to shiver and shake. "Ooooohh...FUCK!" she screamed, "oh...fuck, Dan....oh....fuck me! FUCKME...!!"

Dan joined in her groan as his cock erupted inside Jennifer's sucking pussy. He thrust deep, letting her muscles stroke the cum from his balls and squeeze it from his cockhead. The shivering of Jennifer's body made it feel as though his cock was inside a vibrator as he shot again and again, filling her pussy to overflowing. His hard cock fucked through his own thick hot cum, pumping it out, over her lips and covering his belly and his balls with a combination of their cum. Both of them mantraed their groans...again and again, until the last ounce of their energy was spent inside the focus of Jennifer's pussy. Like rag dolls, they both collapsed into a heap, Jennifer falling back lifelessly into Dan's arms, and Dan falling back onto his knapsack. Both of them lay there, panting until their breath returned, then, as the reality of what had just happened re-entered their conscious minds, laughing until they were again almost out of breath, then repeating the entire process. Finally, Jennifer was the first to regain her ability to speak...

"God, Dan....that was...sooo...sooo...fuck...that was so fucking good!" she stammered. She turned to face her boyfriend, her eyes gleaming. "You just fucked me, just had this big hard cock inside my, Dan....that was awesome..." She reached between them, finding Dan's cock and curling her fingers around the semi-hard shaft. She sighed as the sticky, slimy residue of their cum oozed through her fingers, and she began to stroke him. " feel that, Dan? Your cum is all mixed with need to taste that..."

Jennifer moved her head downwards, licking Dan's nipples, then his belly... As she neared his cock, her nostrils filled with the musky, pungent odor of their combined lust. She'd never smelled anything so wonderful in her life! She moved lower, stroking Dan's cock against her face as she licked the juices from his belly and around the base of his cock, licking her way higher and higher until she was rubbing his cockhead against her lips. Moaning lightly, she let them part, taking Dan's growing cock into her mouth, rolling her tongue around the head and shaft as she licked every bit of residue from his shaft. She smiled as she heard Dan moan, and she felt his cock throbbing inside her mouth as she began to move her head slowly up and down. The slick lubricant covering his shaft helped it to slide effortlessly in and out of her throat and Jennifer delighted in the combination of feelings and smells. Resting her head on Dan's belly, she closed her eyes, falling into the hypnotic rhythm of Dan's slow, deep fucking...she allowed him to steadily and calmly fuck her throat as she felt his cock growing harder inside her mouth...

Jennifer's mind drifted back to the wonderful feeling of Dan's cock inside her pussy. She sighed as she how it would feel to have both of those sensations happening at once... a cock slowly fucking her pussy as another hard shaft moved in and out of her mouth... She had just opened the door to a thousand and one new possibilities, and her mind was getting busy exploring each one. She also knew that she wasn't going to wait long to allow her body to follow.

Suddenly, Jennifer no longer wanted to be at the beach. She wanted to be in a house...on a couch or in a bed... even on the floor, with Dan. She wanted to feel him everywhere! The last barrier had been torn down and now she wanted to feel his hard cock everywhere. In her mouth, her pussy, her ass... At that moment, Jennifer wanted to spend every remaining moment of her life with a hard cock, and she felt that time was wasting!

As she slowly came out of her hypnotic state, the first thing that Jennifer became aware of was the size of Dan's cock in her mouth. He felt absolutely huge, but was still sliding easily deep into her throat. The new sensation made her growl low in her throat. She opened her eyes to look up at Dan, and suddenly became aware of something else. A thick mane of salt-matted blond hair was brushing against her chin as Dan's cock continued to move between her lips. Reaching a hand out, Jennifer pulled the hair back slowly...

"Hi Jen...." Shannon said with a giggle, "I didn't think you'd mind if I joined you two..." She was lying beside Jennifer, her face between Dan's bent legs. As Dan slowly fucked Jennifer's mouth, Shannon was teasing his balls with her tongue, licking and sucking them and occasionally running her tongue behind them to tease his asshole. Jennifer smiled as best she could, and winked at her girlfriend as she continued to suck Dan's cock. Her eyes opened more as she came more and more out of the trance she'd put herself into, and her heart began to pound as the scene around her unfolded... Randy's grinning face appeared for a moment before disappearing between Jennifer's legs. She groaned and allowed her thighs to part as she felt his tongue pushing between her pussy lips. Almost unconsciously, her hips began to move with the lusty rhythm that suddenly permeated the night.

A smiling and glistening face that Jennifer recognized as Tracy was between Shannon's thighs, moving back and forth as she sensuously licked and sucked Shannon's pussy. Her eyes were focused on Jennifer's as she made Shannon groan around Dan's balls. Kneeling behind Tracy was Steve. His face was also smiling and glistening too, but from sweat as he moved his hips behind Tracy. Jennifer couldn't tell where that cock was going, but it was obvious that both of them were enjoying it immensely. Then, moving her gaze outward, Jennifer saw what she imagined a Roman orgy must have looked like two thousand years ago. Thirty or forty people surrounded her, in various stages of dress and undress, and it looked as if everyone was involved with another in some sort of sexual act. Some one on one, some two or three on one, some she couldn't make out who was doing what to whom, but the groans filling the air made it obvious that everyone was in the throws of pleasure.

A throbbing drum beat grew louder and louder as Jennifer felt her orgasm getting nearer and nearer. She didn't know if the drum was an actual noise or simply her imagination as she let her eyes move around her. Perhaps it was the pounding of her heart in her ears, perhaps the throbbing of Dan's cock in her mouth... She reached her free hand down between her legs, grasping the back of Randy's head and pulling his face into her pussy as she ground her lips against his probing tongue. She never wondered for a moment if the poor guy could breath or not...for the moment she was focusing entirely on her own pleasure as she roughly fucked her cunt against his handsome face. And she was thrown over the edge by the loud sucking noises he began to make as he drank the thick cum that began to pour from her pussy and into his mouth. She was in heat as she stared down at him, rubbing her cunt over his face, covering it with her juices, then pulling his mouth to her pussy lips and holding it there as she released another thick torrent of cum into his slurping mouth. For a moment, she understood how Dan felt when he came on her face...covering her with his thick semen, then sliding his cock between her lips to fill her mouth. She leaned backwards, releasing Dan's cock from her oral grip as she reached both hands down to grasp Randy's head and pull him even closer to her pussy, holding his face as she rubbed her gushing pussy over it in wide circles as the last of her orgasm washed over her. She almost felt like passing out, and may have if it hadn't been for Shannon's giggling.

"Are you done with this, then...?" Shannon teased, holding Dan's throbbing cock against her lips and licking up and down the shaft. Jennifer instantly came back to reality and laughed with her friend. "Not hardly....", she growled, leaning forward and swiping her tongue along the underside. "But I'll share..." She ran her tongue along Dan's cock until she met Shannon's wet tongue. They both sighed as they dueled with their tongues, using Dan's hard-on as a battleground. Much to his liking, as a matter of fact. He raised himself up, propping the backpack behind his back once again and watched with growing lust as Jennifer and Shannon shared his cock. When the girls pursed their lips on either side of his hard-0n, Dan groaned and began to slowly thrust his hips up and down, sliding his cock between their lips as their tongues played along it's surface. When Dan saw Tracy's beautiful face moving towards the girls', he thought he'd died and gone to heaven.

"I heard that you're sharing this...." She breathed into Jennifer's ear. Jennifer smiled at her, winked at Shannon, and moved her lips away from Dan's cockhead. Shannon followed her lead, leaving Dan's hard-on bobbing up between their faces. Tracy took her cue and, grinning up at Dan, opened her mouth wide, taking Dan deep into her throat with one smooth motion. Dan groaned and felt his hips begin to buck involuntarily, fucking up into Tracy's mouth as he watched Jennifer and Shannon tongue the lower portion of his cock and tease his balls. Trying as hard as he could to hold back, he soon realized the futility of it. Hell, he imagined that he could come just by thinking about this taking place!! His balls tightened as his cock swelled inside Tracy's mouth and his hot cum raced up his shaft, splashing explosively into Tracy's well-prepared mouth. She swallowed half of it immediately, leaving the other half in her mouth as she quickly removed her lips from Dan's cock, pulling it to her left and sliding the head between Jennifer's wet lips just as Dan released his second thick charge into his girlfriend's mouth, filling it almost to overflowing before she sighed and swallowed it in one noisy gulp. Then, seeing Shannon's comically pleading look, Jennifer reluctantly slid her lips off Dan and smilingly passed his cock to her friend. She couldn't stifle a tiny bit of jealousy as she watched Shannon swallow again and again as Dan finished shooting off in her mouth. Tracy returned for more, joining Shannon in licking Dan's slimy shaft, then kissing Shannon and sharing what she'd saved of Dan's first shot. Jennifer started to lean forward, planning to join her friends, when she spied Randy still kneeling between her thighs. Without even thinking, she pulled him closer then bent at the waist until she could get her lips around his cockhead. She couldn't bend far enough to take him very deep into her mouth, but it was plenty far for what she wanted.

Jennifer licked and sucked Randy's cockhead as one hand began to jerk him off and the other snaked between his legs, cupping his full balls gently. She could tell he was close and, from the amount of cum that seemed to be filling his balls, he must have enjoyed the facial she gave him a few moments earlier. Her hands worked in perfect harmony with her mouth and tongue, and in just seconds, Randy was moaning low in his throat, his hips beginning to join the rhythm. Jennifer smiled to herself, pleased with her ability to jerk him off so quickly. She mewled like a kitten as his cum sprayed massively into her mouth. She couldn't resist swallowing the first one, then looked up sexily at Randy. As his hips bucked she pulled his cock from her moth, jerking him off as his semen sprayed over her lips and cheek. She squealed and grinned as wave after wave splashed onto her lips and face, then Jennifer opened her mouth, extending her tongue and licking Randy's cockhead as he blasted against the underside. Finally, when she felt his orgasm waning, Jennifer took his shaft into her mouth. At the same time, Randy pulled his knees up, squatting in front of her as he slowly slid his cock deeper into her mouth. Both of them groaned as his hard cock slipped over her cum coated tongue, sliding deep into her throat. Jennifer held him there, sucking the last of the cum from his cock, then leaned back, letting him slide wetly from her mouth and bob erotically in front of her face. She looked up at him again and grinned her thanks before collapsing back into Dan's strong arms.

The five of them lay there on the blanket, panting and gently caressing each other as their eyes collectively moved over the crowd. It seemed that everyone was in the same state as they were, and Jennifer had to smile as she wondered if everyone had really come at the same time. From the looks of things, they'd all been pretty close to the mark. It would have been a phenomenal amount of energy being expended at once and Jennifer smiled again as she thought how wonderful it would have been to have observed the orgy from above... Not that she would have even considered giving up what she'd just experienced!

Jennifer hugged Dan and turned to face him. His eyes were closed and she nudhed him teasingly.

"You'd better not be going to sleep on me, Dann-o...she teased. Dan's eyes opened and a big grin spread over his handsome face as he shook his head. His eyes moved over her body, then back to her face...

"Not even thinking about sleep, sugar..." He yawned theatrically, then let his eyes move over her once more. "Have I ever mentioned how beautiful you are with cum all over your face...?" Jennifer laughed and sat up, thrusting her tits out and bringing her hands up to massage the cum into her skin. Dan sighed as he watched her play, feeling right then that he was the luckiest man in the world, bar none.

"Let's go for a swim, okay?", Jennifer said. "I want to wash off a little. Then I'd like to go home and relax..."

Dan sat up with her and smiled. "Relax...?" he asked incredulously. Jennifer giggled and leaned over him, licking his ear lobe.

"Well, I mean, have a glass or two of Chardonnay, maybe snuggle by the fire..." Her hand snaked out, curling around Dan's semi-hard cock. She began to stroke him slowly as she tongued his ear. "Maybe suck your cock for a little bit... maybe let you fuck me again....and again..." She smiled as she felt his cock beginning to grow in her hand. This boy was truly amazing! "Hmmm.....maybe I'll let you put this in my ass....would that be okay?" She felt his cock throb in her fingers and she grinned. "Oooo...I see I've got you thinking..." she teased, squeezing his cock tighter. "You wanna fuck my ass, Dan...? do....fuck my ass then come on my face...Mmmm....I think we might go there...but I really want to go for a swim right now....okay...?"

Dan said nothing. He just stared, listening to his heart thumping in his chest. Not believing that Jennifer was getting his cock hard soon.... Finally, her words sank in to his lust-thickened head and he slowly nodded. Uh....yeah....swim...sure...

Eventually, he came around and smiled at her, holding his hand out for her. "Mmm..swim good..." he grunted. "Then home...home good..." Jennifer laughed at Dan's caveman impersonation and looked down at his hard-again cock as they stood up.

"Then let's go, caveman of mine...", Jennifer laughed as she took Dan by the hand. Together they walked to the water's edge, loving the bathwater feel of the ocean playing at their feet. Walking out into the moonlit sea, they paused when the water reached just above their waists.

"I think I'm a little to tired for a swim right now..." Dan sighed, reaching down to splash his face with water. Jennifer nodded her agreement as she too began to wash her body. She smiled sexily at her boyfriend as he leaned back and ran his fingers through his hair, squeezing out the excess. The head of his still hard cock broke the surface each time he leaned back, making Jennifer giggle.

"Part of you doesn't seem tired at all..." she teased, dropping her eyes to Dan's crotch. Dan followed her gaze and grinned back.

"Oh...him?" Dan laughed, He's a natural born swimmer... Knows all sorts of different strokes, you know..." Jennifer laughed and stepped forward, capturing Dan's cock in her right hand as Dan leaned over to kiss her lightly. His ahnd moved up, cupping her firm breast as he stared into her eyes.

"You are simply amazing, Jennifer Grayson..." he whispered over the sound of the waves.

Jennifer smiled tenderly, squeezing his shaft. "I might say the same for you, Danno... Did you enjoy the," Dan nodded as he pulled Jennifer to him, hugging her tightly.

"I must say that I did, lover. And how about you?"

Jennifer smiled as she continued manipulating his hard-on. "Oh, yeah....", she replied. "I think I worked out quite a few issues tonight... But I think that tonight might be my last orgy for a while..."

Dan looked down at his beautiful girlfriend with a look of compassionate surprise. "Were you bothered by something tonight?" he asked softly. Jennifer shook her head, looking up into his eyes and grinning.

"Not at all, Dan. Tonight was very definitely a fantasy come true. I was able to live out almost every fantasy I've ever had. It's just that...well, I don't really know what it is, really. With every situation I found myself in, I was wishing that you were there with me. If anything bothered me, it was that. And I'm glad that I didn't join Shannon in the ring around the fire.... Even though it was a major turn on to watch her. I just think that I'd like to spend more time alone with you..."

She looked down at Dan's cock moving between her fingers. "And this guy..." she chuckled. "Just the three of us..."

"What about Shannon?" Dan asked, trying to understand exactly what Jennifer was hoping for. She smiled and nodded.

"Yeah...right...Okay, just the four of us, then. ", she giggled. "And Randy, too, I guess... So just the five of us... Well, unless someone else happened to be there..." She began to laugh and Dan joined her, holding her tight as they waded towards the shore.

A whole world of possibilities awaited them in the future, and it was at that very moment that Dan and Jennifer each made a silent commitment to themselves that the person in their arms would stay in their arms forever. To have so much in common, and to be blessed with the understanding of that so early in a relationship, was a very unique thing.

As the two of them stood on the shore, drying themselves off as best they could, their eyes were locked together in silent comprehension and understanding of the other. And both of them knew that this was going to be only the beginning...

This is the end of the Jennifer series. For now.... Thanks to everyone for your encouragement and support!!

- Jennifer - Epilog -

Dan and Jennifer both graduated with honors, and both received full scholarships to continue their studies at a well-known college in southern California. Jennifer has become a bit of a force in the field of architecture, and is currently awaiting word on her bid to design the new fellatio museum in Paris. Dan just recently opened his third web-site selling European kitchen gadgets and hard-to-find bukake videos. He hopes to take his company public in the next few months and use the money to support Jennifer's habit of buying expensive lingerie and heels. He will do whatever it takes to support her habit.

Shannon and Randy broke off their relationship after she discovered that he'd quit his fairly high paying position at a software development firm in order to devote his full time to writing erotic stories for the Web. Since the break-up, no one has seen or heard from him. Shannon is doing quite well as a freelance interior designer and part-time model for Frederick's of Hollywood. She lives fairly close to Jennifer and Dan, and they still get together often for dinners and parties.

And everyone still loves to play.....

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