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Left Behind Ch. 2
by Stardog Champion

Malcolm squeezed his cock by its base and dropped it like a fleshy club right across Jessica's flushed, cumcovered cheek, in the process smearing the result of his powerful orgasm like a clear white gloss over top of Jessica's smeared make up.

Feeling the smooth head of Malcolm's cock slide across her cheek, Jessica cringed internally as the reality of her predicament set in.

Hearing the chatter behind him, Malcolm knew that the rest of the team had organized outside of the coach's office and that it wouldn't be long before the rest of the guys would be having their way with the pretty blonde debutante that had fallen in their collective laps.

With a couple of his teammates flanking him, Malcolm and his buds leaned in and looked on with fascinated amusement at the cum covered beauty in front of them. Malcolm looked to each side and noticed that they were stripped down, cocks erect as well, ready for their turn with Jessica Jennings.

* * * * *

Slipping out of his pants while half the team filed into the cramped room, Darrell then proceeded to lift Jessica's lithe body into the air by wrapping his muscular arms underneath her thighs and then easily deposited her on top of Coach Evans's cluttered desk, causing several stacks of papers to go tumbling down to the floor below. "Coach is gonna kill you," Darrell heard a giggling voice say from the naked mass of black muscle in front of him.

Digging his hand into the waistband of Jessica's cockeyed sweatpants, Darrell, Malcolm and a few of the other guys quickly and effortlessly pulled the white girl's pants, cheering skirt and panties down her firm, trim and tanned legs, all the way to her ankles. One of the guys popped both her tennis shoes off, freeing the other guys to rip the rest of her waist down wardrobe off, leaving Jessica Jennings sitting on the coach's desk, completely naked and vulnerable from the waist down. Licking their lips, every young man in the room looked down hungraly at the sacrificial white virgin before them.

As the boys removed her pants, several took turns groping at her chest through her sweatshirt. "Damn...what a pair of tits this bitch's got..."...Let's get this shirt off so I can titty fuck her..."..."Bet the wannabe is a virgin...".

Jessica heard snippets of rude remarks rain down on her as the guys hovered over her, groping and debasing her further. In her detachment, it felt to Jessica as if the whole scene was happening to someone else.

Perched on the table with her now bare ass flat against the hardwood top of the coach's desk, Jessica felt the awkward sensation of loose pieces of paper, pens and pencils as they grazed her flesh while too many hands to count pawed at her body. Before she knew it, the entire room went momentarily dark as her hooded sweatshirt was guided over her head. When she was able to see again, Jessica looked down to see several black hands groping at her blue and red Mercy Prep cheerleading top.

As the players ripped and clawed at Jessica's top, they could all clearly feel the heaviness of Jessica's bosom heaving underneath their touch.

"No girl has a waist like that...and tits like this...damn things can't be real," She heard one guy shout as countless fingers squeezed at her womanhood.

A few moments later, Jessica felt the humid air of the locker room office, as well as the hot breath of her captors collide with her bare chest. Hearing a tear, Jessica knew that they had ripped her top right off her body. Sitting there between the myriad of black men in nothing but her athletic bra, Jessica helplessly raised her hands to her chest, wrapping her fingers around the black kids' hands, helping them cup her huge titties while at the same time urging them to remove the last vestige of her modesty, her tight, size 36-D spandex bra.

With their hands all over her tanned body, all the guys noticed with great joy in the sight of Jessica's hardened nipples shamelessly erect, seeming to almost burst and strain out from the smooth spandex material that held them in.

As a few of the closest guys dug their fingers underneath the bottom edge of the bra, the whole room went silent as Jessica's milky white tits came into view. As the 18 year old girl's heavy breasts spilled free, each man could see that there was a distinct tan line at the upper fringe of her chest and the contrast was striking, causing each guy to take pause before moving in closer to take their turn with her.

Malcolm crouched closer to Jessica, who was spread out on the table, and lowered his meaty black grip right down on top of the girl's shaking breasts. With his still half erect cock tapping Jessica's wet pussy on the edge of the desk, he could clearly feel the preppy white girl's vaginal warmth as it radiated against his crotch.

Digging his fingertips into Jessica's soft tit flesh, Malcolm kneaded them mightily until Jessica squirmed under his vice like grip. As Malcolm explored Jessica's breasts with his hands, lifting them up so that he could see and touch the lily white underside, he was first to notice the faint, almost invisible incision mark left over form Jessica's enhancement surgery. "Damn things aren't real guys...look...," he said to his cohorts.

As the rest of the players fawned over Malcolm's discovery, a lot more trash talk started to rain down onto Jessica as she gyrated under their touch.

"Daddy had to buy his little girl some big tits Huh?", "Probably wants to fuck her himself,", "What do you think he'd do if he found out his little darling was giving it up to a bunch of Niggas!"

* * * * *

The feeling of detachment that had took root inside Jessica's psyche earlier was quickly eliminated as each one of the players took their brutal turn with her naked white body. With each ramming spear that took its place inside Jessica's no longer virgin cunt, along with the ones in waiting that stabbed into her mouth or found the warmth of her endowed cleavage, Jessica Jennings lost all comprehension of whether she was cumming or going, whether a dick was inside of her or whether its thrusting imprint lingered as another guy prepared to take his place between her firm but quivering thighs.

As the blur around her intensified, Jessica felt eerily as if she was trapped on a life raft in the middle of a brutal, unpredictable storm.

With each new guy that took his place between her obscenely splayed legs and drilled his cock home, Jessica's pussy slowly elasticized with each new challenge. No amount of preparation she had ever contemplated for the joyful stress of losing her virginity had ever prepared her for this ordeal. In reality, she was probably going to have more sex that first night of losing her virginity than she probably ever would have for 5 more years if she hadn't gotten stranded at Franklin High.

The added stimulation of all the rough probing hands, tongues and lips rippling over the length of her body only added to the sensory overload. With no concept of time, Jessica could only go by the pounding of her heart and the grunts of pleasure from above to mark how long she had been there.

Every time she went to cry out or take a much needed deep breath, the inviting beacon of her parted lips was too much for the guys beside her to ignore. With their fingers buried deep within her golden thick locks to hold themselves steady, each guy took his turn slapping his cock against Jessica's pretty face or even in some cases blatantly sticking it in her mouth , forcing her to give them a blowjob while she got fucked.

When Jessica felt the weight of a full grown man deposit himself on the top of her chest, she couldn't help but to open her eyes slightly to see what was happening. The blurry black outline of one of the players kneeling on her torso, with his chest facing her, filled her dim visual field.

She could feel the eager kid mashing her titties together savagely with his powerful hands while his glistening erect penis snugly burrowed deeply between her baby soft titflesh. When the faceless player started seesawing his smooth ebony prick back and forth, Jessica could feel the strange lurid heat of his sweaty balls as they rested on top of her toned abdominal muscles.

Unable to control herself, Jessica helplessly began to grind her hips and waist harder against the guy that was fucking her cunt until he couldn't control himself any longer, sending yet another stream of rich white cum into the white slut's tight pink pussy.

By now, the sizzling white jism was flowing out of Jessica's cunt as quickly as the boys were depositing it in. A few of the guys had also taken the liberty of pulling their ready to explode cocks out just in time to spew their loads onto the insides of Jessica's thighs and all over the neatly manicured fleece of her pubic hair.

As Jessica writhed under the weight of the titty fuck she was receiving from above, neither her or the faceless guy on top of her could deny the luridness of his huge cock sliding in and out like a rapid black piston between Jessica's immense cleavage. With his thumbs clenched down onto the erect buds of Jessica's nipples, he could feel his cum begin bubbling to the surface.

Through her barely open eyelids, Jessica was powerless to do nothing but lay there as the player worked towards his frenetic orgasm. Staring straight at the peehole of the black blur that was his cock, Jessica cringed when his cum shot out like a white cannon ball, smacking Jessica squarely above the right eye.

As his cum dripped down, further blurring her vision, Jessica was left with the unsettling sensation of the second, third and fourth stream landing progressively further down her face until finally, the nameless, faceless player messily smeared what was left in his balls all over the breasts that had been paid for on Jessica's Father's American Express card.

* * * * *

About half the members of Franklin's basketball team had taken their turn with Jessica when the mood in the room suddenly changed.

With each guys eyes so intently focused on Jessica, the crown jewel in each of their teenage sexual histories, no one noticed Coach Evans as he solemnly returned to his office.

It had been a long, tiring and depressing day for the 46 year old, slightly graying basketball coach and gym teacher. He had long been a champion of the cause to get Cleveland's inner city high schools attention on a larger scale and playing some of the better prep schools in the state was one way of going about it. The only problem was getting those schools to sign on the dotted line to play them. It was a proud day when Franklin got Mercy Prep to agree to a home and home series and finally Coach Lemont Evans thought he had a golden opportunity to make a splash.

After all the banter, fire and brimstone however, the last second loss to a team he thought they should beat was going to be something that made for more than a few sleepless nights in the days to come.

As Coach Evans strolled back to his office after meeting with the media and a few disgruntled boosters, Evans nursed a stale Diet Coke as he wandered through the almost empty high school hallways for the quiet seclusion of his locker room.

Pushing the heavy doors to the locker room open, Evans took two steps towards his office cubicle when he realized something was up. It wasn't exactly the sounds of dejected players huffing over a devastating loss.

As he turned the corner and slowly pushed open the door to his office, all Lemont Evans could see was the naked backs of several of his players circling his desk. Looking down to the floor, Evans's head started to pound when he saw the messily strewn papers all over the place as the reality of the scene hit.

"Good God," he thought to himself. "Damn boys finally convinced one of our girls to actually do the locker room gangbang thing. "

Even though Evans couldn't see who the center of attention on his desk was because of the tall, wide bodies surrounding them, Coach Evans smiled warmly remembering his high school days and how much fun it was to finally get a crack at one of the pretty girls in school.

As he stared at the bustling, shifting mass of black flesh encircling his desk, the only negative thought he could come up with was why if the boys had this much energy left didn't they use it to try to win the game earlier.

"Ahhhh..." he thought, "Guess I should be happy for them. Hopefully this will help give them some confidence back."

Preparing to turn quietly and leave the boys be, Evans decided he could sneak away to the library to brood over the loss to Mercy Prep. "Hell, I'd do most of the girls at school here too," he said to himself despite most of them were old enough to be his daughter.

As he started to turn however, something vivid and striking suddenly grabbed his attention. Out of the corner of his eye, a strange white blur in the midst of all the black flesh in the room stood out noticeably. Instinctively turning back to see, Evans waited a moment as his focus sharpened, then he realized that the party going on in his office was a little different than what he had originally thought.

Then two quiet, but powerful words filled the room coming from the mouth of one of his 12 players. "UHHH...OOOHHHH!"

All of the sudden, there was nothing but a eerie shuffling calm in the room with only the sounds of several guys trying to catch their breath filling the air.

Finally Coach Evans heard himself ask out loud, "What's going on here?"

He realized how dumb of a question it really was when his eyes locked onto the obscene sight of a naked white girl, apparently a teenager, sitting in a pool of sticky white fluid right on top of his very own desk.

Thankfully no one answered his obvious inquiry.

With his eyes locked on Jessica's withered frame, shaking his head from the raw sexual vision of the girl's spread legs revealing her puckered and messy pink vagina, Coach Evans was totally unaware that the other 12 pairs of eyes in the room were all focused on him, waiting for the inevitable order for everyone to clear the room.

That moment of silence seemed to linger on forever.

As Evans looked over the naked girl whose clothes were hastily strewn around her except for her bra that was pushed up over her heaving white swells, her tits spilling free underneath with the evidence that a few of the guys had already marked their territory on them. Finally, the realization of who the white girl was clicked inside the coach's swimming head.

He had remembered briefly looking over at the Mercy Prep cheerleaders right before the opening tip, sizing them up on one hand and feeling a little sorry for the verbal abuse they were enduring on the other.

As Evans looked down and surveyed Jessica's ample womanhood in the flesh, he distinctly remembered her prancing with her fellow cheerleading teammates earlier. The coach had no clue as to the 'how' or 'why' the girl had ended up in such a position as she was on top of his desk but being the tenured instructor and long time respected basketball coach of a public high school, part of Lemont Evans's moral fiber told him that he had to put an end to it.

The words that slipped from his tongue however were not the ones the superintendent of schools would have probably wanted to hear.

Matter-of-factly, with a hint of sarcasm Evans's asked, "Has anyone cum in her pussy yet?"

There were more than a few awkward chuckles in the room then unsure silence again. Coach Evans looked around and saw the 'hand in the cookie jar' look in several of his players eyes.

Looking back over his shoulder to Jessica on top of the table, her legs spread apart in a signal of submission. He could clearly see wave after wave of white jism bubble and ooze out of her plush pink, girlish vaginal lips.

"How 'bout her ass then?" Evans chuckled.

Scanning the room, Coach could see the same gleam in his guys' eyes that they had before heading out onto the court for a big game.

Feeling his cock start to thicken inside his slacks, Lemont Evans suddenly felt as if he was 26 rather than 46. "Grab her ass off the table...those assholes screwed us out there on the court tonight during the game...guess it would only be fair to return the favor right now Huh," Evans mumbled, gritting his teeth, feeling strangely comfortable with his proposed 'eye for an eye' retribution with the already worked over, 18 year old Catholic school cheerleader.

"Bitch was cherry," Coach Evans heard one of his players say as he supervised his guys raise Jessica's exhausted body off the table and turn her so that her backside was facing him.

"If her pussy was cherry...her ass has gotta be too...we could be here a while boys," Evans commented in a fatherly tone as he pulled his pants down and unbuttoned his shirt.

As his half hard black cock poked out the front of his boxer short slit, Evans, who had been married to the same woman for 18 years (although not all of them faithfully) couldn't remember the last time he was so anxious to get at a piece of ass. With his 46 year old, 7 inch cock inflating to the task, it seemed to want to lunge towards the soft rounded heart-shaped white ass of the overwhelmed young girl before him.

Ripping his boxers down and stepping out of them, Evans stroked his erect manhood haughtily as his charges positioned Jessica for him. Several naked players held her hands down outstretched on the desk, while a few more knelt down and pushed her weak legs far apart and held her quaking feet to the floor so that her ass was uplifted and inviting for their coach whenever he was ready to move in and take it.

As Coach Evans eased up to Jessica's beckoning ass with all the cocksure confidence of a gunslinger approaching his next encounter, he tried thinking back to the last time he had sex with a white woman. Lemont Evans had been lucky enough during his high school years to have taken advantage of the raging hormones and indecent curiosities of several of his post segregation, female classmates. He had also had more than a few trysts on business trips over the years with several women that he had met in hotel bars, two of which happened to be Caucasian.

That however was a lifetime ago for Evans who was proud of himself for staying faithful for the previous five years. While he had often fantasized about doing exactly what he was about to do to white girl being restrained in front of him, the 46 year old husband and father of 4 never thought in a million years he'd ever get a chance to actually go through with it.

Taking a cruel, arcing swing with his right hand, Lemont Evans smacked Jessica harshly across the tender skin of her round ass sending a sharp slapping sound echoing throughout the office.

Evans didn't really know why he did it, but the whimper the little girl cried out when he did it made him feel very much in control just the same. When his hand raised in the air and he did it again, Evans could then see the reddish outline of his palm print start to raise on the cheeks of the cheerleaders tender flesh. When the guys saw how Jessica seemed to gyrate her ass seductively as if begging for more, they all knew she was theirs for the taking.

* * * * *

Pushing his weight forward on top of her, Evans dug at Jessica's reddened cheeks cruelly, pulling them apart as his students stood to each side, holding Jessica splayed and secure in front of their coach.

Letting the plum sized head of his cock plop directly down on Jessica's exposed brown eye, Evans felt an incredible surge of adrenaline course through his body as he watched his cockhead totally eclipse the orifice it would soon be embedded in.

"She's gonna cry out fellas...better be ready to put a hand over her mouth when I shove this thing in," Evans ordered.

Knowing that there would be no way to shove his dick straight up into Jessica's ass without any anal prep would be totally devastating the young woman. As he started to primp and tease Jessica's inviting sphincter with his right hand, Evans raised his left hand up to Jessica's head and lowered his meaty, long black digits into the girl's golden mane and then curled his fingers until he could pull Jessica's head backwards slightly so that he had total control over ever movement the teenage girl could make.

Rotating his right hand off Jessica's asshole and guiding it up between her parted thighs, Coach Evans let his fingers dip into the messy stew inside the girl's cunt, soaking his fingers in the dampness of male and female ejaculate inside.

Jessica's head was spinning to the point that she couldn't tell if she was still seated or standing up. There were so many hands clutching and exploring her that she felt strangely weightless as the young , naked basketball players positioned her for their coach.

Clenching her eyes tightly shut, the self imposed darkness she wallowed in made the physical sensations she was experiencing that much more potent. Although her head was dizzy, Jessica knew she wasn't imagining the heavy, cork like feel of something pushing right up against her small asshole. When several long and urgently probing fingers rocketed into her gaping pussy, Jessica had to bite her lip hard as her hips and waist bucked backwards against the faceless man violating her from behind.

When that hand inside her pussy removed itself, it felt as if that a plug had been taken it of a bathtub as the pent up reservoir of cum inside her cunt started to ooze out even quicker. As Jessica winced from the feeling of jism rushing out of her vaginal folds, suddenly the heavyness pressing against her ass relented for a moment and the warm humid air of the locker room swirled freely around her sensitive anal bud. Just as quickly as the relief happened, the pressure on her asshole returned again, this time with even more force.

"OOOOHHHHHH...SSSHHIIITTTTTTT," Jessica cried out with desperate but angelic urgency.

Lemont Evans had taken his cumsoaked index finger and rammed it down to the first knuckle inside the 18 year old's virgin ass. Leaving it buried there motionless for a moment for Jessica to adjust, he tingled from the feeling of the girl's anal muscles trying to fend off his violation. When he felt like she was ready, Evans embedded his finger all the way down to the second knuckle in one violent push causing Jessica's head to rock backwards and her Adam's apple to pump like an oil drill up and down as she tried maintaining her balance.

"GGGAAAWWWDDDD...FFFUUCCCKKKK," she spasmed as the coach fully penetrated her with his finger.

Watching as the helpless girl seemed to try and swim with from his circular finger motions, Evans looked up at his players and acknowledged their work holding her steady. "Good job boys...she's almost ready."

Every time Evans would jerk his wrist, pushing his finger deeper into Jessica's rear, he would also gently tug at her long straight blonde hair with his left hand. Feeling Jessica's hole expand ever so slightly, he pulled back gradually with his probing digit, then would cruelly ram it back in again.

As a drop of lurid, sexually aroused drool dripped from the corner of the young woman's parted lips, Evans removed his left hand from Jessica's head, in the process bringing several soft strands of her blonde mane knotted around his fingers back to him.

With his right index finger completely submerged, Evans placed his left index finger at the entrance of Jessica's ass, then slowly and deliberately penetrated her with it as well. This time Lemont Evans looked down and saw both Jessica's feet pitter-patter on the floor as her whole body started to convulse. The coach could see his players flex their muscles in an attempt to hold the writhing young girl steady so he could complete his preparation. "That's right Bitch," Evans sneered, "You think that burns...just're pretty white ass ain't ever gonna forget this!"

With the knuckles of both index fingers flush together, the Franklin High basketball coach sadistically pushed them apart slightly, causing the rim of Jessica's bunghole to widen. As Coach Evans's continued to dig at her, loosening her up, Jessica could feel the heavy humid air floating around her tickle her previously untouched regions.

Part of her primal sensibilities knew what was about to happen next even though her rational mind was still in denial. That is until the gravity and forcefulness of the situation was too much to ignore any longer. Surrounded by the 12 naked teenage boys and their 46 year old coach, Jessica felt a strange sense of intangible power in her self imposed darkness, the power of being wanted, even if it was simply for her body, for the first time in her life she felt truly valued. And before she knew it , the guy who was old enough to be her father, who was ardently lathering up her ass, proceeded to take exactly what he wanted.

Convinced the girl was ready and too horny to wait a minute longer, Lemont removed his index fingers one by one with a grotesque plop and then raised his throbbing black pipe to the opened entrance of Jessica Jennings's rear.

With a crude, carnal smirk etched across his face, Lemont Evans coolly repeated his blistering mantra to Jessica over and over until the head of his rigid black penis was solidly inside Jessica's virgin ass.

"Take that Bitch...let that pretty ass of yours swallow up that black little slut...come on up that white ass...wiggle it Bitch...Open up your eyes and look around honey...Look at see what I see...nothing but a cum hungry white whore!"

With inch after every sodomistic inch the Coach impaled her with, Jessica's socked feet seemed to magically levitate off the floor as the veins in the back of her knees burst out harshly from the strain she was under.

Digging both his hands firmly into the reddened cheeks of Jessica's uplifted ass, Lemont continued to spank the young girl each time her behind stopped thrusting back at him.

Hearing herself coo and moan under the punishing assault, Jessica felt strangely like a very bad little girl in a grown woman's body. With all the pressure that had built up inside of her, Jessica finally had to let it go.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH," her screams of tense release filled the now empty hallways of the school halfway across the building. "SSSHHHIIITTTTTTTTT...," she cried out as several trails of tears flowed out of her eyes and down her cheeks.

Evans looked down with devilish fascination as about a third of his ebony pride bore down between Jessica's sweaty pale and reddened ass cheeks. Reaching down with one hand to hold the base of his cock more securely, Evans pushed forward with all his might until another full inch of his monster was forced between the blonde's tiny hole.

As their coach pushed forward, several of the naked players in front of Jessica had her fall directly against them, her heavy augmented tits crushing right against their rock hard pectoral muscles as she gasped desperately for air.

Knowing his huge cock would not last much longer without exploding inside the teenage girl's constricting asshole, Coach Evans removed his hands from Jessica's behind and draped them around her waist until both of his palms caressed the saturated, sticky lips of the young girl's puckering vagina.

"Holy shit," Evans hissed down. "My black dick in your ass make your pussy that wet...huh?"

Planting his delicate, swirling tongue right on the nape of Jessica's pale white neck, the older black man cupped the young woman's pussy as hard as he could with his right hand, while at the same time sneaking his left index finger and thumb underneath, pinching and prodding Jessica's inflated clitoris feverishly with them.

"EEEE...EEEEEE...AAAAA...AAAHHHHH... DDDAAAAMMMMMMIIIITTTTTTT... GGGGAAAWWWDDDDDDAAAAMMMIIITTTT," the young cheerleader squealed over and over, feeling her blood sizzle through her veins.

"Who's your master Bitch?" Evans asked coldly as sweat trickled down his brow. "WHO!"

After a long harrowing moment of silence, Jessica finally worked up the strength and gumption to gurgle out her response," You are...You are," She sighed in a husky whisper.

"You my white slut girl...HUH?" Evans continued as he furiously worked his hands on her cunt and his cock in her ass.

"...I'm your slut," Jessica moaned drunkenly.

"Say it louder Bitch," Evans barked cruelly, speeding up his pelvic thrusts.


"Then make your master happy bitch and make his cock cum right up that tight white ass of yours!" Evans demanded, as his punishing clitoral stimulation and harsh words sent the snobbish preppy debutante over the edge.

With her clit literally throbbing between his fingers, Evans slowed his fuck motions slightly so that he could watch and savor the way Jessica's face contorted and twisted uncontrollably under his virile assault. Watching and feeling the girl cum in front of him, the internal switch that governed Evans's own lust hit overload as well causing his embedded black cannon to pump and jerk like a runaway drill bit until his bloated black balls bubbled over and his stored up white seed coursed out and jetted up Jessica Jenning's soon to be burning rectum.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMHHHAAAAAAAAA," The 46 year old coach growled as his head shot backwards and his 10 fingers dug at the 18 year old's overwhelmed pussy.

With his orgasm still raging, Evans could sense the blonde cheerleader start to go weightless in his arms. As he tried his best to pull back slowly and ease his cock out of the tail he had spent so long trying to open up, every guy in the room winced when the saw the graphic way Jessica lurched when she felt Coach Evans finally rip his cock free.

"THERE BITCH," Evans hissed with lurid joy as he watched Jessica's legs give way and then fall helplessly to her knees, totally spent.

Falling straight down out of the arms of the young men holding her, Jessica's shaking knees rested heavily on the concrete below as she sucked in mouthful after mouthful of much needed oxygen. As the naked black guys stood patiently over top of her, a few of the guys reached down and felt her warm sweaty skin one last time as they tried savoring one last memory before getting dressed and heading home.

Too tired to even kneel, Jessica's head collapsed all the way down to the floor as several of the guys ran their fingers through her now sweaty and knotted blonde locks. All Jessica Jennings could do in her extended moment of weakness was to part her lips and kiss one of her lovers right on his bare, size 12 foot.

* * * * *

Somehow, someway the athletically fit and trim 18 year old varsity cheerleader was slowly able to gather herself after all the men had departed the coach's office and left her alone. After awkwardly pulling her sweatshirt over her head and getting her sweatpants back on, Jessica looked down on the floor and saw her bunched up panties still sitting there. Without a hint of the good social graces she was raised with, she cringed as she bent down and stuffed them into her pants pocket, the whole time bent over feeling the leaking wet traces of ejaculate as it still bubbled in her ass and cunt.

A few of the guys were still in the locker room getting re-dressed when Jessica emerged from Coach Evans's office looking as if she had washed ashore out of Lake Erie. There was no acknowledgment from either side as they watched with amused pity, Jessica drunkenly make her way bowleggedly out of the same door Darrell had led her through almost an hour earlier.

Negotiating the now empty cavernous hallways of Franklin High, Jessica fell against the first door marked exit she could find and set out into the bitterly cold Cleveland night, humbled but fulfilled. As her designer tennis shoes thudded onto the sidewalk of the main road that would eventually take her closer to her side of town, the clock on the bank sign above her said it was 12:28 am and 27 degrees.

Working her way North, Jessica found herself dropping her head under her hooded sweatshirt every time a car or group of pedestrians would pass by, so they couldn't see her or the undeniable look of confusion in her eyes. Vain to the end, Jessica refused to let anyone else know the secret feeling she knew she would have to replay endlessly for many years to come.

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