The Best Erotic Stories.

Lois Wins
by JEdwins


Lois sat reading at her desk, taking advantage of the fact that it was quiet in the house. Nick wasn't at home and the kids were still at school. At least once a week she tried to have at least two hours with nothing scheduled so that she could read. What most people would have been surprised at, especially her family, is what she read and how she read it. About six months ago one of her girlfriends had mentioned to her that she had read a very good erotic story on the Internet. Without trying to seem too interested, Lois had asked, "My God! Do you mean that they have dirty stories on the Internet?" Within the next few weeks Lois found out that not only were there stories on the Internet, there was also everything else that you can possibly imagine. And, of course, she got the address of the site that her friend used (and quite cleverly, she thought to herself).

So here she sat, at her desk, reading through the few stories that seemed interesting enough to help her increase her sexual excitement. Over the past few months she had developed a pattern. As soon as she had the majority of her morning chores completed and had showered, she dressed in a shortie robe and slippers, grabbed her last cup of coffee, and made herself comfortable at her desk. After she brought up EarthLink, she went out to Laurel's erotic story archive as the beginning point of her browsing. Although not a computer guru, Lois had nevertheless picked up a few tricks.

If she had simply typed to get into Laurel's site, she knew it would leave a permanent record in the computer that her husband or the kids could easily find. So to avoid that, she clicked on File and then Open Page, entering the address she wanted there. That way Netscape would not record where she had been on the Location bar. Another of the tricks that Lois had learned is not to read directly off of the sites, but to copy and paste the stories that interested her into Word Pad for later reading. In that way she didn't risk losing any of the momentum that she wanted to slowly build while reading the stories until she had her orgasm. Too often in the past she had been right at a critical spot in her rise to ecstasy only to run out of story. And, of course, by the time she could find another story, some of the mood had been lost.

She did, however, use this research time to good advantage. Since she had to read enough of the story she found to decide if it was one she wanted to keep for a while, it was easy enough to stroke herself while she read. Her arms, especially the insides of her upper arms and the insides of her elbows, got increasingly sensitive as arousal grew. And to mold her breasts through her robe, and try to tweak her nipples through the cloth, built up the expectation of how it would feel when she actually reached inside the robe eventually. Lois knew she had nice breasts.

She had seen ample numbers of breasts on her friends at aerobics, and of course there were her high school experiences. While only a B cup, she had very prominent nipples, quite dark brown, that would stiffen up with little or no encouragement. When she lay on her back her breasts stayed on top of her chest. Of course during sex, she was on her back a lot, because Nick was pretty much a missionary position lover. Mind you, he was a pretty good lover as far as she could tell, but she could only base that on what she heard from other girlfriends. Lois had never had sex with any man except Nick; that is, she never had intercourse with any man except Nick. Sad to say, that what she missed the most with Nick was mutual oral sex.

One of her boyfriends in high school had introduced her to oral sex. Wow! She had screamed out her orgasm that first-time so loudly that she was afraid people two blocks away would have heard her. Feelings that emanated from her pussy, radiating out to every part of her body, including her toes and finger tips, would be a cherished memory until the day she died. When she realized what her boyfriend was trying to do to her, she tried to stop him. They had been sitting in the back of the car kissing and running their hands over each other for at least an hour. Her blouse was unbuttoned. The front clasp on her bra was open. Her nipples were stiff and wet from his mouth.

Her skirt was bunched up at her waist, exposing the front of her very wet panties. Danny had not yet had his hands inside her panties, but his hands were responsible for her nectar being smeared all over her dark brown pubic hair and the insides of her panties. His shirt was open. His belt buckle was undone. His zipper was down. And his hot, stiff cock was still sticking up a little bit over the waistband of his shorts. So young Lois had not been exactly idle all of that time.

But now Danny was sort of on his knees on the floor of his car, had forced her right leg fully up on to the back seat to his left, leaving her left leg on the floor to the right of him, and was planting little wet kisses all over her legs and lower tummy. She had closed her eyes and leaned her head back in order to more fully enjoy the feeling of his hot lips touching her skin. At one point in her sensual reverie, Lois felt Danny slide his hands under her ass and pull her more toward him on the seat.

Since Danny wasn't all that much bigger than she, it was very thrilling to her to realize that she so excited him that he was able to "manhandle" her with such ease. But then, still with her eyes closed and her head tilted back in rapture, she felt him push his face firmly into the center of her blossoming womanhood. Lois was so shocked that at first she just looked down at him as he rubbed his face against her soaking wet panties. She could clearly hear him inhaling her arousal. Of course it was so wildly erotic, so disgustingly tantalizing, so shockingly worshipful, that she almost came immediately. But then her turmoil cleared up enough that she started to reach down and push his face away from her crotch.

By then, Danny was already pulling aside the very wet material of her panties, exposing the swollen lips of her overheated sex. At about the time when her hands were close enough to his forehead to push him away, his tongue was making its first contact with her clit. The instantaneous effect of those two small pieces of flesh coming together caused her hands, all of their own volition, to continue on around to the back of his head and force him to maintain that intimate, sensual, orgasm producing, contact. Lois doesn't remember pumping her groin up-and-down, up-and-down, against Danny's mouth and nose, nor did she remember anything she did or said for the next minute or two, but she does remember hearing someone screaming.

Just remembering those events had now gotten her excited and wet. Nick had no trouble accepting blow jobs from her but was unwilling to put his mouth to her womanhood and nurse on her. She knew she tasted good when she was clean. One of the very erotic parts of these reading sessions was tasting her own juices as her excitement grew. And she would never enter into lovemaking with Nick without making sure that she was clean and sweet tasting. She had been trying, not for the first time, for months now to think of a way to get Nick to be more inventive in their lovemaking.

She wanted to feed him her nipples repeatedly during the course of their sex together, not just have them sucked for a minute or two before intercourse.

She wanted him to tell her to lay flat on her stomach on the bed and then pick up her hips in his strong hands, so he could fuck her from behind.

She wanted to be open and vulnerable to his attack on her little pussy.

She needed to be able to turn her head and look back at him, her man, exercising his will on her, his woman.

She needed those things once in awhile. The people in the stories did these things. In the stories written by her favorite author, the guy would go around behind his lover, put his hands on her naked hips, bend down low, push his face in between her hot thighs, and lick her from her clitoris all the way up to her ass hole before imbedding his rampant cock in her hot cunt.

She wanted Nick to come up behind her while she was at the sink, periodically, push his groin into her ass, reach around her to grab some tit in his left hand, feel up her pussy with his right hand, and spread little kisses all up and down her neck and across her shoulders.

She wanted to wake up in the morning once in awhile and find Nick nursing on her nipples ... or wait, better yet, nibbling at her sleepy pussy lips. Yes! That would be so erotic. Of course, she would show him her gratitude by sucking him dry until the day after tomorrow.

Those were the kinds of things she wanted and needed. Not all of the time, necessarily. But she couldn't imagine going through the rest of their life together with so little variety in their sex life. She should get him to read some of the stories that got her off. Especially that one author, G Williams. Boy, did he write great stories! He really seemed to work hard at knowing what a woman needs, both emotionally and physically, and his male characters turned their women every way but loose. They would take control or yield control depending on how their woman felt. They would relinquish control at any sign that that was what the woman wanted. They would hold back and hold back until their woman was rung out completely before letting themselves orgasm. They would slow down the pace, or speed up the pace, or change positions, anything, as long as it kept the woman excited and allowed the guys to pace themselves. And although Williams doesn't directly say it in his stories, the reader gets the impression that the very act of holding back his orgasm makes it a tremendous one when the guy finally let's go. You can bet that's true.

Lois had now found two or three stories to read as preludes to the William's story she had been holding back for herself. All of her thoughts about William's male characters had gotten her more excited than she usually was by this point. Shifting her trim ass more to the edge of her chair she reached down to check how wet she was with a probing finger. Her thatch of dark, curly pubic hair already felt damp. Bringing her fingers to her nose, she inhaled her familiar, aroused scent. She had to taste her honey. A couple of times, actually. And then stroke her rampant mound with its thick growth of soft hair. Nick loved the fact that her pubic hair went down each side of her vagina in thick array. He didn't like to nuzzle in it, but he did like to look at it.

She kept it neatly trimmed in an attractive triangle, but never thinned or shortened her muff, and the only time her bush had ever been shaved was during the birth of each of her kids. Anyway, now that she had her stories captured she could exit from the Internet. While leaning forward to execute the mechanics of closing Netscape, she paid enough attention to background sounds to realize that a commercial on the radio was advertising for the free e-mail services of Hotmail. The announcer was stating that one could use any name with Hotmail and be completely anonymous. At just that moment the germ of an idea crept around behind the forehead of our sweet Lois. But, first things first. She had another great Williams story to read and another great orgasm to give herself.


Lois became Stella Teller, or First she sent herself an e-mail to make sure that their IP address didn't show in Netscape and give away the fact that Lois was sending the stuff herself. It didn't. So, as Stella, Lois created a businesslike letter explaining that the recipient had been selected to receive occasional stories. She explained that a reply with the subject line "Remove" would insure that the recipient would be dropped from the mailing list. She further explained that each story was specially selected to be of high quality and in line with general sexual mores. She signed it, "Your new reading pal, Stella". Then she attached one of Williams five stories to the e-mail and sent it to the e-mail address that she and her husband shared. Now all Lois had to do was wait for her plan to hatch.

The kids came home from school, Nick came home from work, Lois was already showered and dinner was ready when he got there, and after finishing their homework the kids watched TV for awhile. Lois got Nick to help her with the dishes, thereby continuing to keep him occupied until they would both have time to sit down and check their e-mail. Finally the kids were off showering and getting ready for bed. Nick sat down at the desk, killed the screen saver, and started to bring up EarthLink. Since Lois did not want to seem overly eager, or too out of character, she busied herself around the front room until he had brought up Netscape mail. Not knowing how many e-mail messages there would be and which one was from Stella, Lois casually passed by the desk slowly enough to spot the one she cared about. After that, she just kept an eye on his progress through the first 8 messages. Finely, when Stella's was the next one after the one Nick was reading at the moment, Lois went over and stood beside him at the desk, putting her arm around his shoulder.

"What the hell is this?" expounded Nick after opening the e-mail and realizing they had received an erotic story.

As he moved the mouse up to the delete button, Lois said, "Wait a minute honey, let's see what it looks like. "

"You want a read an erotic story?"

"Well, yeah. I like a good erotic story. Don't you?" Lois had a mischievous twinkle in her eye as she asked that. "Why don't you print it out and we'll sit on the couch and read it together."

Giving his wife an incredulous look Nick replied, "Okay, Mrs. Pious Pornographer. You go check on the kids."

Nick was on the couch with the printed pages sitting in his lap when Lois returned. She snuggled up next to him on the couch with her feet up and her knees bent toward him. "The kids are already asleep and I shut their door. How about if we each read every other page out loud?"

Now looking even more dumbfounded Nick asked, "What is this, Lois, some kind of a game?"

"Oh, come on, Nick. It'll make it more fun. I'll start. " And with that, she picked up the first page and began reading. She knew this story well, having read it a number of times. The first sexy part occurred in the 4th paragraph of the second chapter. Even though that part occurred at the bottom of her page, and continued a little bit on the second page, she read to the end of the paragraph. She placed her warm right hand on his thigh as she read the final words, "... more difficult for Jeff to hide his very prominent erection from this beautiful woman standing before him in nothing but a towel. "

Even after she handed Nick page 2 for him to continue, it took the little cajoling before he started reading self-consciously. By the end of page 2 the sexual tension in the story was really increasing; and that was true also for Lois. She had begun rubbing her hand up-and-down his thigh as he read. It wasn't the story that was getting to her, although that was part of her excitement, it was wondering if there would be any differences in their lovemaking later. Probably it was too soon to hope for that. But Williams wrote extremely woman-friendly stories. It was always possible that Nick would feel no need to change his style. If that happened, it would be up to her to communicate to him that she wanted to try some of the stuff they would be reading. But in the meantime she was going to hope for the best.

As it turned out, the first time the story talked about eating pussy she was doing the reading again. She made sure to let her voice indicate her heightened excitement, and removed her right hand from Nick's thigh long enough to press it against her own heated crotch. Nick didn't say anything, but she knew he noticed. She put her hand back on his thigh. By the end of her third page of reading the woman in the story had already had one orgasm from the guys hands and tongue. The towel was no longer anywhere near her and she was lying on the kitchen table, ass conveniently at the edge, and the guy was sitting on the chair between her soft thighs, lapping at her post-orgasmic pussy slowly and softly. Now it was Nick's turn to read page 4.

"Repositioning Carol to stand by the table, bent over it, with her arms and chest on the table and her delicious ass pointing toward him, he knelt down behind her, placing kisses on her upper thighs and the cheeks of her ass. His hands were roaming all over her body as he bestowed his kisses. When he felt that he had paid enough tribute to this glorious present he was receiving, he pushed his face into her center. After licking up-and-down her shaved slit of few times with a very wet tongue, he proceeded to lick all the way up her ass ending at the small of her back." Nick paused for a moment, then said, "This guy really writes about that a lot!"

Lois, all innocence, asked, "Writes of lot about what?"

"All this licking stuff. He makes it sound like everybody does it. Well, everybody doesn't."

"But honey, would you feel the same way if she was licking him? Using her lips and tongue on the end of his big, hard cock? Stroking him with her hot hands. Cupping his swollen balls and massaging them. Sucking him into the back of her throat? Waiting for him to start spurting his come for her to swallow?" Now her hand was slowly rubbing up-and-down his cock, which was clearly responding.

"That's different, Lois."

"Why is it different?" Lois asked in a quiet voice.

"Well, it just is."

"Is it because there's something wrong with our vaginas? Or is it because it's right next to our rectums?"

"It's just different, Lois, that's all."

Feeling that she had pushed enough for one night, Lois dropped the subject and urged Nick to continue reading. By the end of his page the girl had had another orgasm, the guy was lying on the floor, she had impaled herself on his still stiff cock, and was holding his head up to her left breast while she rotated her ass in circles, driving him crazy. As soon as Nick handed her page 5, which was the last page, he put his left arm around her shoulders and with his right hand began massaging her right breast and nipple. By the end of her page his right hand was up under her dress, doing a nice job of massaging her pussy through her now wet panties. When they finally went to bed, the lovemaking was better than usual but Lois attributed that primarily to the excitement built up by reading together.

It was two more days, Thursday, to be exact, before "Stella" sent them a second erotic story by the same author. Again they read it aloud to each other. Nick wasn't quite so hesitant about the reading this time. In this story, Williams had the woman give the guy a blow job until he came in her mouth. It didn't take long because the guy was extremely excited. She knew that, and knew he couldn't last very long the first time.

She was fingering herself while sucking on his 'good-sized hunk of man meat,' so she was quite wet. As soon as he finished coming in her warm mouth she immediately got down on her hands and knees, facing away from him, lowered her head and shoulders to the floor, arched her ass up at him as only a woman can do, and told a her eager stud to fuck her cunt. Being young, he had no trouble staying hard. She was rubbing her clit with one hand while he was glorying in the site of his cock sliding in and out of her hot pussy, and the ripples her ass made each time he banged into her.

Pulling off of him after her second orgasm she led him into the front room and had him lay down on the couch; glistening cock still stiff and pointing up. She got on the couch on top of him and immediately took his cock, slick with her tasty juices, into her mouth. Then she slowly lowered her still-smoldering cunt down over his mouth. He could feel the heat emanating from her and smell her excitement. He stuck his tongue out and stiffened it so that when her pussy lowered the last few inches, his tongue went right up her hole like a little cock. When Nick, who was reading at the time, got to this part he said, "You know, they never mention all these people washing!"

Lois, who thought that was the most positive thing she had heard her husband say in years, said, "People who love and care about each other are either ready in advance of lovemaking or will say something like, ' I need to go powder my nose. '"

Nick sat quietly for a while, running his hand back and forth across Lois' calf, almost distractedly. She waited quietly. Then he said, "So you mean that every time we've made love for the last 10 years you were ready for oral sex?"

"Every single time."

"Is it really that important to you, Lois?"

"Yes, Nick, it is." Then she went on. "Not all of the time. And certainly not to replace the rapturous feeling of your big dick stretching me open and filling me up to bursting. But yes."

Lois and Nick didn't make love that night. They didn't even finish reading the story. But they did talk until almost 11:00. As they got into bed Nick said, "Let's see if my mom and dad would like to have the kids visit over the weekend." Lois kissed her husband long and meaningfully.


There was a new story from Stella in their e-mail on Saturday morning. It was THE story. This particular story by Williams, the most recent one he had written as far as Lois new, was so full of eroticism and with such an excruciatingly slow buildup, that Lois knew in her heart that all of her marbles were going to be on the table. This was her best chance. Today would be the culmination of her planning. Nick's actions had clearly communicated to her a willingness to experiment sexually.

He had been more touchy/feely yesterday morning before he left for work than she could remember for years. As she was showering, and he was shaving at the sink, he watched her more than she could remember him doing in a long time. And between the time he came home from work last night and the time they went to bed he had kissed her five times. While not a record, it certainly was a record lately. He would never realize, and didn't need to, all of her hectic preparations yesterday. The whole house had been cleaned. Their sheets and blankets washed. Lots of easy to prepare foods brought in as well as cheeses and wine and snacks.

The bathroom sparkled and the Jacuzzi heater was running, just in case. Lois found herself to be very excited and full of hope. Nick would be back any minute from delivering the kids to their grandparents. She knew, back when she formulated her plan, that this was going to be the most difficult part of all; how to get started. Were it not for her discovering these hugely erotic stories she might not have been able to think of away to make this work. They would both be uncomfortable. They would both find it very difficult to communicate. Not to say words, but to say THE words they weren't used to saying to each other. Words like: I would like you to bite my nipples once I get really excited; try to suck my lips into your mouth and tease them with your tongue; lick around my balls; wet your finger and touch my ass hole while I ride your cock; put your legs up over my shoulders so I can fuck you deep; do you like watching your big cock go in and out of my hot little pussy? But tough or not, they needed to start communicating better than they had been. That's what Williams said in every one of his stories and it was true.

In a way, Nick was not much more guilty of not communicating than she was herself. Hardly a lovemaking session went by that Lois didn't want to tell Nick to suck her nipples more or harder. She often wanted to say to him, "Turn me over and fuck me like an animal!" But she didn't say those things. Men were supposed to be the visual, hot to trot, primary directors of the show. That's what she had always presumed, and so did many of her friends as far as she knew. But for her part, she knew that she didn't often make a special effort to be alluring.

To stage little "accidental" shows just for her man. To be "caught", once in awhile, bent over with her back to him, her ass cheeks spread and her pussy pushing out. Or bending over near him with a loose-fitting top and no bra. Or making sure he periodically saw her tucking herself into her bra. Or obviously washing her cunt and her ass when he could see her in the shower without him thinking she knew he was watching. Maybe even fingering herself a little, and then be embarrassed when she saw him watching her wanton display.

Well, she would change all that. She could hardly expect him to stay sexually interested in her unless she worked at being sexual. And if she did all she could do, and he did all he could do, their sex life and their level of happiness and their interest toward each other should soar.

To help them get through this initial awkward part her plan called for acting out one of the stories. Role playing. They would read the Williams story she had selected, titled The Handyman, together, and then they would act out the story. They would be saying the words of the characters in the story to each other. And they would be hearing the words of the characters in the story from each other. She had printed out 2 sets and had two markers so that during their first reading they could each mark their "lines" just like a script. The kinds of words Williams had his characters use and the actions of his characters would become theirs with practice and time, but this first time the words and actions would not necessarily originate spontaneously from Lois and Nick. That should make things easier for them both. And, if at some point, they abandoned the script ... BFD!

Still waiting for Nick to return from delivering the kids, Lois found that she was so excited, so charged up, so hair-triggered, that she felt she should maybe go relieve herself of some of her excitement. After all, although Nick had never discovered it, his desirable wife had, over time, become multi-orgasmic, as almost any woman could. Fortunately for Nick's benefit, he chose that moment to return, and would now get the pleasure of making many new discoveries with his overly excited and beautiful wife. Fortunately for Lois, she had just had an inspiration based on one of the stories they had read.


Nick couldn't help but notice that his wife was glowing with excitement. She had two glasses with ice in them and was obviously ready to make two wine coolers. The Hearty Burgundy was already on the counter, and as soon as she got over the instant of surprise at seeing him back she got the 7-Up out of the refrigerator. He walked over to her at the counter and while reaching for one of the glasses he bent down a few inches and kissed her. Lois was so hypersensitive from all of her preparations that she moaned a bit into his mouth and followed the moan with her tongue. Nick pulled back a bit and said, "Seems like you have started without me, you sex pot, you. Now I'll have to figure out some way to catch up with you."

"Well ... we could take our drinks out on the patio and start marking up the stories," Lois said, quite demurely.

"You still want us to do the story bit?"

"Of course, silly. And you might as well know now that there will be a test later to see if you were paying attention."

"Lois! I hate tests. Always have."

Taking his arm and her drink, she steered him toward the sliding doors saying, "Maybe we can come up with a test that you'll like, big boy."

Just as they passed through the doorway Nick asked, "Where is the story?"

Lois was very pleased that he was thinking so cooperatively, and told him where she had hid it from the kids. As an after-thought she reminded him to grab a red and a green marker from the desk. While he did that, she arranged the chairs by the patio table for the eleventh time, at least, so as to provide Nick with ample opportunity to look up her dress occasionally as they marked up the "script."

Nick returned with his drink and the markers in one hand and the story pages in the other. After sitting down across from his lovely and spirited wife he handed her the red marker and one set of the story.

"As I remember it," Lois said to her loving husband, "the Handyman meets this gal at her mother's house. She has just showered and is surprised to see him working there. She doesn't know that he looked at her in the shower, the peeping Tom, and ..."

"I don't see how we can get anywhere with this if you're going to cast aspersions at the poor guy because she left the bathroom door open."

"Well, don't forget, Mr. Defender Of All Males Everywhere, he is the one that installed a shower door set with a clear glass panel in it KNOWING that the only reason for clear glass is so that someone can see someone while they are showering!" Lois felt that she had scored a big point with that retort, and was quite pleased that Nick was willing to 'play' at this exercise willingly.

After sputtering dramatically for a moment, Nick fired back with, "But we KNOW that SHE purposely left the shower door OPEN to prove to herself that he WOULD look at her. That's enticement. A sting operation if I've ever heard one." Nick had to admit to himself that he was having fun, so far.

"Yes! And he did look at her! PEEPED! Just like a typical male! She knew he would and he did. I rest my case."

"But Lois, you with the selective memory, she thought he would come into the bathroom and take her right then and there! But being a gentleman at heart, he didn't. So don't rest your case too soon, my girl."

"Well ... no he didn't, but he thought about it I bet." Lois recrossed her legs and saw Nick's eyes flick down to the quick view he would have up under her dress. Things were going very well, indeed.

"So now the poor guy is guilty because he might have 'thought' about getting her in the shower? Is that it? Where is the justice in that, I ask you? And another thing ..."

"Yes, Oh Mighty One?"

"Um, uh, let's start marking the pages," Nick finished lamely. Somehow he was feeling 'set up.' He didn't usually win debates with his wife that easily. It was fun, and he thoroughly enjoyed this new repartee, but he couldn't shake the growing feeling that he was the only one who didn't have the whole script. On the other hand ... it really was fun.

For the next half hour Lois and Nick marked up their "scripts" in red and green. Often they got sidetracked when Nick would seem to balk at some of the lines. "You know, Lois, this really isn't us. We don't talk to each other like this guy says."

"But Nick, the other night when we were talking about, oral sex, and you said that there was a difference between a woman going down on a man, and a man going down on a woman, I said something like, '... not to replace the feel of your big cock spreading me open and filling me up ...' and you got all hard. Remember that?"

"Sure I do, but you were rubbing me with your hand."

"I had been for some time before, but when I talked about your big cock and spreading me open you got harder. Think about it."

"So you think that there is nothing wrong with people talking like this guy has his characters talk"

"Nick. We're not talking about 'people' here. We're talking about you and I. We love each other. Words we say to each other are not the same as words we might use in casual conversation. And words we use during sex may not be the words we usually use even to each other. But does 'penis' sound better to you than 'cock' or dick' and does 'vagina' sound as sexy to you as 'pussy' or 'cunt'"?

"Well, nooo. But we've never used those words when we're making love."

"I know. But I want to. And the way your rampant prick perked up the other night, so do you."


With the pages all marked up they went back into the house, closing the sliding door and locking it. Then Lois pulled and closed the vertical blinds over the doors. Nick started to ask why she had darkened the room, but decided to wait and find out.

"I'll go get into a handy towel and come out into the front room to 'discover' you. You get on your knees on the floor over by the computer table," Lois directed.

"Why do I have to get on my knees," Nick whined.

Affecting an Eva Gabor accent, Lois deepened her voice and replied, "Because I like the thought of you on your knees before me, dahling." Then, back in her own voice she added, besides that's how Williams has it just before the first dialog takes place."

"Well, if we're going to get so deep into realism, why don't I get to PEEP at you in the shower?"

Absolutely delighted with how things were going, Lois said, "Works for me!" And with that, she flounced from the room to take her second shower that morning.

Nick stared at her as she walked down the hallway to their bedroom. Her ass was switching back and forth quite nicely. She did have a very nice ass, he reflected. And the couple of looks he had up her dress clearly showed that she had damp panties. Even after two kids, she not only was very nice to look at (dressed or not) but she could lube until hell froze over. Williams had said in one of the stories that lube was mostly glucose. Could be, Nick supposed. He was certainly going to find out, if Lois had her way. And, he had to admit, if it was that important to her he would do it. Wait. He wouldn't "do it" like it was some horrible thing to do. He would Lick Her Pussy for her. Yes. That sounded more like he was trying to cooperate with the program. The shower was running. His wife was in there naked. She was going to put on a show for him. And ... he really did want to see the show.

When he entered their bathroom, Lois was soaping her breasts, with her head back to keep her hair out of the shower spray. Her nipples were taut. Nick loved her dark nipples. They had been pretty prominent when they were married, but they protruded even more now after two kids. He had tasted her milk a couple of times when she was nursing Timmy. She damn near ripped his clothes off after that one. Maybe it's true that a woman gets very stimulated while nursing. Well, maybe even when she is not nursing. She always moaned when he sucked her nipples. He liked it too, but, well, maybe he should do it more and see if she liked it. Now she had the washcloth going up and down each leg. When they showered together he liked washing her legs. He could look at her pussy without being obvious about it. Now she was holding her right leg up and washing her pussy. Damn! She even washed it inside, bent over trying to see herself doing it. Nick thought that using a wash cloth on her clit must be uncomfortable.

But, then again, he used one on the head of his dick, and that wasn't uncomfortable. Lowering her foot to the floor, his wife stuck her ass out (damn she was limber) and was washing her ass with the cloth in her right hand while her left hand was - Jesus - she was frigging herself. Nick wished he could see that up close. But Williams said he had to stay here in the doorway. Dumb son of a bitch! Nick would love to see his wife get herself off sometime. He would never ask her to do it for him, but he would dearly love to see it. Oops, she was rinsing off now. Time to go and get on his knees by the computer table. Where did he put his story ...

Lois walked into the front room with her towel wrapped around herself and tucked in at her cleavage. The lower edge of the towel failed to completely hide her dark thatch of pubic hair as viewed from Nick's position on the floor. They went through the beginning dialog, sometimes laughing at either their own screw-ups or the others'. The sexual tension between them was very high. Nick wanted to fuck Lois in the worst way. Finally he said, "Can't we pick it up from here another time and cut to the chase?"

"What exactly do you mean, Mr. Handyman," Lois asked while batting her lashes coyly.

"I mean, I want you in bed."

"And just what are you going to do to me 'in bed' Mr. Handyman"?

Aha! Nick figured it out. He wasn't your average everyday dummy. No, sir. He was your above-average everyday dummy. "I want to fuck you. In bed. You on the bottom and me on the top." That ought to hold her, he thought to himself.

"You mean that you're going to take that big piece of cock I see sticking out in your pants and push it deep into my tiny pussy?"

A little horse, now, Nick came back with, "I'm going to shove my big cock up your tiny pussy a lot of times!"

Lois turned away from Nick, spread her feet apart, bent over so she could see him between her legs, reached back and used two fingers of her left hand to open her pussy lips for his viewing and asked, "This very little pussy right here?"

Lois was barely able to straighten up and start running toward their bedroom as Nick charged at her. He did succeed in grabbing the towel, though. When he got to the bedroom, yanking his clothes off as he advanced, he found Lois curled up at the headboard of the bed as if in stark terror. Still trying to yank his sock off, and bouncing around the room trying to balance himself, he ordered her to lay out flat on the bed. She demurred. He raised his voice and ordered her again in a really nicely done threatening voice. Still she demurred. Now his socks were off. He was ready. He stalked over to the bed from where he had ended up after fighting the last sock and grabbed Lois' ankles. He pulled her straight on the bed and held her legs open as he got between them.

"Please don't do this to me!" Lois implored.

"You didn't pay the rent, so now you'll pay this way, "said Nick in a surly and lascivious voice.

"I'll get the rent money somehow," cried Lois.

"It's too late for that, my girl." And with that pronouncement, Nick attacked Lois' left nipple. She tried to move her breast away from his ravenous mouth, but somehow only succeeded in pushing her nipple deeper into his mouth. Strange how things work out like that sometimes. Nick moved to her right nipple for a while and then back to her left. Lois gave up all pretense of defending her virtue from the big bad man and was moaning over and over. Nick gently bit her nipple. Lois arched her back as a shot of electricity made a bee line for her already wet cunt. Realizing that she had liked that a lot, he did it again. Then back to the other nipple and bit that one, too. He liked her nipples in his mouth. He was sucking like a baby and nipping her once in a while. Each time he did that she almost bucked him off of her. But Nick determined that since he was a stalwart lad, he would not be thrown. To help calm her down he decided that what he needed to do was push a finger into her pussy while he nursed on her. As he discovered, that plan had a flaw. Damn. That was just what she wanted. And damn she was slick. And hot. He decided that now was the time, and he said to her, "Now, you craven hussy, I'm going to fuck your cunt with my cock." And he did just that. Right in, she was so wet. Both of them groaned. He held dead still for a moment, basking in the heat of her body. She held dead still, also, relishing the feeling of his cock filling her. Then Nick started pumping in and out of her.

Lois knew that her husband was very excited, for which she was justifiably proud. But she knew he couldn't last long at this rate. So she knocked on his head. Yes. She knocked just as if his head were a door. To say Nick was startled would be a gross understatement. One second he is in a run for the roses and the next she is knocking on his head. He lifted his head from its accustomed position at her neck and just looked at her. Lois said, "Can we pause for a brief moment before you continue this dastardly assault on my poor virginal body?"

Somewhat flabberghasted still, Nick raised his body from Lois' and she helped him continue the motion on over to his back, beside her, by pushing on his hips with her hands.

"Now what?" A reasonable question, right?

"Now I want to suck on your dick for a bit, is what."

'Cool' thought Nick. "Have at it, wench." Even before he finished his words Lois had spun around, got on her knees and elbows, and was licking and sucking him. Her ass was sort of toward his head; enough that he could clearly see her very wet pussy lips pushing out from between her thighs. Then she shifted just a bit and now her knees were spread quite far apart. His view of her snatch was perfect. Her lips were puffy and very wet. The coral pink interior of her pussy was starkly revealed against the dark brown and wet hair that surrounded it. And her clit! He could actually see it. The hood was pulled back and her clit was peeking out.

He'd never actually seen it before. He'd felt it. He'd massaged it with a finger or two but never while actually looking at it. Except for the urethral opening, it looked exactly like a tiny dick head. Looking back at his lovely wife as she sucked his very stiff dick, Nick realized that Lois was not just sucking him off. She was sucking her own cunt juice. Christ! She was! She hadn't wiped him off first. She had just dove down on him, lube and all. Wow. WOW! Now she reached back between her legs and was playing with her clit. Right before his eyes. He watched how she fingered herself, totally forgetting the magic her mouth was doing to him. With two fingers, one on each side of her clit, she was rubbing up and down. She wasn't actually touching her clit at all, but the motion moved the hood of her clit up and down that little gem. She was moaning. He could not only hear it, he could feel it on his dick. Oh, Jesus! How much more was he supposed to be able to take.

Lois must have had the same thought, because she moved around again, straddled his hips, grabbed his dick, aimed it straight up at her hovering pussy, and sat down on it. Slowly. Actually, very slowly.

Watching Nick's face as he watched his cock disappear up inside her. Then she bent down and kissed him. Lips, tongue, soul. Then she lay still for a while, looking at Nick's lust filled eyes through her own equally lust filled eyes. Then it dawned on Nick. He had been kissing the mouth and sucking the tongue of the woman who had just had his cock in her cunt. He was tasting Lois' cream. His wife had suckered him. No pun, he thought, intended. How did he feel about that. More specifically, how did she taste. Even more specifically, how did her pussy juice taste. A tiny bit salty. Yes, but somewhat sweet, too. And maybe a slight metallic overtone.

Lois was watching her beloved husband as all of these thoughts were crashing across his consciousness (and his face). She was fairly certain she knew what he was thinking. Especially when he was so obviously "tasting" something in his mouth. That had been her great idea when he arrived back home after taking the kids to his parents for the weekend. Let him taste her from him via her mouth. Looks like he lived through it. Now it was reward time. She started moving her whole body back and forth on his still rigid cock, her nipples grazing his on each forward stroke, and her hips moving from side to side. To her, it felt like his meat was corkscrewing in her cunt.

Hopefully it felt the same to him. She kissed him again and went back to her gyrations. She came before he did. It was such a welcome relief from her far overtaxed nerves. She shuddered and mewled and clamped down on him to the point where his cock swelled even larger in her, and then he bathed her insides with his special lotion. He actually cried out at one point. She was so thrilled that she started coming again. God, she loved this man. And she knew he loved her, and would love her even more over the next two wonderful days.


A nap was in order and a nap they had; two and-a-half hours. Nick woke up first and tried to quietly disentangle himself from his princess. But Lois awoke with his first movement. Moving her hand to his cock where it lay against her stomach, Lois asked, "How do you feel, Big Dick?"

"Not so big, Pussy Galore"

"While it's true that you seem to have shriveled up some, I bet that after we shower and get something to eat, you can resurrect this poor thing."

"Only if I can depend on the help of the truly wonderful woman that has graced my life for lo these ten years."


In the shower, they soaped each other. When Nick started to run the washcloth between Lois' thighs she pulled the cloth out of his hand and told him to just use his fingers. He did, and he loved it. The roughness of her hair and the unbelievable softness of her lips was mesmerizing to him. Why hadn't he ever done this before. In fact ... he moved his other hand around her and moved his fingers down the division between her smooth ass cheeks. Yes. There it was. As his middle finger tip touched her ass hole Lois moaned and moved against Nick's chest.

When he started to move both hands away she said, "More." What's a guy to do? He did it some more. Now, though, he slipped the middle finger of his left hand up inside her pussy as far as he could push it, while he started rimming her ass hole with the slickness of the soap as a lubricant. Then, and he couldn't for the life of him tell you why, he pushed his finger into her ass to the first knuckle. Lois almost climbed up his body in reaction, but her gutteral utterance told him she liked it. So he pushed again and was now in her ass to the second knuckle. He pulled his finger out of her sheath and began moving two fingers up and down on each side of her clit just as he had seen her do to herself.

"Oh, God, that's so good. Yesss. Rub my cunt. Fuck my ass with your finger. Deeper. Oh. God, Nick. I'm gonna come again. Oh, yes. Keep doing it, pleasssse."

Nick was all for it. He had never done anything like this in his life. Today was a day of firsts, for sure. Lois' ass was so tight on his finger, and she kept clenching it. It was hard for him to rub her clit and keep his finger in her ass the way she was humping her hips at him. Then he realized that if he held his fingers still, she would rub herself on them, leaving him to only concentrate on moving his other finger in and out of her ass. DAMN this was hot. He was actually getting sort of hard again. When Lois peaked, Nick stopped moving his finger in her rectum and let her come down at her own speed. He was also pretty sure that if he removed his finger just then that Lois would collapse on the shower floor for lack of some support. When she seemed in control again, Nick removed his finger, still wondering at the thought of having put his finger in his wife that way. Lois turned and took his hand in both of hers, held it under the shower for a moment, then soaped up both of their hands and washed his finger lovingly.

Nick didn't quite know what to say. He found himself thrilled that he had brought so much pleasure to his wife, slightly stunned that he had actually jacked her off, and still a bit appalled that he had sort of ass fucked her. But she loved it ... and, so did he. Finally he resorted to a typical male thing and said, "Let's eat, woman."


While she was fixing their lunch, Lois was reflecting on all that had happened so far today. She had never even thought of having Nick put his finger in her ass. Where had that come from? God only knows. But she went off like a firecracker. And Nick had obviously watched her frig herself when she was sucking him. He did the exact same thing to her in the shower, and he had never really done much about her clit in the past. And he was hot for her. Then and now, actually. She was wearing a very sheer teddy and he was sitting there watching every move she made. She liked what she saw in his eyes. A burgeoning new Nick was unfolding in front of her. And she owed a real debt of gratitude to Monsieur Williams. Oh, and don't forget Stella Teller. Yes. Even if no more of her plan worked, she was leagues ahead of where she was last week or last year. Her nipples were a bit tender, but she loved the feeling. Nick had really paid attention to them for a change. And now he was paying attention to her as she brought the last of the spread to the table and sat down.

Neither of them said much of consequence during lunch. Finally Lois pulled Nick's plate and glass toward her, stacked this plate on top of hers, and got up to take them to the sink.

"Take the teddy off."

Was there someone else in the room? Had Nick actually said that? "Why, Nick?"

"Because I want to look at you."

"How about if I just unsnap the crotch and loosen the ties at the top?"


"Then how about you unsnap the crotch and undo the ties, Nick?"

He looked at her as she walked back toward him from the sink. He had that 'look' in his eyes. Oh, she loved that look. Lust! For her. He was in rut. Hot damn!

When she stopped next to his chair, he started untying the bows at the bodice of her teddy. After the second one was undone he asked, "What's for dessert?"

"Well, honey, we have orange sherbet or Sara Lee cheese cake."

Untying the last bow, Nick tried to reach under her groin to undo the three little snaps there, but Lois' legs needed to be farther apart for him to do it. Nick said, "Move your legs apart some. I don't want either of those. What else is there?" He was rubbing the side of his hand back and forth across her pussy lips through the teddy. She lifted her left leg up and put her foot between his legs, her toes touching his cock under his short robe.

"There isn't anything else in the house for dessert, my love," Lois said, with all possible sincerity and a flutter beginning in her tummy.

Finally getting the teddy open at the bottom, Nick put his hands on each side of Lois' waist and lifted her up on to the table. She still had her left foot between his legs, her toes touching his now hardening cock, but she was now sitting at the edge of the table.

Nick grunted that 'this' would have to do for dessert, then, and leaned forward to start kissing the tops of her thighs; left, then right. Back to the left one, toward her knee and then back toward her stomach. Then he did the same to her right thigh. Lois put her hands behind her on the table and leaned back a bit to watch this marvelous sight. Nick was doing more than just kissing her legs, Lois knew. He was looking at her mons and getting himself up to lick her pussy. His kisses felt good, but she wanted him to hurry up and start licking her succulent cunt. She knew he would like it. He already had had a sample of how she tasted. Maybe if she leaned all of the way back and opened up the view for him it would inspire him to hurry. To think it was to do it, as they say.

Nick watched the opening of his beautiful wife's legs with a mixture of loving awe and of mild trepidation. The sight was gorgeous, of course. This woman had made love to him with this part of her body for a decade. Both of their great kids had come from there. And a while ago, he had tasted this present his wife offered him. Well, sort of tasted. Now he was going to really taste her. She must be excited, because her lips were opening all by themselves. Her clit was hidden, but he knew it was still very sensitive without being exposed. What a complicated structure, a woman's genitals. Small, thin lips. Large, now puffy with blood, lips.

A tiny hole up into her body that would not only open up for him, but could open up to give him his children. She was wet already. He could see tiny beads of honey-colored liquid forming around her opening. That's what she wanted him to lick up. She wanted him to lick up all of her dew even though she knew she would produce more of it even as he licked. Diabolical. All women knew how to do really well was to plot against their husbands. 'If you want it it's here, big boy, but you have to earn it.' Well, he had promised her he would do it and he would. Actually, he had promised himself, not her, but it was the same thing. Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work ...

He leaned further forward, conscious of both of her thighs touching his ears, and the heat emanating from her cunt was almost overpowering. But he decided he liked it okay, so far. Actually, his cock seemed to confirm that he liked it so far because it jumped a bit which reminded him that Lois' foot was still touching him on the chair. Even though she could have put her legs farther apart if she moved her foot, he didn't want to loose that nice contact. When his face was mere inches from her pussy Nick asked, "Since I've never had this particular dessert before, would you like to give me any instructions?"

Raising her head to look at her husband's face between her legs, his mouth almost touching her cunt, finally, Lois rasped, "Yes. Eat my pussy, Nick. Suck on me like you might never get to put anything in your mouth again. Get my clit between your lips and nurse on it like you would my nipples; but gently. And for the love of God, please get started!"

"But how will I know if I'm doing it right?" He kissed her clit, and then he did it again.

"You'll know, baby, you'll know," Lois almost sobbed. Her third orgasm of the day was hovering just a bit beyond reach, but Nick was going to suck it out of her. Her man was going to service her with his mouth and tongue. He was nuzzling the hair on each side of her pussy with his nose. She was catching fire. Then his tongue touched her hole. And licked up to her clit. And he sucked her clit in between his lips. Then he pulled away and Lois' eyes flew open in panic and she looked down at him. But he was looking like someone who had just discovered the prize in the Cracker Jacks box. And the lust in his eyes had grown. She hazarded a guess.

"Can you smell how excited you have me, Nick?"

"Yes," he croaked.

"Do you like it?"

"Yes," he croaked again and dove back into her valley, face first.

The myriad of sensations that assailed Lois for the next few minutes became the basis for her mental wanderings over the next few weeks. Nick abandoned all concern for what he was doing. He just explored, groveled, moaned his excitement, and mumbled his pleasure into this wonderful pussy of his. Yes. His pussy. Nobody else got to suck on this pussy but him. His nose was soon covered with Lois' essence. And his chin and cheeks. The softness of her inner flesh amazed and delighted him. How could he have wasted all of these years without having this wonderful fragrance all over his face?

If only he could push his tongue deeper inside her. He couldn't believe it. He LOVED sucking his wife's cunt. NO! His cunt. His to look at. His to finger. His to lick. His to suck. And his to fuck. Pulling her lips into his mouth and running his tongue over them, one, then the other. Such sensations of texture. And her cream. No wonder they called it 'pussy cream'. It coated his face and his lips and his tongue. And her pussy made sounds. Jesus, it did. Sucking sounds. What the hell was happening? He looked down at her cunt opening and saw it clenching and unclenching. Lois was ready to come.

Quickly Nick fastened his lips on Lois' clit, sucked it in as far as he could, and began running his tongue over the tip; left, right, left, right, rhythmically. She was calling his name. She was yelling for him to suck her cunt. No. Her fucking cunt. Her hips were fucking his face now. He had trouble holding on to her clit. He decided to put his left thumb in her hole to add to her stimulation.

Her orgasm seemed to go on and on. Nick was so happy for his love's joy and so pleased with himself. Suddenly Lois' hands pushed his face away from her soaked crotch. At first he didn't understand. Her orgasm was continuing. She didn't try to dislodge his thumb. Then he realized. Just like his dick became hyper-sensitive during orgasm, so her clit must do the same thing. So he pulled his thumb out of Lois and pushed his tongue in to replace it. He wasn't ready to lose oral contact with his precious wife yet. Lois clamped her thighs around Nick's head. He liked that, too. Slowly, so slowly, Lois began to calm down. She was gasping for breath. Her orgasm must have lasted almost two minutes. And it was her third one today. And it was only 2 o'clock!

Lois sat up on the table, moved her cock-foot to the floor on Nick's right side, and lowered herself to his lap. Without saying a word, and with her eyes closed, Lois began licking Nicks face. When she finished, she turned her face to lay her head on his chest, wrapped her arms around him, and said, "I love you, Nick." He was the most contented man in the world just then.


When Nick woke up from his second nap of the day, at 3:30, it was because he was dreaming someone was sucking on his cock. She was. Her head was resting on his tummy and his cock was in her mouth. He put his hand on her hair to let her know he was awake. She kept licking and sucking; primarily concentrating on the junction of his shaft skin and the cleft under the tip of his cock. It felt sooo good. Her little hand was cradling his balls and her tongue was lapping against that very sensitive spot. Nick could have let himself go and come in her mouth; always a supreme experience. But he wanted to slowly fuck Lois. See if she could come again. In one of William's stories he said that if you fuck a woman from behind, with her legs spread far enough apart that you don't touch her legs with yours, and you stroke in and out without touching your stomach to her ass, and you don't touch her with your hands, so that all either of you feel is cock and pussy moving together, and you do it slowly enough, the feeling is excruciatingly ecstatic and the orgasm beyond belief. Nick wanted to find out if that was true. Of course, he had to admit, the guy had been right about everything so far. Nick was going to be a changed man, thanks to an erotic story in his e-mail. Who-da thunk it?

"Lois, Love."


"Stick your sweet ass up in the air, with your knees spread wide, and your shoulders on the bed."


"So I can look at your beautiful pussy, plant kisses on your ass, bury my face in your heat and your intoxicating scent, then stick my cock in your cunt, and fuck you."


* * * * *

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