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Proliferate Dinner (Chapter III)
by Jimi Linden


* * * * *

Recently Leo stopped by the office to see me and torment my assistant, Marci. Scheming to tease my pretty subordinate is always high on his docket. The unabashed admiration of her short-skirted legs induced the retreat of those nylon-clad limbs from sight.

Two children have left Marci with just enough baby-fat to make her appear younger than her thirty-two years. Naturally friendly, her slight naivete sometimes elicits unwanted attentions from the many men who stop by our office. She also is mortified at both my candor and lasciviousness toward those same men.

"Sorry Marci," my significant dildo teased, "does it bother you when men investigate you?"

"You weren't investigating, you were scrutinizing me as if I was a piece of meat on the rack!" she snapped at him.

"Now that's not really true," said Leo, feigning distress. Surprised, Marci awaited further explanation, so he teasingly continued, "Actually, I was staring up your skirt! You have beautiful legs, which I never tire of examining. The way you fill out that uniform blouse tends to produce quite a bit of excitement in all my appropriate places, too."

"Susie, he can't say things like that to me! That's sexual harassment! If you don't keep your evil minded remarks to yourself, I'll contact the proper authorities!" These declarations of hostility she fumed while unsuccessfully attempting to pull her skirt further down.

Stifling a snortle, I noticed the more she tugged her skirt the wider her blouse gapped between its strained buttons. I was confident my dear Leo would never notice her low cut and almost transparent bra those gaps exposed. Something as immature as staring down a ladies blouse is far beneath his dignity. Uh huh! I was going to reference "Pigs fly, etc..." but then again, I work with flyboys every day.

Innocently I looked over and said, "Shame on you Darling, one would think you never got any at home" (Marci blushed profusely). Resuming the game, I stated positively, "It's all right Marci, Leo won't force you to do anything you don't want to do when he makes love to you."

Her face flushed and her chin quivered angrily above her ample chest. Though not prudish, she is easily mortified; an aspect I am often unable to resist, "Go apologize Leo, you don't want us to have a session with the social actions people, now do you?"

Humbly he approached her (I know him too well, he was up to something) and pressing the back of her fingers to his lips, solemnly intoned, "I'm sorry to have caused you embarrassment Marci. You're a very special lady and much too delightful to warrant my petty annoyances. It's just that you're also a very foxy lady. When one is in the presence of a finely sculpted orchid it's difficult not to stare."

Shaking her head Marci smiled in spite of herself, "Oh you're smooth! You're so slick I bet your clothes keep slipping off." Realizing immediately the innuendo of her words, she buried her face in her hands and spat, "Oh shit, don't say anything. Just let it go, okay?"

Always one to rescue kittens (and ladies in distress), Leo drew her into his arms and hugged her. Try as she might, she couldn't avert the tears of frustration and relinquished her dignity against his shoulder. "I'm sorry too," she sniffled. "You've never done anything but be nice to me really. But I'm embarrassed when you flirt with me right in front of Susie. How do you think it makes your wife feel when you do that?"

"Secure," Leo and I answered almost as one voice. "And horny," I finished alone!

Pulling away from Leo's embrace, Marci looked questioningly over at me. "That can't be right, Susie. You have to be jealous," she maintained! "Besides, you're the best boss I've ever had, "I never want to do anything to make you mad at me."

"Marci, Marci," I tsked. "Jealousy never enters my mind when someone makes Leo happy! So it surely won't anger me if you bring him happiness. If Leo didn't want to investigate the charms of an attractive young lady like you, I would be very worried about him. Oh, I understand perfectly when he yearns to enjoy the touch of another woman. Which, by the way, in case you haven't noticed, my dear Leo seems to derive joy from holding you in his arms at the moment."

Marci jerked away, but Leo held on, then gently eased her back against his shoulder. "Just because two people find pleasure in each other's company or touch, they don't have to form a lifetime commitment," I assured her. "A moment ago, you needed comfort. Leo responded and gave you that comfort. I see no problem with that, do you?"

"It's hard for me to believe that you don't mind," she murmured. Then addressing Leo, she said, "Thank you for holding me, I really needed someone to care right now." Settling back into her chair, she added, "I've been a little upset recently."

"Tell us how we can help," I prompted.

"I don't think there's really anything you can do," she answered, looking significantly at Leo.

"In other words I make you nervous," Leo asserted. "That's a pretty good indication that your problem is sexual," he continued reflectively. Pulling a chair closer he added, "If you'll give me a chance, I'm a very good listener."

Marci looked rather pleadingly at me, then declared, "I'd feel more comfortable talking to a woman."

"Hey, he's a hell of a lot better at listening to people than I am," I answered. "Just look at those big, sympathetic eyes."

"Woof, woof," Leo joked. "You make me sound like a hung over cocker spaniel." Clasping Marci's hands, he assured her, "There's nothing so shocking nor so personal that we can't discuss it. I'm willing and really want to help you. Anything you tell me goes no further than this room."

Marci inhaled deeply, then after several false starts she finally declared, "Oh I just can't, not with you. It's too embarrassing!"

Caressing her palms with his thumbs, Leo smilingly suggested, "You've taken a lover?" Before she could answer, he added, "It's a female lover and you've decided to come out of the closet. She's a particularly ugly bull dyke and that's why you're so mortified, right?"

My always-humorous spouse elicited a smile from his subject. "No silly, it's nothing like that. It's just that," taking another deep breath she plowed on, "I've been having this problem. I mean, I think that, or more correctly Mark thinks that." Obviously trying gain courage, she sat quietly for several seconds before trying to continue. "Oh, never mind. I just can't tell you," she sighed as tears sprang forth again.

Leo gathered her onto his lap, cuddling her like a small child. Once more, he pressed her tears to his already wet shoulder. Abruptly recognizing where she was, she slid back to her own chair; obviously flustered. Leo caressed her hair while softly wiping the moisture from her eyes, then he leaned over and softly kissed the wetness from her cheeks.

Since it was quitting time, I unobtrusively locked the office door. Though I was enjoying the scene, I feared others might not understand. Rolling my chair closer, I sat slightly behind Marci, which gave Leo a straight view up my skirt. Never one to tease I spread my knees exposing a panorama of thigh-high hose ... and no panties.

Marci's tears slowly dried and Leo hugged her again, delicately snuggling her ear while trying to ignore my exposure. "Feel better now," he soothed. "What ever is bothering you can't be worth all this worry. Talk to me. Let me help you. I'm on your side. I want you to be happy again." Surely, he was speaking in short sentences for clarity, not from gasping at my wanton finger exercises.

Sobbing, Marci blurted, "Mark wants more than me." That admission distracted even my stalwart Leo, for a moment at least.

I could see Leo biting his tongue to remain silent so she would continue. Personally, if her husband truly was chasing after someone else, I thought she should retaliate. But on the other hand, if he was just after a little strange, perhaps she was over-reacting. Leo just soothed her and waited.

Marci rewarded his patience when, after a deep breath, she courageously ventured, " Because I don't feel like making love every night, he thinks I'm frigid! And, I'm afraid, maybe he's right!"

'Shit,' I thought, 'that's not anywhere near as exciting as another woman!'

Annoyingly calm, Leo said, "Ah, so his sexual appetite is more frequent than yours. If it's any consolation, that's an extremely common problem. Mark wasn't your first boyfriend was he?"

"No," she answered quietly.

"You weren't a virgin when you met Mark," he stated with absolute conviction.

She looked at Leo as if he was truly physic. Leaning away from him with eyes wildly open, she replied almost defiantly, "No!"

"Remember, anything you say goes no further than this room. Was Mark actually the father of both your children?"

"Oh yes," she happily blathered, "we'd been married almost two years before Kimberly came along."

"You say that with such conviction that I suspect you've had sex with no one except Mark since your marriage." Not waiting for her to confirm this Leo challenged, "Why not? Is it because you've never been tempted or do you feel guilty because you weren't a virgin for your husband?"

"I ... uhh ..." Again Leo silenced her with a raised hand.

Thoughtfully Leo asked, "Do you know if Mark was a virgin when you met?"

Shyly she answered this, "He had gone with several girls before me. After we did it for the first time he told me it wasn't his first time."

Leo sagely shook his head. Damn, his patience is exasperating.

"He told me, because I asked him," Marci tittered nervously. "Then I admitted I wasn't a virgin either. So neither of us has ever felt guilty about not being virgins. We've always tried to talk and be totally honest with each other."

"Are you still honest with each other?" Leo emphasized his question by asking, "Have you ever told him how much you get turned on from all the guys hitting on you at Guard Drill?"

Surprisingly Marci made no effort to discount this blatant accusation. Instead, she said, "Not exactly, but he's noticed I make myself up more and dress better for drills. I've always been afraid he'd be jealous and want me to quit the Guard."

"Have you ever considered the possibility he might be complimented that the girl he chose is still attractive to scores of men? He should be proud of his own excellent taste. Surely he'd find your willingness to tell him of other men's interest as proof of your loyalty and devotion."

Marci snapped, "Huh! Mark would just think I was trying to make him jealous!"

Unable to restrain my curiosity I asked, "Why do you think that might be? Certainly you've done nothing to fuel that type of suspicion, have you?"

"No, of course not," she exclaimed too quickly. Leo sat quietly waiting for more. Several long silent seconds passed, then she admitted, "My first summer camp a bunch of us went to an off-base bar and I went back to a guy's room. Hey, I had too much to drink and he offered to see me safely back to my room. I passed out on him so he took advantage of me." Marci couldn't help but giggle before she continued, "Well, actually he told me I attacked him. But I never told Mark about it. Really, he's never had the least reason to suspect me of anything. Other than that one time I've always been faithful."

Leo tried to avoid looking at me, but finally couldn't resist. I teasingly mouthed, "Blew it, didn't you smart ass? Never been with anyone else other than her husband!"

We had been quietly contemplating these revelations for several heartbeats when Marci sniggered, "Sorta."

Startled, both of us looked expectantly at her until she added, "Well, two weeks is a long time to go without; for us girls as well as you eager beaver hunters. Once in a while, I've chummed around with some of the guys and discreetly had some quiet fun."

Now I was really intrigued. Could it be that this demure little mother was saying she had been involved in multiple partner sex?

Because there's only the two of us full time in the office, we must go to our summer camps separately. Never would I have suspected Marci of such wondrous behavior. I simply had to ask, "What do you mean, 'we'? Are you telling us you not only screwed someone at camp, but several someone's at once? Never would I have suspected you of such amazingly normal behavior!"

Leo shushed me so Marci could answer. His hands had strayed to Marci's chest where he was caressing her nipples to attention. Either she hadn't noticed (which I doubted) or was enjoying the sensation too much to stop him. Nonchalantly he leaned forward to steal a kiss, which she returned with surprising fervor. Settling back, he requested, "Tell us more about escapades. How and when did they start?"

Eagerly Marci began her story. "When we went to Travis, I shared a car with this guy from Supply. We got in on the first flight Saturday morning and they told us the second plane had engine trouble. After checking in, we decided to go down to San Francisco for the rest of the day. Well, the Air National Guard wasn't the only one with engine trouble that day. About thirty miles from the city our engine started to overheat and we had to call for help. The rental car people didn't show up until almost dark, so Phil volunteered to spring for a motel room. I was too hot, tired and hungry to argue. It sounded damn good to me."

"He rented us a two bedroom suite, with a common lounge area. It even had a small kitchen and dining table. Then we wound down with several drinks and dinner at a nice restaurant. We were both pleasantly high by the time we got back to the motel. Phil had bought a couple of bottles of apple wine to drink while we watched TV."

"There wasn't much on that night until we discovered the motel had x-rated cable available. Well, I'd never seen anything x-rated and Phil had never seen it on broadcast television so we simply had to investigate. Between the drinks and the show, both of us were getting more and more excited."

"He'd been setting in the chair and I was propped up on the bed. Then he refilled my glass and sat down beside me. It only took a minute before we were kissing and groping. I helped him unbutton my blouse and within minutes we were screwing like rabbits."

Obviously relating this incident to us was exciting our little mother because Leo had his fingers inside her blouse and was stroking her nipples. Kissing her throat he prompted, "So how did other's become involved?"

Marci blurted, "God, I'm wet! Kiss me, please!"

Leo's hand slid up the inside of her quickly opened thighs even as his tongue explored her mouth. The touch of his fingers against her wetness brought a meowing gasp. Repaying many a favor I unbuttoned his shirt, helped him discard it and then manipulated his pants down. Pants, shoes and socks came off in two swift kicks.

Between the two of them Marci was now clad only in her pantyhose which quickly disappeared. She slid forward on her chair to allow Leo quick, unobstructed entry. Never has he been one to frustrate a lady! Their mating was fast, hard and obviously satisfying for both. I had guided his entry and now pressed my naked body against Leo's pulsating back, riding his happiness with him. Marci is a shouter and our small cubicle of an office echoed with her climax. As Leo wearily kneeled before the chair, a trickle of white elixir flowed from her, testifying to his satisfaction.

"I believe you were about to tell us how other people became involved in your party," Leo serenely breathed against the inside of her thigh. Marci gently hit the top of his head with her fist and I bit him (tenderly).

Leo started tonguing up the inside of her leg. "I can't talk when you do that," Marci wailed through clenched teeth as she pushed herself toward his lips.

Leo kissed her very wet sex then rested his chin on a knee. "Okay, I'll be good. So how did other men get in on the act?"

"You already been good!" After a pause to breath deeply, she edified, "When we got back to base the next day everyone wanted to know all the details. Well, of course we told them nothing but the truth. Well, perhaps we did leave out a few minor little points," she remembered with a happy grin.

"So ...?" I prompted.

Smiling coyly Marci enjoyed her moment; "Tuesday a bunch of us went to the club. We were playing drinking games. I won! Sorta."

Leo and I looked at each other and smiled knowingly. "Been there! Done that!" We laughed as we kissed.

Marci continued, "Phil and one of his buddies took me back to my room. Staff sergeants and up had private rooms that year so when they got me home they undressed me. Then I got sick! Ron and Phil cleaned me up, then mopped the floor. I was mortified and almost sober by the time they were through. Afterward, I said I could never thank them enough and anything I could ever do for them all they had to do was ask."

"That was the beginning of one of the most exciting nights of my life. Ron indicated he would like to see me naked again. Since he had already seen me without my clothes, I figured 'What the hell!' Almost as soon as my nightgown came off Phil began to finger my nipple. Ron started on the other one and within minutes, he buried himself inside me."

"While he screwed me Phil kissed and nursed me then I sucked him. My nipples were so sensitive I'd damn near cum every time one of them put his mouth on me. As it was, I think I claim at least every fifteen minutes, all night. God, what a thrill! Never, even in my wildest dreams had I ever imagined how it would feel to have two men at the same time."

"They kept changing places so neither of them would cum too soon. After both of them finally caim, I worked them back up and we started again. We repeated that process about every half-hour. I was so sore the next day I could hardly walk. But that night we did it again."

"Several nights later I admitted to my two lovers that I might like to have even more men. And that, was how it all began," she stated with finality!

Leo and I had been gently caressing each other while Marci talked. So hot neither of us could resist; he began stroking into me during the last of her story. "I want to hear all the gory details," I panted. "Later!"

"I've never watched anyone else screw," she dreamily said as she ran her hand over Leo's thighs. "I've seen people screw in x-rated films but never in real life." Her fingers were riding Leo's frantic shaft as he plunged me to orgasm. Just as I could feel the imminence of his release, she encircled his monolith with her fingers, distracting his explosion.

"I need you again," was the only apology she offered as she frantically straddled him.

Because Leo was still at the peak of his excitement, their union was short, frantic and mutually ecstatic.

"I want to talk to Mark," Leo insisted to Marci as we walked to our vehicles. That was, I assumed his way of continuing their counseling session. Answering her questioning look, he teased her, "Don't you want me to assure him you're not frigid?"


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