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Proliferate Dinner (Chapter II)
by Jimi Linden


* * * * *

A recent rainy afternoon had introduced me to my co-worker David's body. The excitement and satisfaction he, my liberal spouse and I enjoyed that day was still fresh in my mind and titillated my fantasies each time we worked together.

David had called a morning meeting to which I was invited. Later, after 'Much ado about nothing', as the other attendees filed from his office, I asked if he and I might have a short conference. Surreptitiously locking the door behind them, I turned, pulling the skirt of my dress up as I faced him. "You like?" I teased. "Just for you there are no panties under my hose," I said advancing to straddle his lap.

We kissed while his hands explored inside my dress. Slipping my hand inside my pantyhose I retrieved two fingers of nectar and spread it across his upper lip. "Let me know if that bothers you," I tormented as I wiggled out the door.

Both David and I are medium tall people at a five foot eight altitude, so I was surprised to discover the long-tall drink of a lady visiting our office was his wife. Six foot tall (I later discovered) and disgustingly thin (I gain weight just thinking about food) she wore her shoulder length reddish-blond hair in a sumptuously loose tangle. Soft folds of her full-length satin-green dress accentuated the delicate curves of a long waisted body. Encased in pale white nylons her equally lengthy legs flashed through the long slit of her full skirt. The most prominent curve she displayed though was her dazzling smile, whose exuberance animated our existence.

My office is down the hall and around the corner from David's so when this elegant vision drifted into my area I was quite startled. I'm not attracted to women, but this lady was so exquisite I felt a bit awed by her proximity. Admittedly, I was also a bit tremulous as the only thing we had in common, so far as I knew, was her husband. Wondering if she had gotten a whiff of his upper lip, I feared an unpleasant confrontation might be forthcoming.

"You're Susie, right? I'm Stephanie, David's wife," she said holding out her hand and brightening my office with her radiant smile. "David tells me we're invited to your home this weekend, but like all men he doesn't even know which evening or what time, much less what we should bring." Surprisingly, her long slim fingers gave my pudgy little digits a quite firm squeeze as we shook hands.

Unable to disguise my astonishment, my mouth gaped open, before I recovered sufficiently to stammer, "News to me! Sounds like our significant ... others" (dildos is what I usually say) "have been plotting behind our backs. Let me call my husband and I'll see if I can find out what's going on."

With the innocence of all males, Leo told me he had issued an invitation earlier that morning but hadn't gotten around to calling me about it yet. With forced good humor I suggested he might wish to help me clean our accumulation of debris before guests were due. His nonchalant "Sure!" gave me more irritation than comfort. We quickly fleshed out a schedule for a Saturday evening cookout and Stephanie agreed to bring wine.

Leo grudgingly spent the next two evenings as a char-person so that by the time we crashed Friday night our normal disorder was acceptably presentable if not elegant. Because he is, and always has been the better cook in our pairing, I accepted his offer to sleep late Saturday morning while he went shopping. When he nibbled me awake, just before noon, the steaks were already marinating.

Stephanie called in mid-afternoon asking what to wear so I teasingly told her, "anything will be fine, nothing's okay too!" The absolute dead silence this statement elicited quickly prompted me to amend my directive and I told her I was wearing a stretch top and short shorts. I couldn't tell if her, "Oh hey, that sounds fine," was strained or not. I found out Saturday afternoon when they arrived.

Often my shorts are a bit too snug, not to mention too brief, but never have I seen more skin revealed than Stephanie exhibited. The halter-band I was wearing stretches from just above my boobs to the top of my belly button, but hers was such a narrow ribbon it barely covered the small mounds on her chest. She told me later that her high cut shorts were left over from she worked as a cocktail waitress. It's a wonder my tongue has no holes through it as many times as I've bitten it squelching sarcastic rejoinders. Miraculously I managed not to ask if the club she worked at required the help to wear pointed ears and a fluffy tail.

I could write a whole page, possibly quite exciting even, describing our meal. Suffice it to say it was one of Leo's usual culinary extravaganzas. Later as we all enjoyed our after dinner wine, David and Leo discovered they both enjoyed computers and cars with mutual antipathy towards sports. We all sat on the patio as mosquito bait until the day's warmth had dissipated.

While the men investigated Internet mysteries (after they had cleaned up, bless their pointy little ... ) Stephanie and I sat trying to find mutual interests. Several strained starts later she suddenly sat rigidly erect, sought my hand and asked me, "How does it feel to have two men make love to you at the same time?"

The lady seemed to have a predilection for astonishing me. "I ... uhh ... well, it's very exciting to be the center of attention," I faltered.

"It's alright, David told me about your afternoon. That's why we're here tonight. That is, if it's okay with you! And I kissed him at the office the other day too. Damn near fucked him to death as soon as he got home," she continued with a self-satisfied smirk. "We want you to teach us everything you know."

Now that I could relate to, so I answered, "That otta' take about thirty seconds or so. Obviously you've discussed this between yourselves, but have you talked about anything besides sex?"

She looked at me quizzically before answering, "No, not really, I guess. I'm not sure I understand precisely what you're saying. Oh, you mean are we going to be jealous? We were a little concerned about that but we decided if we both knew what the other was doing it wouldn't be a problem."

"More is involved than simple one time jealously but it's always difficult to explain. Exaggerated envy, concerning bodily distinctions or athletic dexterity can become problematic when one's designated mate is with someone else. Unless a couple is secure in each other's love and devotion swinging is never a sensible alternative for a faltering relationship. Trust must be shared in extreme measure." All these things I explained to Stephanie then asked her how she would feel watching the men have sex with me while she merely observed. That gave her a moments pause so I explained that the most exciting perception of communal sex for Leo and I is sharing each other's excitement. Purposely vulgar I asked, "Would it excite you to see your husband fuck someone else?"

The tightly drawn skin of burgeoning nipples poking through the material of the sweatband she called a top, made her answer obvious. "Yes, ... that would excite me, I KNOW for sure," she stated after a moments thought.

"Then let's do something about it," I dared. "Our guys aren't looking this way so let's strip and see if we can entice them away from that damn computer!"

Under her clothing she wore no undergarments so was able to strip faster than me. It's disgusting for someone to be that good looking without her clothing. Flat belly, slim tight butt and neither a bone jutting out nor any fat threatened her unblemished skin. Placing my finger to my lips, I cautioned her to silence and we crept behind our targets. Each jumped appreciatively when erect nipples tickled their ears. Enthusiastically they surrendered, turning their lips to encircle their attackers.

David allowed me to straddle his lap and tease his interest to outstanding dimensions. Meanwhile Stephanie stripped Leo and encouraged his rapidly extending spear with a good tongue-lashing. Knowing fellatio was not one of Leo's favorite things I watched to see how he would react. Being the gentleman he is, he diplomatically nuzzled Stephanie until he was able to concentrate fully upon her body from between her knees. Only then did he respond as his full glory denoted its anxious target.

Clothing was disappearing steadily from David as we watched our spouses excite each other. Scrunched between the arms of our five-legged office chair with him, was a tight squeeze but definitely worth the effort. We rode together utilizing the chairs many positions to mutually stroke our genitalia, both of us holding back while we studied the actions going on before us.

Stephanie rose from the couch to press her desire tightly against Leo's accomplished tongue. Her small nipples came to sharp white points straining upward from their skin pink areolas. Blue veins were distinctly visible in the alabaster translucency of her breasts.

Nearing her first climax, the muscles of her long legs knotted tightly and she was curling the toes of her feet into taut claws. Impetuously thrusting upward, she froze with her back arched as Leo suckled her clitoris against the roof of his mouth, clasping it with his tongue. He held her buttocks in this raised position until the muscles of her legs relaxed placing her entire body weight upon his arms.

Nibbling, kissing and stroking with his tongue Leo caressed from her smoothly shaved pubic area, up across her navel, onto each erect nipple until his passionate kiss brought fire back to her loins. Using her luxurious moistness, no assistance was necessary to insure his entry into the intimacy of her hunger.

Bearing down to force David deep within me, I stroked his tonsils before directing him to assist Leo. He looked at me in surprise and quarried, "Are you sure. You want me to leave you and both of us make love to Steph?"

"Uh huh. That's exactly what I want, but I'm not planning to set here just to watch. While you're assisting Leo with your lovely wife, I plan to assault his body. Right now though, I want you to fold me over the arm of the couch and take me from behind while we watch for a few moments." David readily complied with my request and drove deeply inside me for the next few minutes as I bent above our spouses. Eventually he managed to move me beside the couch treating Stephanie to a close up view of our activity. She reached between my legs, taking David's testicles in her hand thus causing him to fill me full of my first load of cum for the evening. After our guests left, Leo would be in seventh heaven when we celebrated together.

Short staccato snorts of pleasure burst from Stephanie each time Leo pistoned into her. Both male shafts were stretched to their fullest extreme and then pushed even longer as her soft guttural gasps, "Uhh ... uhh ... uhh ... uhh ... uhh ... uhh ... uhh ... uhh ... uhh ... uhh," resounded from deep within her pleasure.

While David kissed and nursed his wife, I gently began teasing Leo's scrotum. Every time he drove forward, I carried his balls in my hand and as he pulled back, they still nestled in my palm. When a man is about to explode the feeling of his arousal is awesome. The skin encapsulating his testicles stretches into the length of his aroused penis until those two tightly held round nuggets all but disappear into their shrunken pocket. Seminal fluid accumulates, swelling as it builds before violently coursing toward its explosive destination. Grasping a man in the palm of my hand as he expends his built up excitement and sharing the pleasure of this release is perhaps one of the most erotic experiences I've ever enjoyed.

Leo continued pumping his climax into Stephanie until he was devoid of both liquid and stamina. He again pressed forward and kissed his paramour passionately then collapsed onto the floor beside the couch.

Immediately David pressed into the warm depths so recently vacated. Small dabs of Leo's cum oozed out beside David's shaft as he penetrated Stephanie. Once more, I cuddled tightly cramped balls and a straining steed in my hand. This time though, a single finger rode partially into the slippery depths along with the inflexible ramrod as it picked up speed. Stephanie was conscious something felt different but not until I dismounted did she suspect exactly what it was. Pressing my hand against soft pubic fur, I began to search for her "G" spot as David blithely continued his exercises.

"What are you doing?" she moaned with a frightened expression in her eyes.

"Like having two shafts in you at the same time? It's a fantastically unique feeling like nothing else I've ever felt," I gently told her. "Don't look so frightened," I soothed, "You're not queer because you enjoy it and neither am I for sharing this with you. Just think how nice it would be to have a dick opening you up as big as you are now. Or how would you like to feel two dicks in you at the same time?"

"NO," she declared emphatically! "We tried anal sex once and it hurt!"

I didn't correct her, but suggested she straddle David facing away from his chest. Answering her quizzical look, I told her Leo could then have free access to her breasts while David built toward his satisfaction. Once positioned, I began massaging Leo in his most appreciative spots as he did, indeed concentrate on her mammary charms.

Soon Stephanie was lying with her back against her husband's chest as Leo kissed and nibbled as much exposed skin as he could. Her gasp as I guided his erection into the same tight opening excited us all. I absolutely had to check! Sure enough, two giant white saucers graced her lovely face where moments before only ecstatically squinted eyelashes had been visible.

"OH GOD!" She gasped as both her lovers established a syncopated rhythm to their thrusts. Grinning from her pleasure, she whispered to me, "Thank you! I owe you big time for this. No way would I ever have had the nerve to try this! God, this is fantastic!"

Smiling, I chuckled softly back, "I know! Been There! Done That!"


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