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Proliferate First Memory (Chapter V)
by Jimi Linden


* * * * *

Sunday afternoon of Drills is always a slack time. My significant dildo, Leo had provided me a dream evening less than twenty-four hours previously and my thoughts were definitely not on business. Marcy, my assistant and sometimes co-conspirator in sexual excursions was listlessly attempting to appear busy. Our weekend troops had been drafted for an exciting afternoon class on chemical warfare. My gut reaction was "Whoop!" Not a full "Whoopee!" Just "Whoop!" After last nights soiree I was too happily tired to pee.

Erotically reminiscing, I was striving to enjoy the peace and quiet while attempting not to squirm when Marcy suddenly broke my reverie.

"You know, when I told you about my hobby during deployments, you promised to tell me some things about you and Leo. How about it," she queried, can I ask you a question?" Maliciously I answered, "NO!" Then before she had a chance to feel offended I smiled and reminded her, "You can ask anything you want. What I refuse to play is that old game of asking permission to ask something. If you ask me something I don't want to answer, I'll simply keep quiet."

"Oh yeah," she grinned, "I wasn't thinking. Okay, what I wanted to ask is, how did you and Leo get started on your swinging lifestyle?"

"I'm not sure our lifestyle is what is normally described as swinging. To me "swinging" involves couples trading partners and then screwing. I believe what Leo and I have is more of an open marriage type arrangement. We have actually swapped on occasion, but usually we prefer giving each other pleasures. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love watching Leo plant himself deep into another woman while I'm being thoroughly serviced, but it's distracting. I'd rather be sharing his pleasure or have him sharing mine. Nice as a strange man feels in me, it feels even better when Leo is helping."

"Back when we were first going together, we used to consistently double date with this one couple. One night Dotty, the other girl, and I impishly switched boyfriends in the dark and the boys were both screwing their brains out before the recognized the switch. Leo and I talked about it later and discovered it was a turn-on for us both. We were still in high school then and didn't do anything more about it for several years."

"We'd moved to California where Leo went to work in the Electronics industry and I got a job bookkeeping for a large drugstore chain. We'd each had a number of flings with co-workers but nothing together since our high school activities. When either of us got a little extra, we'd tell the other one all the lurid details and screw like rabbits until the novelty wore off. I remember one guy telling me he knew I was going to be hot because when I undressed for him I flung my clothes in all directions I was so anxious to get laid. Ah, well! Don't let me get sidetracked reminiscing or I'll flood my pants."

"A young man, who worked with Leo, was entering the Service so his co-workers decided to throw a party for him and Lance volunteered his parent's home. Back then Leo hated parties. Now he grudgingly tolerates them. It seemed to him that people at parties invariably drank too much, expected him to do the same (Leo hates to be out of control) and spouted meaningless prattle (and the only time Leo likes to do that is when he's trying to get laid)."

"This party was definitely not an exception to the norm. Every guest Leo encountered seemed well past "high" and most were a long way toward drunk. I was just beginning to feel tipsy so I was happily dancing with anyone able and willing. Leo, like most men, hates to dance."

"When we got home after the party, Leo related the following episode and we laughed so hard he went limp."

"Having reached the point where he was no longer comfortable with his coordination or responses, he walked up and down the sidewalk in front of our host's house. Though not sober, he was at least able to function and felt fairly coherent."

"Nature eventually called, as it is wont to do, and the pressure on his bladder suggested it prudent to dispose of a bit more of his excess alcohol. He slipped in the front door, away from the party, and through the master bedroom into the main bathroom. This room had an extra door, which opened onto the den where the revelers were still not winding down. Locking this door, Leo turned and was startled to see a quite attractive young lady seated upon the throne, staring bleary eyed at him."

"'Oh! I'm sorry,' He stammered."

"She mumbled, 'Uh huh', as she brace herself spraddle-legged, holding a towel rack on one side and the shower stall on the other for balance."

"Leo blurted out, 'I suppose I better leave,' as he stared at her exposed crotch.

"'Uh huh. You probably should,' she slurred."

'Are you OK? Do you need help?'

'Uh huh.'

"'Whassa' matter?' Leo asked, realizing he was not as sober as he had thought he was."

'I peed, and I can't wipe. I'll fall off.'

"Always willing to help a lady in distress, Leo carefully folded tissue paper and swiped her till she seemed dry."

"'Now's, that better?' he asked."

"'Uh huh ... But don't stop. That feels good' she giggled."

"Never one to disappoint a lady, Leo began to stroke her clitoris between with the tips of his fingers. Fascinated he watched as the more he stroked the further she slid forward on the toilet stool till he finally helped her to the thick shag rug. Now able to reach her better, he switched from using his fingers to licking with his tongue. Slowly, even though she was very relaxed overall, her pelvic and leg muscles began to grow quite taunt."

"She came with a series of upward thrusts and a small moan, and Leo quickly slipped into her moist sex channel. She continued to pump up and down to meet him. This made him shoot much sooner than he would have liked to. Of course, he still hadn't unloaded his kidneys so he couldn't feel too much shame."

"They cleaned up, finished their now mutual needs to drain, dressed each other, and slipped out separate doors."

"Later, on the way home, as he was debating how to tell his me what had transpired, he stumbled onto a much better opportunity. Our conversation was typically non-committal, as most after party talks tend to be."

"'Where were you all night?' I asked."

"'I got high, so I walked around outside' he answered."

"'You missed some pretty girls and bunch of half covered boobs,' I teased, knowing his preference for tops to bottoms."

"'And I suppose you didn't see any good looking studs there,' he challenged."

'Ummmmmm, maybe'.

"Leo was just high enough to be a little looser than usual, so he asked, 'Tell me the truth. Don't women ever fantasize about making it with young, handsome studs?"'

'Oh we think about it.'

"Leo thought of our host, Lance. He was nineteen, blond, and a typical California beach hunk. So he asked me, 'Really? Have you ever really thought about what it would be like to make it with someone like Lance?'"

"My answer surprised him. 'Oh yeah. He's a hunk. But you know, he's still pretty shy. It'd be fun to seduce a baby like him.'"

"Leo really liked the baby part. We were both twenty-six, which felt like a whole generation older than Lance. I'd put a few pounds on over the past few years but recently had been exercising industriously and my figure was back to its high school proportions. My body was quite small and enticingly large just where it should be."

"'God, Now there's something I'd like to watch' Leo said, with probably too much enthusiasm."

"'You know it's kind of crazy, but thinking about seducing Lance makes me kind of horny too. I'd like it if you were watching' I quietly told him."

"The conversation died at that point while we both fantasized. We arrived home and while Leo put the car away and closed the house down I took a quick shower. I was still awake, naked under the sheets when Leo crawled into bed. He quickly capitalized on my invitation. As we lay panting afterwards I asked, 'Were you serious about wanting to watch me make it with Lance?'"

"Although the question caught him off guard, he admitted he was not only willing but quite anxious. Then he sat up and worried, 'Yes, I think that'd be neat. But would you feel all right if you did something like that. I mean, you wouldn't feel dirty or anything like that, would you?'"

"'Lecherously so, I think' I answered with a little cackle."

"Over the next few days we discussed the idea. The more we talked about it, the more exciting the whole concept became. Finally, choosing a Friday night, we invited Lance (who had no idea what was going on) and began to actually prepare for the big event."

"A diverse collection of girlie magazines was laid out on the coffee table when he arrived and Leo introduced him to Harvey Wallbangers. Lance had four drinks before dinner and another couple with his food. While I cleaned up the table after dinner Lance and Leo had another round and looked at the magazines again. They joked and lusted together over this material for a few minutes until I joined them. I'd changed from slacks and a form-fitting sweater to a loose white blouse with a straight black skirt that ended just above my knees. Leo could see I had also uhsheathed my breasts and wore no bra under this blouse. Because I normally wear a 34-C bra my breasts swung heavily with every move I made. The nylons encasing my stems were the visible portions of crotchless pantyhose. Leo correctly suspected I also wore no panties."

"Making small talk was becoming extremely difficult for Leo, because all he could really think about was how hot we both were. He was sure Lance was becoming equally bothered because the poor lad kept covering his crotch with magazines. We suspected that was not by accident."

"Finally, able to contain himself no longer, Leo said, 'If you guys will excuse me, I need to take Karl for a walk.' Which was a bunch of crap because our German Shepherd had never, ever needed to be walked. But, not waiting for an answer, he quickly exited out the front door. I knew he wasn't actually going for a walk."

"Just as quickly as he could, Leo circled the house, put Karl in the back yard and snuck between the hedge and the window on the side of the house. This was an ideal location as it was not visible from either the street or any neighbors' yard and we had carefully left the window slightly ajar so he could hear."

"Lance sipped his drink, self-consciously ogled his current selection of literature and tried not to be aware how closely I was setting to him. Reaching over, I took his magazine from him and kissed him. Though he was too worked up to resist, he was obviously surprised. 'What if Leo comes back?' he stammered."

"'Don't be a dumb shit,' I told him. 'He took the dog out so we could be alone, because he figured you'd be shy if he was here.'"

"'Ohhhhh shit!' he said when I took his hand and put it inside my blouse. Then while he massaged my nipples I unbuttoned my blouse and removed it."

"'Suck me,' I commanded as I leaned back against the arm of the couch. While he complied I worked his shirt off, unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. Still suckling my nipples he reached his hand up under my skirt and his eyes popped open."

"'You've got nothing on,' he blurted."

"'Um Hmm,' I nibbled in his ear."

"'But, you've got on hose,' he stammered."

"'Um Hmm," I cooed as I licked the inside his ear. Then when it became obvious this was going to distract him I opened the zipper on my skirt and had him help me out of it. Taking his hand I guided his fingers to my dripping anxiety. 'Now, isn't that easier than having to fight your way to our goal?' I asked."

"Evidently he had never seen crotchless panty hose, because he couldn't take his eyes off my crotch. We both watched as he ran his fingers through my pubic hair and then slowly worked those nimble digits into me."

"He poked and probed and reamed into me until my juices were making loud squishing noises. Then, using the excuse of helping him off with the rest of his clothing I moved down to a position where I could stretch out on the couch. Spreading my legs wide for him I worked the tip of his organ up and down that moist slit before finally pulling him into me. Probably due to many factors, not the least of which was his age, he caim almost immediately."

"'Oh, that was nice,' I told him. 'Now you can rest inside me till you get soft and then we'll start again.'"

"Astounded, he mumbled from the depths of my cleavage, 'Huh, you mean I can do it again?' Obviously his past experiences had been quick and frantic."

"'Of course silly. Let's relax and then we'll do this over and over and over again, before you go home,' I whispered in his ear."

"'Oh God! I'm dreaming,' he whimpered."

"'Roll off me now, stretch out on your back and I'll help you get started again,' I promised as I began restoring him to life."

"He seemed hesitant to continue, though his body language said he was quite willing. Perhaps his diffidence was because all he had ever experienced was frenetic sex with girls his own age while cramped into the back seat of a car."

"Leaning closer I stroked his chest and then his whole body from his crotch to his forehead with little cat footed touches and kisses. As his interest and manhood each began to grow I began to kiss him ever more deeply. When he was nice and firm, but still not completely hard, I staddled him and stroked his shaft into my moistness. As his firmness progressed to rock hardness my wanton lips enveloped his shaft. He pushed up with his pelvis, closed his eyes and began to moan softly."

"I looked at the window and motioned with a my head that it was time for Leo to join us. He needed no other encouragement. When he entered the room, stark naked, Lance tried to squirm away but I curled my legs under his, clamped down in a vise like grip and held him firmly. With saucer wide eyes he stared at Leo, obviously scared but unable to restrain his thrusts into my moist and eager interior."

"Leo staddled my back, sandwiching me between the two of them, affectionately stroked my shoulders, then reached around and gently plucked my breasts into long hard nipples. Starting at the back of my neck he manipulated his tongue and lips up and down my backbone while Lance drove his youthful energy deep into my core. Ecstasy does not begin to describe my reaction to their mutual stimulations. It was everything Leo and I had imagined magnified a thousand-fold! I swung my hair in long sideways arcs and my pelvis was bouncing so fast Leo was afraid Lance's probing shaft would dislodge from its happy home."

"Lance suddenly thrust upward with a loud moaning sigh and shot for the second time in less than half an hour. Collapsing down on him I ground my breasts against his chest. I kissed him deeply and said, 'That was fantastic! Again!' Then I slid forward and back, dislodging his length from within my depths but leaving the ridge of his manhood to rub against my clit."

"Leo's shaft was a long, hard missile ready to launch so he immediately speared me doggy style and relished his first taste of a wet deck. He's never tired of the sensation nor has he ever encountered enough cum inside me to satiate that appetite. No matter how many men have filled me Leo always wants me to be even happier."

"Lance was too pooped to move and just lay under me watching as Leo slammed into his loving, doubly moist wife over and over until he ejaculated so plentifully into my cavity the excess was squirting out with each thrust."

"Lance's young, still firm but pliant, ridge stroking my clit had been driving me wild while Leo's rigid shaft pumped in and out of my eager, dripping lips. While Leo emptied his love into my I raised up slightly from Lance's chest so that my nipples stroked up and down against his chest hairs."

"We all rocked back and forth to our mutual satisfaction till I teased Lance saying, 'Oh! What's that growing against my tummy?' Leo took this as an indication it was time for him to slip out and allow Lance in again. Slipping his manhood out, he took a chance that Lance was distracted enough not to realize who was doing what. Leo used his fingers to guide Lance's revived, rock hard erection into my anxious, weeping, wet hole. Leo surely didn't want Lance to get any strange ideas about his sexual preferences. Even though Leo might enjoy watching me in ecstasy, he doesn't share my sexual tastes. I like men and Leo likes women."

"Fortunately Lance was much too distracted to care how he got in, just so long as he could feel my warmth surrounding his hard-on."

"Leo kissed and nursed my backside again, then he began to stroke the small hole of my anus. We'd tried and rejected anal sex. Me because it was not comfortable and Leo because if I couldn't enjoy it then he knew he wouldn't either. He knew though that I am very tender around my little pucker and enjoy being stroked and teased there, he gently ran his finger up and down along the crack between my cheeks. Lance and I were now violently humping in our love throes so Leo pressed placed his free hand between us and pressed inward against my pelvis. Each stroke Lance thrust into me Leo could feel in the palm of his hand. I was going wild with this double pressure inside and outside my vagina."

"Lance was getting close to another climax and I was right with him. As our excitement grew Leo slowly and gently slipped his finger into my rear and pressed against Lance's shaft buried deep inside, pinioning me from both the front and back. The sensation of having my lover's shaft squeezed inside me drove me over the top! I sat almost straight up and with Lance's eager hands enthusiastically massaging my breasts as I caim. Leo's finger probed even deeper and I exploded with violent bouncing motions. Leo told me later, he had been able to see Lance's testicles as they contracted over and over shooting cum in strong spasms into my capricious cavity. I kept pushing further down and tighter against Lance trying to fill myself with his every drop."

"As we collapsed again to the couch Leo stroked me till my shaking stopped. 'Let's go to the bedroom,' he suggested, 'where we'll have enough room for all of us to totally enjoy this night.' And enjoy we did, for the rest of the night was spent exploring our suppressed desires and wanton fantasies."

"Just before dawn, Lance left and Leo turned to me and asked, 'now what?'"

"'Not what,' I promised him, 'but who? It's your turn next, so whom would you really like to make it with?'"

I had been leaning my head back on my chair as I related this to Marcy. Now I looked over at her to discover she was playing with herself under her skirt. It was almost a full minute before she realized I had stopped speaking. Sheepishly she pulled her skirt down and said, "Wow! That was fantastic. You guys have been sharing lovers ever since, huh? God I wish I could get Mark to let go like that. I sometimes feel so guilty because I know, or at least I'm pretty sure, he's totally loyal to our marriage."

Smiling, I waited for the obvious continuation. Never one to disappoint my expectations, Marci predictably asked, "Do you suppose you and Leo could help me with Mark?"

"We thought you'd never ask," I assured her. "Now tell me though, are you by chance a little warm?"

"You know I'm so hot I'm creaming my pants," she answered. "I'd attack that doorknob if I thought it would help."

So I called Leo telling him to stop by the office after work. Marcy had a couple of problems we needed to help her with.

* * * * *

The End for now...


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