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Rose's Two Helpers
by Mr. Neb

There would have been no way that Rose could have gotten all that furniture up to her second floor apartment by herself. She was really in a jam. The delivery men from the furniture store weren't satisfied with her copy of the invoice. It clearly indicated that her apartment number was 202 and that certainly meant that she lived on the second floor. But the men insisted that there was an extra charge for delivery to anything above the first floor so unless she could prove that she had paid the extra amount, they would not carry the stuff inside the building. It was very fortunate that Frank and Roger passed by when they did. They were just returning from playing basketball and graciously volunteered to continue their workout by coming to Rose's rescue.

For two hours the well conditioned young men patiently and good-naturedly brought up each item and placed it exactly where she wanted it. Sometimes they had to move things around several times. They were in pretty good shape and Rose caught herself watching them work several times. They were still dressed in their sleeveless T-shirts and gym shorts. She found it pretty sexy, the way their arms and legs strained with the heavy furniture.

Finally, once the sofa, reclining chair, two coffee tables, two end tables, two lamps, a china cabinet, and a bookcase, a dresser, two more end tables, a queen size bed and assorted other accessories had finally settled into their final resting place, the work was done. Rose chatted with her two new friends through the open door of her newly arranged apartment. Their heavy breathing and sweated brows did not go unnoticed. Neither did their tanned and muscular bodies.

She was feeling a bit guilty about taking advantage of their help so she offered to make the guys a nice dinner as their reward. They eagerly excepted because neither of them could cook as well as they moved furniture. The conversation quickly ended and they left. They promised to return after they got cleaned up and Rose had the chance to do the same.

Rose had met the two men them several times before but only in passing. She had occasionally seen them by the pool and had exchanged little more than a dozen words with them since she moved in just over a mouth ago. With her busy schedule, that was about all there was time for. Even after those first few chance meetings Rose had found the men relatively attractive but her mind was on so many other things during that busy period that she gave them little thought. They were in their mid-thirties which made them about five or six years older than Rose. Frank was the taller of the two, standing 6'-1". He had dark brown hair and deep dark brown eyes.

His features were more rugged appearing than Roger's. He was very masculine. His broad chest was covered with soft straight black hair. He certainly fell into the tall, dark and handsome category. Roger was very different. Slightly shorter, around 5'-11", and had the body of a swimmer. His blonde hair and blue eyes went well with his lighthearted nature. His almost boyish features belied his actual age. He was almost never without a smile. Rose fell into the petite category. She felt a bit intimidated when her 5'-4", 105 pound frame stood next to her nick-of-time acquaintances. Luckily, their very friendly nature quickly disarmed any fears that she initially had.

After her shower, she dressed for the warm comfortable California summer evening. She put on her white shorts and a swimming suit top then covered up with a light and shear white jacket. She wanted to be attractive for her guests but not too suggestive. That was always a difficult balance to maintain. The doorbell rang just as Rose was running the last few strokes of her brush through her long blonde hair. She quickly added a touch of perfume and answered the door.

Her guests appeared more handsome to Rose now than they had earlier. Their hair was neatly combed back and still wet from their showers. They both wore shorts that highlighted their long, tan and muscular legs. Frank had on a flowered short sleeve shirt. The top three buttons were undone. That's when Rose first noticed his soft black chest hair. Roger had on another T-shirt that advertised his desire to be surfing anywhere in Hawaii. Rose liked their different choices in colognes. They came into her apartment carrying two bottles of wine.

The three partook in the usual small talk that covered where they were all from, how long each had been in California, and what they each did for a living, etc. All in all, the conversation was pleasant and enjoyable while they eat dinner and sipped the delightful wine on a wonderfully warm evening. When the dinner was finally finished, Rose got up to clear the dishes. She leaned over the table to pick up Frank's plate. Glancing at his face, she caught him looking at her breasts. They weren't large enough to run the risk of leaving her top but at 34C, there was enough to catch any interested eye. Frank sensed the situation and they both quickly turned away with embarrassment, he from looking and her from catching him. Meanwhile, Roger had seen the brief event and smiled at Rose.

They all went to the living room and continued their conversations. They were pretty comfortable with each other by now and that was certainly aided by the good food and wine. Rose sat on the chair while her two friends settled onto the sofa. She asked Roger if he wouldn't mind turning on the light next to him. As he reached over, his legs spread slightly. She couldn't help noticing that one leg of his shorts had revealed that he wore no underwear. A portion of one of his testicles was clearly visible. It was almost devoid of hair. With the light turned on, Roger resumed his normal posture and his shorts covered him from Rose's view but Frank had caught her looking at his friend. He smiled just a bit and that magnified her embarrassment.

Even the brief glimpse of Roger excited Rose. She hadn't been intimate with a man since coming to California and her last relationship certainly left a lot to be desired from a sexual point of view.

Roger excused himself and went off towards the bathroom. While he was gone, Frank looked at Rose with those magical eyes of his, smiled and said, "I think you are very beautiful. I have been watching you all evening. I'm so glad that we finally got the chance to meet."

"Thank you very much for the compliment", Rose sheepishly replied.

She felt as if his look could completely see through her clothes. It made her uncomfortable but she liked the feeling that she was attractive and worked through her uneasiness. Her mind ran through several flash real-time fantasies. She tried to imagine of what her guests looked like out of those brief shorts. Her mind still clung to the vision of what she had seen of Roger earlier.

"Come here, OK?" her new friend requested.

They both stood and Rose slowly walked to him.

They embraced. Rose had to stand on her toes and her arms barely made it around him. He squeezed her and her slight frame was enveloped by his strength. She felt her breasts squeeze against his chest. She felt a bulge in his shorts press firmly against her abdomen that caused a distant tingling in her groin. Her legs gave up the task of keeping herself upright. She literally swooned in his grasp. His face approached hers. Their eyes were closed and their lips touched. They kissed. His soft lips pressed perfectly to hers and she held her breath. He released her just slightly and began to lightly kiss her cheek and neck. Her head rested back with her eyes still closed and she surrendered to him.

He led her to the sofa. She felt his powerful but gentle hands touch her ear and neck. Her hand was rested on his chest as if to push him away but she did not push. Slowly his dancing fingers made their way to her chest. Her eyes remained shut tight and she felt her breasts move with each long deep breath. Rose felt his hand slip lightly over her breast. Her nipple jumped to attention. He pressed his hand more firmly and began to massage her. Quite nimbly his hand slid under her bathing suit top and brushed against her nipple making it feel as if it was on fire. He pushed the strap from her shoulder and her breast was free to him now. He kissed her all over her face. Rose sensed his deep breathing as he caressed her ear with his lips.

Her hand weakly slid from his chest and went down to his shorts. She could feel the firm and enormous bulge from beneath. His legs parted and she let her hand fall between them. They naturally cupped the stretched material covering his balls. She gently massaged them causing him to release a very low moan. Frank's hand left her breast and made its way to between her own legs. As it came to a rest, Rose was sure that he would be able to sense the warmth deep inside. Her body was eager to produce the warm wetness that was building with their excitement. Then there was another sensation. She opened her eyes and saw that Roger had returned. Now dressed only in his shorts, he was kissing the nipple of her exposed breast. It sent rockets of excitement through her.

Frank whispered in her ear, "I want you. I want you now." After a slight pause he added, "WE want you."

"Yes, yes. I want you both," Rose gasped back.

Roger stopped kissing her and stood back up. Frank removed Rose's top completely and she watched Roger remove his shorts. As they slid from his waist, his erect penis pointed straight out from his body. It was very long, possibly approaching least nine inches Rose thought to herself, but it was surprisingly thin. He had very little pubic hair. Then Frank stood and undressed. As in most other areas, Frank was very different than his friend. When presented with the sight of his penis, Rose could easily tell that it was at least an inch shorter. But oh my! Was it ever thicker! It caused her to momentarily hold her breath.

Now it was Rose's turn. She got up from the sofa and removed her shorts. She now stood naked before her seducers. A part of her was eager to continue the adventure and yet another part was still somewhat apprehensive. This would all be new to her but she did not want it to stop.

Without anyone saying a word, Frank took Rose by the hand and led her to the middle of the floor. He laid her down. He knelt beside her and began kissing her breasts again. Roger just stood over them and watched his friend kiss his way down her stomach. He began to slowly rub his engorged cock with his hand while patiently waiting Frank to make room for him. Just as Frank's wet tongue touched Rose's navel, she reached up and slid her hands along Roger's legs. She reached only to his thighs. With this silent invitation, he dropped to his knees. His long and stiff cock was now poised directly over Rose's face. Her hand was on his buttocks and she moved him toward her. The underside of his penis lay across her lips. Using pursed lips she began to slide her mouth from its tip to the base. Each pass made it slicker and slicker with saliva.

Roger had now spread Rose's legs. Chills shot along her spine as the juices from her aroused insides cooled in the summer air. She felt the lips of her pussy, stuck together with her wetness, being gently separated by her new lover's lips. She heard him breath deeply. She felt her body rush to release more of her liquid passion and could feel the warm wetness slide from her opening down towards her anus. With the sting of an electric shock she felt Frank's tongue lick her moistening pussy. OH, she was in heaven! Frank expertly moved his tongue in and out of her anxious passage. His perfect sense of love making knew exactly when to lick and suck at her swollen clitoris, when to pause and when to press into her deeply. Again and again Rose was brought to the brink of orgasm but each time he stopped, causing her to roll down from the precipice.

Roger was certainly the beneficiary of Frank's wonderful talents. Each time Rose was brought to the edge of orgasmic oblivion, she would suck more aggressively at Roger's member. In her frenzied state she gently clawed and tugged at his balls held so tightly in his scrotum. She loudly sucked and slobbered at his prick as it slid along her mouth. Roger stepped across her and straddled her chest. His hard balls pressed against her and his saliva slicked cock slipped between her breasts. He began to slide back and forth and Rose used her hands to press her breasts against his dick. Her fingertips rubbed at her nipples and that made her tingle.

Rose felt a strong pressure at her crotch. It made her eyes and mouth opened wide and her chest collapsed with a deep exhale. Frank had lifted her legs, placed a pillow under her buttocks and had entered her. His wide penis spread her open like no man previously. The welcome intrusion was greeted with the squishy wet sound of her lubricant. She was not in pain but completely filled. Just as her mouth had opened from Frank's welcome intrusion, Roger moved his cock along the slick path between her tits and slid its tip between her parted lips. Slowly, and in unison, the two men began their slow motions. Each pushing in and drawing out in perfect synchronism, each stretching Rose in a different way. When Roger's body moved down towards her, his cock pressed deep into the back of her throat. He was well aware of its length and was very careful not to press in too far and hurt her. He could have for when it was slid into her mouth as far as she could take it a full inch remained outside.

Frank's movements stretched her differently. With each withdrawing stroke, the lips of her pussy would collapse attempting to force him out from her body but he would not allow it. Each time she came close to expelling the invading member, he would slide it in again, stretching her open, almost to the point where it would hurt.

Faster and faster the men now moved. Rose was approaching her first orgasm but would Frank finally let her have it? Rose had been close so many times already. She wanted to come. She wanted it badly. Her pussy was aching from the eagerness to climax. Her hips thrust into Frank's to encourage him further. Violently and uninhibitedly she sucked Roger's lovely dick in and out of her mouth as if she would be allowed to come as a reward. Closer and closer she came. Wilder and wilder her body cooperated with her lovers.

"I'm coming. I'M COMING. DON'T STOP! Please make me come! PLEASE make me come!" Rose shouted.

She came thunderously. Her stomach muscles contracted. Her chest exhaled its captive breath and lunged upward, forcing Roger's prick deep into her mouth. Her lips clenched down on him. The muscles of her pussy spasmed. Her eyes shut tight and bright flashes of light burst beneath the closed lids. As the second spasm hit, Frank pressed into her deep. She felt her pussy gush to the brink of overflowing with the thin and almost clear cum that she so desperately wanted to expel. Again and again the waves of passion overtook Rose as she tumbled down the hill toward orgasmic bliss. She felt the outside of her pussy and her legs become wet and warm with her cum. Soon she would feel herself and Frank become sticky with her fiery wetness.

Her body was still shuddering in climax when she felt Roger's cock swell deep inside her mouth. Was he going to come in her mouth? Oh no! No one had ever done that to her before. She had sucked cock before but never had the nerve to stay with it to the end. She wasn't ready to do it now but what was she going to do? Roger's knees were on either side of her head prevented her from turning away! She opened her mouth as wide as she could in an attempt to release Roger's prick so he could leave her but he didn't. She pressed her tongue against the underside of his cock to prompt its exit but it didn't help. Instead, she felt the engorged shaft swell again and a muscular knot zoom towards the tip still embedded deep in the back of her throat.

As her own shattering orgasm was subsided, Rose experienced Roger's climax like she had felt none other. In a forceful and continuous stream, hot thick fluid splashed against the back of her mouth. Her throat instinctively closed to prevent the viscous ejaculate from being swallowed. She felt another burst of the creamy semen fill her still open mouth to the edge of her lips. Her nose twinged with the powerful and musky aroma of Roger's cum. Her tongue was bathed in its gooey texture and salty taste. Rose was stunned by the new sensation but not afraid. She was thrilled by the shocking reality of what was happening to her and excited by the wickedness and the taboo nature of the experience but she was not ashamed nor would she ever regret any of it.

She was completely lost in the overwhelming sensations. Frank kept thrusting his wonderful cock in and out of Rose's dripping pussy while Roger continued to come in her mouth. She was a slave to the passion as if instantly addicted to everything that was happening to her.

Roger moved back and removed his still spurting dick from Rose's overflowing mouth. His last few spurts fell short of her chin and lay in long lines on her chest and breasts. She did not care. Her cunt was racing towards another climax. She sat up and rested back on her arms. Her eyes and mouth were again open wide as her vaginal muscles spasmed uncontrollably. She felt the warm and thickening semen in her mouth over flow her lips just as her own cum seemingly slashed from between her legs.

Now it was Roger's turn. As soon as he was sure that Rose's second orgasm would continue regardless of his presence, he withdrew his cock from her twitching cunt. He straddled his petite host and moved in towards her face. As he came close to her, she could see the thickly veined cock was slick and literally dripping with her cum. She could smell the sweet scent of her own juices as he moved closer. She was mesmerized by her own odor. Not repulsed or shocked, but rather fascinated by it.

Just as the tip was about to get too close for her to focus on it clearly, she saw the tiny slit part. A thick white burst of Roger's cum raced toward her. It struck her on the cheek and splashed over her nose and mouth. Without hesitation he continued to move closer. The bulging head of his cock slipped into Rose's mouth. Her own cum sweetened the taste of his erupting member. More and more of his cock pressed between her stretched lips displacing equal amount of Roger's still present ejaculate. Rose felt it cascade in a sheet from her mouth and dribble down and cling to her chin. She felt the long strands of the hot cum touch her breasts that were still heaving in the aftermath of her own climax but Frank was just beginning his. He was deep into her mouth now. There was only room for his magnificent cock and nothing else. Each successive spasm made Rose sputter his thick sticky cum from her mouth. There was no way that she could do anything else. Frank sensed her predicament and quickly withdrew but his orgasm was still raging. Repeatedly his prick spewed long ribbons of cum onto Rose's face and into her open mouth.

She was no longer concerned about what was happening to her. She wanted it. She wanted to taste and feel cum all over her body. She was ready to be bathed in the hot sticky male cream. Her tongue played with the gooey mess that stretched from her upper and lower lips. She reveled in the sensations of cum sticking to her face, dripping from her mouth, dangling from her chin, sliding down her neck and running dripping from her breasts.

When Frank's cock was spent, Rose breathed deeply with her eyes closed. She tried to relax but her mind was spinning with the new experience. She opened her eyes and saw her two wonderful lovers sitting in front of her. Small amounts of cum still oozed from their dicks. She ran her hand along her chin and gathered up some of the liquid treasure. It was sensuously sticky in her fingers. She lowered her hand and placed it between her still spread legs. Exposing her inner flesh to the gentlemen before her, she pressed one and then two of the coated fingers into her cunt.

It was joyously squishy and warm. In a final punctuation to the wonderful experience thus far, Rose used her fingers to bring herself to one last climax. She cried out through cum spattered lips until her internal contractions finally allowed her fingers to be withdrawn. She brought them back to her face and playfully licked the combined cum from her hand. She was delirious with the sensation of her own cum mixed with that of her two lovers. Her new friends were impressed with this display of uninhibited passion. Upon later reflection, so would Rose.

The two men came to Rose and they all hugged on the floor and kissed lovingly. They were never able to repeated their spontaneous adventure with the same intense passionate heat of that first time but they sure had many wonderful times trying.


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