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Swinger's New Ad Pt. II
by Sparky Kronkite

Well, high all - once again. Marcy and Paul here. Our last, re-written swinger's ad has been running a month or so now and with pretty good results. There have been a few groans of being too long and a few regarding it being to "regimented" you know numbered and all. Maybe we'll change it again but first let us tell you about what happened because of the ad.

One couple who contacted us sounded really cool. We'll call them LI and R's, that was their nick name on the swinger's Website that we posted the new ad on. That's for Long Islander's in case you might not get it - but we know you do. Anyway they happened to be fairly close and both work in Manhattan. They were experienced and wanted to get together. Weeknights are best for us so we decided to meet at one of the swing clubs - Le Trapeze - on a Wednesday night. Arrangements were made, that Wednesday night came to be and here's what happened.

The Long Islander's turned out to be Judy, a beautiful third generation, US born and educated, Chinese American woman of thirty. A fantasy-like Chinese beauty - long silky dark hair, slim firm body and a beautiful face. Her husband Jimmy was of Italian decent, he was dark too, thick but trimmed hair on his broad chest, rather tall, nice build but no body builder. He had thick black hair in a slicked back but not too greasy sort of way.

We met them for drinks at a local bar near Trapeze. We had a few shots (I really like that, helps get me going.) and a couple of beers before heading for the club. The conversation was good - a highly compatible couple - we were counting on a very good time. Both Judy and Jimmy were turning me on well before we left for the club. Paul was right there with me, as usual. I could tell by the bulge in his pants - he was as ready and willing as I was.

To make a kind of long story short - the four of us had a couple of more drinks before we decided to disrobe and - you know - probe. Hah! "Disrobe and probe," I never cease to amaze myself. Oh anyway...

I was standing at the bar, Jimmy behind me, his very nice, fat, semi-hard cock occasionally whapping into my ass. Paul was talking dirty, whispering into Judy's ear and fondling her small but very nice tits. I reached behind and started stroking Jimmy's dick. It immediately became hard as a rock. I saw too that Paul had achieved full mast and Judy was stroking his member when we all just kind of looked at each other and damn near chimed simultaneously - "let's go find someplace private."

At Le Trapeze, typical of some larger swing clubs, they have private rooms or booths really. They're about as big as a queen sized bed. We found one and clambered into it - asses in the air. Judy immediately dove onto Paul - kissing him deeply, I could see their tongues meshing in a liquid lurid dance. Jimmy on the other hand bowed his head and began to kiss my neck. I'm sure he couldn't have known but that - neck nibbling - just makes my toes curl and my pussy humm. I grabbed his think dark hair and held his head in place with one have and reached for his beautiful Italian cock with the other. I saw Paul fingering Judy with two fingers. They were very wet and she was moaning through their slick kiss. Jimmy bent me in a way that at first confused me, kissing me down my rib cage and spinning me around. Finally he was kissing my back side - lower... lower... still lower onto my as cheeks... then even lower. When Jimmy's tongue hit the crack of my ass and then my tight little bunghole - I just about died and went to heaven. I could feel his rough razor stubble on the side of my now saliva wet crack as his tongue probed deeper and deeper into my ass. "Oh my God!" I moaned with a sly smile.

I had to let go of Jimmy's prick as he serviced my ass with his mouth. And through delirious, slitted-eyes I watched as my handsome husband moved up to fuck the classically beautiful Asian face of Judy, her tongue and lips now working wonderfully over his huge pink dick-head and then over and onto his veined shaft. Slide... slide...back... forth.

I couldn't take it anymore, I needed to be fucked and I wanted Jimmy to be the fucker and me to be the fuckee. I told his so. Hell, I ordered him to fuck me. Let me tell you - he didn't protest. So, I was wet as hell. Between Jimmy's voracious tonguing and my own wetness - all Jimmy had to do was get into position and glide right on in - with one easy movement. "Uhhhhh!!! Fuck!!! Fuck me good Jimmy!" I stammered through clenched teeth.

I heard grunting and moaning next to me - I rolled my head to that side. Judy was on top of Paul, her knees up to her breasts, her feet on the mattress, her hands on Paul's shoulders. She was literally floating, riding Paul's cock. How wet it was... the sounds... the moaning... Judy whispering, "that's it Paul, deeper Paul, how is that Paul? You like that? You like me to fuck you this way, don't you Paul?" All Paul could mutter was a groaning "yes baby, keep doing that, keep on going just like that."

I was beginning to cum and I knew it would be big. In fact we were all starting to go over the top. Judy's pace quacked on top of Paul as he thrust upward to meet her. Jimmy was slamming into me - full force. His super fat dick splitting me apart and exposing my clit to his dark haired pubis. "Oh fucking God! I'm cumming... I... I... I'm cumming!!!" I felt the flood in my pussy give wave a bathe Jimmy's cock - which in turn gave me the further satisfaction of spurting load... after load... after load into my hot cunt. I nearly passed out.

But I did catch the show next door. Paul, watching Jimmy and I, could not hold onto his load under the magical pelvic ministrations of his Asian mistress (for the moment) Judy. As he bucked upward. Beginning to cum - Judy hoped off Paul's dick, swinging her right leg over and away - she quickly lowered her head and speared Paul's prick into her mouth before his first spurt of cum. She stroked his dick with her left hand... pumping it for cum... her right hand wend to her cunt where she rammed three fingers into herself and bucked in a huge... gulping... moaning orgasm. She never let a drop of Paul's cum be seen - she swallowed it all. Wow!!!

We all collapsed. We giggled. We relaxed.

We eventually gave each other sweat good night kisses, made tentative plans to do it again sometime and were out, heading for home in the clear night air. Smiles on our faces.

Paul and I even made it home before midnight sending the baby sitter home - all was well.

But you know - the ad still wasn't working as well as we figured it should work - so the next few days or so, we rewrote it once again.

Next time - yet again, another new ad.

'Til then - Marcy and Paul.


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