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Sparky Kronkite
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Sex: M & F
Age: mid/late 30'ish
Location: Manhattan, NYC, USA
ICQ#: not given
Sparky Kronkite is actually a married, career/profession minded, (we try not to be work-a-holics), we're a couple - very normal, damn good looking, educated, white collar types.

We currently live most of the time in Manhattan, NYC.

Yes, we actually do have a Sybian Saddle. It's the ultimate, guaranteed, multiple-orgasmotron-machine for the ladies. And folks, believe us, it really works!

We’re Irish all-American, mid-west types, mid/late-30’ish, but rockin’ young in looks and attitude, tall, light skin/hair, good proportional builds. We like all the normal stuff ­ hearing music, playing music(we both love guitar), movies, occasional dancing, food, exercise, motorcycles, old cars, the beach, hot tubs ­ and… and… and… What else is there? Ah yes ­ SEX! Yes! That’s what we really like.

So - we practice what we tell. All of our stories, "penned by us both," are based in some semblance of reality.

So - ask us anything, anything at all. Hey, we double dare ya.

Very sincerely, Sparky Kronkite.

Judy's Firemen - Reporter spends day at fire station.
Marcy's Appliances - Hubby & squirting wife play with toys.
Meet Joey I - Couple devises plan to save their marriage.
Meet Joey II - Patricia tries Tony.
Meet Joey III - Joan makes confession.
Meet Joey IV - Patricia tries the Swedish Saddle.
Swinger's New Ad - Marcy & Paul place an advertisement.
Swinger's New Ad Pt. II - Marcy & Paul meet Judy & Jimmy.
Swinger's New Ad Pt. III - Duo updates their advertisement.
The Discovery of a Lifetime - Girl discovers a unique ability.
True Squirter - Marcy and hubby go to swinger's club.

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