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The Sex Files Pt. III
by Rebecca

Mom had prepared a wonderful dinner for Eddie and his mom and the two of us. I was glad mom bought wine and we were all drinking it and enjoying it. After dinner we went into the living room and relaxed. There was a definite tension, an energy in the air. We had the stereo playing and Janette stood up and started to dance. She held her hand out to me and I smiled and stood with her. We were on our second bottle of wine and I think we were all feeling pretty relaxed. Mom was dancing with Eddie now and when a slow song came on, Eddie and I stepped aside and watched our mothers dance.

We sat on the couch and watched as they kissed and slowly started unbuttoning each others blouses. I don't know if it was planned, but they were dressed similarly. They both work sheer blouses and fairly short skirts with nylons and pumps. Very sexy, but watching them removing the clothes was even sexier. As they peeled their blouses back they kissed each others naked shoulders we watched the blouses fall to the floor. The skirts were next and I knew they had discussed what to wear because they both had on stockings and garter belts and neither was wearing panties. Janette's brown bush was sexy as was my moms thin, nearly hairless blonde wisps.

"You two are still over dressed" Janette said. We looked at each other and we started to peel off our clothes. Like me, Eddie had a hard on already and that pleased the women.

"Todd honey, I think you promised me something." I knew what she wanted immediately. We walked from the living room into the den which had a clear, open space in the middle of the room. Mom and Janette sat on a soft chair and Eddie and I sat on the carpet. I told him I wanted to suck his cock and he smiled and said he wanted to do the same. "Let's 69" he said. I lay on my back and Eddie lay on top of me. His cock and big, hairy balls looked awesome as he lowered them down to my mouth. He was a little shorter then me so when he reached for my cock and took it in his mouth, I had to lean forward to suck him. My nose was close to his ass and I liked the smell. He was soapy clean with just a hint of male muskiness.

I was so excited to be sucking a cock while getting my own cock treated to a wonderful blowjob. I lost track of the women. Unlike last night when we sucked each other for the sole purpose of relief, tonight we sucked each other for pure pleasure. I'm not sure how long we were at it but it was some of the best sex I ever had. I think I started to cum first but I was still pumping my cum in Eddie's mouth when he exploded in my willing, eager mouth. He rolled off of me and we were both smiling, wiping traces of cum from our lips.

Eddie's mom looked so wicked, her knees were up, her legs spread and her hairy, very wet pussy gaping while she rubbed it. My moms pussy looked so much smaller and yet her clit was bigger then Janette's. Eddie crawled to the chair and I guess it was decided that we would eat the others mom.

I moved in closer and I could smell womanly fragrance. Her pussy had a much stronger aroma then my moms but I still liked it. Her pussy was covered with hair but it was very soft. As she slid closer to the edge I saw that her round, shapely ass had hair around the little puckered hole. I also could see it was wet from her juices dripping in it. I decided to taste her asshole first, much to both of our delights.

Janette and my mom were sitting with there shoulders pressed together and they turned and started to kiss as we licked them. Eddie was after moms big clit and he got her to cum right away but he didn't stop. I was still sticking my tongue in Janette's asshole when she looked down and said "That's it baby, I think I may have to let you shove your big cock in my tight ass later," and I went on with even more vigor. Her pussy was so wet I almost felt like she was peeing on my face but this tasted way too good to be pee. The more she juiced just made me attack her clit and pussy like a dying man and his last meal.

Eddie and me did ourselves proud. By the time the little pussy eating session had ended we had given our moms more orgasms then we could count. They both lay back with huge smiles on their faces and out of breath. "I think these boys are truly blessed" my mom said and we all laughed. Eddie and I had raging hardons again and I was ready for some fucking. Mom said she needed to use the ladies room so Eddie and I walked upstairs to moms room led by Janette. Her shapely ass swayed from side to side as we climbed the stairs.

"Lay down sweetie" she said to Eddie who quickly obeyed and was on his back with his fat cock pointing at the ceiling. She climbed on and effortlessly guided him to into her wet cunt. He moaned and told her how good she felt. She looked me in the eye and smiled a sly smile, "get that cock of yours in my ass" and I was there in a flash.

Her asshole was still soaked from my tongue job but she was still so tight. Her ass was much tighter then my moms pussy which I found to be so tight this morning. It was very awkward at first, Eddie and I would move too much at times and one of our cocks would slip out and we'd have to restart our efforts. I guess that wasn't so bad because it helped me last and I know it had to be helping Eddie too. He kept saying how he could feel my cock through the thin walls of his mom's pussy.

My mom eventually rejoined us, she seemed to jump in the shower quickly and was now ready to go again. She didn't want to interfere with the triangle we had going but she did sit at the head of the bed next to Eddie and she began to make out with Janette. She was tongue kissing her and then she began talking dirty to her. Eddie had a mouthful of his mom tits as we fucked her holes and Janette seemed to explode for the first time after about ten minutes or so. She bucked me off and out of her as she came, her hips danced almost violently. But mom was there to help guide me in this time.

By now Eddie and I had worked out the rhythm and were sawing into his moms cunt and tight ass-hole with perfectly times strokes. Mom had moved around and I felt her hands on my balls and obviously Eddies as she fondled our bouncing sperm sacs. Then I could feel her finger playing around near my ass-hole and I heard her whisper to me to relax as she slid her finger deep into my ass. The timing was perfect as I was just getting that feeling of my balls tightening right before I came. And came I did, exploding into Janette's tight ass hole with what seemed like a gallon of cum.

My cum set her off and she was cumming again herself and Eddie times his own load to perfection, filling her spasming pussy with his second load of the night. We all disengaged afterwards and lay together on the bed. Janette looked like she was ready to pass out from the intensity of our double fuck session. "You need to try that" she said breathlessly to my mom and my mom smiled and told me and Eddie to go rinse off and get back in here.

I looked over my shoulder to see my mom between Janette's spread legs, licking the cum that was dripping from her hairy, well fucked holes. A part of me wanted to stay and watch but a part of me needed to rest and a shower would help recharge my battery. Eddie and I soaped each other up in the shower and by the time we left we were both hard and ready to go again. My mom was still at it, licking Janette clean and we walked in just as Janette was orgasming again. Janette was laying on her stomach and I think she either passed out or fell asleep after that last orgasm.

Mom sat up and smiled when she saw us, "you two are really studs. Now I want some of what you were giving your mom, Eddie" and that was that. It was weird because my dick was at least two inches bigger then Eddies but I was designated as fucker because despite my length, Eddie's cock was quite thick. We were old pros by the time we started fucking my mom and it definitely showed. My mother had multiple orgasms, one of them seemed to be continuos and last nearly two minutes and she was talking so nasty, begging us to fuck her hard and deep and that's just what we did.

We were able to really hold out this time before we filled both my moms holes with our third and final cums of the night. The four of us slept in moms bed that night and we never got dressed until late Sunday evening. It was the greatest weekend of my young life. I also never slept in my own bed after that, I was in moms room every night .

You should've seen the look on the other guys faces when we showed them a video the four of us had made. They had their dicks out and were jerking off as they watched in awe as we fucked and sucked our moms. Life has gotten VERY good!


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