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Xander Music: A Tribute to Literotica
from Xander

Below are four songs written and composed by Xander, a cool Danish guy who's contributed many wonderful stories and bulletin posts to this site. He sent this CD to Manu and Laurel as a way of saying "Thanks" to us and to all of you for the fun times he's enjoyed at Literotica. Feel free to download and enjoy these instrumentals, though be aware that Xander - as the writer & composer - holds the copyrights to these works.

NOTE: When you go to download the files, you will be asked for a username and password. Use:
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(both are case-sensitive, and must be typed exactly as shown!)

[ ALSO NOTE: This is NOT Erotic Audio - these are songs, in MP3 format. ]

Below are the songs, as well as the liner notes on the CD which explain the songs in Xander's words.

* * * LINER NOTES * * *

"If you can judge a wise man by the color of his skin,
Then mister, you're a better man than I am"
- Aerosmith: "Livin' on the Edge"

"Smile if there's anything you want
Please tell me how it feels to live in a million dreams
Smile if there's anything you want
Whenever you come around you're surely the one"
- Atomic Swing: "Smile"

"All good things come to those who wait"
- Hannibal Lecter: "Silence of the Lambs"

"This is my life, it's now or never
I ain't gonna live forever
I just wanna live my life alive"
- Bon Jovi: "It's My Life"

Lovestruck [ 4.5 Meg ]
This one came to me one night, when I realized how many great friends I've made on the site. The feeling I get when I talk with them. (My phone bill is really big, lol!) And how close I've gotten to them. This song symbolizes that feeling.

The Cool Bunch [ 3.6 Meg ]
This one is for Laurel, Ms. Cool Numero Uno, and all the other cool people visiting Literotica. I can almost see it, just like a sequence in a movie. All of us, walking side by side down a wide street. Each and every one of us dressed in our respective cool clothes. The wild ones. The cool bunch. I had you on my mind while I recorded this one.

Hardcore Info Highway [ 3.0 Meg ]
This song represents the rough ride it was before I, quite literally, stumbled across Literotica. At that time only showing the tough exterior, and driving down the info highway, needing either a very fast car, like a Dodge Viper, or something strong like a Humvee. It's a bumpy ride, or better yet it was, so buckle up. :)

Thread by Thread [ 3.4 Meg ]
And last, but not least... :) This song is a direct tribute to the coolest Bulletin Board on the Net - in my humble opinion, anyway. *grin * This one represents the joy, the laughs, and the parties we all have there. The wiggling. The dancing. Our cyber orgies. The openness we have, and the way most of us share our most personal feelings. Oh, happy happy days.

* * * * *

So there you have it... This is my little tribute to you two - Laurel & Manu - way over there, to let you know what an inspiration you are. And most of all, to thank you for creating Literotica and making all of this possible for us. And on a more personal note, thank you for giving me back the inspiration to make music once again.

Signing off from Denmark, for now,
Your friend, fan, and admirer,

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