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Thank you for your patience

I have a draft version of Chapter 5 ready, but I would have to edit it for clarity. I have this tendency to rephrase whole paragraphs. Sometimes it's good, but sometimes it's bad as it's time-consuming. I hope to post it tomorrow, and I understand that after posting it would take about 3 days for it to be published :) Thank you for waiting.

Why marry a woman who shows her true colors.

Lying and manipulative. Do you want a wife of a competitor?
Call the teacher and have her break in your condo with you.


More development if the romance would have enhanced the story.

Seemed like the girls were playing with fire by having this scheme.
Would be nice if a follow-up story had them get burned by taking their antics to far and seeing how they try to fix things.

Another great story

Your Montauk series of stories have been great. Love the characters and challenges they have faced.

Love love love Jesse



Great story by dg. 5

is there

Going to be more? Been waiting for the next chapter...hoping for it SOON.

A Treat


Another good one!

Great series from beginning to end

I really liked this series. Have read everything else you've posted so far and have liked them all. Your writing is improving over time and is a good read.

Utterly stupid. We don't NEED you writers telling us this is an adult site, we KNOW that, so strike one! Strike two, childish writing, and strike three utterly inconsistent plot. 1*

Absolute garbage, cheating by an entitled bitch is not romantic 1*

It happens

I am 14 years senior to my lovely wife.FYI- it’s fan- frigging- tastic!!

Learn something new

There is a difference in how to use "good" and "well". You will be better served by learning how to use the two words properly.


I read all your work in sequence. You mentioned a couple writers you thought were better than you. I am going to read their work , but fear I will be disappointed after reading yours . Thank you

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