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Wrong catagory

This was not romantic

Not Impressed

Found this story unbelievable and trivial

I nutted

Well done

This was a really fun story to read. I trust it was equally fun to write. You have a stunning talent not normally found in erotic story sites,, and I feel as though my taste has markedly improved. Or at least I have found an author to keep me happy. Thank you.

WOW! 5 stars

I really liked that. Been there and done that, got the T-Shirt and the scars. Can't sign in for some reason I'm Johnny 0432.

Thanks Author

Link should be made into a movie. I am sure it will win ten Oscars.
Best story for the author for sure.

Good try,

didn't like it all that much but please keep writing I really like most of your stuff.

My apologies

I had a procedure done on my eyes and am just now cleared to be on my computer as much as I please. I am still wearing sunglasses to look at my screen. Thank for being patient with me. Randi.


Wonderful story! Among the best I've read on Literotica! I think you have the chops to write professionally, if you've a mind to.

Loved this one

I enjoy all your stories, but especially this one. I think it's because you have some really nice, caring characters in here, along with the usual ratpack of selfish, clueless losers.

And you're funny, a rare and wonderful quality on Lit.

Thanks so much!


another one

once again you did NOT disappoint. another damned good read.


Need a happy ending

Hope you continue their story with happy ending

Great story keep up the great work. Can't wait to read the next chapter.

Too far-fetched

A muscled karate expert with a 7" dong when it's only semi-hard who casually kicks in doors and breaks football players' bones? AND he gets Jenny to dump her friends after one speech? Your actual writing ability is decent, but I just couldn't take how perfect Jeff was. I stopped reading on the second page.

Read it again

Reminded me you CAN write a male character who isn't 100% pathetic. Good story on this one.

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