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Absolutely great!

The story has been fantastic and great.
I know I've read the ending before the beginning, so I will not spoil the story, but ... Thanks for writing it and sharing it with us, even if it's a year late for me.
5 * for, because you can not give more here.
I apologize for my English (yet), is not my native language.

Oh god I'm getting a bit worried

He seems to know exactly what he wants her to do a little too precisely and knows she will

This story still great!

As in the movie "The Princess Bride", true love does not die, it can be hidden, it can be lost for a while, but it always survives the whims of fate.
5 * for you.
I apologize for my English (yet, and forever), is not my native language.

Great chapter!

It is a great chapter, in which the concerns of the contradictory feelings, the anger and the love that Joe feels for Leanne are perfectly detailed, and what she feels for Joe, but her pride of knowing that in the end she has been honest with He simply did not tell him what he did not ask.
And since the men we are so blind ...
5 * for you.
I apologize for my English (yet), is not my native language.


Fantastic! I grew up on the 1965 version of Cinderella with Lesley Anne Warren, still remember most of it to this day. Lesley was my first crush. The next retelling I enjoyed is Ever After with Drew Barrymore, also Excellent.

But this - This is fantastic! A modern day adaptation that may well be better than the original! Woven together like the finest wool tapestry, The Cotillion is a beautiful tale to warm the heart, put a broad smile on your face and bring tears to your eyes.

Thanks DreamCloud! Please keep them coming!



chapter. it's going from very good to great. thanks for sharing. forget the other comments, let it go where it goes.

Great story

I have enjoyed this storie more than I can explain, you have a true gift in writing

Building a marriage

It shows when love is found before sex it makes a strong marriage. .

It is the connection that count...

...And JustJaney makes good connections. The characters connect, with enough background to make their connection real, and enough detail to make the story highly erotic. And it connected well enough with me that a part of me wanted to be Ben as he spread her legs and moved between them.
That's what I call good writing.


Of the Lisa / Brian Bullshit story.
This one sentence stands out most.
Re Brian's Mother:
"So Brian you will listen to her, or you will leave my house forever, too much of everyone's time, especially yours has been wasted by your stubborn attitude"
YUP! OK! I'm fucking GONE bitch. Betrayal by anyone is poison to the soul, betrayal by your own Mother??? Fuck that, leave and move on!


Incredible this story!
I have seen the movie "The Princess Bride" many times and I love it. Apart from the romance story, I really like the phrase "Hello, my name is Iñigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die". I do not know if in the original version it was the same name of the character and if they were the same words, many times, with the translation they change the words too much.
I'm going to continue reading this great story.
5 * for you.
I apologize for my English (yet, and forever), is not my native language.

Great, but......

I've seen some others worry about samar, please don't ruin it by having her sleep with him. Its too predictable. Also no more her getting assualted, she's been thru it twice

Wow not willing to commit to marriage, but will commit to living with them, same difference. But then she can't decide if its her son or nephew so who can blame him?

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