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Very Well Done

By the end of the story, David is the least handicapped of any of the characters. David can "see" better than any other character. Both of them are laying everything on the table for a solid partnership in years to come. Fantastic job in character development.


But maybe a little pat. I think I had it figured out by the end of the first chapter. Not much happened and while it was heartwarming, it didn't excite.

I think you have a better grasp of the darker material.

I had to read this after finishing Marigold even though I have not read anything else in this category. It was extremely well written with some great characters. Noticed that Fox in Socks and Monopoly are mentioned in both works. I also thought about how rare commercial plane crashes have been in the past 15 years in the US. Had to look it up and there really have been very few.

Great stuff. Yes, a bit slow at times, but worth getting through. Thanks for sharing your work.


Kinda surprised the guy with the sun shining out his ass didn't realize he could have dragged twenty to thirty pounds less weight by field dressing the deer.


No Complaint

I know you folks write your stories and no compensation, except for sincere compliments or complaints. No complaints from me today. Keep up the good work and can't wait until the next chapter! Good story!

Oh My sexy Marco! Eastern European features -- what a hunk of men!

I really like it

I really like how the story is going. You do a good job exploring their growing relationship, and their sexual adventures are very good reading. I love your descriptions of them -- his hairy chest and abs and cock, her breast and love snatch. Keep up this good work! They are delicious together!

Very Well done

This was a delightful read, with a well thought out character development, something lacking in most posts here. I am on to the next chapter and will let you know if it is as good.

Exception can be interesting

Sometimes it is true the old newspaper's saying the news is the postman bites the dog. Here the the woman character was the exception who avoided to became slut/whore against being escort. DGHear showed the sister of the male character who told the shadow side of the escort job.
It may be she could be the escort character from FrancisMacomber's story (LW) "The Honey Trap".

Holy Cow!

This was one of the best stories I have every read. The character development was wonderful, it was beautifully written and the story line could not have been better. Very sad at times(tears) and a superb finish(again tears). Thank you and please continue.

Rome and Christianity

Constantine did not make Christianity the official religion of Rome. He did outlaw the persecution of Christians. It was the Emperor Theodosus I who proclaimed Christianity as the official religion of Rome about 50 years later in 380 CE.

@WhoGivesAShit: Thank you for the compliments and I'm glad you enjoyed the story and pace. Yes, Lanesville is a fictional place though I've had a 3 month stay in Raleigh and a year long one in Charlotte. @Anon#4: Thanks for the 5* and I'm very glad you enjoyed it. Thanks as always for reading bebes!

From a Heinlein fan

I first discovered Heinlein in middle school and I've been in love with him since. The core of my beliefs about love and commitment is heavily influenced by Stranger in a Strange Land and Time Enough for Love. I loved your use of this philosophy.

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