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What a great story. I know others have said that a sequel may not be a good thing, but I, for one, would love to see a sequel. A commentor mentioned the age difference, that it might be problematic. I don’t think so. It’s only a twenty odd years or so difference. Not an insurmountable gap. However, sequel or not, thank you Member389 for a great story.

Love it, if a little cliched

Happy endings are always nice and I can really identify since I happen to be a lawyer with a wife who's several years older as well.

Nice try

I can't see how this story is rated so high. They see eachother at a bar once, never have a conversation and yet they both remember the encounter as if it happened yesterday and not 2 years prior (not happening). Both get cheated on (convenient), both happen to be on the exact same flight and are going to be staying at the exact same hotel. Not enough character development, both come across Mary Sue'ish. Nice attempt but nope. 2-3*

A decent story? DECENT?

Did someone fuck the brains out of the people who liked this?

Three dates. THREE. To get that obsessed over someone after three fucking dates, so much that your entire world revolves around them, is unhealthy as fuck. And his mom...what a despicable, manipulative cunt. THREE FUCKING DATES!

They all...each one of these fuckers...need a long, long sentence at the fucking psych ward

"Goodnight, Ray. Try not to think about me too much."

Can these two get any sweeter?

Don't answer that. And don't ask me what I'm drinking. I get a bit maudlin when I'm drinking.

It’s a very nice story but there’s way too much hinted-at but yet unfinished business. I mean, did Emma ever find Lila? Did Luke reconcile with his dad? Did his novel become a best seller? Too many questions left unanswered. Inquiring minds NEED to know.

Very nice and sweet

This story was a pleasure to read. Well thought out, and flowed well. I encourage you to write more in this category. Well Done!

This Made Me Laugh Out Loud

"I couldn't even find a spoon for my cereal and had to take a plastic utensil from a fast food place."

Because I've been there.

Thank you for writing a nice story about relatable people. I'm enjoying it very much.

Good but!!

But dumb ending. No self respecting academic would show his ass at graduation like that. Even if he were resigning.

Great Story!

A wonderful love story ,from puppy love to wedded bliss.
The one element I had a small problem with though was Penny just totally rejecting her long-time best friend when her father died. She pushed him totally away because "he still had a father"?! I'd imagine that nearly all of her friends still had their fathers. While it was a little weak,it did set up the conflict in the story which made their coming together again later far more impactful.
This story certainly deserves a 5 rating.


Great chapter. I’m looking forward to more.

Simply lovely

A great romance. Very moving and beautiful.


An excellently told love story!

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