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Great Tale

Actually our hero did win. He saved an entire family from getting hurt. He showed his character to his kids and the community and with any luck he has a pretty cop who already likes him and he likes her. This hero won.

Denny FTW

I think sometimes people forget this is erotic FICTION. That these stories don't always have to be a reality, and can be about people's fantasies. Just like when people fantasize about rape and non-consent sex stories, doesn't mean they condone rape in real life.

I personally like Denny and his controlling ways because it's the idea of releasing control to another person who cares about you. In real life, would I like it, probably not. It's ok to push boundaries, and it really seems like Alessa really does want it, and just needs someone in her life to care enough to want to help her heal.


Why did it end there? They needed to move in together.......

leva darling

I am waitin with abated breath that you post another chapter by thursday.... I will love to read a new update for my birthday...

Another excellent chapter.... I was getting a bit of a rushed sorta feeling with the flow but past that great... superb writing as usual


More soon, right?

Still interested to see where it goes. I'll be checking in. :) This premise has the potential for sparks aplenty!

I like the concept of the protag with the bold voice being married off to the man with none. Could go all sorts of interesting place, especially with her possibly having to speak for him in parliament. I'll go check out CH 2. :)

Love it!!

Love this story!! It's one of my favorites!! Love the author as well, by far my favorite on this site!

Whoa! Slow down, big guy!

The story has a lot of possibilities, but you're racing too fast. A little more time and a little more buildup would give a lot more heat. Just saying.

Chapter 12 & 13 are available...

You should be able to access them now, since they are up. :)

Coming soon?

Waiting for ch.12 for so long that it feels like month now..
I check for it every day more than five to ten times...
Please be quick..!!!!

Thanks for the answers to the comments!

Pretty damned good story!

And although I didn't kill anyone in self defense, this story brought up my own memories. My girlfriend and I were serious and planning to marry. All the sudden, out of the blue, she tells me we should see other people for a while, she wanted to cool it with me. WTF? I was devastated and thankfully had family to lean on. What was even more painful, within a week, she was going out with another guy and seemed quite taken with him. They soon became an item and the girl who swore to me she was determined to go to her wedding bed a virgin, was getting banged regularly by her new boyfriend. One of my best friends happened to actually walk past a car she was being pounded in and saw Tom mounted up on her and he was embarrassed when he saw my face, after telling me he could actually see Tom's cock sliding in and out of her cunt.

I didn't have any serious relationships, I put my effort into work. I owned my own log house company, building home from a doghouse (no kidding!) of 25 square feet, to an 8500 sq ft mansion. Then came a fateful day on one hand I wish had never happened, but on the other I'm so grateful. I was sitting at a local diner having breakfast and my ex came in. I'd heard she'd been dumped after he started cheating on her but this was the first time I'd seen her. One thing led to another and a year later, we were married. Life was fantastic and within 4 years we had two kids, Ben and Elaine.

Then it happened again, similar to this story. I got a call from my mom, saying I needed to get home immediately, there was an emergency. It took me less than 5 minutes to pull into my house and I was met by my mom and two crying kids. Ilene had left me again. She left a note saying she'd taken all the cash from our safe ($60,000) but left our savings and checking, saying I could have everything else, including the kids. Tom had come back into her life and swept her off her feet again. To say I was heartbroken would be an understatement. But you can understand how I said that fateful day was the worst and best thing ever happening to me, I became a divorcee but I was given two wonderful children.

It didn't take the divorce long to go through, I took her note to my lawyer and the judge accepted it as evidence, allowing the divorce to proceed immediately. Within 90 days, I was free of a 5'2", 135lbs POS. Ilene was a tiger in the bedroom, but had the motherly instincts of a rabid hyena. My kids were distraught, afraid I would leave them too, exactly like this story. For a while, I had my mom bring them to work with me and they played in the office while I worked in the log yard building homes. That way, they could see me all day and also ride home with me. They were needy like that until they both entered school, Ben first a year later, Elaine next two years after that.

I was shocked one day when we came home from my folks house, to see a strange car parked in my driveway and it turned out to be Ilene. She had been beaten, similar to Carol in this story, having been choked, punched and having 28 stitched on her cheek. She had no where else to go and wanted me to put her up. I refused, telling her to leave, I didn't want the kids to even see her. I made certain she understood she was no longer a part of my life but especially my children's life. She left, crying, and I have to admit, I didn't feel bad at all. She gave up all rights in order to chase her old love who she had mentioned more than once, had a bigger cock than I did. Now, don't think I'm tiny, my dick is 7" long and 6" around. But if she could believe, he had a 9" cock that was only slightly thinner than my own. Oh fucking well.

Over the next few weeks, Ilene stalked me and when the school called saying she'd been seen near the school grounds (I had alerted them) I took out a restraining order. She was served where she was living with an old HS friend (girl) and was actively seeking a job. I didn't call the police after she stopped by my log yard, wanting to talk. She explained how she made the biggest mistake of her life (I agreed with her) in leaving for Tom again. They hadn't been together for more than 6 months when he cheated on her again and after a couple years, didn't even hide it. She knew she'd fucked up leaving me but was too proud to admit it.

About that time, I'd finally started having a relationship (not sexual) with a grade school teacher I'd met when taking my kids to school. She was young than me by quite a lot, I was 32 and she was 23. She loved kids, obviously, and loved mine especially. We got on great and found we had the same passions in life, hiking, camping, fishing, traveling, etc. She even enjoyed hunting if she could find someone to take her! Guess who started! We both love bird hunting and since I had a fairly young GSP, we started hunting together that fall for pheasants, chukar, quail and grouse. It took a few weeks at the local trap and skeet club for us to get into 'shooting' shape, but we did! Ilene never enjoyed the outdoors or hunting so Jodi was the perfect fit.

While fending off Ilene from my kids and our home, Jodi and I became quite serious. Funnily enough, she was embarrassed to be a virgin, she swore she was the worlds oldest virgin! We had a Spring/Summer wedding, on the equinox of June 21st, a few weeks after school was out. She was indeed a virgin, claiming to having never even been groped, and I eased her into 'womanhood' as she called it, using all the restraint I could muster after so many years without sex.

My ex found me at work soon after our honeymoon, (we camped in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming!) and I found she was devastated by my marriage. No one had told her I was even serious about someone, let alone ready to marry. She let me know I could have had her at any time, if I would have only told her. She ran from my office in tears when my lip curled and I explained I wouldn't touch her with a 10' pole, there was no telling the diseases her swampy cunt was full of.

Over the next decade, Ilene moved away and never did have any contact with my kids. I heard she and Tom got back together, even with the cheating and beating. I wished them luck, because I was married to the most beautiful 5'8" 130lb woman who looked like a model with high firm tits, a 22" waist that flared out to the most luscious hips you've ever seen.

My ex? I heard she was again in the hospital by Tom's hand and when she got out, she went right back to him. That is the sickest relationship I could have ever imagined and am so glad to be free of her.


What a delightful story! I really enjoyed reading it and plan to read it again in a few months.

Wish I could like it

I don't mind the slow pace, what I do mind is that it seems to be all about Denny. Denny practically forced Alessa to go to the doctor soon so she get get on birth control. Just like HE cant wait, HE doesn't want to use a condom, HE is telling her what to do. I think this chapter almost totally ruined it for me, just over the birth control thing, along with "losing to a girl". You make Denny seem douche-y and selfish, and his charms and humor don't balance it out.

OK, all this background has been very interesting and I enjoyed reading it.

But, now let's revert to the start of the story and find out what happens in this really good story. I hope that it ends well since I have become somewhat of a romantic in my old age.

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