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Hot and steamy

Love the description of Stephen. So nice not to tead 'six foot two, two hundred pounds'...

This little story came to a halt too soon.

Good story

There may be a few confusing ideas you have to clear uo, but overall the story is great. Maybe include more descriptions of the sex, and Seth's hairy sexy body, and how the family dynamic will work out. Keep going. It is interesting reading!

Wow. Better than anything I could have expected

The last thing I expected to find here was a story that would move me to tears, while at the same time being as sexy and erotic as any other story I've read. Amazing job!

I wish we knew more of the Welch lore

That granny and the other keepers of the old ways could come teach her how to implement the rocks.

Surprised She Still Doesn't Know When To Expect Him

She says she doesn't know the number for her telephone? Call his phone from hers.
Does this also mean they never talk during the week he's in the city?

"There's Something in the Water"

Has to be.
Perhaps it's time to talk to the local folk?

Tears here!

OMG! I'm so sorry! I guess I knew from your bio that it was "Chad" that died, but that is just so sad! Don't think I've ever shed tears over a Lit story before.

Intriguing beginning

Such a contrast from the City to the sparsity of Wales. The complications of a stressful divorce to the solitude of her (nearly) private woods.
Benny needs a stern talking to for not alerting her to the presence of another at the pool.

Five atars

I meant to hit the five but only four registered 😢

wow man

jerry is a one decent man and any decent man raised by a decent parents will not accept the bullshit of jen, religious or not. he owns her in every way when she enters in an engagement agreement and she owns him the same way, whether someone agrees or not.

One of the best stories I've read in a while.

Thank you for sharing this, I've thoroughly enjoyed reading it and look forward to trying more of your work.

I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Enjoyed it!

Reminds me of college summers I never had. Definitely a hormone-fueled fantasy yet still left room for tenderness and romance. I can see a movie in it.

Ooh Dear Lord!!!!!

Wow!You are a truly kinky writer;) I couldn't even get past the first page without exploding all over the place lol, the way you described licking his ass over and over again like a mother cat! Phew,and licking his ball like they were caramel lol,your discriptions are so perverse I Loved it!! Will definitely check out more submissions of yours....Good Job!

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