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great story

would've liked to have heard more about the depth of betrayal by janets dark side, but a great read 5*

Really liked this one...

And didn't catch on quite as quickly as I usually do!

Good story telling!


Way too long. Predictable

Lovley story

Amazing. Simple as that.

Thamk you for posting

Very nice read.Had strength in the characters

Great story and thanks for the ending

enjoying twists

I enloyed the story it moved at agood pace and unlike other authors you noted the time lapse from the scene in vegas and the meeting with the attorney as an example. I did notice a few spots where the wrong word was used to that end i would say more proofreaders would help.

to the unrealistic comment

Just cause she stopped taking the pill dosnt mean she still protected. My girl got pregnant while she was on the pill with twin boys so anything can happen. She also got pregnant with are daughter two days after she got off the pill two years latter so nothing is 100% protection.

Again. A great finish to an unfortunatly unfinished story. The style of writing complimented the original perfectly.. Thank you. I wish other good unfinished stories could be finnished as well as this was

The 2 anons

How is a person supposed to act when they were hours away from marrying somebody and find out that they were cheated on? It's not a happy thing to find out. I know from personal experience about being cheated on, it's not a laughing matter. At the end of the story she's not the whiny woman from the start. She shows true fire when she confronts the ex. That is the woman's true self. Think about the situation and take that into account.

Thks. So many unfinished stories you finished it perfectly


Thanks for sharing.

Great. Story

Two people meet by Chance and fall in love

more please

love this story so far. blew through all of it in one day. the sex scenes r pretty good and uve done a great job fleshing out the characters. hope u continue with the story, a good one like this shouldn't be left unfinished


the best story on lit. when i could stop crying long enough to finish reading it. the situations, the characters, all the details were so spot on and delivered to perfection.
you are a most wonderful writer with such a passion for the human spirit.
thank you for sharing your amazing insight!

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