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Thumbs up

5 ⭐️ All the way, excellent😁


I'm glad you enjoyed the story.


"Fuck me," she said. "Now!"

"Well, ok, if that's what you want, but does it really have to be this way? Can't we at least get to know each other's favorite color?"

Right. Losers find love fantasy, unexpected benefactor ending. Perfect one to go for, low risk, good reward. It'd be nice for this good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discovery to happen more often, but that is usually an event that requires significant energy input by decree of the universe where matter normally reverts to the lowest stable energy form. So, despite the claims of the author, it is fantasy, although not strictly forbidden by physics. And to twist words a little, if it wasn't fantasy, it would belong in non-erotic, as some sort of erotic fantasy must be fulfilled to qualify for an erotic section. Huh, I guess people really get off on burning bitches...but I won't judge myself for it.

"Merry fucking Christmas" was fine; the repeated appeals to the reader were not ok by me, and it matters. Go ahead, poke the bear with "Mary," but who cares if someone expects her last name to be Christmas. In fact, it's probably better to let the reader suppose that, whether or not it's really the case. Fuck, I can't stand narrators trying to talk to me. Their shrill voices, interrupting oranges, and pompous assumptions...no, please, stop before I call the cops.

And, like, while the sex wasn't particularly erotic (it really needs to be an erotic coupling or a well done romance), it seemed to have been written by someone with a grasp of how erotica works, but when she demanded his seed, it should have been left there. Instead, the story takes a brief turn to the obscene when she says, "I want to suck it out of you." That's not particularly obscene or offensive, but incongruous with the rest of it all. The seed is abstract and symbolic; sucking cum is concrete, unimaginative, inflexible, and relatively obscene.

Bye for now.

So very good!

This story is not only well written but is such an original it deserves to be published in book form!
A genuine romancebutsuch a good story!
Thank you!


And a couple married no less.

Wish there was more to come

So glad this series was recommended to me. Only sorry the author didn't continue.


Unusually great for a short story.

From reading this and One Man's Heart (which is better only because it is longer with more time to develop plot and characters), I'm beginning to think that GatorRick ranks up in the stratospheric atmosphe with Tony155, another great Literotica romance writer. Cat5 is another.

Another heart-touching story with interesting side scenarios beside the main romantic plot, namely Patrick relating how Rick saved his life, and also the clash with bully Brian.

Just like One Man's Heart has some overdone parts (Rick having special parking access wherever, MK's dad with largest northern Florida Ford dealer, the coincidence of Patrick meeting his savior captain in his parents' living room) -- but, hey, these just added to the flavor of the story.
Paul in Oklahoma


I stumbled onto this story/writer.

This follows a classic romance plot of older rich guy finds and protects younger destitute girl. And it does it very well, with 21st century technology and trappings. It had the attention getting features of good girls rescued from bad guys (more than once), a super-trained guard dog, and police activity.

This is one of the great romance stories on Literotica, leaving me struggling to hold back tears. I did not think about the writing because my mind was on the story, which means the writing was effectively carrying the story rather than interfering. Much of the story was carried by well-done dialog/conversation (rather than narration), examples being Tracey learning of his previous wife by his report to her (rather than the author narrating it), and the old man's attention-getting report of the stabbing/clubbing incident.

Considerable number of improbabilities, including propitious finding of girl on road, knowing or being related to so many of the sheriff's department,
Tracey already being outstanding expect in needed office skills, etc. But these, while somewhat far-fetched, actually added interesting flavor.
A very, very good read.
Paul in Oklahoma

I cried a couple of times reading this. A very touching, sweet story. My wife of 24 years has PTSD. It changed everything except for our love and commitment. There were hard times but we are closer than ever. I cherish her now.

Waiting for last 'MEGA' chapter.

Now that you have us all on the hook I, for one, am expecting a really long MEGA chapter to be forthcoming. There are questions to be answered, no doubt more loving sex and knowing whether or not Paul and Marisa will have to stay in hiding.
At present, the Columbians (with their Casino Hotel laundering money) and possibly Caroline being key suspects for the bomb. In such circumstances, there is bound to be an investigation. Are Paul and Marisa still in a job at the end of this? I know that not all crime fiction ends up tying all the loose ends (makes for good sequel fodder). You will, I think, need many more than a mere two or three pages.
Very good story all the way through though.
Devir Ginator

Day After

Very romantic. Great intro to the characters - 5 stars

Exactly the right category - a loving Romance

A nice story. But the dialogue is a bit stiff. There is little to no transition between character dialogue. What there is, for some reason I can’t put my finger on at the moment, just seems to add to the abrupt changes of dialogue.

As a story this is 4-stars. Because of reading “nature” I think 2-stars. Avg. = 3-stars

very good

a good story, am curious to see if you write a sequel, lots of story left in these two. could be fun to have her friend wind up with Ted :P he was my favourite character.

keep up the great work

Once again the mark of a super Mal story is he drove me to the dictionary a half dozen times on words I never seen. However, I felt a little more was needed to tie the ribbons on dangling participles left in the story and imagination. This story is ripe for a sequel to close all the danglers.

I just have an overall problem with PTSD/battle-fatigue/Nam-syndrome and the abuse some have used it for, being a wounded Nam Vet I guess I could have gone that route but it was not what was expected nor I felt justified in pursuing - did I have flash backs, yes, was it debilitating, no I would not let it. I saw the horror of war and it still is with me but compartmentalized and faded. I guess others cannot for what ever reason.

The story did not go this route but I think there is much to be said of the expectations/maturity of the Nam generation vs the sandbox generation. They returned home as hero's and we returned home as scorned outcasts.

Few today seem to know Nam Vets had IEDs/booby-traps that maimed and killed us too. We never knew from what direction that bullet/IED was coming from; war is not always in front of you like TV.

Mal, Hooyah & Salute!

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