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You say "repertoire". I think you mean "rapport". That might be wrong, but "repertoire" seems pretty clearly not to be what you do mean.

A story

About a person with lower emotional self esteem than a cuckold watch a bull while sitting in the corner.
Not to mention codependency problems
How much can people shit on you before you learn a little life lesson or two?

The stupidity

Of the MC was Stultifying ,just too much.

Long Wait -- Well Worth It

Man, you did yourself proud on this one. I'd like to read more about these four people; I like them. Maybe skip forward a year or two with the next tale. Whatever you decide, please just keep your stories coming.


Another Matt M. Storyou, Cuck, Cuck, woo, woo, Cuck, Cuck. I had to take a good shit after reading this piece of shit.

The best

I dont know how you do it, but your stories are always a pleasure to read.

Reading after completion

This is very good. I am enjoying this romance. It fits the category perfectly, and you have done a wonderful job with the characters.

Thank you for writing this.


I really enjoyed this. Thanks for writing it.

Happy Sighs All Round!

Once again you tell a tale eminently worthy of keeping; you know how I feel about your work, and agree wholeheartedly with every comment here, and I know how long and hard you sweated over this, but please sir, may I have some more?

A lovely story, lovingly told, faultless in execution and satisfying in a way hard to describe, but so wonderful to experience; with that, how could I not give you any less than a heartfelt 5* and wish, once again, that it could be more?




OMG!! Just one of the best I've ever read on Lit. Mega kudos!!! If u ever want additional editing or proofreading, just ask. You don't need it, but it would be an honor assist you.


The Muslim(?) Dealer

Why did the States Attorney release the muslim guy?? Some kind of informant or was a deal cut??

Dear Author, Nicely done. Thank you for the journey and the descriptive Civil War based tale. jntiques

A1A Ale Works

Just read chapter 1, but wanted to place a comment where you may read it.
I'd be happy to meet you at A1A Ale Works, which you described so well. I am truly a regular there. Contact x331bc at bellsouth.net
Back to read chapter 2!

Well ....

Old Jack is certainly a better man than me. I would never have given the bitch the time of day, ever, had she stabbed me in the back like she did old Jack. That was just too damn cruel. She doesn't deserve a second chance.

Ale Works

Be happy to meet you at A1A Ale Works, which you described so well. Truly a regular there. Contact x331bc at bellsouth.net

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