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When we were getting towards the end, I was sadly expecting this to be another one of those stories to be continued that never get finished and then---a very nice surprise!!! A great story by a great author. THANK YOU!!!

Superb storytelling

A wonderfully written tale.
Five stars
Hope other readers enjoy as much as I have

Great Story

One of your best stories. Like how you keep incorporating new characters into the lives of your other characters. Keeps building onto their stories while telling new ones. Hope to read more soon.

Finish please

You stated more than once you had more of this story to share, but unfortunately you never did. Falling into a story only to get to the end and realize like so many others on here it was never finished is disappointing. I did enjoy your story and it’s sad you didn’t finish it, oh well.

I love the way you describe the sex scene

The standing sex scene in the bathroom was amazing, it made me hot!
& sure wished I was the one in the bathroom!


loved it well written and found it to be an enjoyable experience
great job and keep them comming

One of best

One of your best, thank you for sharing.

I'm not crying! You're crying!

Beautiful story. Great writing. I lost my wife a little over a year ago so your flashbacks of Diane bought a tear or two to my eyes. Thank you!

Loved It But....

I agree with @deblackbuster that the offside cornerback deserves a little reminder of "Newton's Third Law" .... ;-)

Thanks for a lovely romance to brighten the start of my Memorial Day weekend!

So Satisfying.

Such a great and satisfying experience reading this author. And, believe this is one of the more absorbing with its thought provoking couple and rich dialogue. So good. Many thanks.

are you sure you're not a woman?

my biggest gripe on this site is when men try to write from the perspective of a woman. men always get it wrong, too physical, not enough emotion. but you have nailed it. even writing from the man's perspective, you write it like a woman would. confusing.
but good writing, nonetheless.

Well Done

A sweet tale, tenderly told.

good bloody job

i look forward to your stories

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