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Please complete. Just loved it


This is close to the greatest story i have ever read. The only story that tops this story is My sister's wedding. Which you wrote.so yes I can't fault a beautiful love story . Please may i have some more? Love you all! Remember that you can't stop who you fall in love with! Bye

Just gave this the 1* it deserves.

"Oh, my baby, what have I done to you? It's brutal and it's beautiful."

Its not beautiful, it's disgusting.

This is NOT romance, beating a woman for YOUR pleasure is not romantic! Wish lit would allow minus scores. Post your shit where it belongs!

Love this!

I cannot wait to read the next chapter! You have done a fantastic job. Joe needs to eat some humble pie and grovel at her feet.


My tablet's screen turned while voting and now I gave it a two instead of a five! Good job, 4Glory6..


Very strong start. Yes good character development noticed.

A. weak minded young man.

really enjoying

You have a good flowing style making it easy to read and follow the story. 5 stars.
Please be careful in describing what people are doing, because it is written in first person and he is meant to be blind. He cannot see others do small things. It took me quite some time to actually believe he was completely blind. (part 5 where he describes what he does see. Yes I came back a part to leave this note.)
In first person style if the lead does not see it, hear it, smell it, feel it or taste it (or any other sense it) then it does not exist in the story.


I hope you will update soon

When are u posting .waiting


i realy realy enjoyed your great Story about the Princes who became a slave and a queen after that. i also think that the dn came at the right time. this great Story deserves 5 stars!


You really know how to write a short story! This was great futanari sex at its finest!

What happened to the previous Chapter 08 from November 7?

You posted a Ch. 08 on November 7, 2015, but it's no longer in your archive. What happened to it?

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