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Cannot join the praise

Sorry, but this story got boring with too much of the same. If you are looking for the sex, its ok, if you are looking for a story it was a too thin story line for such a long story. I do fast reading and in this case the last two chapters went very fast.

how true

I fully understand the situation. I am married to a lady ten years younger than me.A doctor decide to "tune her up" ( his own words) before she was to have open heart surgery to repair a rapid heart beat and the result was her heart was stopped for 18 minutes and I now have a wife with the emotions of an 8 year old. that was 15 years ago and in the last year I have met a lady 24 Years younger and fallen in love. It is difficult loving two people with all your heart but in different ways.

Fantastic story.

I loved this story.
Much as I'd love to see a sequel, you completed this story nicely, and a sequel just wouldn't be appropriate. The only way it would work would not really be a sequel so much as a "same fictional world" story with some of the same characters. Anything else would probably seem a little contrived.
While you could have legitimately spun out the sexual tension longer by having Sarah not be ready to "go all the way" so soon, not doing so was not a negative, just perhaps a lack of a bonus.
As I said, I loved this story. This was the first of yours I've read, so now I'll have to check out the rest. :-)

Cheating is not romantic.

Not romance! a cuddle at the start doesn't make this romantic! Should have been posted in Erotic Couplings. 1*

For some reason I found this to be a fascinating story and believable.


You sucked me into a great story and then the ending just blew me away.


but with one snag "Only If You Can"..TK U MLJ LV NV

wonderful feel good story

A mix of highs and lows, happiness and sadness, triumph and failure.

A cautionary question, after reading
" mounted onto a 24 carat, gold band "
was the mount itself made of stronger metal? I hope so because 24 carat gold would be too soft to securely hold a 2.5 carat diamond.


I have patience
Good start 5


letters make words and when a letter is left out, put in the wrong place, it can and usually does change the meaning of the word or the sentence.
then - a time
ten - a number
her - a female
he - a male
friend - a friend
fiend - a person with a bad attitude6ed2

Well written

Very entertaining. A bit repetitive in spots, and lacking in conflict, but a great story even so. I'm pleased to see that you haven't lost your touch, and are still interested in pumping out romantic stories. The only surprise is that now, only a month or so since posting, this story hasn't yet made it over 4.50 to earn a big red H. I gave it my five stars to help it along.

Romance is Not Usually My Category

But I really enjoyed this story. It was short and well constructed.
Thanks DGHear!
Please keep writing! Love your work!


You are a fine writer, good sir.
I've read most of the stories you've posted
in quick succession...
Sucked me right in, and i don't usually tolerate
romances such as this.


I simply love this story. Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes and this writer reminds me of truth. Love needs to be revealed even if it's impossible.

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