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When she made the point that Kevin was her "best friend" and that wasn't going to change, he should have been long gone really fast. And he damned sure shouldn't have come around a day or two later with his tail between his legs. apologizing. The
bitch didn't deserve it.

re: dozen's comment on 12/9/16 about Savion Blanc

I don't know anything about wine, but I do know how to use google. Savion Blanc is indeed the name of a wine; it's retailed in a Rite Aid store according to google.

What a lovely story

I wish I had a linda and marjory when i was in my 20s
I had to learn much later
Luckily i had a lovely teacher
Thank you so much for the story

Loved it

Beautiful story...made me cry.

Beautiful story.

Loved it so much. But I don't think it fits quite well here at Literotica. Nothing much erotic in the story to make is fit here. Seemed more like a Mills and Boon or Harlequin kind of a story. Just with more depth to it. Harlequin short stories are a bit more... shallow.

This, despite the lack of eroticism, I loved it. :) For a romantic story... it was good.

Thank you for the love story.

Ever going to continue?

Pull Mandy's License!

Oh,man! Nothing worse than a Women's Rights know-it-all giving another woman marriage advice,and as a marriage counselor?WTF?!
Sue knew Mandy was way overboard with that shit when they were in college to think she'd get balanced advise.I guess not! At least Lynne set her straight.(BUT only after Mandy almost ended Sue's marriage!)
Unless the husband is submissive in nature, a wife either using sex to control the marriage,or just refusing to get involved in sex,and refuse everything but the missionary position is a recipe for divorce. (After awhile,if he can't get it at home,he'll look elsewhere!)
Hopefully,Sue and Jon are on the right path.( While Mandy's sinking her strap-on into her girlfriend.)

great story

Please keep writing.

much enjoyed
could very easily be the outline for a story 8 or 9 pages longer

still even as a short , wham/bam/thankyou mam
flash story it works well


Beardmann here. Thanks for the feedback! This is my first submission, done on an iPhone. I don't know what caused the dashes, but I'm not a fan either. Can a story be edited after submission? Thanks all!


You are One Helluva Researcher!

My third of yours.

GREAT details and insights, every time!

No stars allowed? You'd rarely sink to five! :+))

Great start, I hope it proceeds as well as "my number" which is my favorite story running right now.

Still Loving Marcy!

I'll loving Marcy's character more and more!!! Keep them coming. She such a joyful, appreciative person. I'd love to meet someone like her in real life, despite her former number issues! As long as it stays former, I'm good...

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