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Good Story, but not erotic

Well written, but should probably have been catogorized as 'non erotic'.

Chapters aren't long enough, particularly if there is a long break between and also this should be in non-erotic, nothing romantic about either chapter so far.


It was a great book it's just I had some problems pertaining to how rushed it was. I feel as if he shouldn't have forgave her so quickly and I think that the "I Love you"s came waaaaay sooner than need be. I think this story had a lot of potential, if, of course, it was slowed down and added more moments where you could see what kind of person Charming was. It was good...but it had the material to be brilliant.

Christmas is everyday of the year

All it takes for this year-long holiday is to be happy and enjoy each breath you take and release. Terrific reading and though sad in some parts, this is another five star story.

Okay but...

It seems eerily familiar like I've read it before but in a much better story line.

The basic story was there but this was too exact and clunky, giving the feeling it was written by a non native English speaker.

That was very good...


A plane made for stunts is an aerobatic. Keep writing, thoroughly enjoyed it

For a story on the subject of aircraft, I'm stunned that you continually

wrote hanger, not hangar. Each time I became engaged in the your writing, the repeated error was very jarring. Better editing would greatly improve your work.


These two took the roundabout way to get together. Maybe they have some promise? I'd give more description. Keith can be a good looking guy sporting a bit of chest hair, a good sized cock and pubes. Anxious to read the second chapter!

Another fine story

This one is definitely different than jfremont's earlier stories. It is not dependent on the location / setting of the story being a significant part of the story unless you count airplanes and airports.

Loved this story. Eventual follow-up?

Loved this story and maybe someday you will do a follow-up to tell us of children and how well her recovery went. They have medicine for loss of smell I believe if it was not due to the accident and then her meds causing a temporary condition.

Hurry please

I'm so addicted. You better finish this story!!

hysterectomy is not a check up

A hysterectomy is a uterus removal operation. Check ups are just called check ups.

Spotted it

Most of my male characters are called 'Dave', and Gilmour is one of my favourite guitarists, but I couldn't call him 'Dave Gilmour' could I? So I improvised.


Learnt a fair amount of aircrafts and the works .

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