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I loved the professionalism of the two co-workers

How they dealt with a work place romance while being team leaders on the same project was fun to watch. You could almost feel the tension.

At the start of your story you began a shift from Kurt to Teri by listing the name of the speaker. Then you abruptly stopped doing that. There were times it was difficult to know who was talking to us or telling us what was happening. Something as simple as a T or a K with the series of dots perhaps?

Another time you had them giving out Christmas bonuses at the Memorial Day celebration of the project completion.
"our project wrapped up. Friday morning of Memorial Day weekend"
"I introduced Teri to the crew and immediately ordered more drinks for everyone. Once I knew that she was set, I walked around and handed out everyone's Christmas bonuses."
Aren't these the same Christmas Bonuses he already gave out
at Christmas?

I see there's a 2nd chapter. That means it's time to see where you have these two go next. If this chapter is any indication it should be fun.

I like

Even though there was some deception, I can see (?) why. I have a disability, epilepsy, which when I was young was described as 'having fits'. The girls I grew up with found any number of excuses not to be seen with me outside school. My first lover was an older woman and educated about my condition. I was three years into college before my first 'date'. The reason I say all of this isn't for pity but to say that this is a truer story than the author ,maybe, knows. I can only imagine how it is for a woman with a disability that makes her vulnerable. This is a really good story even without any real sex scenes at all. It makes a point in a pleasant way. I've enjoyed this and I, personally, think you ended it just right.


Keep up your sexy and beautiful writing!


A really good story that turned into a funny caring and love story.
I would liked to see a sequil about Phil and Holly.

Ron. Texas


Very well written story

The gripes about it being in the wrong category, given the nature of this site, are not wrong but I didn't care. It's about two young adults still coming to terms
with becoming a man and woman and how to make sense of the whole love-sex dynamic in adulthood.

Like many of us were, they are both a couple of years behind the "norm" in that regard, which can lead to many painful moments. I look forward to how you resolve that for your characters.


Semper Fi! Understand?


Well, I've read it again, again. It just gets better each reading.

needing chapter 4

Pleeeze! We need the next chapter. This is a great story, and you are probably the best writer on literotica.

What did Caroline expect?

After all, she set him up with Mary. Did it never cross her mind that something like this might happen? Not very clever of her. Seems like she wanted to have her cake and eat it too. Didn't work out for her. Too bad.

Good story

Good story easy pace just thought you would like to know

@Karen E.......surprising to see that I am reading so many of the stories that you have...what I love the most are your comments on them.....very clear ...... And you cut through the unimportant stuff right to the ones that matter

Nice Finish

“to feel his arms around him” – Around “HER”!

I’m still on Page 1, so I don’t know how this is going to turn out, but it seems to me she either has to get him to break things off with Sam, or they have to end their friendship, that their desires and guilt are too painful, for BOTH of them.

“It was just not fair, he thought morosely; to be tragically late in noticing a friend's true worth.” – It’s not like it’s TOO late, like he was married nor engaged, hell, we’ve already been told that he and Sam aren’t FORMALLY exclusive. It would be better to break things off with Sam NOW, rather than getting even MORE committed only to hurt her more, later!


This is a great love story. Its got romance, unrequited love, love realized, confusion, great sex and marriage. Good job.

Thank you!

Your comments are much appreciated. I hope to get the 2nd chapter up by sometime next week!

Stick around :)

Keep going...

Good Story, good plot.
Can't wait for the 2nd chapter!

Well, I can, but I don't want to!

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