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Should be renamed "Stupid Katrina"

Writing very guttural and there is no emotion to the characters. Pretty poor. 2*

Wonderful story

brought tears to the eyes of this 52 year old man! This story is one of the reasons your missed so much on this site!

Good story. The 'moon washed college halls' reference made me immediately break out 'Misplaced Childhood' and listen to it as I finished the story. Wrong mood, but enjoyable nonetheless. Cheers!

PKIU ( please keep it up)

Looking forward to the next chapter from the magic kindom.

Makes you stop and think about everyone you ever met and wonder what might have been had not pride, ego or circumstances gotten in the way. This has to be one of the best written stories

kinda sad it's over like that...poof.... would've liked to have been guessing a bit longer and have the story end in a dialogue between Lee and Beth at Beth's place , as pillow talk perhaps , but hey ; it's your story , you have the talent to create something out of nothing and us mere mortals can only sit down and hang on for the ride. Thanks.


As they say don't quit your day job, in fact do us all a favor and work hard at your day job, strive to climb the corporate ladder, become a CEO or top dog of some sort. Just give up writing like a 14 year over imaginative porn watching dumbass.

Oh the naysayers

Many previous commenters didn't think much of this story - they should have reminded themselves it's a romance story with a dash of magic and very well done.

really enjoying this series, even more than your other ones. please ignore undeserved criticism from anyone who is not able to accept the things that let a story be fun.

Loved it!

Absorbing story with sympathetic characters and excellent writing.


A beautiful trilogy that had me in tears at the end beautiful example of polyamory relationships

You made me cry

Damnit! You made me cry in front of my 17 yr old son. Wow, what a story. Loved it and will recommend to others.

Thank you!

I’m a hockey fan, Hurricanes, because of your hockey stories. I was so thrilled to find this newer story. Mina, Hillary, and Rebecca are my favorite characters. Lexi reads very similar to Amelia. I mean that as a very high compliment. Thank you so much for this story! Would love to purchase a volume filled with your hockey stories.

Great story.Hope there is more to come !!

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