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Your two creations, Zara and Caspian, are too appealing to be deserted in this great story. It has now been a little over 6 months since we have heard from from you. Hope life is well with you and your readers will enjoy more of your talent soon.

Excellent Story!

You are a very gifted story teller, hence the reason I placed you in my "Favorite Authors" list. Once again you've taken us on an extremely wonderful ride through the lives of "Charlie and Clyde", and I, for one, am very grateful. Thanks again, Cat5, and keep up the great work!


Great start!

Wow! Way to leave us hanging!

This is a very good story that could be great with a little more attention to grammar. The storyline is excellent. Your pace and style really draw me in. There are a few parts that are just confusing and detract. For example, in paragraph two, I'm not sure if Charlie is a man or woman. Based on the third sentence, I think Charlie is a 39 year old woman and then the storyteller would be a 24 year old man. I'm confused and that confusion doesn't add to the story. I'm not trying to be picky. I just don't want things to distract from what has the potential to be a great story!

Just such

Just such a wonderful story in a short two pages. Thank you so much for it! It brought a tear to this old Marines eye.

I missed the romance

And skipped right to the nasty. Not good.

Well DNA tests might say different.

And a Judge might say different. I hear dueling banjos in the land of the good old boys. Implausible at best.

Well, you MIGHT want to check in . . .

. . . the LW category in the next couple of days. It's more one of my typical stories than an LW story.

Good sweet songs

Metamora's 'Little Potato' is a favorite of mine, and included in a playlist I did for my grandson as an infant. Likewise, the offbeat 'Walking the Cow' by Daniel Johnston (not the Pearl Jam knock-off) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KazWn8KyZt8 .

Not at all ROMANTIC!!! Learn what romance is, until then post this crap in EROTIC COUPLINGS where it belongs.

Sad to see ti end but a nice and nonetheless

I was hoping for a happy anding and you delivered, and though I wouldn't mind a bit more of this story I feel contempt with the conclusion. David proved to be the man he was set out to be and remained loyal both to Sharon and Lucy for the long haul, funny how things change in a single day yet bring so much happiness when one is willing to accept. I do wonder how much the hate-fuck at the backstage really affected the others the group, Ken & Joely were probably only the first to try the spell :)

Oh well, all good things must come to an end and so must this story, still I'm giving you a more than well deserved 5* for the chapters and the story as a whole. Looking forward to see how your other stories develop and for anything new you produce (outside LW that is!).

"Lust" Story!

& not a "love" story. "Group Sex" would have been the more appropriate category. 3*...

enjoyable story, nicely written

Especially loved the part at the end when she put glue on her head.

I. Really. Don't. Believe. It

All the negatives about him because he is RFR. For you that do not understand that's Really. Fucking. Rich. Guys are you that jealous because he is RFR and has a beautiful young wife that loves him? I can just wonder what you would say about me if I was RFR and I can be a real ass at times LOL. Great. Story in my favorites 5+ Stars.
Ron/ cowboyridecc@yahoo.com

Muledriver now helping you!

Great! And real thanks to the long distance trucker. -:)

Larry became Charles in one section

I do hope you now have editors and proofreaders.
Or at least someone to help your ideas and writings turn from "very good" to "really Excellent by all standards".
And I was happy to note you have at least a volunteer or two, in prior comments about this chapter.
The work and effort and skills and time and energy you have presented us just has to be tremendous.
Thank YOU!

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