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Loved the story

Very close to a 5🌟 effort but for the ending. I want to know w more. Is there a “ rest of the story”?
Thanks for this entertainment.


Pity he ,Brenda and Jeri didn't bump into Jen on one of his home visits.

Would love another

The story of trina and rob after this would be amazing. You are an excellent writer

Their romance does not end here

I ought to have realized that readers might think that this concludes Mary and Alvin's story. But faithful readers will remember that Alvin still has promises to keep.

Thank you all for coming on the journey so far. Now, on to the honeymoon...


Certainly the teacher would know when she was losing something vs. loosing something.


Thank you so much for this love story. From the beginning it was lovely and blossomed from there. I’ll miss Mary and Alvin.

This must not be the end

This is to precious to end now so I really hope there is loads more to come. If nothing else I want to know if Angus got any more lobster or just got spoiled Garfield style.

A big fat 5!

Please don't leave me hanging here.

Loved it

Loved the story! Sorry you have chosen not to continue it. Really liked the characters and the interaction between them.


do you know what romance is??? 1 star


A story of a wimp an who wouldn't man up...

Captured Australiana really well

Possibly the best story in the Aussie themed event. Thank you for writing ☺️


Damn, the details and literacy were great. I could see it so clearly in my mind now.

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