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Another chapter please

Great read

Awesome story. Love can conquer all

Flower Girl

While the writing in "Flower Girl" remains high level and the characters are beautifully described, I don't feel connected to any of them. There doesn't seem to be as much substance here as there was in "Subway Girl" and the story seems to have already ran its course.

I'm very tempted to skip the rest of this story and proceed to "Runner Girl", but I feel as though that would be disrespectful. In an odd way I'm much more invested in Tracey's novel then the actual storyline here. It could be the mystery and sadnesse that's intrinsic to Vera and Andy's relationship, but I think those characters also feel more real to me.

Thank you for sharing this story with us.

Too much

No wonder you are bad at picking up women, you talk too much!

a bice little story

but why oh why is he made out to be a brainless...gormless ass...just like many men are in stories.....no go....no confidence...lack of drive...lack of brains always thinking with their dicks...and women are always made out to be superior...confident...controlling fuck slut whores who drop their nickers for any man that cums along...

Wow Tragic story!

Written as though a first person experience. When I was John's age, I was in the same boat! Brought a lot of old memories back. Some pleasant, others saddening. You wrote a captivating story of true life for many people. Thank you for sharing and for the very entertaining ride. Great story and a true five! jntiques

Anonymous-I'm thinking on it...

Not sure if I really want to keep writting it. But just re-read the whole series and although there are lots of things to say there is also the Truth where everything is real. so either I continue the story in her mind or create a new one based on her story? not sure. A fellow writter (he's much more experienced) indicated I should leave this "as is"...who knows. Should you like to see something develop, let me know...maybe I can start there and you might be a cowritter.

Great story, beautifully written

Thank you, I've seen how you build the plot and the characters. I find the story realistic and makes sense. It is room for another chapter in case you feel continuing their relationship to something deeper. 5*

More please

Chapter 2 coming soon, right?

Sad but fitting

I loved this story, and had I read it sooner would have offered to edit for you. Honestly you could begin a new story with the same characters, and eventually have them reconnect but I think it would have to be a long term thing, like a year or two later. After the dust settles and perhaps the loveable son finds a way to contact her... anyhow thank you for sharing and I look forward to more from you in the future! Should you want any help editing anything, send me a message and we can discuss it.

Dear Anonymous#2

Huge salute to you for your persistence in reading this story up until so far even though it has terrible grammar and boring storyline. But things are finally happening in the next installment so I hope you have checked it out. As for using single letters for people's names, I distinctly remember that only Elle and Zoe call each other by their initials. You wouldn't see references of Ben as B, Karen as K...etc. Just because two characters who are best friends call each other by their initials doesn't warrant me as a 'lazy' writer.


Such a wonderful story that leaves this reader hungry for more.


Another great one. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so attentive to detail and a really good, well developed storyline. Again the form, grammar & spelling are immaculate. Keep them coming. - Rick

Dear Anonymous#1

Things are happening in the next installment (Ch. 21-23)! Please head over to read, thank you!

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