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This was amazing. I've tried to listen to other audios and could not get into them. This one did it for me. More like this please.


I'm like... So lost in thought that I actually cant find the words to type

Omg lol

I dated a man a few years back who was thrilled by this exact same fantasy, down to the detail! Almost including the accent; he's British, which I know is not exactly the same, but I'm American so it all really brought me back lol. Thanks!

Sexy voice

I have a thing for Australian accents, so I really enjoyed listing to you, I hope you will record some more fantasies.


As always. I love all your stories, your voice makes them so real. I can feel myself in the girl all the time.
But this is special to me. The torment in this character is so real, so well done and paced... and the way ne needs her... its truly perfect to me.
Im going to fall asleep listening to this over and over.

Thank you. I will certainly bear it in mind x


Is it strange that I'm paying more attention to your vocal delivery and critiquing how you perform the audio rather than paying attention to the sexy nature that this was intended for? Lol.

Soooo naughty, I like it.

Ohhh My..

You've got me soaking, what a sexy man! I'm not sure if you take requests and whether it'd be appropriate. But could you do an audio fondling and kissing breasts. Just breasts and nipples. My nipples are extremely sensitive. My bed will soak through if you were to fondle my breasts and listening to your voice, your mouth.. oh my...Thank you so much for this, though. You're the only one who can get me to orgasm so damn hard!


"Just do it. Do as I say." I've missed you :)

Thank you. Lovely comment to read this evening whilst finishing my cup of tea x


Wow just wow! This is probably my favorite one now it's so good (idk why but the audio sounds better on your website I heard it on there first the other day) glad you also posted it on here :) your voice is so fucking addicting I honestly can't get enough of you, it's gonna be so hard finding a man that can turn me on as much as you do 😫

Oh m god

Holy ficking shit that was incredible! I did exactly what you told me to. Grinding onto my highlighter at the back of my class lecture. I came exactly when you told me to and shut my eyes for too long that the guy In front of me noticed. He looked like he wanted to feel it.... God I loved cuming for you. Thank you 💋

Oh THAT'S what it means :-)

Thank you for the way your whispers sweetly caressed me entirely and actually...if your fingers did happen to find their way to my downtown you would have encountered that sticky mess you were talking about. The one that you were responsible for without a single physical touch...No -help- needed...just the gentle caresses of your intimate words whispered in my ear was all it took :-) How DO you do that? Thank you :-)

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