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I normally don't post comments here because I'm really shy, but all I can say about this audio is WOW! ✨💦 There's something about a British accent that just gets me all hot and bothered... plus being called a good girl. 😍 I literally came so hard to this it's not even funny—I think I might have made it to the half way mark before I was too sensitive to continue. Thank you! You're super talented and I appreciate you sharing all your work with us! P.S. the tidbit about the shea butter and coconut oil was so so so CUTE 💗💗💗
- your Latina good girl 😘💗

Very Satisfied

Your voice & accent is perfect. The way you talk made me very wet within first few minutes. I was eager to be allowed to masturbate & came hard & quickly. Very pleased American woman thanks you!


You may wish to rethink what your doing. You'll get bored with flirting soon enough. You'll start sleeping around with other men if you haven't already. Aside from the diseases you could get from them think about your husband he don't want Aids. I saw your picture people don't post something like that unless they are looking for a date or on the rebound from a failed relationship..... but you did say married.
You need a mental health evaluation, three days at most. Your sexy but how sexy do you think you'll remain infected with Aids?

Some thoughts

Your a shy working girl in need of sex. Your so horny that I bet I could make you cum in two minutes flat. I'm not real amused by your postings because of your alcohol consumption. If that is what it takes to get you in the mood your going to have serious issues keeping a dependable man around. Either he'll become disgusted with your drinking or you'll drink more and more just to stand fucking him.

You got the wrong idea

Your sexy but I don't like POV as an audio because there is nothing to look at. Every man and woman has a different idea of the perfect sex partner. Your voice don't match the ideal I have. It gets me hard but it don't get me off. Your recordings need to be longer then this for one thing. I would like to date you however if it's this easy to make you cum. I like a woman with low expectations for her sex partner.

Good but missing something

You got a sexy voice. Said all the right things but I had some trouble playing along. I got hard yet I could not get off on it because the internet is saturated with audio recordings like yours. This is simple JOI nothing unique about it at all. What will always be better then this is something to watch as well as hear. Your instructions alone will never beat a porn movie.

After listening to all three parts to this series, I have found myself humming/singing "I Wanna Go Outside In the Rain" by the Stylistics...or Keith Sweat depending on your preference. Some of the lyrics may mirror what you're talking about, but it's the sound of the rain, the wind, and the thunder that makes me want to sing LOL. I did enjoy listening to all three parts and thank you for recording them.


Sweet moans! Perfect playtime! More of this!! Xoxo

One can't please everyone all the time...

This is the oldest and least polished of the Directed Erotic Visualisation experiences available. It was experimental and as a consequence lacks much of the sophistication of over 9 years of post development. It is short but, as other comments over the year suggest, it still seems to pack a 'punch'.

A masterwork from start to finish. (Minor pun intended. ^^;)

This was my first listen and I hope you do not mind my saying how scintillating this piece was.

Your voice is heavenly and you take the audience on an exceptional journey which makes them pine to be that lucky soul which sends you into raptures.

Keep up the awesomeness and I am certain you will be a big name in the field of voice acting sometime soon.

Cum back to us, Daddy

Your good girls need you. Don't make us beg ...

Love it

I just started again with this site yesterday and I have been listening to you all day. Started with your wake ups I can't get enough. I want to be there in the action with you

This was so beautiful and touching, i loved every word.

Good Lord Almighty!

Young lady, that was nothing short of spectacular! Probably the best orgasm I've heard on this website - and I've heard a few!


Oh my!

That is just what this busy girl needed. I love your voice, your direction, basically everything about you.

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