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From your cultured, sultry voice, to your filthy, delicious imagination I love everything you do. But this? This is mind blowing in its sexiness. Thanks so much for posting!

I find myself coming back to your profile again and again to listen to your audio. It's just so hot and I'm always turned on by all of the sounds you make. Hearing you jerk off, hearing you moan. I love it all. Even your roleplay ones where I sorta just find myself breathlessly answering you as I pleasure myself. Many a times have I came with you.

Your voice and audio is so sexy so please keep it up ^^

I'm Speechless

Just... just wow. For the first time in my life I don't have a witty retort or something funny to say, christ I can barely breath. You just feel so genuine and lustful, and you have the perfect mix of controling and compassionate. Please, PLEASE keep up the good work, I will definitly be looking forward to it.

Thank you for helpung me cum Daddy! I am soaking wet now and I hope my parents and big brother didn’t hear me... I really tried to be quiet tho but It’s hard! Please please pleaseee do more audios daddy!

I completely agree.
Especially after listening to you explain it. :)

Your Comments

You have a very sexy voice, and I could tell how horny you were. I have to admit that hearing you have sex with yourself made my panties .... wet. (Blushing)

Your Comments

You sounded so horny.....and so excited. Hearing you as you have sex with yourself. (Blushing). I have to admit that you made my panties wet....


Anazing writer and voice you turn me on big time


Sound so sexy


Top favorite!. Wow.

Daddy needs you

So turned on listening to your sweet voice hearing you cum


So very sexy loved listening to you

Mmmmmm Delicious

Absolutely sexy! Reminds me of my college years, fooling around w/ a girl while her roommate was asleep nearby 😉 Keep them cumming... Coming!

So Freaking Delicious!

There's knowing more sexy than a woman who plays with toys and you my dear,fit that to a tee.You are a true conuseur,I especially loved how you described your 'monster cock' lol and I can't imagine how beautiful a sight is with that massive thing stuffed in your body,or rather pussy...If pictures are worth a thought words,that would truly be priceless :)

A true fan of your audios & voice which are ai real and genuine to me,not too many authors can match you.... 🙌🏽

So sexy

I know that voice. Still so sweet and sexy.

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