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Fantastic. Love all your stories. Please consider more akin to the submissive's journey in the room

Nice to hear you again!

So hot Tark!!! I always cum so hard with you... my pussy is soaking wet! Thabk you for an amazingly hard orgasm before going to sleep


you made me cum so much 😍😍😍


That was fan-fucking-tastic. Thanks for sharing!!

New mexico

Very fucking hot, if i werent in public i diffinetly wouldve been stroking it hard, thank you for the hard on, enjoyed it!

Well dayum...

*mouth drops open* you’re too dang young to be so smexay!


If my wife spoke rhat way to me I would fuck her agressivly

If my wife spoke that way would fuck every hole of her body then demand she tape her next cheating activity.

Hopelessly dreaming 😈🖤

As someone who is HEAVILY into the ddlg fantasy, I've never experienced it firsthand. The few guys I've been with find it weird. One day, I'll find someone like you.. 👻 (I hope)

Love it

God I came twice, god love your domains you’re voice is beautiful


Rape is wrong yea. But the way she tells it.. And her being a girl and being able to hear het masturbate. Nice.


5/5, hope that there will be a fourth part without the machine, or them returning to their home.

And no anon below, we don't want some cuckold, ntr bullshit.

Poetic and passionate!

It was beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing. I felt a strong sense of the passion you share with this man. Your voice is incredibly sexy too. Instant fan right here :-)

need more

really enjoying listening and hope it continues

Yes daddy!!

You made me cum sooo hard daddy, fuck I don’t ive came that hard in years! Loved this please do more


I was ready to cum 3 minutes in..omg
.. so sexy! Very well done !!!

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