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I imagine u fucking me so hard.....

You sound just like my favorite porn star Annabelle Flowers.

Amazing Sexy Voice

This man's voice is so sexy! In his story he makes you feel like he is right there with you. Omg, what I would do with someone talking to me like that! He had me all kinds of flustered. I'm pretty sure I could listen to this multiple times and still get wet from it! If only I knew the right name to call out...

Word Play

Love it, love it, LOVE IT! Such a treat when a man uses his brain in conjunction with his...other talents.


High praise indeed!

Thank you, Irish! Every kitten appreciates praise, but knowing this got you going...well that's just icing on the cake. 🐱

Ohmygod. I didn't even need to touch myself. You made ne cum. 😳


Love the accent...very sexy. Love it when guys make erotic audio too. Got me horny without me even intending or thinking that it would (I was just intending to listen for curiosity purposes)...nice work!! Sexy dude.

Your moaning turns me on. Wow.

Such a kinky audio

Your audios are so amazingly kinky dark, and I am all for your voice.
Keep putting out great audio's, and don't stop. :)

You had me at the title! And I agree with Gwanji16 - after playing with yourself and getting him hard again, time to have his face fucked! As always with Kitten stories - great spontaneity and vocal range. The scene is as vivid as if I was watching it not listening.

Would have been better without the narration. Because, the imagination, just listening to your moans, can be hotter then you talking through it. JMO.



Fuck me hard

Baby you hit EVERY one of my get it done points..... we should sooooo be fucking......

I have download your beautiful narrative to play to my wife.... I have said every word to her you just said, it unfortunately falls on deaf ears .... but I never give up.... I watch what she does.... not what she says, and am often balls deep while she's still good girling it with her voice ...

I seriously would make you scream so hard when you come..... thanks hot stuff....

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