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You,re getting better. Nice memory and narration especially from the middle on towards the end.

fuck i came four times, thank you thank you thank you. your voice sounds so sexy in my ears calling me a bitch when i cum ughhh

That was the best yet...

You just get better and better. I love the raw sexuality you show and your chuckles and laugh...some of the best orgasms l’ve had with a partner ended in belly laughs and giggles. It was that good.!

your voice...

... turns me on each time. Double reward: 5 stars and a load of cum spread on my chest. :)

so good I’d let you do butt stuff to me


Really enjoyed this. Came half way through. So hot i couldn't hold out! Thanks!!

Thank you

I am a recently divorced 52 year old woman who has had 2 really exciting sexy male partners since separating. I am single at present but as my sexuality has been reawakened and I know it feels different masturbating alone, I thought I would look for audio erotica as I abhor porn and don't want to read when I'm coming! I found your recording and it was perfect-just the kind of thing my most recent partner would have said (didnt last because he is as mad as a box of frogs but that is a different story). You know the rhythm, the interaction, the timing. I had come in 5 minutes. Lovely. Thank you xxx


First time on this site. I am a sucker for accents so when I saw you were Irish I was interested. Definitely worth staying up a little longer for. That was one hell of an orgasm. I shall most certainly be listening to you again ;)

You need....

You need to have a very willing pet to submit to you........ I'm sure there is a very very willing one that you could train quite easily 😉😈

Natural and fabulous

Your voice is natural. Just like everything is happening in front of me. And the tone is just right! Such a turn on!

dear god!!!

This was a delight, you pivot from goofy and giggling to bad sexy man totally effortlessly! I loved this start to finish!

Good audio but...

I liked it, but you used the f bomb too much for me.

Dang, Tark! I might change my name to Chris!


God your voice is mesmerizing. It’s like you are in my head telling me everything I desperately want to hear. All the right ways to command my pleasure. I want to be your kitten. I can feel your words caress my skin starting at my ear lobes, sending shivers down my neck down to the nervous ache in my tummy my neck to the pulsing in my pussy. So tight and wet and giving off heat, hoping if I am good enough that I will earn your hot cum.

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