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This one was so great. I felt everything, every moment, every thrust. It was so good.

Can personalize

If you like this, I can make a personalized version for you. Just email me at sammydavis115@gmail.com

Love this!!!

Some of my favorite audios are guided masturbation, and you did this one perfectly. I can't wait to get home and listen. ;-)

Every time

I have searched the internet is this is my go to every time I masturbate

I'll play

The idea of being taken and fucked out in the open woods is so sexy! Now come and find me you big bad wolf...xxx


While I love the premise hear with the seamstress angle and I thought the build up was great, I found much of the action hard to follow or visualize once it got to the sex. Still a great concept and I do appreciate the time and work involved in making this audio as well as all others.

So fucking hot

Ohh my @asian_princess this audio is so fucking hot, i love the sound of your voice, its so commanding and forceful and at the same time soft and sensual


I'm not sure whether to laugh, be afraid, or be aroused. (Possibly all three.)
Kudos, Mr. Wolf. Another great audio. ☺

Blown away!

Forgive the pun but I've really been blown away by the quality of work here. You have quite the vivid imagination combined with being one of the hottest voice actors on the site. I love the genuine zeal you deliver each time with all submissions having a real beginning, middle and end to build tension. I love how you enunciate the dirtiest words for effect and you're not afraid to take risks which is the sign of a real artist.

I would love something with young stud corrupted by a mature professional with a bit of CFNM and that playful femme dom thing you do so exquisitely...anyway you can include wearing pantyhose (sheer tights) with heels with lots of leg teasing in the office, torn gusset, fucking in heels and loads of cum all over you would be sheer perfection. Thank you! You're amazing!

So hot my mistress

Ohh mistress thank you for your hot sexy audio, your hypnotic voice was like honey and i loved that scene where you commanded the listener to imagine you stood behind them wth a strap on, so kinky and hot, already looking forward to your next audio 🔥🔥🔥💞💋💋

I nutted!!!! Mmmm thank you daddy

missing something

would have been more erotic if i could hear the male voice as well.

Fuck me...

I was listening at work and I didn’t even realise I was biting my finger as you came. Can still see the teeth marks! So good.. can’t wait to listen again later, on my bed picturing you above me, looking into your green eyes as you stroke that hard cock for me. Thanks Jay x


Loved it!!! Another awesome audio. Your voice gives me shivers!! lol

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