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Wow your voice is amazing love this whole series

Fantastic again

Clever premise and as always wonderful voice work. My thanks.

Thank you

I was listening at work. Your voice and words made me so hard. My cock, straining against my jeans and the underside of my desk; twitching. I believe my wife is going to get the fucking of a lifetime when I return home.

I think I'll share this with her in preparation for round 2.

Loved this story! This was sooo very hot...except for the part about pulling out and then not...worrying about pregnancy is not sexy. That was a bit of a mood killer. Condoms for the win!


Oh my god, you sound incredible! It was great all the way through, but when you started to cum in the end I blew the biggest load listening to your screams. Thank you! Please share more.


This audio really should come with the following warning: You may experience an uncontrollable urge to stroke yourself to a mind-blowing orgasm while listening. The author is not responsible for damages to any body parts, toys, clothing and/or furniture. Please be advised that no humans were injured in the making of this recording. You've been warned.


This is the same audio as "hi, I'm the girl you listen to" possibly mis uploaded?

Mind blowing Sex Fuck! Grrrrrrrrr

there are not enough words to say that this guy is fucking amazing. It's nice to know that there are still guys like this exist in the world. When I'm missing my boyfriend or I'm lonely and horny, I listen to him and he makes it better. It feels like he is there with you making sweet love to you all over your body. He makes you feel so beautiful inside and out. He is much better than watching porn. That is how amazing he is. I love him so much. I hope he continues to make these audios for a long time.


You are absolutely my favorite to listen to .... Such a man ... Love it


You did a wonderful job expressing your orgasm for your "readers." A good companion to "Rainy Day!" Keep up the good work! G

Darling Man,
I'd love to hear you being cheeky ;). Thank you for posting this most beautiful message. You are so attentive to my needs and so endearing with your lovely words. Thank you xxx

wrong one posted

The audio says it is: Hi, I'm the Girl you Listen to


Everything about this was perfect. I would love to put a face to a voice. But only so I could hopefully get the chance to hear these moans in person. And be the reasons for your moans. I would pay to hear you moan my name.

Thank you for this

Mutual interest

Love nipple play myself and loved hearing you talk about it and enjoy it at the same time! Check out my stories, which have nipples featured prominently.

Great stuff

Made an account just to say that this was a fucking masterpiece.

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