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Please please

Please please, sir, do some Joi's for your pets ♡. How do you want me to touch myself? How should I use this vibrator? Im yours.

Folgers was wrong

This is the best part of waking up ^-^

Totally amazing!!!

Every second of that was pure heaven!!

I was so wet listening to you. I came do hard.


Why is it I want to do everything you tell me to do? Why does it make me feel happy and safe at the thought that you are pleased with me? Why do I want to please you and be your good girl? You whisper what you want, and that you are happy with me, and I feel like the kitten that licked up all the cream and I am so pleased with myself.

I wanna hear more about those ropes and chains...

I agree this doesn't need to be a one time thing...I need to hear more about those ropes and chains daddy.

So good

Such a sexy story! I love the descriptions and how you could just feel the desperation throughout the whole thing. Keep up the good job!

Erotic denial at it’s finest

So sexy. Great tone, great control without being over the top, powerfully erotic for me

I know that voice..! Glad to hear you again

I think I heard that voice in somewhere else.... I like the sunset background 😉 love you!!


YES! This was so good. I love being used by you. Please make more like this, soon!


You have the most amazing voice and the perfect pace to take me exactly where you want to. I can tell this will be one I'll come back to often.

Ohhhhh Emma Geee

I can NOT get enough of you!!

Holy Shit!!!

I came at least 3 times. The last one I came so hard I about blacked out. The noises that you make with your tongue were amazing!!! Do more like this.....PLEASE!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍


You drive us crazy. Did not know wife was willing to include another woman even just to watch. Maybe a bit more of an exhibitionist than she thought. So even though it is a story it has had therapeutic value. I mentioned maybe cam chat and she did not say no... looking forward to our next season.


Wife loved it. I wanted to hear her voice as well

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