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I always cum before you gael again thank you. You know what to say everytime

Loved hearing your moans. (;

Loved it

This is so hot you sound so real ,your sexy voice and your knowledge about sex is truly very hot,,


I actually thought this was great! Yeah there's a little feedback, but that doesn't change that your audio is really sexy. I liked how intent you were on each movement and part of a woman's body. It gave the audio a very attentive feeling, which made it really hot. I don't think you should give up, I'd love to hear more from you! I'd just recommend to perhaps speed things up and increase the intensity and tone of your voice towards the end- but this really was a sexy, good audio. :)

Puss drenched

I absolutely love this one.... Exactly what I wanted to hear and feel. Thank you

Oh anon

Snap back at cha for you and your constructive input. All real I'm afraid. Maybe you've only ever encountered people who fake it? My sincerest condolences. X


So sexy and hot. Wow it got me hard baby you were wet love to be licking those juices.Wow,Wow,Wow.


There's nothing more sexy than a guy moaning omg

That was really, really wonderful. I came three times just listening and following you. :-) Thank you!

You should do more of these 'Forget the Fantasy' audios. I love when there is no fantasy! It makes it more real for me and makes me cum harder.

I got so wet listening to this! Your audio is incredibly hot!


You have the sexiest sounds and moans of all time. That I have ever heard! Please make more! You can make me cum without me even touching myself.

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