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Fucking Amazing

I never want to stop whenever I listen to this. My pussy just gets so wet and I just scream. Whenever my fuck buddy can't hook up, I use this. If he ever found out that this makes me cum harder than him...


I have never cum so hard in all my life

dreaming of my girl watching as another guy and myself stroking and sucking one another

fantasize about my gf and friend party, getting naked. AS we play with her tight perfect tits, oily and slippery she tells us her fantasy is watching two men stroke and suck each other as she watches and masturbates

Loved It!

This is definitely one of my favorites. I just love that moan of yours :)

god damn!

Your accent, your moans god make me soooo randy! ;) i close my eyes and listen intently and imagine it's me your doing all those things too mmmmm xxxx


I really didn't expect this to turn me on half as much as it did.. Like seriously soaking levels of arousal! Amazing :) p.s You have a hot voice


Well done :) You should be a published author!


This audio is absolutely incredible. I felt so calm and at peace listening to your every word. I'm so glad I listened to this. Hearing your deep breathing is so intoxicating, it's so sexy. Being as I have no idea what you look like, I like to imagine I'm with Clive Owen lol. Hope you don't mind :)

Sublime recording

THE Best recording I've ever listened to. Congratulations from over the pond.

My 3 things.
Being reminded who I belong to
Being called a good girl
Being on my knees


This is just what I needed to hear and a day after my 24th birthday too! You're such a lovely, sweet man. Thank you Gael.

Holy fuck

Gael that was perfect. I was so synchronized to your voice that I came exactly when you did. This is just the ideal amount of intimacy I crave. Love it! Keep doing what you're doing because you're damn good at it.

fucking great

I had a girl phone me once as she was finger fucking herself, sounded so much like your audio, so wet, wishing i was there with my tongue.. :-)


I have listened to a few audio stories and this is the best so far, it doesnt actually seem like a story, more like an audio recording of you having a masturbation event :-). loved it, rock hard baby.

Dirty little girl.

Oh Claire - you're the best. Listening to your little girl voice taking about your panties, cunt and especially taking Daddy's cock in your tight little bottom. I imagine myself forcing my cock into your bum hole and raping you there. Sweet little bum girl. Lovely. I just spunk over and over listening to you. Mike.

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