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Yeah! Sexy Cardlin is back!

What do I have to do to get you to call me little girl? Or little kitten? :D. So glad this wasn't the stalker/creepy Cardlin. Very, very hot & now I'm very very wet. This was superb. The perfect way to end my work from home day.

That's the Spirit

I ain't afraid of no ghosts... 👻 Well done, my dear, as usual. Your creativity knows no earthly bounds, as you innocently enticed us into your haunted world before sneakily sucking every last drop of our... Soul. Your homage to one of the best rock songs ever was icing on this delectable Halloween-themed trick AND treat.

Super hot!

Take no notice of any negativity and keep doing your thing :)

Just remember: you are doing this to bring pleasure into people's lives and doing it in your own free time :)

Keep going! Be the best!


So sensual and sexy!

Welcome to erotica sweetie!
This is so gorgeous! Can't wait to hear what your sexy and creative mind comes up with!



Loved the fucking against the door, soooo my way of fucking lol. I love the dominance in your voice too. Loved it C!! Office sex with the boss is the best sex indeed!!


This was good! Nice accent Cardlin! My fav part is when you cum. Ive always enjoyed the sounds of your orgasms. Keep the audios cumming!!!


You sound really sexy. No hate here! Welcome to lit my friend. Kind regards!

Your Wetness

Your wetness does it to me ....EVERY... single.... time. (embarrassed)

Your Sounds

I have to be honest, your voice, and hearing your wetness as you have sex with your toy .... was.....wow. (Blush). It made me wet...

Very nice

I love how personal and intimate this piece is. I believe you are going to have guys (and hopefully ladies) feeling really good. Cant wait for your steamier pieces. Warm regards sweetie!!

Please do some anal audio! 😍

Oh my God!!! That was so fucking hot!!!! My pussy is dripping!!! God you made cum so fucking hard!!!! You always do...I'm a lesbian curvy girl who will be so happy to fuck you anytime


A seductive powerful red head? Yeah most men would be over powered by such a woman. As always another you've created yet another masterpiece. Well done I can't wait for your next story.


You've got a real talent for this, you sweetie. I felt as though I was right there with you on the sofa! Makes an old man feel young!

Wow. Are rare find. A fellow Aussie that can make me squirm.

A Queenslander at that. Maybe it's just the Aussie men in NSW that are all yobo's?
I very much enjoyed your camping trip and am eager to listen to your other titles....

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