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please don't ever leave!!!

I missed you soo freaking bad. Don't ever stay away for that long again...

Every time you post a new story.... I seriously think "I won't be into this..." Then five minutes in I'm panting and on the edge of cumming. This one though, I've always had a hidden desire for and listening to your amazing voice describing everything made it very difficult to keep my moans from waking the neighbors. You made everything sound so sexy and passionate. Please post more often. ;x

Epic. As always

The only think that would make this better is if you kept recording a bit longer. Your breaths as you're coming down are sexy as fuck and keep my orgasim going. I end up looping back to midway through and listening again for another finish.


I barely touched myself, due to where I am, yet I feel emotionally and almost physically like I've had incredibly satisfying sex. How did you do that?!


Your voice is so beautiful. Plus, your sweet whispers and moans were delicious. I can't wait to hear more.


But you would still be cool with dominating a girl closer to your age, right??

Holy shit

Oh my fucking god... i cummed so hard to this.. the way u narrate it is so real... the breathing, the sighes, the gasps, that voice is just so hot, and naughty...


I think this is now my new favorite! This was fantastic and so hot!!

Totally awesome

Edged myself whole audio and had a big noisy orgasm at end with you feeling totally sexy and naughty same time as I were at parents house to.


I'm in love with this audio and this man. You make me feel so good and so naughty. I wish I was your good girl.


I love your audios, and this is definitely one of your best! I looooooved you fucking her with the strap-on.

Even hot for a lesbian

Losing control...elusive, but attainable under certain conditions

You always make me soak the bed

I love your moaning and listening to you playing with always makes me squirt, but I'd love an audio clip of just you stroking your cock, no moans or extras. It gets me off so fast ;) keep up the wet work. My sheets thank you

Please, please, please

This older man needs your cunt round his cock ... please, please, please


I loved your whispering and especially when you came. I jizzed so fucking hard. Please make more babe. You're an angel.

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