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Your voice

Your voice, the southern dominant sound.... I came so many times


Loveddd the sheriff didn't see it cumming

To the person who said "cummed"

Wtf? That's not even a word and makes you sound so dumb, it's came not cummed you god damn dumbass


Fuck im so wet hearing your moan

There's something so deliciously wicked about the celibate priest giving into his mortal urges like this.

Instant Desire

!WoW....I wouldn't mind having you as my doctor.
I haven't felt this hot and yearning just listening to your voice.
I haven't had anything for a while but somehow you made me
Feel so good. Very Sexy!!

I love to cum to the sound of you fucking.


Love your voice, nice to hear a real woman's voice, instead of just little girls...:-)


I rubbed my clit and held my orgasm so we came together 😜


your voice is so good. a perfect combination of naughty, sexy, love and care.
Just what i was looking for.

Loved it!!!!

Your voice made me feel so at peace and i felt like i was being cherished by you. I was so swept away and almost forgot i was in a house with other people in it. I moaned for you, as i could just picture you kissing and licking me all over. Your accent and moans of pleasure just sealed the deal! Whoever has you as a lover must love the experience.

Very sexy and sweet :)

You do sound delicious.. what a pleasure to listen to you.


Your voice is hypnotic - many, many thank yous!

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