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That little laugh at the end was so sexy!

Sexy voice

You have a very seductive voice, almost childlike. However enunciation is your friend.

I love the premise of “No Nut November”!

Audio sounded better this time around. Do you have some new equipment or software? Nice to hear your sexy voice again.


For whatever weird reason, I find it very hot to hear women talk franly about dildos- describing them and saying what they like to do with them and how they use them-and use the word dildo specifically instead of "toy" or pretending it's a cock or something, so this audio and series in general has had me very aroused. Thank you for posting this.

Definitely do more audios!

This was wonderful. Hot, conversational, and confessional. The details were... mmm, so enticing.

Good story, but read slower

I liked the way this was written and the content, it's just the actual readig was so fast and a bit monotonous


Baby I will fuck your juicy wet cunt anytime. And devour your clit till you cum hard and loudly

Feedback Response - Familyluv2114u

Thanks for the feedback (^_^) This audio was so good to make, can you imagine having to wait for someone, but being so horny and ready that you had to take matters in your own hands till they got there? Well that's the basis for this lil audio. It was just a lil something to tide me over until I got what I wanted. I even did a follow up "After the Wait", but that's on the other site. Also I can personally attest that my cream does indeed taste delicious.

Holy cow!

You had my cock hard within two mins!

You should definitely make more audios. You have such a seductive voice.
I bet you would sound amazing making some sloppy cock sucking sounds!

Feedback Response - Familyluv2114u

Thank you for the feedback. I'm not one to make up challenges, but I just wanted to take advantage of this month to see if I could tempt anyone to break their streak. Unfortunately it seems like the folks on Reddit have strong wills, or my voice is not tempting enough LOL. I'm glad that you enjoyed the audio and hopefully the other ones will be more than enough to sate your appetite.

Me and my pussy loved it! That's a real man! I noticed you haven't posted anything in a while though, hope your doing okay.


Keep up the good work. You are so sexy

I would like to suck it😏
I love your raw audios a lot

And the hits just keep on cumming....

Another great story Lacey!!

(I have to go change my name to Ian now)

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