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Great story. Good delivery. Sexy as hell voice.

Thanks for your contributions.

WHOOOAAA !!! What a sexy and EROTIC audio. Your whimpering and moans drive me insane. I think you're one of the best at creating erotic audios ... please continue. Vixxen baby, your voice is sweet candie to my ears. 💕

where are the first 2 chapters?

My cock was rock hard in my pants for the entirety of this audio. Thank you!

Your deep voice is so hot!

You are so sexy. It reminds me of how vulnerable it used to feel having sex for the first time with someone you really liked. How difficult it was to even look at his cock. Feeling like a deer caught in the middle of the road, completely frozen, with this mix of shame and excitement. I remember feeling the heart beat so fast it could explode. You could drive a girl crazy. And I kinda hope you read this. And don't stop writing. Someone is reading and has loud orgasms thanks to your wicked mind.

So glad I discovered this. Thank you so much. Love the intro ("taxes... and acid reflux!")
PS: Great production and soundtrack. What songs are these?

Such a good boy! I’d love to see you wrap your mouth around my cock then cum in my pussy.

Women in the 80s didn’t talk like this...

Erotic and you can visualize what is going on. Well read!

I absolutely love this audio, it's hot, but also sweet, it makes me feel desired and sexy and safe, I would love more f4f stories from you!

Well written and read. Believable and immersive as it develops the story and we learn the lessons.

I really enjoyed this kinky story. I would love to submit to Mommy… or you! :)

Loved it! Incredibly sweet and sexy…Thanks so much for sharing!

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