Your Hot ASMR Girlfriend Licks You

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Moaning and Licking You While You Listen.
141 words
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What better way to christen my new mic than having you listen to me pleasure you with my mouth with these headphones? Have you ever been licked like this before?

Synopsis: I just got a new mic and I'd love for you to test it out for me... put these headphones on... and... you'll tell me how it sounds, right?

Tags: [cock whispering] [pussy whispering] [wet sounds overload] [close up noises] [tingles] [sensory feedback loop] [sensual] [loving] [blowjob] [cunnilingus] [toys] [i need your cum] [begging] [countdown] [meta] [alt sections]

➜ Author: u/ghostandliam

➜ Production: u/ghostandliam

Time: 28 min

* * * * *

Click Here to listen (F4M): .m4a format or .ogg format. (28:58 min)

* * * * *

Click Here to listen (F4F): .m4a format or .ogg format. (29:04 min)

* * * * *

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AnonymousAnonymousabout 1 hour ago

The setup was so good, I didn't even make it to the, um, performance itself. Hope you elect to make more sometime.

Simee72Simee72about 2 months ago

My cock was rock hard in my pants for the entirety of this audio. Thank you!

trumpet900trumpet90010 months ago

Simply stunning, I've never heard such a thing before - and wow what an effect it has! Thank you x

cibixcibixabout 1 year ago

very creative with his & her versions. beautifully performed. also appreciate the audio level being a raised vs some previous works. bravo!

yungbipperyungbipperabout 1 year ago

You are truly on the cutting edge of audio porn. Offering different takes from one script is a baller move 👌

I have a background in technical/analytical and creative writing, and it would be delightful to collaborate with you, if you're interested.

Just an idea ❤️

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