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Latest 15 Reader Comments sad and lovely. It gently summons my tears.

You made me laugh out loud

The pure cheek of it!
Naughty, naughty Ash :-D

Piscator : have written numerous Poems on .......

Cosmic Truth , Reality , Yoga etc without an isotope of Ass which only GM , Dem , Harry , Tod , Pel, Waking Down & Tazz seem to appreciate !!!???
& @ least HoneyA appreciates my Ass Poems !!! Attagal !!!

nicely done with almost no ass

Tazz : the Poet is not a He , her gender is Female :

she is lesbian & so daughters are @ risk , you dumbo !!!!??

I do like what you have done here...

...some lovely reflection and a poem inside you poem.

I've commented, Mer, as you know in PF&D, but, in case I missed it or wrote in language different than what I'm reflecting on now, I want to remark how nicely the near rhymes work with the lyrical "I" reflections. There's nothing forced about; just beautiful.


why are the daughters in danger, if a perv, maybe...TK U MLJ LV NV


I thought this poem was quite unique in that it's very different from others that I've read. It also describes almost exactly what I see in my mind when I'm programming my electronic synthesizers and then performing that which I've designed, sequenced and programmed my keyboards to play. Once again great work!


surround the wings....waiting for the press. TK U MLJ LV NV


even the watch is missing/ TK U MLJ LV NV

HoneyA , thank you for coming .......

Up to see my sketches !?! Naughty girl , that was smart .......

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