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This is a strange experience for me, commenting on what isn't a story.

As a reader, doing this just for my enjoyment. It usually doesn't matter where a page breaks. I can retain the (ahem) flow. Just go to the next page. The rare exception is when it is the end of the post. In the middle of action or a dramatic moment. That is disconcerting. It isn't a problem when I can just go to the next chapter.

The significant difficulty for me is when there is NO NEXT CHAPTER❗

Waiting for a few days isn't too bad. Unfortunately, more than a week . Major bad.
I read for the fun of it. Constantly, non-fiction books , paper and electronic. Fiction books again, paper and electronic. News, science, etc, on my "Flipboard " service on my phone . On, and on, and on. I don't know if others have the problem with "flow" or what I call continuity. Much passed a week and I have to go back , read the story over and get the continuity of the characters and plot back.

Anyway, my understanding is that this is a much more serious problem for the writer.
You the writer have your plot going, the characters just so, and the emotions are pitched right on point....then literotica breaks it up without any thought or care. Damn,I would be pissed😖😡.

So I guess my point is, yeah go to another site. If they treat you better post there.
I understand from other writer's comments that is very good for writers.

Thanks for the time.
Good writing!!


I like your stories AB and the page breaks don't bother me at all

Besides, both my iPad and iMac (pre-Jobs-departure-vintage) have readers, which I generally use. Please disregard the Nattering Nabobs of Negativism to quote Spiro Agnew.


Thank you for sharing your story. I can relate to it a lot, I was orally raped as a child and I have always had a massive fetish for anything related to rape, nonconsent, or BDSM power dynamics. I never want to be raped again, but fantasizing about the topic is one way that I can relive and try to reprocess that memory. Unfortunately it's also probably a fantasy which has been baked into my sexuality; when your first experience of sex is so horrible and centered around stripping you of any agency it kinda fucks with how you relate to sex and get turned on. That's something that I only recently realized, and is the hardest aspect of the abuse to admit.

Size Matters

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Thank you

I don't think you were twisted by the rape. It's such a common turn on, I'm really happy you have had the wisdom to separate your fantasies from how terribly Richard treated you. I love your stories and really enjoy those fantasies.

Movie Newness

Another one!

Watch the movie Newness. It's about a couple who are very much in love with each other, but addicted to sex with others. They agree to let each other have sex with other people. Laia Costa is the girlfriend in the movie, and very sexy, and sensual. Her promiscuity is very hot. My girlfriend even said that the idea of allowing sex, and watching this movie made her very horny. A definite watch with a hotwife in the making.

New TV Series

This new TV Series "Easy" while it's worth watching all of it, has two notable episodes. In season 1, "Controlada" has the very gorgeous and sexy Aislinn Derbez playing the wife who fucks an ex-boyfriend who comes to stay with them. Very hot, as before it happens you don't expect her character do do it. Second is the episode called "Open Marriage" where a couple that is very much in love, also decides that they enjoy the excitement of other people. So, they agree to allow each other to date others. The female in this episode is Elizabeth Reaser, who on her first "Open Marriage" date doesn't click with the guy so instead, goes home with a black guy and fucks him.

Bless you folks!

To all commentators

I truly appreciate all your feedback whether it be positive or negative. Thanks Misha and GrandpaM! Live long and prosper...

go for it.

read them all. dark and hot. looking forward to much more.

my new favorite series

Inspirational, although sad ending.

This is my first ever time in leaving a comment. After reading both submissions, it has inspired me to respond. I hope you understand my train of thought, as I try to explain my own situation, without causing any offence.
I agree with 90% of your post, I thought I’d get that out the way!!
My situation is very similar to yours, apart from the illness side of things.
Yes people/ couples change over time and I think that it should as we develop and get older.
Where I think you, hit the nail on the head,is about the demise of intIntimacy in long term relationships and how important it is to a lot of men. I have a long standing quote I preach to my wife. “ feedum and F**kum” is, old fashioned and not very PC, but that’s all there is to keeping your man happy and loyal.
That maybe just me but I really think it’s true!!! Regardless of how much I earn, after meeting at school and being together for 30+ year’s, I still fancy my wife, want to be passionate with her and whatever topics/fantasies we might discuss, should improve the happiness we feel and the excitement.
In reality it’s only me that tries to bring up the topic of our sexual relationship and how important a factor to our relationship it is for me.
I’m now 46 and willingly sacrifice my time to a job I despise to provide the nice/extra/luxury things, that seem so important and must have items to keep up with the Jones’s. To be fair my mum tried to fob me off with tesco 2 stripe trainers, when I was at school and was horrified that she thought no one would notice!!
Sorry that this is a long reply but I will get to my point soon!!!!!
Where I disagree with the post is simply this.....
I understand that a long/marriage can have an effect on the sexual side of the relationship to some extent. I disagree with the excuses that wives/partners use for the lack of intamicy with there man and blame it on being tired or lead us to the land of promises about having it later, but I’m guessing I’m not alone on this, it never happens!!!!

For me at least, the thought of cheating would never enter my head, if my wife put out a bit more, made the first move on ocasion and even gave me the occasional BJ or hand job. I know that, as humans, we will always look if a handsome/beautiful specimen catches our eye and why not????

I, like so many men, have pleaded and begged for sexual contact, only to be told about the pressure we are putting on them or how it’s not the right time and still sorting the kids stuff out for tomorrow.I love you and honestly still have the desire for sex but I can never seem to find the energy or time after being the best I can be with our kids.

I do think, as men, we should be entitled to think this way and know it’s BS!!!!!
In my understanding, if we split up because of the lack of sex we had, I would be ostracized by my close friends and family about being fixated with sex (shaging) and being shallow!!!

So the point to my reply and dissagreement, with some of the points made in the post comes down to this.....

If my wife and I did split up because I thought the lack of sexual contact was the major issue. I would be the one to be in the wrong and should have tried harder to keep us together, especially where family and friends are concerned.

So let’s think about if that did happen and I found the lack of sex the reason for separating.

Now fast forward a few months and things have settled down and we are both moving on.....

She ends up meeting someone new and starts a relationship with another man...

Am I wrong in assuming that she would be up for sex, with her new Man?? Despite the fact that the lack of sex was the reason our relationship ended in the first place??

So there in lies my point in not agreeing to the whole post. I’ve tried lots of things to increase the way my wife finds me attractive/sexy, to the point of actually wanting to have sex!! But if I made the choice to leave, I’m sure her sex drive would increase when she met someone new and do exactly what I had been begging for before we separated.

Thanks for evoking me to replying to your posts!!

I hope it’s ok that it inspired me to actually leave a response, albeit a long one not be disrespectful to the the points made in your post

Thank you

You essentially just put into words all of my thoughts about the fact that I’m into bdsm and rape fantasy stuff. I often worry that it makes me a bad person, but, as (I think) you write in this essay, as long as we keep in mind that it is purely fantasy, and try not to encourage the spread of rape culture, we can still be decent people. So, thank you for writing this.
Also, side note, I really like the porn you write. Good job on that too, buddy.

I agree!

I agree with the author about initial entry into the woman's pussy. Very erotic to watch! But even if the film shows it, many times you can't see any reaction at all from the female star. For an ordinary guy, that would be a nightmare! She might as well say "Is it inside me yet?" I know these girls take immense dicks inside their bodies every day, but please, a small reaction?
Another thing that seems to get worse as the years go by are tattoos and other forms of body modifications. And no, I don't like tattoos. I may of course be a member of a small minority but I don't think so. A small tat can be ok, but again, OVERKILL!
I have never seen a woman who looks sexier or more beautiful with a tattoo.
Unfortunately these trends come in waves and I will probably be dead when this abomination ebbs out.
Thank you.

Thank You.

I wish to start by saying, Thank You for sharing who you are so freely and open as you have to strangers.
As someone with a desire to write and an appreciation for well ordered words for me to read. Your words are an inspiring spark of passion to me. A positive nudge if not an outwrite push in the direction of literary excellence, which one day, dare I say it, I hope to achieve.
I shall be forever mindful of voting on what I've read and as constructive in my critique of the authors whose work I read.
I shall look forward to discovering more about who you are and what makes you tick or tock, as I read your stories.

Another thought

I’m guessing here as I have no study to quote from, but after raising the question of “ever been cheated on” to my friends, I’d say something like 9 out of 10 have been cheated on. I count myself in this group. Of those, half of them still have strong emotions against the person who cheated. And of that group, a third to a half got really pissed when I brought it up. The last group was dry outspoken about the how, who, what, and why. Now most of the rest have a problem with cheating, some said if it’s it’s something they agreed on beforehand in one form or another then they were fine with it. But the last group was especially vocal and opinionated. I don’t know what the real numbers are like in the U.S. let alone a site like this one, however I can imagine that it’s really that last group that you see posting these nasty comments. My guess is that it might be because they have never been able to get over the hurt of being cheated on. It’s almost like they really don’t want to either. So I guess they just read this stuff to be able to vent their pain. I’d say it was cathartic, but they don’t seem to come through the release with any kind of permanency. They blow their tops, go away for a time until they feel the pressure and then repeat it again. That’s just my thoughts though, no real evidence to back it up.

In my own life, I’ve been cheated on. I went through the emotional pain, kinda like the stages of grief. I got past my issues thought with a better understanding of myself, who I am, what I want, and who I want in my life. I have also been a cheater. And I’ve been something of a bull without knowing it a couple of times in my life. All were growing up expirences for me. I like to think that I am a better person than I used to be, but that’s due to going through life and dealing with it. Like I said, I think that there’s some people that never got through their issues. And that’s probably why you see such things on your comment boards. But that’s just my opinion.


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