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Butt love

If you're making a distinction between hardcore fucking and love making, fine, there's a lot to be said about, but categorizing it by excluding a type of sexual experience just makes no sense. First of all, you're saying that there's no way then that homosexual couple can "make love", which is a very discriminative point of view. Saying that making love needs to be sweet, sensitive, cute, vanilla session with long foreplay between heterosexual people, who probably met in some Meg Ryan romantic comedy reinstalment scenario means simplifying and even degrading the concept of love.
Let's say for example two people in midst of war, in completely fucked circumstances, with no candles or Marvin Gaye in the background, stealing moments for short intense passionate greedy hunger for each other that you're mentioning for me seems to be something equally or even better representation of all that love making fuss.

Jesus Christ!


I take it that the situation you so vividly describe above was autobiographical. I'm assuming that it is since you have placed it in the Reviews and Essays category. If the events involving you wife and her workplace are factual then it seems to have put the last nail in the coffin of your sham marriage. If it were me then I would have tossed her to the curb simply because of her intentional frigidity towards you that was there from the get go. The workplace then offered her the opportunity to become a corporate whore to her boss. To this she agreed without your say so. I know you sort of made light of the situation towards the end of your piece. But think about chose to cope with this terrible occurrence but virtually submitting to chemical castration (a la Alan Turing). This meant that you felt you had to deny your sexual self in order to "get along".

i agree with zed

the wimp hubbys and happy wife sharing shit pissed me off after a whhile. there are some excellent stories on here , those i try to avoid. they have the right to post em, as i do to comment and usually avoid after . just like someone who's politics are different from mine (both sides suck in that case btw. in my case a close friend had a wife, now ex, pull things seemingly out of a story here . she lost big, only because he didn't care about the law or rules. it still hurts two years later, that's why i get a bit nasty , ive seen what really happened to people. end sermon

Response to 9/2 and 9/17 comment submissions

9/2 anonymous: I actually work full time and make an excellent living. I am well educated Am a mother of 3 and love coming home to a man who is lovin and dominant. We are also business partners and have an excellent life together.

9/17 anonymous: I can only speak from my experience as a female. I value your feedback and will consider it for my next article. This was written as an opinion article and is stated as such as a Forward to my article.

It's not just you

I love travelling the US and do so on all my long-haul holidays. (See? I can say that you a Briton and you know I mean what Americans call a vacation!) It's great. I always have a ball.
It also means that I sometimes get a bit brave in my writing and try to go native, as it were, in where I set things. My story, "Book, Cover", featured an Australian tourist being picked up by a retiree at a park that I know fairly well in SE Portland. I was taken to task in some feedback about a couple of things, demonstrating our mutual miscomprehension (mine and my feedback provider's).
First, I used the word "lounge" instead of "living room". Fair call. If I'd been thinking more - or even got an outside editor (hmm... there's a thought) that would probably have been picked up.
Second, I had the two drinking chardonnay instead of something more appropriate to the meal. Silly Rabbit. Trix are for kids. In fact, Australians with little understanding of appropriate wine pairings will typically default to the chardonnay style. Grabbing a "chardie" at the "barbie" (where, if it goes long into the night, you may eventually need a "cardie") is a classically Australian thing to do. Even when we're on holidays. Or vacation.
I did have someone try to tell me that something like 93% of English-speakers use the word "ass" when Briton and Aussies use "arse". To him I say, I write for me and share with you. If you don't like it, put down the cup and ask for a glass of water.

I think the worst comment I received was and I quote, "Fuck you! You suck at writing." I reply I deleted and removed the option to be a anon poster. I have gotten a few good ones, some hate mail and many indifferent ones. One the things I do when reading a comment left is that I look at the poster. Have they tried writing and posting a story? If not then what right do you have to tear my work down. While I don't mind someone pointing out my errors, I want you do do so in a nice way. If not I ignore it

When posting a comment, which I don't always do. I point out what worked and then what I had an issue with. I can deal with spelling errors or run on sentences more than I can a plot hole so big you could throw a dog through.

Finally I had one comment of a story tell me to get an editor. Well I have one and he like me is working for free, It is this point that people who love to sh*t all over our work refuse to understand..

Your fantasies

You aren't fucked up. Actually you're doing well

I have a problem with the happy cuckold concept


I appreciate the lengths you have gone to to delineate the issues and questions involved with the cuckold relationship and credit to you for this. The major issue I have with this entire concept is the inherent imbalance of power involved between the two original partners. To involve a third person (either male or female) into the couple relationship is triggered by the deep dissatisfaction of one of the couple (in most cuckold relations this is invariably the women). For her to actually consider cuckolding her husband/significant other requires a pretext - that she is unhappy in what her partner brings to the bedroom. There is an often unstated assumption that her husband/significant other is unable to consider or is incapable of trying new things in the bedroom to improve his own love making skills. In most of the cuckold tales in LWs, there is often no indication that the woman has even raised the problem of her perception of poor bedroom skills with the person she is supposed to love. So it falls that the man is often blindsided by her cheating with "superior" lovers behind his back, or alternatively she informs her partner that she is intending to openly replace him in the bedroom and he either accepts it or leaves. In this second case, she usually backs up her ultimatum by threatening her partner with a financially devastating divorce leaving him penniless and lonely. If children are involved they are often used as weapons of coercion to persuade the partner to roll over. Maybe the male partner, if lucky, will be granted the opportunity to witness firsthand the two cuckolders consumate the act of betrayal. The desires and preferences of the females's chosen "bull" now dominate the new relationship dynamic. The original male partner's lowly status is reinforced through acts of emotional and physical humiliation. More often, his enforced feminization is further affirmation of his acceptance of his new role as a lesser person. Of course it helps if the male partner's personality is underlied with a need for submission. It strikes me that for the cuckold experience to work in any manner, it seems crucial to complete crush the male partner's self-worth to enforce strict compliance. To agree to abide by such rules is masochistic in the extreme. The cuckolding pair often exercise sadistic behaviour towards him through both words and actions to emphasise their superiority over the unfortunate individual. Again if there are children involved and/or if the poor sod still harbours feelings of love and affection for his female partner, he may feel as if painted into a corner with no real alternative.
Please consider my comments above. Do any of my points above even remotely suggest the acts of a truly loving partnership where both original partners are equally invested in the relationship with an aim of mutual longterm satisfaction? If a cuckolding woman is somehow seen as a legitimate "loving wive" then the definition of loving wife is a perverted distortion. In reality it is nothing more that the use of emotional blackmail aimed at dehumanising the male partner for the selfish purposes of sexual fulfilment. End of rant. Sorry, but I have major issues with using force and coercion in relationships.


Like the hooker said to the leper, thanks for the tip. I'm on a mission now! OneSilky, here I come.


You didn't mention the law involving children which are not the husband's. I see this as two separate issues. Obviously if the child is in the womb or very young less than 5, the courts shouldn't require the husband to give child support if the biological father can be found. When the children are older, there will probably be an emotional bond so the husband may want to pay child support to get access. My problem comes when the biological father who is not supporting had child demand access to "his child"!

In general, I believe that the husband is only responsible for the children that he sires. If the wife is a slut then it is her responsibility to go after the biological father.

Good Job

Many people are irritated that there is not more analytical proof. At this time in history the taboo of incest probably disrupts the process of collecting good analytical proof. As society becomes more open to incest, similar to the acceptance of lesbians and gays today, then better information can be collected. You have certainly done a good job of critical thinking. And there is a large chance that your thoughts are very close to correct. Unrelated to your essay but certainly within the incest topic. I had sex in every way possible with my cousin in college. We both liked liked it at that point in time. And we both went on to lead nice lives. And we both still talk nicely with each other at family gatherings. No sex for 25 years now and we don't talk about the past, but it is obvious that she has good memories about it like myself.


Damn, I feel like I am back in college in a English Lit class. What about ending your Truth series?

Excellent, and relevant

Excellent, thought provoking article, and relevant in light of the recent birth control issues

Wow !! I just Love a True story, with References and Quotes from Many sources.. Fascinating life-biography, right Until the End ! Thanks, a Literary admirer.. Xx

you're surely a cuckhold.

Well described and seemed SO genuine.

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