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Thank You

As a guy that has been in a wheelchair all of my life I have to say I love that someone is actually having this conversation, and because I have been in a wheelchair all of my life I don't really care about the use of cripple or any other supposed "tag" its the intent not the actual word usage.

Re: Navigation

I looked it up and read it. TYVM for pointing me in that direction.


The only way to do it. Love it. Worship is even better, adoring the risen shrine, the altar of arousal, unmistakable, beckoning, alas not permanent,

Always nice when done as a dance, drawn out as long as possible. Let me do you a little, then reverse. You lick me, slowly, then I reciprocate. That magic number in the high sixties is sweet, but always best then to go back to one undivided set of attentions.

Returning in my memory to the first experience never ceases to be arousing, that moment of experimenting, exploring, and then wonderful things happened. An enchanting door opened.


Thoughtful, reflective words, thanks. Writing is immensely hard. It is very easy to think one is good at it, since we use words all the time, sex is so universal, well how hard can it be to write about? But fewer of us charge off to do a sculpture, or paint a landscape, without some reservations, and careful preparation..

As an author, you are God. You get to make your creation, fill it with living, breathing beings, set up the sandbox and let everyone loose, But it is an illusion of control.

Your disciples come only if they want to, however, to nourish you or not, but only if you have gripped them someway. And a lot of them will tell you what a lousy divinity you are. But writer and reader are caught in the same dance. Best make good music if you can.

Keep writing, careful thoughts you reveal.

STFU you moron. Are you from canaduh or something?

Your stories ALWAYS are best.

And learn to spell, idiot.

Re: Self-absorbed blatherskite...

You can always depend on there being at least one self impressed "male appendage" in the crowd. You can also depend on them to post as "Anonymous."

Takes a lot of balls, that!

Self-absorbed blatherskite...

...did you pat yourself on the back after writing this mess? Just another moron trying to stroke his *ego*...

You should be embarrassed by this:

"It makes one wonder if the spectrum of human desire is not as vast as the universe."

Right on!

As a long-retired attorney from a different state, I appreciated your Brief about what used-to-be called Divorce Law. I also agree that Family Law can be very rewarding at times, and extremely depressing when a husband and wife totally disregard the child or children. I enjoy all your stories. Write some more.


While fetish may be a somewhat harsh word with specific connotations attached to it, I would argue that sexual attraction based upon any trait, physical or otherwise, is defined as a fetish.

the accuser, and another thing

The word satan meant accuser, a job title for the prosecution in court.

More evidence that the writers of the 'gospels' were not even Jews?
Matthew 1:19 where Joseph decides to divorce Mary quietly.
A law abiding Jew (which Joseph is described as) would know that he could not divorce her quietly for adultery, it was required to be a public stoning; only a writer ignorant of Jewish law and tradition of that era would say that.
If he had tried to quietly divorce a pregnant woman it would have ruined him, in the public perception he would look like he had seduced her and abandoned her.
All twelve of 'the Apostles' were claimed to be Jews, they would have known that much of the law and about their own culture, even if they had only the most basic education.

@rcrmonte3: I deliberately used that word in the title because I've seen it used a lot in connection with disability-related "fetish" erotica, and that is my target audience, just so you know where I'm coming from. I do not otherwise use that word to describe human beings, nor would I. If you read the essay, I don't use it anywhere else, as the use of that word is contrary to the whole point of the essay. :) Thank you for your comment.

Please Don't

Use the word 'cripple". People with disabilities are just that--people with disabilities. Also, I didn't see the word 'retard' in your essay. Thank you for not using that word.

How to be EXCELLENT...

This article does a great job of transforming you from writer to mentor, coach and author. As a whenever-I-can nudist myself, for two decades (plus) I have sought ways to practice social nudity in non-sexual ways, including membership in landed, non-landed (travel) clubs, website membership and participation, many positive remarks and words encouraging people to "represent" demographic segments within the nudist lifestyle (singles, couples, single parents, home-only nudists, online-only nudists and grandparent nudists), because every stripe that can exist, does! And I truly, deeply believe an acceptance of social nudity makes individuals stronger and will not harm, unbalance or disturb a family's structure at all. Social nudity can and should lead to extra questions about nakedness, behavior, etiquette, love, trust and the importance of respecting individual choices as valid and "fine" (appropriate ways of exploring life). I think fantasy stories with sexual elements can be educational in illustrating the ways nudity might get "out of control" or become unmanaged fun, so even these lessons are important (possibly) to first time "nudies" getting to know the simple joys of simply, freely being nude together! ~ The stress reduction clothing freedom gives to people and our brains is a G-d given privilege, or as some might say, it was taken away from us all by G-d but he/she also gave us paths to rediscovering it and an ability to accept, enjoy, cherish and promote it! I try to do that. Thanks for your efforts!

Merci beaucoup

How I utterly and completely love sophisticated erotica...Thank you for introducing me to such a fascinating author.

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