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Cuckold by the superior gender

When I first started dating my wife to be, she would masturbate me, telling me how handsome I was and how intelligent I was. It seemed that all of her masturbation sessions were spent in building up my ego and then she began telling me how much more happy she could make me if we were married.

She was telling me all of these things while she was masturbating me so she had my undivided attention. It was during one of these sessions that I proposed to her. A few months before we were to be married, it became obvious to me that we were not going to become a husband and wife but rather a wife and her cuckold.

No, I didn't want to become her cuckold. I wanted to get out of the relationship, to break off the engagement. I tried but I was too week to fight her and I succumbed to her pleasuring hand.

After we were married, she made me her cuckold. I protested my cuckolding but with each protest she masturbated me into submission and obedience until I accepted my fate.

Just awful

Did you even bother to proof read this and give it a second thought? Complete and utter drivel.

Well said!

And I will add my own 2 cents to your excellent essay. I remain perpetually amused by someone (always Anonymous) who chooses to comment on Chapt 39 of a very long series about how "awful" it is. Especially when they have made similar comments on every chapter beforehand.

This must be some sort of weird masochism at work. If I read chapter 1 of something I did not like, I would not then read chapter 2, much less chapter 30. There is a special charge these people must get from this bizarre trolling that I will never understand, but, I always find it funny. In a strange way, I take a certain pride in coaxing some of the trolls out from under their rocks.

Dig your style!

I like your pride in who you are and your challenging cultural and sexual stereotypes People are caged inside their minds and try to limit others within their own narrowness of vision.. You have something to say to women and men about the critical projections we put on women's body types and sexual choices... Rock on!

so wifey has withdrawn since hubby has it twice a wk on the side

And she withdraws because he hops on and cums after 2 pokes?


It the wife whos husband gives two pumps and comes, she should suck him off more often?


Your essay is way too stereotipical. It does not reflect what happens to real people in real life.
In particular your essay fails to talk about what goes on in a voyeur husband's psyche when he is cheated on. He already has a very pronounced voyeur side, of which he need not be aware at all; it's been there all along but LATENT until a traumatic event brings it to the fore. His voyeur/cuck side renders him totally mesmerized unable to act the way he would under normal circumstances. If a friend of his was stealing his car, he would tell him, Pal, this car is mine. However, as to his wife, he lets a friend fuck her brains out.

Asking a voyeur/husband why he shares his wife is like asking a gay guy why he has sex with men when there is quite a few fuckable women he could ask out.

A cheating wife gets exhibit extra sex appeal even in the eyes of a non-voyeur husband.

So bad it's funny

Look, I actually LIKE cuckold stories. But this thing, which purports to be an intelligent discussion, is absolutely clueless about relationships, sex... and human beings.

The very thought that a woman can keep her marriage completely and solely by giving good head is really funny. And of all the reasons to enjoy being cuckolded, "half is better than none" is just about the dumbest.

Hey, I think about sex as much as the next guy (which is quite a bit, thank you) and even I get my head out of my crotch on occasion. PLEASE leave your parents' basement and interact with some humans before writing another "how-to."

Sorry to be so negative, but I just can't think of anything positive to say on this one.

This is so bad it is hilarious

I have never before on Literotica said that a story was absolute nonsense. There is usually some redeeming feature in even the worst stories, but in this thesis I could find none.

The third paragraph proposes that so long as a wife can give a satisfactory blow job, she will be able to avoid divorce for her lifetime. This is followed by paragraph four which commences with "In the hands of an experienced woman, we men are very manipulative"

There's nothing like a manipulative man in the hands of an experienced woman.

One would think it could only get better from there.

But it didn't !

A definite five star masterpiece.


Ignore the asshole who previously commented

Thank you! It's validating as a happily married female knowing others have the same desires 😀 You are a fantastic writer!

Thoughtful commentary

You make several good points. Lots to think about.

The love in Anal Sex

Hi -Thanks for sharing your active imagination and the written form of sensuality.
I tend to agree with this precept that Anal fuckiing releases the animal in the two parties.
But love does take in a factor when the giver properly prepares the receiver and gets her to Say those words "Fuck MY Ass - Harder".
Now buggering is raw and forced and almost no proper lube... Just ask any prison bitch with the pants at half ass.

Regards ED
PS Keep witing!

Thank you for your take on sequels, Jasmine

I agree, sequels take more effort and planning than the original story. I think you have to plan seques in a kind of storyboard so you remember what is supposed to be in THIS chapter, and what is supposed to be in THAT chapter.

We, our humble readers, know that it is an effort to keep all the characters in the right place, and doing the right thing(s) to the right person, in any specific chapter.
Keep on keeping on, Jasmine. You are doing wonderfully.


This is so very beautiful and is truth beyond words contained in words. Thank you!!!

Very thoughtful.

I first noticed the concept of outer space 'romance' during the original run of Star Trek. Captain Kirk, in addition to exploring strange new worlds, often seemed as much as network TV would allow, be interested in exploring strange new pussy. Back in those days, my ex-wife was really into Stark Trek and in addition to watching the show read a number of the paperback spin-off novels. At the end of one of the novels there was a question & answer portion with readers. One guy asked a rather blunt question. His question was, since human blood is iron based, it caused the head of his cock to have a reddish tinge. So, since Vulcan blood was copper based, was the head of Spock's cock green? The novel's author had a most startling answer- 'Yes, the Heads of Spock's COCKS are green!' No wonder Mister Spock had such a swagger- He was sporting two peckers!!

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