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extremist feminism

Feminism has been hijacked by the extremists who hate men.
The trouble is that the rest of the feminists do nothing about the extremists.
They never speak out against anything anti-male.
Silence means approval/agreement.

Anything men do in reaction to their hate is viewed as anti-women.

where are the graves ??

The story of the Exodus claims over a million people wandering in a desert, commanded to stay there until a generation of them dies off.
Mummified remains last a very long time in that climate.
Where are the graves of that many people?


Eloquence! Delightfully written, I'm still, even now after reading, thinking about how you express yourself so absolutely eloquently. Kudos! Will look out for more writes!

Thank you for sharing.


Sweet story, authentic and elegantly written.


Very hot. Very honest. The honesty if your condition is felt. Thank you for the submission. I hope to read more from you with experience.


Delicious and articulate. I'm a playwright and poet that occasionally write erotica; this was well written and also turned me on. :) Cheers!

So what's the end of your story? Are you still sexual and a practicing Muslim Sufi? Or do you just write erotica as your only outlet now? The only reason I ask is because my spiritual journey has been just like yours. I'm a lebanese gay Muslim and I keep teetering from the hypersexual to the hyper religious and I can't find the motivation duke ground. I'm either feeling guilty or repressed all the time. Is it possible to believe in God as a gay person and not squash your sexuality? What's the answer?

So enjoyable!

I love words, and it's always fun to know where they came from. This was an informative and enjoyable read.

This was beautiful

It isn't enough to have sex. You have to feel it. Taste it. Love it. Live it.

Be it.

This spoke to me on a profound level, and I appreciate you writing it.

you're just justifying what you wish to believe.. and rationalizing so that you feel no guilt for what you've already written... my main problem with your story was your pushing of the idea that those darkies were happy and well fed and that darkie girls just loved massa coming down to poke them... often times making their husband qnd kids watch... i have more respect for outright racists that just say to my face that they dont like my color... i don't doubt that you think that you're an enlightened moral person... but your elaborate excuses for the south paint a picture of a person that i don't think i'd like being friends with..

I applaud both your courage and your honesty.

Yours is an amazing story. Although an atheist, I have always loved Hafez and Rumi. In my fantasy life though, I've avoided most ethnic themed stories and videos (I am a white male) because I don't want to fantasize about situations where women are being abused in the real world. I also love non-consensual themes in my fantasy life, but not in my real life. Thank you for discussing your journey and sharing it with us. I again applaud your courage and want you to know that I gain hope from it.


i did not know of this feature, i am still learning how to use this page, thanks for the info, have been writing a story, my english is terrible.

Just Sorry you had to endure that disturbing act!

Sorry You had to endure some Shellfish Pricks discusting despicable act!
May You do well in life and your writting!

Good luck

Hey there anonymous!

Thanks for your comment. I am both an egalitarian and a feminist. I understand (and share) your frustration with extremist feminism and how the oppressed can sometimes become the oppressors, but don't let this frustration cloud your view of how we still need the feminist movement. I consider myself both because to reach true equality we need to recognize the ways in which women are still treated and thought about as second class citizens.

This is a complex issue and I don't fault anybody for not associating themselves as a feminist, and as an egalitarian, I imagine you should feel that I am free to associate myself with any movement I like, no matter how frustrated it may make you.

Thanks again for reading and for your thoughts.

I worship BBC.

The black man is superior over me, and my white wife and I live to pleasure and service his phallus. She's pregnant with his second child. Our friends and family know that I'm a sissy cuckold.

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