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Great News!

I bet you got fucked by your dad, probably explains why you are so attatched to dad/daughter incest and also why you are reluctant to answer this when you are so open about your other beliefs. I mean what can I say, girls with "daddy probelms" are so common nowadays, leading to your fucked up beliefs. And how can you call yourself straight but still love writing about gay stories, and as you said it, it turns you on a lot to write male on male? You are fucking disgusting, from promoting incest to being a delusional freak. Good to hear you are leaving

Very well said

I agree with pretty much all of the points, myths, you expressed. As a guy who fully acknowledges his feminine side I have found that black guys, generally to be sure, treat me the way I desire to be treated when we get together.


I've had them break a page right before the ending and trash my flow before too.
And what is the formula for when they are going to double space? End of a paragraph? End of a sentence? Totally random?

I Am 100% Behind You

I also grit my teeth when the husband (1) falls into alcohol, (2) deletes phone messages or texts or destroys evidence that could help him in a divorce, (3) doesn't think to use his phone to take pictures or video of his cheating wife and her lover, (4) decide that since his wife cheated, he can too. Why doesn't a cuckold ever wait until his wife and lover fall asleep, then handcuff and tie them to the bed and castrate the lover and give him a penectomy with a rusty knife. Then haul them out at 2 am and take them into the woods and bury them alive or sell them to a brothel owner in South America.

Not the same thing

I've never liked the way people use "nerd" and "geek" interchangeably. To me there has always been a difference. I fully agree that someone can be a car geek or a medical geek or even a sports geek or a gym geek. Geekdom knows no bounds. As you described, a geek (to me) is anyone who loves something and wants to express that love to others - someone who "geeks out" about something. So we're on the same page there.

A "nerd" though, has always been something different to me. A nerd manages to channel their passion into some kind of success - academic, financial, even political. Success alone dosent make a nerd, but there is something in the way a nerd handles success that causes jealousy or resentment in others. Nerds draw the ire of their peers whether they deserve to or not.

And of course it's entirely possible, even common, for a person to be both a nerd and a geek at the same time.

So good essay, rnebular. I agree with your basic premise, and you make a compelling argument. But I don't think your two subjects are as synonymous as you imply.

@yowser and GA

Made my day, and will be sending you an email too. Happy Friday!!!

GA Principles

Well of course the only solution is Geekaholics Anonymous. (Duh, I just searched and it already exists so this tawdry instinctive idea of mine is out of date before it even leaves the gate...)

What should the guiding principles be? We clearly need a buddy system, which could cause all sorts of havoc.

We are powerless before the force of our intellects...

Appreciate the indepth insight.

It's not often we are treated to a candid, honest, interesting, behind the scenes look into the motivations and background of an eloquent author. Thank you. Write on!

Sandra is still live and well, an amazing woman

Great Perspective

Really like what you have to say on the subject. Love the "monster" stories myself, with a personal favorite over in the celebrities category, Mind Fucking Kelly Kelly. Wonder if you've checked that one out and where falls on your list of those types of stories.

I agree with A_Bierce

Commenting anonymously to try to avoid the flames.

How About Giving the Citation to the "Published" Article in JAMA?

Specifically, referring to their current issue, something along the lines of their citation format: June 5, 2018, Vol 319, No. 21, Pages 2149-2244.

I'd prefer to read the original, and not rely on your assertions of what the study found.

I'd also like to read whether their peer-reviewed article imcluded the seventh century stories of slaves being priced by the inch.

Until you actually cite your sources, I'll consider this not "Reviews and Essays", but "Fantasy & Science Fiction.

I think you are right. I wonder If being a nerd also involves some form of autism. I often wonder if we are all autistic to some degree. It would surprise me if we aren't. Thank you.


turn me on 0-100 in a picosecond.

And this is why I love your stories - most authors here don't do sex scenes very well and seem to turn to some formula for them - and then redo or overdo them. It becomes jarring to the story. Thanks for writing such enjoyable stories so well !

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