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It is very heartening and informative, next you can open a new chapter about the form of pussy, how it separates girls from women.
Looking forward to new writing.
Me being your Chinese fan, wish you good luck.

These also okay

Play Time 1995(Monique parent) :Two naughty wives gradually fall for other's husband....and happy ending : )

Unlawful Passage (1994): Dead Calm kinda theme..taking wife as hostage on yacht

Gregory Dark directed movies i.e., Secrete games,Animal Instincts & Undercover Heat is also nice(not hotwife but lady cop undercover as hooker..has that kinky)

Screw socially acceptable

And I haven't been politically correct since the Free Speech Movement in Berkeley. Some people have an opinion. Some follow along like Lemmings. We, in this Country, find ourselves more divided then at any time since the Civil War. And nobody, especially our Political Leaders, seems to know how to negotiate or compromise. We've elected a business man that leads by Twitter and really cares only about his money. I'd say "God help us all" but that would be both socially unacceptable and politically incorrect. Have a day.

Thank you

Here all along I thought my average sized cock was small.. and I'd been compensating with my fingers and tongue to make up for it, only to find out that I'd been doing exactly what the wife wanted all along, too bad she didn't tell me instead of you but hey, who cares where good news comes from right ? LOL


I'm not even sure if you're being serious but I just had to assume under my own beliefs that you were not, I was cracking up reading this though

I agree!

Tits are nice, no matter what size. Having them offered willingly is a wonderful gift to a man.

Looking for soft core movie "truth or dare"

Several years ago there was a movie on showtime (I think) called truth or dare. It is different than the one you get when you google it. I think it had a compilation of scenes. But the hottest one was a beautiful wife having sex with another man while the husband watched. The hottest part was when she looked over to her husband with a look that said "this is it" with just enough pause for him to object. Then she just turned to the lover and away they went. No hard core scenes.

I have searched for it many times but always come up empty. If anyone knows the movie or the movie where the scenes came from, please let me know.

☆☆☆☆+ [(4+) 4.45/5.0 = 89% = A] keep up the good work plz!

I like your stories.

• • •

A good friend of mine is 62.

His wife is 49. She is still fuckable... and then some.
She needs and deserves a 40-year old dick.

My friend gives he a lot of leeway, freedom of movement.

He spends a lot of time in their cottage during the summer.
A good friend of his has a trailer somewhere in southern US.
He spends a chunk of Canadian winter over there.

Meanwhile his wife enjoys her freedom.
Their children left the house, they both study or work overseas.

You got the picture.

Thanks! 5*

Thanks for sharing! It is interesting to read what an author thinks about what they write. 5*

Wow, it's been four years

And this topic is till hotly debated. The comments by and large on either side have been for the most part concise and well reasoned. A few weren't. Doesn't matter. I personally am glad it struck some kind of nerve with so many people.

I have since come to believe that life in our plutocracy is heading towards economic slavery of the highest order. And as with almost all plutocracies, revolution is never far away. In my opinion, the recent presidential race pushed it into sharper focus. The shrinking middle class, mostly middleaged white people who were tired of their lifestyle eroding away, and when Trump offered them what they wanted, they jumped on the bandwagon. What we forgot was our new leader is himself a member of that plutocracy. I myself voted for neither, flashing back to the Richard Pryor remake of the old classic "Brewsters' Millions', where he had to waste a certain amount of money to gain much more. One of his money waters was to run for office, and then make himself and the other candidates look less than appealing, finally running ads urging the voters to vote for "None Of The Above', which is what I wrote in on my ballot. A waste, I know. I'm almost sixty-two, and have voted in every elections since I was eighteen, but I just couldn't make myself vote for either candidate.

Oh, and for all the people who labeled me an apologist, I have to wonder what they thought I was apologizing for. Stating facts? Avoiding revisionist history? It was what it was.

My great grandfather and his brother were both in the Army of Norther Virginia, and were with Lee all the way to Appomattox Court House. Their rank and regiment is inscribed on their headstones, just as all veterans of all wars are remembered.

Please, have a socially acceptable politically correct day.


Only half the truth...

Yes, slavery was the primary economic system for almost all larger agricultural "nation-states" throughout history - from the ancient Egyptians to classical Greeks (Plato's utopian "Republic" depended on slaves to do all the boring work) to the pagan Roman Empire to the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans.

But it WAS actually Christianity (especially Catholic Christianity) that successfully fought against and eventually eliminated slavery within "Christendom" - Medieval Europe. It was only Christianity that moved Roman Empire economic slavery to non-slavery by 1200AD. Thomas Aquinas by then had directly articulated that slavery WAS a sin - but it then only existed on the fringes of Europe - the few pagan Vikings in the North and the Islamic world to the South. See this for more details: ulyweb-only/7-14-53.0.html

Also read Stark's book "The Victory of Reason".

So where did it all go so wrong starting in the 16th century and the new form of colonial RACIST slavery? It started with Luther and the Protestant Reformation and the inevitable "throwing the baby out with the bath water." The Magesterium of the Church - official Catholic doctrine and authority got very much weakened and the supposed "Age of Enlightenment" soon followed.

Here's the funny part - ALL the revered "libertarian" philosophers of that "Age" were actually racists - who believed as just "science" that basically WASPS (White Anglo Saxon Protestants) were superior and every other race inferior (including White Irish.)

This includes Locke, Kant, Hume, Voltaire, Jefferson, etc. etc. etc.

Compare Locke's investing in the Royal African Company and writing the Aristocratic slave-owning constitution of the Carolinas with his OTHER works on individual freedom and equality for "all" - all WASPs, actually - with the arguments of Bartolome de las Casas in the Valladolid debate - arguing successfully that Amer-Indians WERE fully human and deserving of all human rights despite their own level of societal development.

Even after the Civil War (again look up Georgia US Senator Alexander Stephens and his 1861 "Cornerstone speech") philosophical scientific racism merely morphed into "hard science" Eugenics racism which absolutely "proved" the truth of White superiority over all the other "lesser" races - the Yellow, Brown, Red, and Black races - in that order. Read just about ANY college level biology textbook published before 1950.

The actual purveyors of racism in the "modern" world - at least until WW2 was finished - were the liberal secular humanist scientists and politicians - all those Dem icons like Woodrow Wilson and FDR. It wasn't "ignorant Rednecks" or "fundamentalist Christians" or any OTHER kind of knowledgeable Christian and especially Catholics who fomented this crime - accept that many DID participate as either common sinners or misled by the same science that HAD been correct in so many other areas. But not this one.

It deserves a wider readership

Thank you.
And a very good little essay it is too.
What would be good is a similar thing from a man (I was reading about a bloke with this problem).

Poorly written.

Stop submitting this so-called writing.

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