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Thank you

Thanks for taking time to do this Q and A; helped me know you as a writer and person better. I love many of your stories; my favs are the ones with Bree, the Church Girl ones and some of the more intriguing incest stories. Best wishes and good luck getting to 400 stories. I'll be reading them along the way and enjoying them so much I am sure.

Hearing echoes of my own thoughts

#2 was the only part that didn't resonate with me, only because the only time I have ever wanted a cock as a body part was for easier watering of the trees while camping!

Thank you for continuing to share your stories, assplay and all!

The American Civil War was not fought over slavery

Interesting and straightforward. Those that are currently removing statues of Confederate soldiers refuse to acknowledge that the War between the States [ Sometimes referred to as the war of northern aggression :-) ] could possibly have been fought for reasons other than the defense of slavery by the South. A small percentage of the soldiers actually owned slaves and those from slave owning families totaled only around one third. It is hard to logically explain why two thirds of the soldiers fighting for the Confederacy were doing so to defend owning something they did not have.
Slavery was bad but as stated it has been around since humans first decided to conquer other humans and the US South did not have a monopoly on slavery with it being outlawed by Great Britain only in the first half of the 19th century.

I agree

I also find myself skimming the explicit to get back to the PLOT. As to Ghost, I own all of the series and agree that the second story of the first book is by far the worst, and the one I always skip when re-reading it. And about every two or three months
I re-read all of yours on Literotica, because your heroes always go behind the bedroom door without telling details, even most stories don't even require that. JustJ

sorry for being one of the 0.01%

I really appreciate your writings, I'll try to leave more comments in the future.
keep up the good work

Like a punch to the gut

i feel emotionally drained after reading this... i think thats a good thing, i'm not sure.
i have no words to describe what i think right now

Having read the first three books, the one consistent problem I've seen is actually developing the wrong characters. Maybe better to say that too much time is spent on the orc and not enough time on the psychological transformation going on in the poor lasses they corrupt. That's where the heat is.

The orcs are established as rather simple and brutish. Our antagonist in Elfin Descent is highlighted specifically because he's above average in orcish IQ, reading more than fighting. He's supposed to be abnormal because he's intelligent - but then he's still not smart enough to smoothly outwit his intended target and has to rely on humans to do some major legwork on his behalf.

That being the case, the "downfall" of the women must be based mostly in their own psyche. They succumb to their own lusts therefore the story benefits from illustrating that turmoil through the use of 'inner dialogue'.

Also, some of the suspension of disbelief is lost when a Princess is able to so easily escape her security and wander the back alleys so easily. Royal Guards are the best of the best and have only one task. They wouldn't be so easily left behind, especially when in hostile territory. In Zentarra, the idea worked somewhat because there were secret passages and an debaucherous ally in the handmaiden. In Descent, neither of those things existed and the princess was unfamiliar with the city.

Descent would have been leagues better if the non-consensual scenes were drawn out a bit more, and then equal time paid to the mental turmoil the princess was going through. Maybe have her confide in her handmaiden, getting her excited and interested in the debauchery. Maybe have the handmaiden corrupted unintentionally and then become an ally of the Orc because she's young, naive, and kinky. Or just have her convinced that the princess really does want the kink, so her handmaiden works to help her towards that goal.

Overall, the tales were entertaining. I never found a scene that really grabbed me as they all seemed to end very quickly, just as soon as you were getting into them. But, it was still a fun read. Will I read more? Hmm.....

You’re great!

Thanks for sharing with us :)


When I was in Okinawa in 1965 I would go to bars with women who would sit with men and talk for hours and sometimes there was sex and sometimes because I liked a woman. I enjoyed the sex, but never felt that these women were less than me. I was away from home and wanted someone to talk to so I wouldn't feel homesick. I even recall babysitting the children of women who worked in a brothel. A friend of mine gave me the idea. I got to know the women as friends and not sex objects.

I hope you don't mind that I saved a copy of your essay to my personal computer files.
I want to remember it. It could even be used for classes on how people of both sexes should be treated as equals.

Thanks for everything

Thanks for that read . It has made me find out more about my favorite author. I hope that wasn't scary cause the writing that you do turns me on so much I can cum in seconds and for that I thank you and my wife thanks you too....Keep up the great writing can't wait to read my and go bang my wife thanks .... xoxo

Really appreciate your time in writing

Been a huge fan for a while now and always eager for new releases. As with decent fore play a good build up always ticks the right boxes, other times it’s just as fun just to get on and fuck.
Probably why I enjoy the turning series as a short quick hit is just as enjoyable as a long slow build up
Ps if you’re ever in the UK and want to peg then I’ll be ready illing and very eager @iwanttobepegged

Much Appreciated

I’ve been reading your stories regularly for around 2 years now and I’m so glad you plan on continuing to write this year, it’s so hard to find good writers I feel, especially ones that also write stories about kinks that I am personally into. We share a lot of the same kinks which I find hilarious and great. I loved reading this tidbit about you and hope you’ll do another one sooner than December 2018. Please continue to write and publish your works for as long as possible, as long as you’re writing i’ll be reading (and cumming) 😁

I Hear You Anonymous!

I hear you re Angela. I was so sorry that I let my contact with her fade. It wasn't exactly intentional on my part, but I could have done more to stay in touch. To be honest, I wasn't sure where things would lead with Angela. I wasn't sure that I was potentially father material again, considering the young age of her daughter (3 years), and the fact that I had already gone through the experience with my boys. More fool me as it turned out as you read in my tale! My self confidence in relationship initiation was pretty low, but that is no real excuse. But point taken, Anonymous, I will ensure there are a minimum of loose ends in the next chapter coming soon...a real doozy of an experience let me tell you!!

for me nothing to beat the Bree stories of Lesbian MILF Seductress series, and also the Catching Mommy and Bedding the Babysitter series.
the ones i also love the most are the Rebecca illustrated stories. as she was my favorite illustrator long before i found you.
i illustrate all your stories on an MS Word file pasting pictures appropriate with the writing and using many Rebecca illustrations. and these four remain on my desktop to read every 2 to3 months.
oh did i tell you that you remain my all time favorite author and Rebecca remains my all-time lesbian illustrator?

What Happened to Angela

I liked her. I also hope your are not a writer who leaves many open threads when you end a story. We have too many of them already.

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