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skipping this

another faggot writing about cocks... 0/5

Can you cite your sources for both studies?

I'd like to look at the original studies to see what the overall distribution was among each group. With such extreme upper and lower limits for the African-American sample, I'm curious to see how much variance was in the distribution and whether those high upper limits skewed the average. Usually when you have a very high upper limit, you look at the median rather than the average. That's how it works for measuring the amount of money in the average American household. Because 1% of the population has around 95% of the wealth in this country, an average that included the entire population would be extremely skewed. I wonder if that's how it works in this case.

Double standard is not the way to accept sexuality

I've been an active bi-sexual or poly sexual man since 1980, when I fucked my first guy, a while after he had sucked me... Didn't feel strange or taboo to me, Several years later had my 1st 3some and that is where I was first bottomed, which became a turning point since for years I was the Alpha top male. After a few more 3somes with Matt and Beth, I eventually came to realize I loved sucking, rimming and getting fucked far more that topping. Living here in Vancouver affords me several bathhouses as well as a great site in Squirt. Excellent points on all cou ts. Keep up the fine stories, short and not so short. 😎

Thank you

Thanks for clearing my misconceptions. I spent 5 years of my life worrying about not being able to satisfy a woman. My penis is 4 and 1/2 inches when erect.

Fantasy not Reality (and a message to "Conflicted")

I don't wish to take away from what was written by the first Anonymous commenter in her (presumably "her") comment, "Conflicted". In fact, I'll have much more to say her comment momentarily, and I hope that she'll read-on to that part..

As to the poster, your question seems to conflate, at least to a degree, fantasy and reality. For example, my favorite incest fantasies involve siblings, where I (male) have sex with my sister, either as we're both adults or both teenagers. HOWEVER, I have less than zero desire to have sex with any of my real sisters. In fact, the thought disgusts me. There's no sexual attraction there. I find the fantasy of it though, with a made-up IMAGINARY sister, very exciting -- and so such erotica is arousing to read. Indeed, I had a girlfriend, who I do find very attractive, with whom I would engage this fantasy via role-playing -- she pretending to be my sister and me pretending to be her bother. (Her favorite fantasy was to role-play uncle/niece with me.)

My girlfriend before her, liked to role-play father/daughter with me. That was her favorite sex fantasy. Really, it was almost an obsession with her. Similar to my not really wishing to have sex with any of my actual sisters, this girlfriend had less than zero desire to have sex with her actual father. The thought disgusted her. She pretended though, during this sexual role-playing, that I (who she is attracted to) was her "Daddy" and she was my daughter and "princess" (I was very attracted to her) -- and it was very, very hot. Now, as to what makes this type erotica so popular...

For me, beyond the excitement of breaking taboos (not dirty taboos like anal sex, but erotica ones of seductive transgression), it comes down to deep intimacy. Sexual fantasy involving someone with whom I'm deeply intimate (though not sexual, starting-out in the fantasy), is everything to me. Sex with a paid sex-worker, no matter how hot or talented she might be, couldn't begin to compare to sex with someone with whom I share a deep intimacy. What deeper intimacy is shared than that between siblings and parent/child? (It also offers about the greatest taboo breaking.)

In a modern society where family is so fractured, where siblings and parent/child are often unnaturally separated at young age, and physical sex with other adults is the primary means, AS ADULTS, to recover lost childhood intimacy, the two naturally become combined in the growing popularity of incest erotica and role-playing. (I think that this is reason also, that pee-play is so popular. It's so intimate, and therefore so soul-satisfying. It's not really about dominance/submission, but deep intimacy.) Incest fantasy can offer very satisfying role-playing for a committed and trusting couple -- as long as it doesn't become a replacement for regular, more "normal", romantic and/or intimate love-making. And peeping, as used in role-playing, can be fun and erotic if done with the secret permission of the other, who pretends to not know that s/he is being peeped upon, while teasing the other. It can eve be erotic between REAL siblings, if there is attraction and trust (and not a drastic age difference, implying REAL violation).

Now, to come around to the "Conflicted" comment... I very much understand. To the commenter, I'm sorry that you've had to experience this trauma. I'll share with you that, part of the reason that one of my girlfriends most enjoyed the father/daughter role-playing is, not only because of lost intimacy with her actual father, but because that intimacy was lost SPEFICALLY due to his sexual inappropriateness with her when she was a child. The father/daughter role-playing that she initiated in our sex-life offered her a chance to relive that situation, only now with her being in control, and doing it with someone she didn't resent or fear and found attractive (me). I found it to be quite a turn-on.

Even though she played the daughter and I the father, and even though in the role-playing I was sometimes taking advantage of her (sometimes though, acting the loving father engaging in sex play with her consent, even with her teasing and "innocent" enticement of me)... the REALITY is that, SHE was in control of this role-playing. It progressed according to HER script. SHE had the power and control over my sexual desire for her. This was healing for her. She is now a confident, happy and successful person in life (wasn't so much when she and I first met). HOWEVER...

Unfortunately for me, I was USED by her for this healing (and, honestly, even for her lust). This is why I say it is VERY important to only engage such fantasy with someone you completely trust. I knew she was using me, but it still left me devastated when she dumped me, as I was so in love with her. In the beginning, she was in love with me too, and we would make love. Toward the end, all she wanted was the kink. This is why I say that it's so important that the fantasy/role-playing/kink, while great/good/hot in a LOVING relationship, should never become a replacement for ACTUAL love-making. If you're not both in love, forget it. Where's the intimacy in a case like that? Without intimacy, what's the point? Her life was restored through our relationship, even uplifted beyond what it ever had been. My life was destroyed by that relationship. I didn't have to be that way.

Anyway, again for the commenter who wrote "Conflicted", I would recommend trying role-playing incest fantasy with your husband, with he acting in the role of your sexually abusive relation from childhood, and with you in complete control of the way the fantasy plays-out. I only recommend this if he is very loving, patient and caring toward you, you are both in love, and you completely trust each other in both faithfulness and not hurting each other. Let's pretend that your abuser, like my past girlfriend's, was your father (I don't know, maybe it was your uncle, or older brother)...

In the fantasy role-playing with your husband as your father, as you "allow" him to be sexually abusive with you, maybe even teasing him into it (never the truth in REAL life), a few things need to happen:

1) Admit to yourself and to him that you're turned-on and excited about it. Bring that verbally into the role-play. "Daddy, you're making my pee pee tingly." The reason many women are so messed-up for so long over incest (beyond the obvious violation of trust by a loved one when most vulnerable), is that they remember feeling the sexual desire, feeling aroused and good, maybe even intensified feelings of love for the transgressor -- and they felt this when the abuse happened at the hands of the loved one! This is COMPLETLY NATURAL AND UNAVOIDABLE, yet, many women are left feeling guilty over this, use it as a reason to blame themselves, and are thus unable to heal. It's NOT your fault.

Just because it may have felt good sexually, just because you may have wanted your father's (for example) love, attention and approval, doesn't meant that it wasn't still abuse by the ADULT. Similarly, MAYBE, you "allowed" your abuser to see you in your panties as a child, knowing this would get his attention. You are STILL innocent and acting normally for a child caught in such an abnormal situation. There is NO reason for guilt on your part. HE was the adult. Teasing your "daddy" in fantasy role-playing can be part of your healing. More on that in a moment.

2. Understand that your husband will most likely be highly turned-on by this fantasy for reasons I've covered toward the beginning of this commentary (which doesn't meant that he's not ALSO engaging it for your healing). That does NOT make him your abuser and it does not mean that he would ever think of doing something like this in reality to his ACTUAL daughter (assuming the father/daughter scenario). DO NOT fear that all men are like your abuser, just because most of us can be turned-on by such role-playing. Most men would like to kill other men who do such things in REALITY!

Daddy fantasies, as you probably know, are in the top five of most women's sexual fantasies. Most women wouldn't dream of having sex with their actual fathers and would be disgusted by the idea! It's not their REAL father they make-up during such fantasy, but an IMAGINAL one. It is exactly the same for men. They don't imagine their REAL daughters and couldn't possibly go there. Those that do are sick.

3. The script of the role-playing needs to transition at some point in the scenario, each time it is engaged, and/or as part of multiple engagements over time. The fantasy needs to move from one of transgression, to one of challenge, with you saying, for example, "Stop, you're raping me Daddy, your own little girl!" The fantasy then needs to transition to one of confession and apology on his part, "I'm sorry. I know this is wrong princess, but you're so hot, and I love you so much". It then needs to transition to one of acceptance and forgiveness on your part, "I love you too Daddy. This is naughty but it feels so good. You were very bad though. I was so innocent and you abused me like I was big girl. I forgive you. Make love to your princess, Daddy."

Obviously, I REALLY oversimplified things, but you get the idea of how this needs to move over time -- from a place of reliving the abuse in an erotic way with someone you love (your husband) wile you're in complete control, to one of "naughty" incest and consensual lovemaking with no transgression, to, finally, a place with no need/desire for this role-playing at all. After it has done its job, it'll no longer satisfy or be needed -- but you'll love your husband more deeply for having shared this intimate journey of healing with you, and you'll be satisfied by simply making love to each other. This is where I wish it had gone for me with my x-girlfriend, instead of leaving me feeling used, abused and discarded by someone I so loved.

The whole time during this role-play, obviously, you won't want to be thinking of your real father (again, assuming him the abuser). You most likely couldn't possibly do that anyway, as it would be a turn-off to you, and bring-up angry, resentful feelings. (Those feeling need to be dealt with separately in prayerful meditation as part of this process.) You will be focused on your HUSBAND, who you love, trust and are attracted to, ACTING, as your transgressing but loving father, who is turned-on by his hot little girl. His focus will be on you (NOT any actual daughter), ACTING as his naughty little princess, with him, maybe, even blaming you for his hard-on -- but you both know who is the "adult" in this role-play.

Anyway, this can/may heal your situation as long you maintain complete power and control in the role-playing. (You may PRETEND to have no power in the role-play, recalling your childhood situation, but, here, now, you actually have ALL the power over the script and all the power over your husband's desire for you). This sexual healing of deep intimacy will give you power, confidence, peace and joy in your life. You have to learn to love sex with your husband. To get there, you must heal this situation from your childhood. Your husband can offer help like no other. Nothing offers healing like deeply intimate lovemaking.

Maybe, after a year or more of such healing love, you'll be strong enough to confront your actual childhood abuser, followed, eventually, by forgiveness for him and your complete healing and restorative wholeness of you soul -- and forgiveness is a must (you may lose your husband without it), which doesn't mean, necessarily, you ever need a relationship with your abuser again (that is totally dependent on HIS attitude and actions, and whether or not YOU need and/or want a relationship with him again). Honor your husband in the sexual healing process and don't dump him after getting your healing, not if he loves you.

I hope this helps.


Just what scale of change can macro-magic work on this world anyway?
Has anybody else been using it to mess with the world and its peoples?

My opinion

"I am firmly convinced that limp-wristedness is the main reason this story got hate." That actually has little to do with the disappointment this story has given. There's a whole myriad of issues to go into so I'll just start listing them. First off there's the pacing. The chapters before the pony ride one were beautifully done the characters were enjoyable and you had me actually longing for her to give into Trogar. Then all of a sudden that beautiful descent becomes a huge fast paced spiral. By the time of her being "tricked" into doing it with him on the stage development is irrelevant and that scene could have happened even earlier and Id be just as invested.

Secondly the characters. Trogar started out fine but then it became clear he had no actual skill in seducing characters, but the plot demads he suceed so he's simply handed everything. Which combined with how stupid Lyrenia becomes after Trogar "rescues" her makes for an infuriating read. Also Soliel's anger seems to come from nowhere and has little explanation or fleshing out.

And no I don't just want slutty princesses running around as I believe the first 9 chapters of this are some of the best you've written, however it needs to not take a back seat to the kink of the week and stay character driven. (With a competent instigator)


I didn't even get one work accepted into my high school's


I think you've been in my mind!

written with emotion

In my experience the comments I have received in literotica were fair.
The most aggresive came by people that really like a catergory and think that my story didn't fit there. I don't have a problem with that.
What I don't like are one line or one word comments that don't explain anything to the writer.
If you as a reader don't write what you didn't like how can the writer know?

Was it Potatoes with Percodan?

I'm sure that's against regulations. As for sex in space, I am sure NASA implanted the women with Nexplanon a birth control device good for a minimum of three years. However, looking at the men on the trip, that would do it for at least six years by itself. Back to science, the ship did not go around the sun, it went around the earth, and then back to Mars, no need for the extra miles on the credit card. The NASA administrator was perfect, an absolute idiot where science was involved. Probably a good administrator, but couldn't get two people to march in a straight line in a hallway. As far as getting a flat tire, nothing to worry about. They use run-flat tires, no air needed here. The one thing you missed was he never lost weight while waiting to be rescued. One-half of one-half of whatever that thing was he was eating, plus a potato or two with each meal, and he never lost an ounce with all the work he was putting in. I wish it would happen to me, actually, I don't, I wish I could gain some weight instead of losing it. I want to thank you for all your comments on my work. I can't tell you how much it means to me as a writer to hear back from good people like you and know that you matter to them. Keep up the good scientific work, and I promise I will also. Bob

How did they do it?

I imagine the same way they get sperm donors "up and at em' at sperm banks.

Never mind all of that

What interests me is how these researchers went about the task of measuring all of those dicks. I presume the dicks had to be erect first before measuring, right? Maybe the researchers were selected because they were smoking-hot and wore tight-fitting white lab coats, strategically unbuttoned.

Now that is an interesting premise for a story!

The actual truth tudy-probes-average-penis-size/

"Although they couldn’t find any significant evidence for a relationship between penis size and race, they note that conclusions can’t be drawn since the vast majority of measurements were from Caucasians."

Excellent essay.

Very well put. I love giving, but if I don't receive what I need, it's a real boner and sex life killer.

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