tagAdult ComicsClaudia's Dangerous Game

Claudia's Dangerous Game


The temptation and fall of a previously faithful wife, whose husband proves to be his own worst enemy.

  • The game begins...

    Claudia Thorssen lay flat out on her bed and sighed. She was not alone, her husband of seven years, John, lay on top of her and gently eased his cock inside her juicy pussy as she spread her legs wide. She'd spent the past twenty or so minutes sucking her husband, trying her utmost to make him hard enough to penetrate her and now he was finally inside. She smiled to herself at the accomplishment: it was strange to think that in the early days of their marriage he had sported an almost continual erection, but now it required her considerable oral skills to bring him to full attention.

  • x

    The same thought was also tinged with a little sadness as she recalled the main reason for his lack of hardness - their 'game'. If she was honest, she had to admit that the frequency and raw passion of their lovemaking had dwindled over the years, from every single day down to once a week by the time they had reached their sixth anniversary. Then a chance remark at the last company Christmas party (her company, not his) had led them to the game. A new Vice President had joined the company and John had noticed him checking Claudia out as they mingled with the throng of party-goers. He mentioned this to her on the way home and she'd laughed, telling him she was now 'too old and past it' to be attracting that kind of male attention. He had jokingly thrown down a challenge, a bet, which said the next time they went out he'd bet $20 that if she sat at the bar and he moved away for 15 minutes then some guy would try to hit on her. Naturally competitive she'd taken the bet, but he insisted she played fair and dressed attractively, no dull and dowdy clothing allowed, and didn't do anything unusual to put any man off approaching her. Long story short he'd been right - within 5 minutes of him 'disappearing' and leaving her sitting at that bar she'd been hit on twice by different men.

  • x

    She had to admit it had boosted her ego and made her feel very attractive, very sexy, and when he suggested trying it again a few days later she had readily agreed. But over the past three months it had become more and more of a feature of their sexual activity, with John needing to hear her fantasize to him as they fucked, as well as see her flirt with strangers in public. And right now, as she felt his cock beginning to lose it's stiffness she knew what was needed to keep him at full mast. "So baby" she whispered, her hips rocking gently, "did you like watching me in that bar last night, when that man tried to feel me up?" He groaned, kissing her neck as her words spilled out into his ear.
    "Did you see where he put his hand? See him put it up the inside of my thigh as I sat on that bar stool, sliding it slowly up until it was under my short skirt?" She felt his breathing quicken and his body tensed, but his cock was becoming rock hard as she taunted him and it felt so good to have that inside her. Her hips raised up and her legs spread wider, taking him as deeply as she could.
    She whispered to him in a low, husky voice, like she was confessing some wicked thing she had done. "And did you know he touched me? You couldn't have seen but his fingertips touched my pussy through my panties, rubbing up and down my pussy lips. He could feel my dampness because I was so excited... am I a bad wife for wanting his touch?"

  • x

    Just as the last word left her lips she felt him judder and he groaned loudly into her neck, and she felt the cock spurt inside, pumping his cum into her aching hot hole. "OH NO, not again!" she thought to herself and knew he was finished. Yet again John had cum far too quickly and left her aroused and frustrated. Claudia lay motionless while her husband’s quickly softening dick slid out from within her body, swiftly followed by the load of sticky cum he had deposited just moments ago, and which now ran thickly down into the crack of her ass. He moaned softly “I’m sorry babe, I couldn’t hold back...” and she squeezed her eyes shut, hands clutching at the bed sheet in sheer frustration. “It’s ok... I understand honey” she whispered, keeping her voice deliberately low to avoid revealing her desperate disappointment. He shifted his bulk from on top of her and rolled to the side, laying flat on his back with a forearm casually draped over his eyes. Claudia kept perfectly still, senses on fire from the recent lovemaking but the raging desire not quenched... God but her pussy needed to be fucked, and fucked hard, but that wasn’t happening and it was sheer torture! This was fast becoming a regular and unwanted feature of their sex life. John using his fantasy of her sexual role play with a stranger to get them both revved up, and then ejaculating within minutes of starting, leaving her aroused and frustrated in equal measure. At first she hadn’t wanted this fantasy, it was all his idea. But she had to admit she found the dirtiness of it arousing and once she started she so badly wanted - needed - to cum. She wanted to be fucked and her husband just wasn’t getting the job done.

  • x

    Oh, god, she was so fucking horny! She glanced over at him, checking that he was asleep. Then she reached down and rubbed her clit. God, she needed an orgasm. With her other hand she pinched her nipples. Guiltily, she fantasized about a stranger fucking her. She rolled over and slid quietly off the bed, not wanting to disturb John, who by now had drifted off to sleep in his own, post orgasmic satisfaction.
    Silently she exited the bedroom and entered the bathroom, locking the door behind her. She sat on the toilet and spread her slender legs, opening up her throbbing pussy to her probing fingers. Tears of frustration formed in the corners of her eyes, and she felt guilty and ashamed, but her need for release was too great so biting her bottom lip to stifle her moans, she began to finger fuck her pussy with passionate intensity.

  • x

    Caressing the outer lips first, then concentrating on flicking her swollen clit she drove herself wild with unbridled pleasure until finally, dramatically, she plunged three rigid fingers deep into her sopping wet cunt and thrust her hips violently to meet them. Her body shook, went into spasm, then collapsed on the toilet seat.

  • x

    She sat perfectly still and listened... No sound from the bedroom so he hadn’t been woken by her orgasm. That was good, but this couldn’t continue. Claudia wanted more, much more than just hand relief. It wasn’t fair.

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