tagAdult ComicsRoot lock or Mool bandh Mudra

Root lock or Mool bandh Mudra


When Orgasm is in in full flow sudden inhalation of breath and Kegelian valve ( Svadisthana yogic chakra/center) squeezure results in a unique , erotic pain and sexperience which if a man has not experienced he has Not lived,,,.... But don't worry the watery transparent pre cum will escape as soon as breath is expelled and the Mool bandh root locked mudra is relaxed at tye base of the Lingam/ phallus/ penis/ cock!!! Thus toxins are flushed out twce a month and the Prostate gland stays lean , mean and healthy!!! But the Yogic Tejas or whitish portion of Semen which cometh from the bone marrow is retained in the Yogi's possession: it's pure
Testosterone Gold!!!

  • This Yogi likes to see Spanking porn to ' harden' his Lingam

    Before indulging in Yogic masturbation once in fifteen dayz!!!

  • And another porno cartoon by Ash9

    Gals getting their asses smacked always exciteth. Ash9!!!

  • The Yogi's hand moves like a blu-rrr on the upper portion of the Lingam

    Taking care not toimpact the hair trigger at the Svadisthana chakra or Kegelian valve t tye base of tye Masculine Organ or Lngam!!! As he watches porn/ spankology cartoons and stimulates his Lingam/penis tye tsunami of Semen starts to erupt!!!

  • Some more spanking porn!!,

    The heart desires more:
    Girly git on the floor
    Wiggle yer' butt like before
    While i spank and drive you outta' the door
    So tgat U put up a sexy show for your neighbour!!!

  • Smaaaack! Ouch!? Sob ?! Slap!

    Spank! Spank !! Spaaaank!!!

  • He inhales sharply , squeezes the Kegelian valve shut, holds position and breath

    And silently chants ' Jai Sri Lingam!' Or Victory Lord Penis!!!
    The river of Semen now cruelky cutoff tries to batter the Mool Bandh Dam futilely but an erotic , pleasurabke pain is felt by the Yogi at the Svadisthana chakra!!! O blissful Pain: continue

  • Smaack ! Slaaap!! Spaaaank!!!

    As soon as the Yogi relaxes the Kegelian valve tge watery portion shoots out : tge White portion stays within!!! The watery precum cones from food and it's loss doth Not affect th Yogi but tge white cometh from Bone Marrow and the Yogi retains it!!!

  • Then for next fifteen days Yogi abstains from Yogic masturbation......

    And then repeats after 15 days so that he yogically masturbates twice a month!! If tge watery precum does not escape in one go Yogi repeats procedure twice until all toxins are flushed outta' the Mooladhara chakra or Prostate gland!!! Meanwhile " smaaack

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