Hanging Tree


There was a time when my wife and I went through some kinky and daring sexcapades. I often took the lead, placing Joyce in various precarious situations of exposing herself in public places. One drunken evening at a luxury resort, I got her to pose completely naked on a pool table we found in an uninhabited room of the hotel. I even got some great photos of the event. Another time we made love in many positions on a golf course at night. Then there was the time I exposed her in front of several men at the Red Rooster in Las Vegas while I directed her to grab hold of two cocks and allowed a different stranger's mouth on each of her breasts. One of her tit suckers happened to be our taxi driver for the way back to our hotel, who I didn't mention to her until after we left the cab. Those few adventures were certainly memorable times.

The list goes on and on. Joyce asked me once why she was the one who was always on display. I told her I would be happy to exchange roles, but she never initiates the scenario. "Besides", I said, "men don't want to see me naked and very few women are into sexual games like men can be. I can't think of any man who wouldn't want to see you naked". She smiled and kept silent after that statement, as if mulling over a thought or two in her head.

I own an insurance company that employs about ten people at any given time. During the time of this story I am about to tell, there were eight females and two males. Cheryl is our cute bubbling receptionist and my personal secretary. She is young, attractive, smiles constantly, and has a great set of legs. There is Scarlet, who is short, skinny, has a scratchy voice, and looks older than she probably is due to the amount of sun she exposes to her already wrinkly face and body. Jane is the professional, very poised, tall and well proportioned in all assets of her body, hair usually done up, and has a thing about clearing her throat..."ah..hem".

There is Kim, a short and beautiful oriental gal, who fits nicely into all the tight clothes she normally wears. She always displays plenty of cleavage, which tempts me with the difficult task of trying to avert my eyes given our professional office environment. She too has a distinctive voice, with high sexy overtones. Of course Barbara is the tall, jolly, and slightly overweight comedian with a noticeably large bust.

Three other women are all married, strictly 9-to-5 and very prim and proper. George is also married and a family man.

Lastly, there is Jason, our flamboyant and gay leaning male.

I am close to all of my employees and while I like to be friends with all of them, I try to maintain a professional relationship in the office. Christmas office parties though, I have been known to drink more than I should and find myself singing songs in front of my cohorts when I probably should keep my singing to the shower only.

Still, I can't help myself from admiring the women in my office. I can never tire of glancing at Cheryl's shapely legs, especially when she bends over and her dress rides up her pert ass and exposes more of her taught upper thighs. Jane has a robust figure that screams out sexuality, even though she seldom ever lets her hair down. Barbara hides a rack on her chest that cannot be overlooked. Kim has a tight curvy body all over and her cleavage practically calls out to me. Scarlet, though not very sexy in appearance, exudes the suggestion she craves sex.

I shy away from eyeing the married ones and although I project a professional demeanor in front of all my staff, I can't help myself appreciating and fantasizing their special female qualities too sometimes.

My wife and I have a very satisfying sex life. We try to keep it interesting by spicing it up from time to time, but I never expected what was soon to occur.

I suspected she was up to something when my Birthday was fast approaching and I noticed her whispering or talking to several of my employees when she thought she was out of sight and earshot. She knows I hate Birthday parties thrown for supposedly my benefit, so I couldn't imagine what she was up to. However, on a Saturday, when my Birthday did arrive, I found out she did have something planned. She grabbed a bag and had me get in the car and we went for a drive out in the country. She told me to turn here and there and we were soon several miles out of town. We past a café along the roadside and soon turned up a hillside dirt road for another several miles. I knew the area, but I had never been up this road before. We came upon a flat plateau out in the middle of nowhere with grassy plains and a few large trees. She told me to pull over near one of the big trees in the middle and turn off the car.

"I have a very special day planned for you, but I need you to cooperate a little," she said.

Looking around at the desolate area, I simply said "ok".

She reached in her bag and pulled out a blindfold, one that was designed to keep from peeking out from around the edges. "Here, put this on, but first..." She handed me the blindfold and reached back into her bag and brought out a couple of Velcro wrist cuffs. "Put these on too," she said smiling.

I smiled back and did as she asked. It wasn't the first time one or the other wore these cuffs. I put the cuffs securely on and then donned the blindfold.

"Open your door and step out of the car," she told me as I heard her car door open and her getting out and closing her door. By the time I slowly got out and stood up Joyce was in front of me and I heard her drop her bag she must have brought from the car.

"Take off your shirt. It's my turn to be the Director," she assertively ordered. It was summer and I was only wearing a tank top, shorts with no underwear, and flip flops.

I pulled off my shirt and held it out for her to take, which she did. "Now your shorts".

I knew we were alone. The sun was out and I would likely get a burn in undesirable locations if I stayed out like this for too long. But I didn't argue. Obviously, my wife wanted this experience to please me in some fashion and I didn't want to ruin her plan, whatever it may be. I unbuckled my belt, unsnapped my button and unzipped my zipper. I pulled down my shorts, carefully taking off one flip flop at a time to remove my shorts completely. I stood up straight feeling the warm breeze upon my now naked body, standing by my car in this open field. I won't brag, but I have a fairly good build for a forty-year-old on this day and stand at six feet even.

Joyce guided me away from the car door, apparently threw my clothes inside and closed the door. I heard her pick up the bag and she took my hand leading me away from the car. We walked about 50 paces before she stopped and released my hand. "Stand still for a minute".

I noticed the sun was no longer beating down on me. We must have gone under the shade of the tree. I could hear what sounded like a blanket being shaken out. She took my hand again and walked me a few steps and turned me around. Somewhere, she came up with a strap to affix to my right wrist cuff. Then she adjusted me and repeated binding my left wrist cuff. Soon she was adjusting the straps pulling my arms straight out parallel to the ground. There was no discomfort, but my arms were tightly secure with very little play for movement. She removed my flip flops and I felt my bare feet touching a blanket. I next felt her attaching ankle cuffs and binding them to what I imagined were more straps. When she was almost finished, she tightened the pull of my legs to about 3 feet apart. Not only did I feel totally unable to move my limbs, but the widening of my legs also had the effect of a tighter strain on my arms. If she wanted me to feel totally bound and at her mercy, she succeeded.

She then bent my neck down and gave me a wet juicy kiss. To my surprise, she transferred a pill of some sort from her mouth to mine. Then put a water bottle to my mouth and pulled my head back by grabbing the hair on the back of my head. I could only guess it was one of my Viagra pills by the shape and size. Normally, if I would take one, I would only bite off a third of a pill at a time. If my guess was correct, I will soon be susceptible to hard-ons for the next 4-6 hours if that is her goal.

"I forgot something I'm gonna' need. I'm going to that café we passed a few miles down the road. I should be back within half an hour or so."

"What?" I exclaimed. "You're going to leave me like this"?

"Yep," she laughed. "You'll be fine. If anyone drives by, pretend you're a statue". She gave me another kiss. "Happy Birthday darling".


"Bye," her voice was already fading in the distance.

Within minutes I could hear our car driving down the road, 'till only silence and a calm breeze could be heard rustling the leaves in the trees and the tall grass in the field. Occasionally a bird or two could be heard chirping in the near distance. I felt pretty silly being bound to a tree, spread eagled, and as naked as the birds chirping above me. I tested my restraints. No. Not gonna' happen.

It seemed like forever, until what must have been about 20 minutes since Joyce gave me that pill, I felt a flush in my head. I could sense my face heating up. It must be the Viagra taking effect. Joyce must only have been gone about 15 minutes if that was the case. Only another 15 minutes or so until she returns, hopefully.

Do I hear a car? I could swear I hear... It's getting louder. Do I hear voices? Oh great. Again, I ineffectively tugged at my bonds. I'm in trouble. From what I remember from when I could see, there is no way anyone is going to miss the sight of me, being no more than 50 paces off the road. Maybe if...nah...I'm screwed. The car...cars? There is more than one car? Could this get any worse?

Voices were getting louder and I could almost distinguish a word here and there. They are driving pretty fast. Maybe...

"Hey, slow down!" A female voice shouts out the window. "Pull over. Look! There!"

" OH MY GOODNESS!" Another female voice's sound wave was sent in my direction.

Busted. Joyce...where are you! A chill ran through my body and I felt very naked at being discovered in my current state.

I heard a car pull to a stop close by. Female voices are chattering in a state of excitement. I hear another car pull to a stop. More voices. One sounds male. Most sound female. What! A third car? Maybe one is Joyce.

"Let's get out! Let's check it out!" Doors are opening.

I would be panicking if there was anything I could do. I heard doors slamming, footsteps coming closer. Three cars of people? Is one my Joyce? This is going to be humiliating? OH NO! I feel a twitch between my legs. NO! STOP IT! I don't need a hard-on now! My face felt flush and my embarrassment was growing, as was my previously soft dick.

"He's totally naked and tide up."

"He's blindfolded. He can't see us," this last voice came from a male.


"Why shhhsh? He's tied up."

More footsteps approach.

"What the...would you look at that?" A new female voice enters the fray.

That voice...sounds like...

"Look. His penis is getting bigger."

Pretend I'm a statue. Pretend I'm a statue. Yeah, like that's gonna' help my situation. And tell that to my enlarging pecker.

"I'll bet we can get it bigger," a scratchy voice said. I could sense her approach nearing my person.

"AHH!" I screeched and jerked my restraints from the surprise touch of a hand on my member. All thoughts of striking up a conversation were in a state of confusion. I was thinking Joyce would come to my rescue. Maybe they would leave me be. Those thoughts were over when further contact with my penis was initiated.

The mystery hand surrounded the base of my cock and stroked it gently with a dainty little hand. It actually felt quite pleasurable. "Look! It's getting harder...and bigger." She continued to stroke my cock. I felt my foreskin tighten when my dick quickly grew to full length, normally that would be seven inches.

"Let go. Let's take a look." Strangely, this came from the guy.


"Wow. I had no idea," said a female voice.

What? No idea? Who? That voice sounds almost like...

"Give it a lick," said the male voice.

"You give it a lick."


What? That's a male voice. Isn't it?

It's not like I had any choice in the matter. I was bound tight. My cock felt like it was hard as a rock and pointing to the sky. I sensed a human presence kneel before me. "AHHH!" He/She grabbed my balls.

"He seems to be sensitive there," he/she chuckled. While a hand was still wrapped around my testicles, I felt a wet tongue lick the underside of my shaft.

"Uhmm," I tried to squirm free...or maybe not. It could have been an involuntary action. I really don't know. Whether I liked it or not, and I did like it, there was nothing I could do. I felt so on display, so exposed, so naked, and unable to free my bonds even if I wanted to. The sensations coming from that tongue was doing something for me.

Then I felt the wet/warm sensation of a mouth engulf the tip of my cock. "Uhmm," again, an involuntary groan.

The mouth became more and more aggressive, taking my now excited and throbbing dick deeper and deeper with each stoke. After about 3 minutes and what must have been quite a show from the feel of it and the quietness of the crowd, the mouth came to a stop.

"Mmmm! Nice cock. Anyone else want to give it a whirl? I think I'll check out his ass." If that is a man, I could be in trouble.

The female with the scratchy throat said, "I'll suck on it for a while".

Where do I know that voice? It couldn't be...could it? "OWW!"

A slap on my left cheek sounded out loud for all to hear and left a sting too. Things started happening all of a sudden. My balls were once again groped, my ass cheeks were being massaged, my cock was being engulfed in a different warm mouth, and all of a sudden I feel a tongue on my anus. That had to be a guy. Then one, two, three, no four sets of hands started touching everywhere I had available skin.

My head and face were being caressed, until my head was bent forward, "Ahem" a warm pair of lips attacked my lips. I reciprocated the kiss when a tongue darted deep in and around my mouth, teasing my tongue which responded in turn. JANE. It had to be Jane who was kissing me.

That must be Scarlet, doing an incredible job sucking my cock. She must be taking in five inches from what I could tell.

And what the hell? Is that Jason who took me in his mouth and is now reaming my ass hole with his tongue?

Who else? I thought I heard voices from Barbara, Cheryl and Kim? This had to be orchestrated by Joyce. Is she here somewhere?

"Mmmm," was all I could get out of my mouth. This feels so great. Jane was going wild in my

mouth, until all of a sudden she pulled off.

"I want his cock!" Could that be from my uptight and respectable Jane?

Scarlet pulled off and almost immediately thereafter a new warm mouth took my cock down to the base, a full seven inches. Thoughts of Linda Lovelace flashed through my mind. Jane. Is there no end to this woman's talents?

A new pair of lips joined mine. The only one tall enough would be Barbara. She went at me with a passion.

A new hand was playing with my balls. Cheryl? Kim?

What is Jason doing back there? His tongue was entering the inside of my anus. It felt quite good, really, but Jason?

Either Cheryl or Kim just took my balls into their mouth and their tongue swirled my testicles almost with pain attached...almost. Whoever it was must have been the one squeezing my right leg for balance. There was a lot of activity going on down there, too much pleasure to keep track of all at once.

Jane was doing a fantastic job on my cock and I began wondering how long I could hold out. Since my mouth was busy and full of a lusty tongue from Barbara, there really wasn't much warning I could give. Sorry Jane. Ready or not...

"UMMMPH! UMMPH!" Barbara released her hold on my mouth as she sensed a change in my focus. "AAAH! AAAH!" My orgasm was so powerful, I don't remember when I felt so much pressure released from my ball sack. "AAAH!"

Jane was amazing. She held her mouth passionately steady and swallowed every ejaculation with four or five inches of cock sill pumping her orally. Talented at giving bow jobs. Who would have thought?

Barbara couldn't stand it anymore and reattached her mouth to mine, thereafter I could only groan out muffled noises of ecstasy.

I was close to passing out. The bonds holding my wrists were taught, now holding my limp body. My knees gave way with the little slack that was available. Everyone around me took a momentary break and separated from my naked and temporarily exhausted body. That was an amazing orgasm. This special day's event was sure to be memorable and one to fantasize about for years to come. I was enjoying the break of peace and calm, thinking everyone would soon disperse and drive away.

"AAWOW!" My shock came like a jolt from an unexpected lightning bolt. Jason apparently lubed up a finger and slid it up my rectum. It startled me more than anything else and I immediately stood tall again. At least as tall as a spread eagled man could stand anyway. He first explored the boundary of his extended finger's reach. Then he began stroking and kept pumping me up the ass with increasing frequency, which grew the attention of my female office workers it seemed.

"Hee hee hee. That woke him up Ja...ooops." Sounds like Barbara.

I could hear the rustle of feet scrambling behind me.

"Nice ass," someone with a sexy voice sounding like Kim said. "Makes you want to slap it".


"Owwwa," I reacted.

"Why don't you really give it to him? I'd love to watch," again guessing this comment came from Kim.

"Me too." This last voice sounded familiarly like my wife's.

"Huh?" was all that came out of me.


"Wooo Hooo!" Then hoards of cheers and laughter followed.

No. This couldn't really be happening.

"Stick it to him!" Scarlet?

"Yeah, this ought to be good." Once again Kim seemed to be a big fan of my not being able to defend my manhood and being put in this vulnerable and humiliating position. She was about to watch her boss, tied up, in the nude, about to be violated by another man's cock, and all in the presence of being embarrassed in front of his employees (...or group of strangers, if she thought I was still being fooled.). Maybe she wanted some payback. Or maybe she was a little on the kinky side. And was that my wife who essentially gave Jason the "go ahead and fuck my husband"?

In any case, I was about to be publically humiliated by being butt-fucked in front of my office employees. My face must have been turning beet red, as I felt another distinct flush in my face. I tested my bonds again for any hope of weakness. I clenched my butt muscles in a feeble attempt to close my exposed entry.

I heard Jason's pants being removed, then apparently his underwear.

"Wow! You're huge! Here, let me lube it up for you. You need to get it good and hard and he's going to need plenty of lube from the size of you. You must be at least eight or nine inches and you're not even fully erect yet." That was Jane's voice. Prim and proper Jane? I never knew this side of her.

"I can't believe I'm watching this." Cheryl?

I can't believe this is happening!

"OK, I think I'm ready to ream me a new one," Jason roared in his slightly gay accent.

NO. NO. NO! My mid torso squirmed trying to avoid the inevitable.

Jason grabbed my hips with his two large hands and pulled me backwards a foot or two. This action exposed my butt cheeks giving the impression I was asking for it.

"Stick it in. Stick it in. Stick it in." That was without a doubt the voice of my wife.

Soon everybody joined in. "Stick it in! Stick It In! STICK IT IN!"

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