tagErotic PoetryA Beautiful Moment!

A Beautiful Moment!


You hold me close and whisper softly
With unbridled lust my pulses hunger
Your sudden closeness lights a flame
and your kisses add fuel to the fire
Your hardening cock stiffens as I trace it's solid length with my nail painted the way you like them.
I stick my tongue out at you and spark instant desire in you
Sighing as I close my eyes I slip my forefinger between my lips and suck it in and out
Watching your cock harden some more I trail another finger around an aroused nipple
You watch my movements almost holding your breath
as I roll it between my forefinger and thumb enjoying the sensations before I gently cup my breast smiling at you
I move my tongue provocatively over my upper lip
moving it around and towards you
Bending I lick the tip of your hardness before pushing it to the back of my throat and I suck your cock up and down for a while
My cheeks hollow as I play and your seduction is now nearly over and your expression is priceless
You cannot wait a second longer
as you pull my finger away and replace it with your rock hard cock that is nodding with excitement and oozing pre-cum
I lick the salty liquid away before I circle the head
Closing my eyes I dribble on it and lap noisily
It slips to the back of my throat and back out again and as I play with your full balls we rock in a steady motion
I arch my back as I listen to you moan circling the barrel with my tongue before it disappears inside as my head bobs I delight your soul so intimate, so yours
There is no stopping now we are too close to the edge
And I am loving every sexy second
The passion and the power thrills me and there is no going back as you fill my hunger to the brim
You explode your warm salty seed soon filling my tiny mouth and throat
I swallow it all as I hear you scream my name as it seeps from the corners of my mouth and dribbles down my chin
You pull me up and holding my head and kiss my lips tasting and sharing our intimate moment
I see shooting stars as you touch my pounding clit and I spill over riding the same rising wave
before fully swallowing your spunk.

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by BVMLover01/01/18

Beautiful, indeed!

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