tagErotic PoetryA Big Dick For Her

A Big Dick For Her


A big dick feels right
In her pussy hole
Her pussy feels so tight
When he fucks her with his pole

His dick is up inside
In her tightest space
He's fucking his little ride
Fucking her and kissing her face

Her pussy is so wet
Tits are shaking side to side
They both begin to sweat
Pussy and cock collide

Legs wrapped around
She moans and coos
Making her fucking sounds
His girl loves to screw

Deeper strokes now
Pussy making farting noises
This babe can fuck holy cow
He feels her pussy moisten

She yells she's coming
She's pulling on her tits
His girl is really something
He pounds her shaved slit

He fills her with his come
Thrusting hard into her box
Fucking his baby is so much fun
She's screaming she loves his cock

Oh fucking hell he comes in her cunt
Blasted his white dream cream
His baby screams and she grunts
His girl is a fucking dream

Pulling out come dribbles out
A nice cream pie all for him
She curses and she shouts
He loves her bald quim

Spread eagle her pussy drips
Tongue exploring her playground
Holding onto her curvy hips
Licking her shaved mound

He kisses his pretty girl
Their hearts beat so fast
She plays with her curls
Fucking her was a blast

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