tagErotic Poetry"A Breath Of Beginning..."

"A Breath Of Beginning..."


You played soooo oblivious
as I ‘teased’ you;
I didn’t exist
wasn’t there
couldn’t possibly have said THAT -
while so many others -
grouped or just paired,
were near or looking on.

…and yet as you flowed
through the rooms
you looked for me,
back TO me, paused near
and ever returned…
and with each stolen glance at me
I caught your eyes sparkling
and a LOOK
that would melt an 8 day candle
in minutes.

I sat on the garden wall
part of the night’s shadow
listening to the party flow…
music and muffled voices.
Laughter – some even real…

Your whisper startled me
and as I turned you sat near
and then moved nearer still…
thigh to thigh
then leaning closer
continued ~
”You spoke of silk scarves…
and entwined wrists – sultry smiles,
throaty echoes…”


”…and the taste of butterfly kisses
’cross cheeks, down the neck.
You said my lips beckoned
as no other,
and that I would beg… BEG
for the sheer TOUCH
of your lips and the flow of
fingertips… YOUR fingertips.”

…and I was so lost in her eyes…

”…and would your fingertips
trail back and forth
cross a naked ME
rising to my curves and
flowing all the softnesses
exploring, discovering
the heat and shivers
crossing, caressing,
again and again
while my arms were splayed
and held taut… helpless
to protest your liberties.”

…OH GOD YES!! Her eyes said to mine…

and her hand reached
and rested upon mine
and the HEAT…

”…Would your lips replace
those fingertips…
pause atop my breast
give me rise – draw the LIFE
from nipple so TAUT
that my body would rise and vibrate
to the strum of your music -
then pause and make me sing in HARMONIES
as you enthrall the other?”

… and she didn’t blink…

”…but the tongue… what of it
wandering, flowing wet heated lost
seeking finding just the heart of me.
What of it testing tasting nooks and
rises, up then down, farther down
cross the rippling, teasing and nestling
tickling lil hairs so brutally - helplessly,
as limbs surely begging to reach -
to defend, to pull the lips nearer to dear
heated places, wondrous places,
wicked places of flowing wetness
silken smooth with NEED awaiting in
’tearfull’ attention your belated

…and her fingers tightened
HARD upon my hand…

”But my legs…are free
to fly, twist, close -
clamp tight…prevent,
preclude – forcefully PAUSE
you… unless…
the other two scarves
were also used
first as a tease -
twisted lightly round and around
an ankle and then
unashamedly grasped
and fastened tight to a base edge.”

…and damn but she laughed lightly
and then continued…

”The other would try – TRY -
to escape and flee
twist and turn
thrust and kick but
you ARE too strong-
to SURE, readily bold
and merely laying atop
will pause, hold, and give way
empowering further perverse play…
til encircled and honestly held
it too is bound true and tight
to the bed’s delight.”

…she licked her lips…
and I forgot how to breathe.

”…and now the errant fingertips
rebound and thighs are held and found.
Fingertips press and flow
fingers widely spread
and ripples within me grow.
Hips rise and heatedly turn
rapid breaths burn
and arms tighten and pull
and press and draw
and whispers call
lips so dry and yet the heat
bathes and flows and tenses
and grows…”

…she paused… “and would you be kind
and release a begging needing victim
of your tease?”

…”No…” she willfully with MY full intent
intoned… and damn THAT smile
said it all.

”And poor me…poor, poor me…
suffering so… twisting and rocking
moving side-to-side
rising, falling, breathing and then NOT -
WANTING, needing… purrrrrring
wishing…asking, lifting to the touch.
Wet – so wet the sheer flow
soaking flowing glistening
slippery sliding needing…
and the fingertips sliding
sliding within the slit,
the smooth real raw pink me centered
open wanting nub rising and …and…
the touch and twist and turn and press
and slip and slide then suddenly within
then out and beginning again
and again and again…”

…she paused flushed with LUST
licked her dry lips…

”And no release – you evil evil MAN
you paused ~ then moved away the hands
those lovely delicious KNOWING hands -
then leaned and GAWD you blew a stream
of breath right THERE – KNOWING
I died… falling and falling and falling
and damn but your lips closed on me…ON ME
and that marvelous tip teased and tasted
grew and spread and I FLEW and FLEW
higher and higher and HIGHER STILL
and the movement…I kept raising and falling
to and from – to and from – pausing on the high
gasping on the low… and yes damn you I BEGGED
again and again … and prayed aloud it wouldn’t end.”

…and she released my hand
stopped speaking and stood.
Calmly turned and
began walking away.

I couldn’t move…

She paused at the door,
turned… Looked… “Well?”

Where the HELL had I left


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