tagErotic PoetryA Hermit on Love vs. Sex

A Hermit on Love vs. Sex


The Hermit's Advice
Love vs. Sex—A Parable

A wise hermit on a mountainside
Took me in hand and did confide
The differences between sex and love
As if one was a rooster and the other a dove
He offered up such great advice
While he picked his hair for vermin and lice
He was a sad sight to see
So naked and obviously hungry
I placed a loaf of bread in his cup
 and a few gold coins, he said, "enough"
And then he started on a long lament
Of love and sex, how they cement,
"How many times have you experienced sex that moved you from cock to ass hole, that left you dizzy with emotion, stumbling as you walked on air, grasping for the cool morning breeze with aching lungs, physically satiated as if every drop of cum had been squeezed out of you?
-- Once, twice, many times a year?
Compare that to love, how many times can you experience a wonderful love affair?
---Once, twice, never in an entire lifetime?
I don't demean love or friendship to start
But really really good sex is a form of art
While Love is mostly an illusion,
A game of smoke and mirrors that one must differentiate from trickery amidst confusion
Love is when you care more for another than you care for yourself
When another would throw themselves on a sword to save your pelt
When one would do without to please you and forgo pleasing themselves too
I once was a handsome man caught up in life's adventures with luck
I used to fall in love with every girl I'd fuck
Before I gave up and moved up here where the air conditioning is free
And you don't need a toilet to pee
When I was young my libido would say,
"You give me pussy and I will give you love today."
I thought sex and love were two sides of the very same coin
Now I'd say, if I weren't up on this damn mountain freezing my loin,
 "Give me a lot puss and I might consider falling in love. Not just the "let me do for you,"
But show me what you can do for me too
Outside the bedroom's where love ought to be
Free of tits, dangling cocks and wet pussies"
He coughed a bit, scratched his naked balls, and spoke,
"The practice of sex may reach near perfection, love rarely can do.
Terrific sex is always available, you can get it for free or pay for it too.
Love is rarely available, affords a slim possibility
If you think you can buy it, you are just being silly
I don't mean to be cynical, but satiate yourself sexually
It will make you aware of what love may lack and what sex may embody effectually
You will know you hit the sexual jackpot of bliss
 When you can say to a skilled partner, "I never knew sex could be like this"
He took off his moldy green cloth cap and sat down on a bed of rusty red nails,
I cringed as the nails bit into his fleshless tail
Looking up from this mattress, he said without rhyme,
 "Sex can attain or approach perfection, love rarely does. Love by its very nature is tied to feelings of deep emotion, security, insecurity, jealousy, mental highs and depressive lows, moments of great desire and moments of great distain. Love often turns to hate. It is nurtured by fidelity and destroyed by infidelity."
He smiled through his few remaining rotten teeth,
" When given the choice of a quick fuck, the most faithful man drops his drawers for action
Even a priest or holy man will forget God for an hour in exchange for a moment of passion
Of course there are exceptions, just like there is impotence without erection"
He paused and look sadly at his shriveled frozen member and them continued,  
"There are wives who are unfaithful once a year and those that are unfaithful once a day
Why do men fall in love with whores with whom they play? Because there is no pretext of faithfulness, no expectation of sexual sacrifice, nothing to give up and all of sex to gain"
The Hermit fell silent, I waited at his side but he spoke no more. I left him there when daylight turned to dusk and mist to rain
While he attempted to resuscitate his once proud cock
I took a brief glance at my pocket clock
I climbed down the mountain with the wonderment of knowledge
Knowing that my life was now in order
And where I might choose to spend my last days, perhaps teaching in a college

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