tagErotic PoetryA Lusting Brother's Fantasy!

A Lusting Brother's Fantasy!

byUncle Pervey©

My sister and I shared a trailor,
In Pelham Trailor Park in Dearborn.
Tootsie had a glorious body,
And her nakedness made my lust born!

If I had known what a "Mickey" was,
I'd have mixed one and slipped it to Sis.
And when she passed out I would strip her,
And her sweet naked body I'd kiss!

I'd begin with a lick on her neck,
Then I'd move to her half open lips.
I'd get her tongue in my mouth and suck,
While my hands touched her breasts and her hips!

I'd move to her pink nipples and suck,
And suck each small buds til it stuck out.
I'd switch from one breast to the other,
And suck each bud rolling it about!

I'd lick down to her belly-button,
And use my tongue to probe all it's depths.
I'd lick on her naval and suck it,
And keep licking til I lost my breath!

I'd lick my way down to her pussy,
And I'd taste all her stomach's warm skin.
I'd suck every where on her tummy,
And taste all of it, and then begin!

I'd rub my face over her pussy,
Inhaling her woman's scented heat.
Then I'd stop and move down to her knees,
And I'd lick her leg's sweet tasting meat!

I'd taste the inside of each warm thighs,
And leave hickies on them all the way.
When I finished I'd nuzzle her bush,
I'd spread her pussy and have my way!

I'd lick every spot in her pussy,
And lick and suck her clit inside me.
I'd worm my tongue into her pee hole,
And I'd keep sucking til I got pee!

I'd suck her clit til it was swollen,
And my tongue could slide in all the way.
I'd lap out the salt in her pee hole,
And I'd swallow each drop of her spray!

I'd move down to her pussy's round hole,
And I'd slurp the juices I'd find.
Then I'd raise up her legs and begin,
On that scrumptious hole in her behind!

I'd probe her asshole with my wet tongue,
And feel joy when I felt its quick squeeze.
I'd slide my tongue in and out real slow,
And move my tongue inside her and tease!

Then I'd slide onto her soft belly,
And I'd slide my cock into her hole.
I'd fuck her until I exploded,
And squirt my cum, to her very soul!

Then I'd relax and lick on her breasts,
And suck her nipples til they were sore.
I'd turn her over on her belly,
And spread her cheeks to get at her core!

I'd lick and tongue-fuck her tight asshole,
And use my tongue to swab out her crack.
I'd plunge my tongue in and start licking,
And search her asshole for a good snack!

When I got done eating her asshole,
I'd move my cock up and shove it in!
I'd push til it was in all the way,
I'd press down tight then slowly begin!

I'd fuck her tight asshole real slow,
And keep shoving it in all the way.
I'd fuck her asshole with all my soul,
Til I spurted out spray after spray!

I'd lay there resting right on her back,
With her asshole still surrounding my cock.
I'd wait til it hardened up again,
And start fucking her slow, with a rock!

I'd fuck my sister's asshole all night,
And fill her asshole with my hot cum.
I'd fuck til my cock started hurting,
And keep fucking til I felt numb!

My sister always lives in my mind,
She's the forever girl of my heart.
I'll cherish our pleasures forever,
And Tootsie will always be my "Tart!!"

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