tagErotic PoetryA Moment in Time

A Moment in Time


The moonlight shines on her face as she stares out the window

She is thinking of him….. so far away

She wants his touch again, it has been so long

The night is quiet, she whispers his name into the silence

Jack, oh Jack……

She runs her fingers over her lips, closing her eyes

The last kiss still lingers there,his kiss

,his breath

Even though he is far away she can feel him

His heartbeat, his soul song

Her hand trails lightly over her face and down to her neck

The curls falling against her skin, she remembers

His fingers twirling them as he nibbled on her ear

As he nuzzled her under her hair, sending her into oblivion

She follows his line of kisses to her open gown

The buttons slip away

She feels the hardness of her nipples

His mouth on them, how he licked around and tasted her breasts

Taking them one by one into him, sucking licking, biting lightly

She can remember the waves of passion going through her

His soft hair against her as he ravished her breasts

His hands kneading , holding, running along her arms over her head

He lay her back on the bed, it is so clear

He pulled the satin from her body

His hands rough and smooth at the same time

Caressing her, over her nipples , the erotic shock his touch made

His face against her moving from one nipple to the other

And down….

He tickles her belly with his lips

Making her giggle and sigh

His hands holding hers over her head

His fingers interlaced with hers

He moves lower lower………. Trailing kisses on her navel

He moves above her slightly

She feels his manhood on her legs

His hardness, smooth and demanding

He smiles at her

Dipping his head

He parts her thighs

Oh so soft kisses on the inside

She moans, she spreads open

Her pinkness, her flower

Aching for his touch

He parts her lips with his hand

Spreading her open, his tongue searching

That place,

His fingers delve deep within her womb

She gasps, oh yesssssssssssss

He is fervent and thorough

Taking her lust and turning it to power

She screams as his tongue finds and licks her slit

Her clit inside his mouth

He nuzzles her pussy, his teeth clenched on her bud

He sucks harddddddddddddddddd

She screams

Her love flows from her

So soft and warm bathing his face

He drinks of her

Swirling tongue, probing her innermost core

She sways and writhes

It takes over her

He is relentless

He licks at her honey

And she goes over…………………..

His face pushed against her

Her legs pressing his head into her

He moves over her

Guiding his hardness to her lips

She bats her lashes at him

Licks her lips

She wants

He gives

She takes his shaft readily

Smooth sucking, deep swallowing

Moving slow and then fast

Her hands massaging

He fucks her mouth

He moves his hips to her face

In and out

She licks and sucks

She takes him deeep

Her tongue over the tip and down the sides

Taking him in again,

He moves with her mouth

He fills her cheeks with it

His cock buried in her throat

It is so goood, so wonderful

He wants to let go

Not yet

He moves and lifts her legs over his shoulders

Readies himself at her entrance

She moans softly yes yes yesssssssssss

He holds her ankles by his head and


In deep fast, hard

She gasps



He gives

Hard fast

Fucking her deep fucking her hard

Her cunt inhales his cock

Her muscles grabbing his manhood

Pulling him in

The softness of her flesh against the hardness of his

They move, they groan, they love

He flips her over

Between her legs

He lifts her ass

Prepares her

He wants her totally

She lifts her hips

He slides softly slowly

Into her ass

Then thrusts fast hard

She screams with pleasure

He splays her wide open

Fucking her hard

His breathing ragged

Taking her, taking her hard

His hands holding her ankles wide

She moves her fingers to her wet clit

So swollen

She is filled by him

He rages on into her

It changes, the breathing, the heartbeat

She feels it , he feels it

He says yesss nowwwwwwwww

She lets herself go

He growls and sprays her insides with his seed

His throbbing cock , massive inside her

She presses her face into the sheets and pushes back

Feeling him fill her

Her juices mingle with his

Sated he lies over her

Kisses her neck

Nibbles her ears

She lets him hold her

Side by side

His arms around her

Whispering My sweet Baby

My sweet sweet baby

Tears of passion fall from her eyes

Her love for her man

She holds so true to her heart

Her eyes open

It is the moon, the stars, the quiet nite

She is looking out the window

Her legs are shaking

She knows he was here

She felt him

She moves to the bed

Curls into herself

Thank you for coming to me tonite Jack

I needed you

Soon my darling

We will be together again

I love you

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