tagErotic PoetryA Moonlight Bay Night Foray!

A Moonlight Bay Night Foray!

byUncle Pervey©

I was walking one night on Moonlight Bay,
When I came on a girl skinny dipping.
She was a slender young pretty lady,
And one look at her had my mind flipping!

Her small breasts were cone shaped with large nipples,
And my mouth started watering like mad.
They looked to me like they needed sucking,
And I knew if I sucked them I'd be glad!

Her tummy looked so smooth above her bush,
And her shapely legs reached to Heaven's Door.
When she turned around I saw her sweet ass,
I wanted what she had to eat and bore!

She was only startled for a moment,
But I calmed her down with my soothing voice.
I reached out and pulled her into my arms,
And caressed her, and told her she was choice!

I kissed her eyes and kissed her parted lips,
And played tag with my tongue and hers inside.
I licked and sucked the sweetness from her mouth,
And got an erection I couldn't hide!

I felt her hands unfastening my pants,
And then I felt them slide down to my feet.
I felt her push my shorts down off my hips,
And I felt her soft warm hand squeeze my meat!

She was just the right height for my hard cock,
To lay between her legs against her hair.
The heat of her pussy touching my cock,
Caused my lustful desire to burn, and flare!

I cupped both of her ass cheeks in my hands,
And lifted as her legs wrapped around me.
My cock slipped inside as I carried her,
To a grassy spot, underneath a tree!

I eased down to the ground with her on top,
And sat there with her legs around my waist.
Her hot pussy was impaled on my cock,
I caressed her as she moved without haste!

Her tight and hot slick pussy felt so good,
I knew I'd have my first climax too fast.
I felt my cock tingle and start spurting,
And knew this was the first but not the last!

I kept my cock buried in her pussy,
And leaned her back to lick and suck her breast.
I sucked both her cone-shaped breasts sweet nipples,
And licked her hard buds while I took a rest!

My cock inside her never did get soft,
And I felt it start twitching from her heat.
She started moving up and down again,
And I started grinding back with my meat!

This time my young girl started cumming first,
And as she gasped with pleasure I came too.
I held her tight to me with our lips locked,
And I sucked on her tongue til we were through!

I held her tight and caressed her sweet ass,
I squeezed her cheeks and felt inside her crack.
My fingers slid inside down to her hole,
And I rubbed the place where I planned to snack!

She murmurred happily as I rubbed it,
And wiggled her hips with her new pleasure.
I whispered to her, "I want to eat this,
I need my tongue inside your sweet treasure!"

She smiled at me and moaned with excitement,
"I've never had this done to me before."
I whispered, "I think you'll really like it,
This is something else it can be used for!"

I eased her off me on to her stomach,
And I laid down with my head towards her feet.
I caressed and fondled her firm ass cheeks,
And pulled her crack open so I could eat!

When she felt my tongue's first caressing lick,
She gasped out with wondrous joy and pleasure!
Her erotic pleasure was something new,
And she felt something she couldn't measure!

I sucked her spincter-ring til it stuck out,
And made it an inflamed red from sucking.
I wanted to prepare it for my cock,
I planned to give her ass a good fucking!

I warned her in advance to get ready,
I told her I'd push my cock inside slow.
When I was in all the way I would stop,
And wouldn't move til, I knew I could go!

I pushed my cock against her spincter-ring,
And felt it slowly open as I pressed.
Then my cock slid inside her all the way,
And I stretched out on her back feeling blessed!

She gasped and moaned when she felt her hole stretched,
And I just laid there still and didn't move.
Then I felt her squeezing spincter relax,
And I moved my cock slowly in her groove!

As I slid in and out she loosened up,
But every time I pulled, her asshole sucked.
My cock was inside her milking machine,
And her hot asshole scorched me while I fucked!

When my cock started jumping and spurting,
I shoved it inside all the way real slow.
I felt my cum spurting deep inside her,
And felt her bowels squeezing out my flow!

Her asshole's inner muscles milked me dry,
They kept squeezing and lighting my desire.
She was ready for some more ass fucking,
So I kept filling her holes with cum fire!

I fucked her warm wet pussy seven times,
And fucked her virgin asshole ten times too.
I filled both of her holes with lots of cum,
And fucked her all night long, and all night through!!

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