tagErotic PoetryA Natural Craving

A Natural Craving


the hard thrust and pushing love of these devils
fucks me
i'm a good girl, with three bad dicks
i'm worshiping cock now. can't you see?
its beautiful, righteous and holy.
the strength of man shoots into my womb and down my throat.
i am taking these devils cum tonight.
as god is my witness, i must be fucked, i must get fucked,
savor this cum shot into me, passion burst inside me,
and i will bear their children, the demon spawn.
i am nothing but a vessel to be fucked.
PS these three men, the CEO, the VP of Fin. and the Warlock are my best friends and most intimate lovers. we are colleagues. we work and play together. at work they are all my superiors, obviously. and in bed their dicks are the holy trinity that i worship. they make me feel whole, secure -- loved even. my cunt is a soaked sponge dripping with wet desire for hard manhood.
i must be fucked -- i must GET fucked by these aryan brothers for their comfort and pleasure. i am a secret nazi socitey whore. i provide comfort and i will be fucked.
these three men are ripping me apart. each down stroke of one of their dick pistons into me creates a new rip in my soul. i am getting fucked -- i am fucked. i will be fucked for a while afterwards even. ...basking in his potent manly afterglow.
i am their equal, so long as all three of my soul's holes are stuffed full of their tube steaks. i worship them and befriend them. they are extraterestrials, fucking me full of demon cum on christmas morning.
i'm being fucked by these handsome god damned devils. all three of them. i am their equal. they desire me -- they want me -- i must get fucked by them and bear the demon spawn. i am nothing but a fuck vessel. i love you.
the warlock is impregnating my ass with black magic and what brutal animal aggression... the ceo owns me (soul and vagina) and the vp receives my morning oblations and daily adulations.
i'm a cunt. fuck me. rip me open and fuck me.
i'm a faggot: i worship african phallus. lust compels me, impotence demands it.... i must share my wife. we both love her "lovers, whose penis is the size of donkeys, and whose shooting semen is like that of horses." ezekiel 23:20

my wife and i will always love each other, but she is much closer to her new biblical lover.

(fuck god into me with your nigger horse cock.)

she tells me, "i want to be knocked up by a nigger. the african man is stronger, superior, more masculine. i want to suck on this first, supreme source of sperm, black seed: God juice..."

everything tingles and throbs now that we worship black cock.

my wife is in love again. he lets me drink his seed sometimes; but he loves my wife, not me. he is a hard, strong black man. he satisfies her because he can -- he makes love to her as he fucks his baby maker into my wife.

my erection salutes his superior masculinitiy, paying him due respect as the better man and praying for my wife's happy conception of his child.

god blessed this man's seed to invade my marraige garden. oh please encourage his lust to grow inside her, dear lord.

we worship Nigger Dick now. i love her more than ever. this one man's black cock is my god now. to it alone do i answer as the faggot i truly am.

as he plugs her sloppy wet, loving cunt, plop, plop ploppidy plop, splat, i spasm as he makes eye contact with me briefly, knowingly. she kisses him and squeezese me hard as he buries his seed in her, thereby extinguishing my family line. he was fucking it forfeit, fucking his strong black lineage of sperm into my wife and giving us his child! all praise due allah.

my worthless dick spit dribbling out, making my spasms slick with horny hardcore impotence.

i will do my best to be a good father for my wife's baby when it comes. i am part of the family too afer all. my wife just isn't romantically or sexually attracted to me anymore. compared to the love and adulation she has for his true, authentic and superior nigger manhood i am a sissy bitch.

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