tagErotic PoetryA Naughty Girl's Christmas Eve

A Naughty Girl's Christmas Eve


'Twas the night before Christmas and what was I going to wear?
Six inch heels, G-string panties, and a sheer teddy with midriff bare.

My plan was very simple, but yet it could be a waste.
When he sees me like this, it'll all be ripped off and tossed on the floor in haste.
A steamy bubble bath, a new razor, and a glass of Chardonnay.
For many hours of fun, of course, he's going to want to play.

He'll see on my body, so soft, so smooth, not a hair was in sight.
I wonder where he'll nibble, or better yet; he'll bite.

I'll lick him, I'll suck him, I'll scratch him, I'll fuck him.

He'll make me shudder and squirm; it'll feel so good that he'll make me yell.
The mess on the sheets after my big O, he'll surely be able to tell.

Then I'll need to decide in a jiffy, where it should go, where it will fly, what would I do?
'Cause when he pulls himself out of me, not very long after, I'll be covered with goo!

Perhaps I'd be naughty, and you know how bad girls can be.
I might just stuff it in my mouth and just wait and see.

Or form a valley between my boobs for his sex to slide,
Or maybe wrap my legs around him so he'd have to stay inside.

What's a girl to do, while wearing a red velvet hat?
Was getting wet just thinking about this on the sofa as I sat.

He'll be here any moment now, I'm so anxious you see.
I'll run to the door and jump on him and kiss him and beg him to fuck me.

When it's all over, which could be three or maybe four.
We'll be laying close together, his body tightly against mine when I'll be asking for more.

At long last we'll be sleeping and not making a sound.
Plenty o'time for Saint Nick to slip in and take a look around.

It was very late when I awoke to the faint sound of laughing coming from the other room.
I climbed out of bed, went towards the door, and just in case grabbed a large broom.

Like a cat, I crawled across the house to grab a peek of who was making all of the noise.
For a moment, I thought, could it be Santa just dropping off some toys?

I saw a soul bent over wearing red and white and black,
Stuffing things under our tree from his enormous red sack.

But wait! He heard me make the tiniest sound, a footstep, a creak.
It was Santa himself standing in front of me, round and plump and asking what I seek.

I sprang from the floor, standing face to face with the jolly man I've always wanted to know.
He said to me "You're supposed to be sleeping, many, many times I've told you so!"

While I stood there with Santa waiting for his speech about this, and about that,
I realized at that instant I was wearing nothing at all, but my red velvet hat!

I was unprepared for him to find me in that state, so all I could do was smile.
And then my heart sank as I began to think and surely hoped that he hadn't heard us in the bedroom all the while.

Shimmering in the glow of the Christmas tree lights, Santa said to me looking perplexed and in sort of a fog,
"Good heavens young lady, your clothes are missing and you've spilled your cup of eggnog!"

I couldn't help but giggle, as I quickly grabbed a blanket off of the chair.
I had definitely surprised old Saint Nick and I didn't want him to stare.

"That's not eggnog Santa, now I'm going to hurry back to bed!"
And I left him to his business, sneaking back under the covers after all that was said.

So from that moment on, I promised myself that I'd be a good girl from now and forever more.
And stay in my bed on Christmas Eve, or at least until Santa has flown out of my door!

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