tagErotic PoetryA Poet Searches For The Words

A Poet Searches For The Words

bySolar Dragon©

Here she is, a woman no dictionary can define with depth like that which lives in her Soul.
More wonderful and beautiful than words can know.
Strong on levels writers know with furrowed brows and hard drinking.
The writer struggles to capture something she shows as easily as the shining sun.
Sooooo warm and sexual to try and give her life in a book would burn its pages.
So smart she can know your words before you do&.she can know ones heart when they think they don t have one.
She is like a bible in human sexuality and feeling,a guide book in the enjoyment of the human form.
I write to her because I was inspired by her spirit&.
I knoweth not what is on a road less traveled but the brightness of her Soul lights and points me the way.
In her my hands had multiple reasons to move.
To stroke the keyboard because of her joy in my pleasure feels almost as good as pleasuring myself to her words and feelings.
The rain comes down and cools my world because my heart has been breached with the wanting of her love.
If I were to ever kiss her lips just once I would live for a thousand years&&..
No one would call it a miracle because there would never be any doubt that she could have such an effect on me.

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