tagErotic PoetryAlieni Luris

Alieni Luris


Ianuis Clausis
(Behind Closed Doors)

Alere Flammam-to feed the flame

A Saturnalian symphony...snap, crackle, pop of the fire, salacious sounds to soothe the silence, a sybilline chorus for copulation.

The sway of the flames, a harem of seductive motion, shadows lewdly dance against the wall. Burning embers ignite the heat of passion...

You sit, relaxed, ruler of the room, potentate of the priapic, a man comfortable within his palace, powerful of body and mind. I am your hierodule, a willing but shy participant in this creative, erotic play of personae.

Obeying your command...slowly, I disrobe, presenting myself, a sacrificial offering. Unbuttoning my blouse, full, pendulous, petulant breasts are revealed. I hold each in the palm of my hand, an oblation...ripened fruit, weighty spheres, soft and firm to the touch. With thumb and forefinger I pull on the papilla, milking the teats, nipples pinched quickly harden. I lick a finger and rub saliva around the distended projections. Then, I push the bathycolpian melons together to further emphasize their cleavage.

You are enjoying the show-a sizeable bulge in your jeans, the reward for my lewd performance. I lift my skirt, a 'fille de joie', odalisque wantonly displaying her wares. Tapered ankles, shapely calves, muscular, toned, meaty thighs await your approval. You want me to finger myself. Reticent, shamed, but wanting to please my master...hiding behind closed eyes, I touch myself. Gently stroking the fleece, opening the lips, rubbing my clit...mixing humiliation with pleasure. Juices flow freely, already wet from the thought of nefandous acts. I am required to part my legs and let you examine the moistness, inspect me, an object of fascination.

You unzip your pants to release a turgid cock ready for action. I am in awe of the splendid staff...thick and long, a sotadic spear. Reduced to primal need, the animal within me glows with heat...I will beg for your rapier, to touch it, taste it and be fucked by it.

Removing the last vestige of clothing, I stand naked before you- a votary, the final sacrament-my body. You have me bend over the couch, my buttocks obscenely positioned. Standing behind me, I feel the tip of your omnipotent rod investigating the crease, while your hands squeeze silky, white, voluptuous mounds. You slap them several times awaiting my whimper, a plea. Pressing against me, taunting me with your feral fury, teasing me with your harageous hardness. "Will you take all of it," you demand to know. "Yes," I whisper, as it searches to plunder my grotto. "Tell me what you want, plead for it," you must hear the words. "Please, please, please fuck me," I repeat until you are fully satisfied. Lunging forcefully into the sacred cavity, fucking my cunt from the rear, a primeval piston. It is what I need to make me complete, whole, the yin and yang. Each powerful thrust turbulent, torrid, intensifying the emotion. Your virile strokes take me to a world beyond, moans escape my lips, a primordial cry from center of my soul. Your urgency increases, spurring the tempo, burying yourself within me, making the possession complete.

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