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always anal


my need for anal
is strong and massive
when it comes to fucking
i'm anything but passive
i love it up the ass
i'm not ashamed of that
at any given time
that's where your dick should be at
get the lubrication
spread it on my rear
i'm so into anal
i should make it my career
my derriere is delicious
you should give it a try
i love anal
more than a homosexual guy
booty banging
asshole assault
i'm the founding member
of an anal worshipping cult
you can fuck my rosebud
anytime that you wish
i'm serving up sex
with my ass as the main dish
dick me up the butt
if you want to make me cum
you can even use
your toe, tongue, or thumb
getting anal is my favorite
i'm the princess of the pooper
if you fuck me right
i'll be in a satisfied stupor
when it comes to receiving anal
i'm a real sex machine
i take it like a pro
and reign as the queen
my asshole's always open
so you know what to do
only after i've been butt fucked
can i say that i'm through
my browneye's waiting to be done
so here's your chance
i'll pull up my skirt
you pull down your pants
if you want to bring me joy
put your dick in my hole
when a dick's up my ass
i lose complete control
there's only one way to my heart
and that's straight up my butt
you're gonna be astonished
'cause i bust one hell of a nut

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